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How we became slaves

Part 2

       PART TWO

We went into the kitchen and just as if nothing had happened, Pierre started to make some snacks. I walked towards him, grabbed his shoulder and looked him in the eyes.

“So this is real?”, I asked him.

“What do you mean, real?”

“You and Kim, are you serious, or are you guys just making fun of us?”

“First of all”, Pierre replied, “There is no Me and Kim. Its my Owner Kim and me. And I think that answers your second question. I am very, very serious about this, and so is my Mistress!”

“Well, shes not here, so please just call her Kim”.

“Whenever and wherever, I am happy to be owned by my Mistress. The day that She granted me to be Hers, has been the first day of my new life. In that life, I have had ups and downs, but every, every day I have been happy.”

“”Ok, I get the point. I just never imagined that anyone could be living this life 24/7. Ive dreamed about it, even wished for it at some point, but all the people we met were just players.”

“We have been real from the first day, and never has there been a moment in which I was equal to my Owner. I not only feel, but truly believe that Im inferior to Her. She helped me to see this, not only by reading and learning with me, but just by being Herself.”

“So if I get this,  you both believe that there are people who are superior and those who are inferior, and that in a day to day life?”

“Yeah, but you know that too. This is not as uncommon as it might seem. The Caste system in India for instance. But closer to home, when someone tries to shoot the President, a bodyguard will try to catch the bullet. Even if it will cost him his life. This shows that some lives are worth more then others. If you see this as a fact, then my submission to my Mistress is not so strange.”

This was a way of looking at things that was completely new to me. Of course I had tried to get into subspace more then once, but to live in it, and to believe it to be your purpose…

“This might be a bit bald to ask, but how would you feel about serving the snacks when we get in?” Pierre asked.

“No problem there” I replied.

“Ok. Just one more request. I think my Mistress would be very happy with me, if She would find out that I convinced you to serve it, while kneeling in front of Her.”

And just like that I said: ”It would be my honour!”

As to this day I have no idea where that answer came from. Was it lust for the kink of it, the desire to serve or just some sort of intervention that brought me back to my Path.

Pierre knocked on the door of the library and opened it just after Kim gave us permission. I walked in, with my eyes facing the floor, and walked straight towards the chair that Kim was in. I kneeled and said: “Kim, dear friend. Your slave has made these snacks for Your pleasure. Please accept from my hands.”

I looked up into the eyes of Kim. “Face Down!” She said. And I did as I was told.

“You almost ruined a very special moment. One of the rules in this house is that eye contact with me is only permitted during a one-on-one talk or if protocol has been lifted. This is a rule that applies to all submissives that are in the same room as I am. Now John, if you understand what I just said, just say: Yes Maam.”

“Yes, Maam”, I replied in a whispering voice.

“I didnt hear you”.

“YES, MAAM” I shouted.

Smack. She slapped me in the face. One of the snacks fell of the plate I was holding.

“Never, ever use such a tone with me. This can all be over in less then a minute if you keep doing things this way!”.

“Im sorry Maam”, I said. I was worried about the slap in the face by one of my best friends, but at that moment I was more concerned about dissatisfying Kim then anything else.

“Its ok. This is all new for you, but you have to see right away that protocol is very important. Inappropriate behaviour, will lead to uncertainty about who you are and who I am.”

“I think I understand, Maam”.

“Very well. Now stand up, put the plate on the side table, and sit yourself down on the sofa. We need to continue our conversation, and protocol will need to be released for a while”.

I got up, walked to the side table, put the plate down, walked back to the sofa and sat down. Just like I had been ordered to do. When I sat I noticed Claire was not in the room.

“Pierre, Im very happy about what you did with the time I gave you with John.” Kim said.

“Thank You, my Mistress”

“Now, lets continue where we left off. To make things a bit more easy, I would like you John to still address me as Maam. The transfer from protocol to no-protocol might be a bit too much for you.”

“Yes, Maam”, I said.

“Very well. A fast learner. I like that.”

“Just one question Maam, where is Claire”.

“Dont worry. Claire is not doing anything she doesnt want to do. Ive had the same talk with her, that Pierre had with you, I guess. Claire herself has requested her current assignment.”

Without knowing what Kim meant by that, I nodded.

“I would like to give you a gift”, Kim started. “A gift that comes close to all the things that you have always wanted and that seemed to be out of reach. I would like to give you the opportunity to feel what life would be like if you were a true slave.”

“Wow”,  I said. “Thats a bit fast. Only yesterday we found out that you share some of our interest, and today I would become a slave?”

“Oh no” Kim answered. “No way I would accept someone that fast. No, I would like to give you the opportunity to serve me, the rest of the week, as if you were my slave!”

“And what does that mean?”

“Dont worry about the details. If what you told me earlier about your dreams and desires is true, you will just have a great week. If not, then the week would be over in a week, and life will continue as it was.No stings, just an experience added.”

“Sounds tempting, but I feel that our friendship might break if this doesnt work out.”

“Our friendship is already over. You kneeled in front of me. Every time I would see you, or if you would see me, this image would come back. Im giving you the chance to stop fearing this image, but to embrace it as a precious memory.”

“Maam, Claire and I never played alone. If I were to do this, I would have to talk to Claire about it first.”

“Well, Claire didnt feel the same way!”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I gave her the same proposal, and you want to know how she replied?”

“How… What did she say?”

“Lets ask her!” Kim said.

Kim picked up a small bell and rang it. A few seconds later, the door opened. There was Claire. Completely naked. She walked towards Kim, got on her knees. Kissed her feet and said “You rang, Maam? How may I serve You?”

“You just did” Kim said. “Get your forehead on the floor and continue to kiss my feet”.

“Well, John. As you see, Claire here took the gift I gave her without hesitation and she took it with both hands. I dont think you will need her approval!”.

“Maam, may I please ask Claire a question?” I asked. Kim nodded.

“Claire, honey. Are you sure this is what you want and what you would want me to do too?”

“John, my love. Im not sure this is what I want, but Im very sure that I would like to find that out. Kim has given us an opportunity to experience something that playing will never come close to. I feel this is something we should do”.

“Maam, please promise me that you will not hurt us, hurt our feelings or do something that will leave permanent scars?” I asked.

“John,” Kim started to talk in a comforting tone. “You still dont understand. Ill do everything in your best interest, but this will not be easy. Your submission will not be without a reward. Im even pretty sure that after this first week you both will beg me to continue in my service. This has been the case with many before you. As to pain and scars. Im not a sadist. If I punish my slaves, the purpose of that punishment is to help them grow, not to hurt them. Pain and scars might be involved, but only as a tool, not as the goal.”

Kim stood up. She put her hand through Claires hair in an almost erotic way. She pulled Claires head so her face was facing her. She got down and kissed Claire on the mouth. It was a tender kiss and Claire wanted to answer it in a steaming way, but just before she did that, Kim pulled her head back to the ground.

“John, if you still have doubts, please leave now. If not, try to show me the respect I deserve.” Kim said.

“Maam, Im not sure I know what You mean by showing you respect”. I said.

“Well, lets start by getting clear first that well try this for the rest of the week. All clear with that?”

“Yes please Maam” Claire replied.

“Maam,” I said. “My doubts have gone. I will try to do my best and will submit to You for the rest of this week.”

“Im glad about that! Be sure that my guidance this week will be strict. This is the only way to get you both in a state where you will feel what it is like to be a slave. One week is a very short period. Therefore you will not question any of my commands. At the end of each day, well have a short talk during which protocol will be lifted. Each day you will learn 5 new rules. These rules will apply from the moment you have learned them, and should be followed during your stay here. Since we have started now, the first rule will be applied right away. John, get of the sofa. Furniture is not to be used by slaves.”

I got up and stood there, not sure what was expected of me next.

“The second rule, since this seem to not come naturally, In my presence you will never just stand in a room. If you are performing your duties, and I walk in, you will drop your head to your chest and stare at the ground. If you enter a room which I am in, you will make sure that the level of your eyes is below mine. If you need to kneel down to make that happen, kneel down. Do you both understand these rules?”

“Yes Maam” we said, and I got down on my knees, pretty sure that was the response Kim wanted.

“Very good!” Kim showed a little grin.

“I would like you both to go to the cellar. There we have a “guest quarter”. Pierre will accompany you. He has been given instructions. You will change in to the clothes I have picked out for you both. You will love them, Im sure!. Now go!” Kim turned away not looking at us anymore. She walked to the side table, grabbed a snack and started eating it. Pierre got up first. He tapped Claire on the back, and she got up. I followed them right away.

Without saying a word, we both followed Pierre down the stairs into the cellar. We probably expected a dungeon, but the guest quarters were just that: Guest quarters. Well, the room had a double bed, a blanket next to each side of the bed and two chains that were attached to the head of the bed. On the bed there were two outfits. It was pretty obvious that Kim knew what she wanted. There was nothing kinky about these clothes. Rags is the best way to describe them. I looked at Claire to find her undressing already. She was pretty determined to follow each and every command that had been given to her. She stepped into the blue see-through dress. Pierre helped her to button up the back.

“Im sure my Mistress would like to get rid of those too” he said while pointing at her knickers. And without hesitation, Claire took her panties off.

“Yours is a bit more complicated, John.” Pierre said.

“First of all, you will need to get completely naked. Then we need to lock the chastity device. My Mistress is very keen on keeping men locked in, when She doesnt need us.”

I had always fantasised about being locked in a chastity device. During play parties I sometimes wore a CB, so this was not new for me. I did as Pierre instructed me.

“Claire, my Mistress has asked me to ask you to lock Johns device. You will hand Her the key when we return to Her.”

Claire stepped toward me, locked me in and kept the key between her fingers. She looked me in the eyes and asked: “We are sure about this, right?”

“For now, I sure am!” I said. And gave her a smile, which she returned with a kiss on my mouth.

I got into the rest of the clothes. They were black linen pants, and a black top. They werent the kinkiest clothes I had worn, but they felt and looked a bit like what a black slave would have worn in the South of America.

“You guys are both almost ready” Pierre said. He got over to a cupboard in the room, opened it and took two pairs of leather arm bracelets. He walked towards us and put the bracelets on. They both had a metal ring attached to them.

“You will be wearing these bracelets until the day that you leave her. You will not be wearing a collar. My Mistress doesnt like the way they look on a day to day basis. Collars will be used, but you will not be wearing them 24/7. I myself have a sign of my owner that I will wear 24/7, for the rest of my life.”

Pierre opened his shirt and showed us a tattoo that said: Lot 2, owned by MK. He buttoned his shirt up and said: ”Lets not keep Her waiting. When we enter the room, you should both get to one side of the side table, kneel there and just wait until you receive your next order. Keep your eyes facing the ground.”


Review This Story || Author: ayni'or
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