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How we became slaves

Part 1

They had been friends of us for a few years. But everything was about to change this night...

My wife Claire and i have been married for 10 years now. You could say it has been a save and steady relationship. Our friendship is very strong, but our love life has been a bit shaky. After the first years the sparks just went away, and we tried lots of stuff to get this back. Sometimes this was pretty successful, other times it was a mess. Of course we tried a bit of bondage, power play and stuff like that, but we soon found out we both were very submissive on that part. This was a discovery that led to a major breakthrough in both our lives. Since we weren't able to play the part or role the other would like him or her to play, we decided to seek help. We turned to a pro dom/domme couple and from that moment on, never again were our days (and nights for that matter) the same. But still, it was only play...

Claire is in her early 30's, and holds a very secure job as a doctor. As for me, i'm 35, a manager at the largest bank of the country (we live in Belgium) and even if i say so myself, pretty successful. We own our own villa, with a pool and a tennis court. Since my seed is not vital enough, we have only two dogs and 3 cats. When we discovered our mutual interest in BDSM, we had our cellar turned into a dungeon. We played there with the prodom couple, and even with the occasional bi sexual Dom or Domme we met at parties, which we attended, always at least 100 Miles from our home. None of our close friend were aware of our kink. At least, that is what we thought...

Kim and Pierre have been in our lives as long as we can remember. We shared laughs, tears and a lot of food and wine! They were there for us when we found out that we wouldn't have any kids, and al i can say is that they have been the best friends you could wish. They always seemed a stable vanilla, perhaps even boring couple. Kim and Pierre have two beautiful kids. Simone and William. They both attend the same boarding school in the UK. As you can imagine, Kim and Pierre are loaded. We are financially secure, but their fortune is huge. And even with that, they seemed to be the most down to earth couple you would ever meet...

Last February Claire and were very much looking forward to attending a BDSM party in Bruges. We had been to the same party twice before, and met a couple which we have been playing on a sort of regular basis. This couple, Dick and Virginia (these names we only used once, since then we know them as Ma'am and Sir) would not be attending the February Munch, but we were still looking forward on going. We got dressed. I was wearing leather pants and a black cotton t-shirt. Because of the cold February night, i wore a full length leather coats over all of it. Claire even told me i looked a bit dominant. She was wearing her favourite outfit. A green and black latex dress, which made a wonderful cracking sound when the shirt part was lifted up to reveal her perfect bottom. The only thing missing was a collar on both our necks...

We arrived at the party and felt welcome form the get go. We said hi to a few regulars, some of which needed no transition period to "get into it". We both did. We both had our own ritual of getting into a subspace state. Claire always went to the bar, had a talk with the bartender and then ordered 10 glasses of white wine. With her head bowed, we then went through the room and asked all submissive partners if they would like a glass. It would normally take her about 30 minutes to get all her drinks away. In this time she would have been ordered to kneel down at least 15 times. This did it for her. I have a completely different ritual. Kneeling is my thing. I take out a card that i made, and get in a high kneel in front of the little girls room. On my card it reads: "Please let me know which position for this slave would be pleasing to You, Ma'am". This calls out for a reaction, i can tell you that. Everything from a humiliating look to a spit in the face has been my part. But on this night, something that i never could have imagined happened...

As i kneeled with my hands spread out and my forehead on the floor, i felt that someone stood just an inch away from my stretched fingers. She just stood there without saying a word. This was pure tension, as i knew she was looking at me, and taking time to enjoy it. i had almost started to lift my head up a bit to see what kind of boots or shoes she was wearing, as she ordered: Don't move, Ill be right back. Could it be.. No way... But... My heart went into a rollercoaster ride, beating 200 bpm. I could have sworn this had been the voice of Kim, our close, long and dear friend. As i tried to discard this thought (Kim and Pierre were the most conservative couple we knew) i relaxed a bit. But i kept as still as i could. Not daring to look up and find out it was in fact Kim. This would have been too much. The humiliation of me kneeling there and our dear friend Kim would have been killing. All of a sudden i heared someone running over. Claire grabbed me by my shoulders and dragged me into the toilet. She looked as if she had seen a ghost, and i knew exactly which ghost she had seen. Pure fear was in her eyes. Before she could start to talk, the door of the toilet went open and in the doorway where she was. Kim. She looked stunning, but in a way i had never imagined. She wore a long black leather shirt and a black designer top, which by it self could have been even a bit vanilla. The combination of the leather with the refined top made her look very, very classy and utterly dominant. Around her neck there was a string of pearls. Her high leather boots were laced on the front. In her hand she held a small leash. "Well, Well" She said. "Who would imagine seeing you guys here". "John, i liked it better when you were still kneeling, and Claire, get me a glass of wine". Could this be happening? i looked Claire in the eyes for a split second, and as if a supernatural force took over, i got on my knees and kneeled with my head on the floor. Claire took a small step back and Kim got a bit closer. Behind Kim there was Pierre. He had a blindfold on and was on the other end of the leash Kim held in her hand. "Pierre, it's really them", She said. Pierre took his blindfold off and gave Claire a huge smile. "How about that wine" Kim said in an ordering voice. Without saying a word, Claire almost ran out of the toilet and sat down in a booth at the end of the establishment. She laid her head in her hands and started crying. As i felt there was something wrong, i stood up and walked over to her and sat down next to her. She looked at me and her eyes were all wet. The only thing she said there and then was: "it will never be the same".

Kim and Pierre followed us for about 30 minutes without getting nearer to us. When they saw that we both had eased down a bit, Pierre walked over and said: "Don't worry. Your secret was a big as ours. We know why we enjoy this, and we think we know why you do too". I suggested that we should leave, but Claire had really found her composure. She stood up and walked to Kim, who was still a few meters away. Pierre and i just looked at them, but couldn't hear what they were saying. After what seemed an eternity, but in fact was just 2 minutes, Claire kissed Kim on the mouth, turned around and walked back to us. "Let's go" she said. "But..", "No buts!", and she walked to the exit. I turned to Pierre and said: "Well, see you, aye?" and i followed my wife out of the bar.

As we walked to our car, i walked next to Claire. "What did you talk about" i asked. Claire said nothing, didn't look at me and just walked in her steady pace. We got into the car and i was just about to turn the ignition, when Claire took my hand. "Tomorrow, we'll go to Kim's and Pierres. We are expected at 10 AM. There you will find out what we talked about". "WHAT" i shouted. "Please don't ask anything, don't say anything, just trust me and drive". I just sat there with my eyes closed, thinking about what Claire had just said. Trust me? Could i? There had never been a moment in our lives together where i wouldn't have trusted her with my life. After a very disturbing minute, i started the car, put it in reverse and drove off. We didn't say another word until the next morning...

It had been rough getting to sleep. My thoughts kept me awake until 4 am. Eventually I did get some sleep, until Claire woke me at 7 am. Well, waking me up wasnt really the right choice of words. I woke up with my mouth around my cock. We made love in a strange put very passionate way for more then two hours without speaking a word. We had a shower, got dressed and took a bowl of cereal. We were wearing our normal Sunday clothes. Me in my fabulous but casual Hugo Boss suit, Claire in her favourite Fendi dress. A Sunday as there had been many before. Normally this would end up in us having lunch at Claires parents estate, but this time it would all be very different. We took the Jag and drove the 15 minutes route to Kims and Pierres. In fact, the mansion they lived in had been in Kims family for more then 150 years. Her ancestors had started a very profitable mining company in South Africa, but luck hadnt been a part of the last generations. Kims parents died in a tragic plane accident over the Swiss Alpes when she was only 17 years old. She stayed in the mansion and was accompanied there by some 15 servants. A butler, a cook, even to  a resident gardeners couple.  All servants lived in houses that were part of the estate, but from which none you could directly see the mansion. The only one that lived in the house was the butler. And Pierre and the kids (if they were back over).

At 9:50 we turned into the long driveway and drove up to the main entrance. Claire turned to me and said: “just sit here, Ill tell them that we have arrived”. Claire walked up to the main door and before having the chance to ring the bell, the butler Lawrence opened it. After sharing a few words, Claire returned to the car and asked me to drive it to the back entrance. There we got out and walked to the delivery entrance. We had used this entrance more then once, especially if there were large parties. The delivery entrance always held more parking space, so there was nothing strange there. Pierre opened the door within seconds after we rang. He looked a bit anxious, but otherwise he appeared his normal conservative self. He was wearing a tweed suit and even had a pair of dirty Wellingtons on. He looked like he just came back from the woods or stables. We went in. Because the environment felt so comfortable, we almost forgot what had happened the previous night. Pierre led us to the library, where the fireplace was just being lit by the butler. “Please take the rest of the day off and leave us, Lawrence” Kim said. The butler nodded and left. Kim was looking stunning. She was wearing a shiny pair of designer pants with a tight fitted white blouse. Her feet were in a pair of Prada pumps. Classy more then sexy.

We all sat down and Pierre started to talk.

“Well, we probably need to address what happened last night”. I had no idea how to respond, and therefore I kept quiet. Claire responded right away: “Yes, we do, but how”. Kim said: “we need to be sure that anything and everything that we say from here on stays between the four of us. We need to be as open as we can, since keeping secrets from each other will only make things worse.” . “True!” we all agreed. “Ill go first”, Kim said.

“As you know, I have been living alone in this mansion from the age of 17, until Pierre moved in. In the early days I was looking for and within myself. I did some strange things back in those days”. She looked at Pierre and he gave her a warm smile. “at some point there were 20 people, male and female staying in this house on a regular basis. We had huge parties and food and drinks were in most cases followed by enormous orgies. At the time, I thought this made me happy, but I found out, it was just me trying to get away from the pain and sorrow.” Kim turned to the side table and took a sip from her glass. It was obvious that telling her history was not easy on her. “At one point in time, I met an older man and everything in my life changed. I loved him dearly and he showed me who I really was and learned me how to get the things in life that I really wanted. What you saw yesterday is part of just that.” “I learned that I have a natural dominance that, when I give into it, makes me feel the best I can feel. You should know that this hasnt always been easy. Since you are part of the scene too, you probably understand when I say that everyone I meet, everyone I see, I look at in a alternative way. With every contact I ask myself how it would feel to me and them if the were to submit to me.” This revelation might have been shocking in another setting, but here everyone knew exactly what Kim meant. When I had a new colleague or a new client one of the first things I would do was to look at their shoes or boots and ask myself what they would think when I got on my knees in front of them and started to kiss the shoe. Once you find out that your desire is to be submissive, its hard and probably not even possible to let that feeling go. “Your turn, Honey”, Kim said.

Pierre started. “The older man that Kim just mentioned, was an old friend of our family. BDSM has been a part of my life as long as I can imagine. My father was my mothers servant in all ways of life. We always knew this to be fact, but it the superiority of my mother became visible when we were old enough to understand it, and old enough to understand that this was not something we should tell our friends about. I dont think my father has made an important decision entirely on his own after I turned 16. My mother, God rest her soul, was away on business for a large part of the year, and at these times I sometimes had long talks with my dad. We talked about how this shift in power worked out for him, and he assured me that he was the happiest man on the planet. Because it had been part of my conscious life, this was already clear to me. He convinced me that serving my mother was the most rewarding gift he had ever been given. He explained that this was not just a kink, but he knew his purpose in life was to serve. And serve he did!”. Pierre looked at Kim, and continued while staring straight into her wonderful grey eyes. “The older man was very aware of the relationship my folks had. In fact, he was somehow part of it. My dad was not the only lover of my mother. Lawrence, yes our butler, came in at least once a week to do my mom.” This turn startled me a bit. “The same Lawrence that had been your butler for as long as we are friends?” I asked. “Not our butler, my slave”” Kim replied. “You remember how I said that he learned me who I was and what I wanted out of life? He did that by introducing me to my dominant side. He showed me how gratifying it was for him to submit to me, and I found that my power over him was what I had been looking for all those years.” “He even found Pierre for me!”.

Pierre took over: “I knew Lawrence from the scene. He was a mentor for a BDSM self help group. We were all just kids, some uncertain about what we all felt, others very aware of it. Lawrence and five other older men and women showed us the way into this life. This was a few years before Kim met him. We got together every Friday night. Sometimes we just talked for hours and hours. After we all got a bit comfortable play became a special theme. Each month all of the submissive members would prepare and serve a meal to the more dominant ones. As you can imagine, I was head chef!. This had been going on for.. What was it? 5 years?”. “I guess”, Kim replied. “And one night. There was Kim.”. “I can still recall that first moment I laid eyes on her. Shy as is was, I didnt dare to approach her, so I asked Lawrence who she was”. ”My Owner, he replied.” This might have been a shock to most people, but I knew exactly what this meant, since my dad had been in a somewhat similar situation, but not with such an age difference. I asked Lawrence how this had started, and he told me that it had been a process, with ups and downs, but the happiness that both his Owner and he received from the relationship was overwhelming.”

“Lawrence introduced me to Kim. He went over, got on his knees, kissed Kims feet and said: Maam, may I introduce this man to You?”.

“And thats how it all started. To make a long story short, I moved in to this estate and I have happily served Kim ever since.“.

“But you got married, had kids and stuff, how…”, Claire kept silent when Kim raised her hand:

“We didnt”, she said. “Neither Pierre, nor Lawrence ever got married. They took vows all right, but not those kind. Honey, be a dear and put the cassette of your ceremony in the VCR.”

Pierre got up, walked to what appeared to be a row of books and took a hard cover off the shell. It was a videocassette box. He took the tape out and put it into a VCD that was on the side of the room. For the next 30 minutes none of us said a word. What we saw here was everything I had ever dreamed of, and as it turned out, what Claire dreamed of too. The ceremony we witnessed was lovely, tender and very, very sincere. As it turned out, Pierre was not Pierres real name. This name had been given to him during the ceremony. In this ritual Kim became the Owner of Pierres body, mind and soul. He had dropped his former name (Simon) and would now be known as Pierre, property of his Lady Kim.

“I think it is our turn to reveal some of our secrets”, Claire said after the ending of the tape had been followed by a silence of 2 minutes (which felt like 20).

“This kink has not always been part of our lives, as I has been for you, Pierre, or even for you Kim. We just started out with some bedroom play, and found out that both of us liked to be on the bottom of the equation. From there we took a big step. We introduced others to our life and to our bedroom. Some of them where there just because we handed them a check at the end of the night, others even became friends later on. But never, ever has the play moved into our normal day life.”

Claire took a short break, but continued in the same tone:

“The nights of play where very nice, but never really fulfilling. I have always felt that something was missing. Sometimes I thought this had to do with our commitment to each other. There have been times where I would have been more than happy to give up my normal day life and move in with a guy or girl we met during one of our nights out.”

Claire looked at me and with tears in her eyes she said:

” Im so sorry I never talked to you about this. These feelings were so strong, but my love for you is what kept me with you.”

I leaned over, took her hand and looked her in the eyes:

“I know exactly what you mean. A few months ago I looked back at the past years and found something missing. I got on the internet and got into a chat with a woman who calls herself Queen. We talked about D&S and during these talks I learned and found that there is such a thing as a natural, or born slave. As there is something like a natural Owner. Just as some find their calling to become a priest, at that time I found my calling.”

We were talking to each other as if there were no others in the room. But that suddenly changed when Kim took over:

“OK, so we all know where we came from and where we are now. The question is, how do we go forward?” 

None of us answered, but we all just stared at Kim.

“I have an idea. John, why dont you and my slave go into the kitchen and prepare us all some snacks. During your work, talk a bit about how life has turned out for Pierre. And Pierre, protocol has been reissued!”.

Pierre didnt waste a second, dropped to his knees without standing up, crawled to Kim, kissed her feet and said:

”Thank You, my Mistress. I would be honored to get You and Your friends a snack”.

Without waiting for a reply, he got up, took my upper arm and led my from the sofa into the kitchen. I turned my head to take a look at Claire, and I had expected to see fear in her eyes. But this was not the case. She held her head tilted down, staring at the ground.

Review This Story || Author: ayni'or
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