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Toilette and Cuntlicker

Part 4 A Visit to Alana

Part Four - A Visit to Alana
(D/s, WS, Enema, Femdom)

Toilet and Cuntlicker had settled into their new life as slaves to the Mistress 
Samantha and her club. It had been three months since the initiation and they 
would be loaned out routinely to the two other lesbian couples, Alana and Minto, 
Jan and Cow. The wounds of Mistresses brand on the front of their permanently 
hairless pubic regions had healed. The tattoos of the signature of the club 
members on their buttocks and neck had also healed. The piercing on their 
genitals had healed. There were rings on Toilet's cock, balls, between his ass 
and balls, on the edges of his asshole, and his nipples. There were charms hung 
on the rings of his nipples, cock and balls with the mistress' given names. 
Cuntlicker had pierced rings on her nipples, inner and outer vagina lips that 
jingled with bells hung from them.

Cuntlicker had not had a period since the initiation and her tummy was showing a 
small bulge of pregnancy. Morning sickness had not besieged her though. Mistress 
was disappointed in this since she enjoyed humiliating the couple and nothing 
like Cuntlicker sharing her puke could be more humiliating for Toilet.

Their first loan was to Alana and Minto. Some things had to be constant no 
matter where they were. The morning ritual of Toilet receiving their morning 
piss straight from the source and enemas would continue. They would shit their 
enemas into a bucket with a hose attached. Cuntlicker would then stir the 
mixture to slurry and a three-inch wide enema nozzle shoved up Toilet's ass. The 
hose from the slurry attached to the nozzle and sent flowing into Toilets 
bowels. The contents usually measures about six quarts and severely distended 
Toilet's abdomen. By now it looked uglier than it felt, for he had grown 
accustomed to the daily ritual of bloating his belly. Alana and Minto lived more 
in the city, but their back yard was secluded enough to allow Toilet to waddle 
outside with his naked body and bloated belly, squat, and dispel the enema of 
shit in one of the flower beds.

Mistress and Baby missed them during their loan out periods. For one thing, they 
had to milk each other's swollen milk swollen breasts. They usually used a pump 
and sent it over by courier to Alana's for the slaves to drink. If they were out 
of the house they would lift up their blouses or halters and give the other a 
chance to suck them dry. It was important that this happens routinely to keep 
their tits producing milk. It was much better when Toilet and Cuntlicker were 
around to perform the task. They also had to use the toilet. Something they had 
become unaccustomed to since they had Toilet around to drink their pee from 
their pussies. The daily enemas kept their bowels clean. Mistress liked this so 
much she maintained the enema ritual and made baby fill her bowels and empty the 
shit into the garden in Toilet's absence. Baby did not drink Mistress' pee since 
Mistress loved to kiss and make love to Baby a couple of times a day and did not 
want to taste her own piss from Baby's mouth.

Mistress Alana was large of stature. Over 6' tall, black skinned, big boned, 
muscled, but with large protruding firm breasts. Like all members her pubics 
were permanently free of all hair. She had added another look since they last 
saw her. She had shaved her head making her even more intimidating. Minto was a 
petite oriental. Smooth dark skin with larger than average breasts of an Asian. 
She was a quiet and subservient slave to Alana who seemed not to appreciate 
Minto's calm behavior. You could see the scars on her buttocks and shaved vulva 
of the many whippings she had endured from her Mistress. The stay at Alana's 
would always be cruel. She was terribly sadistic and enjoyed whipping and 
torturing new slaves. Minto loved having them there too because it seriously cut 
down on the beatings she had to endure. Alana loved to beat the shit out of 
their asses and loved to watch Minto inflict pain onto the subjects as well. The 
beatings could be for any small infraction. She found it especially enjoyable if 
she had a real reason when she would inflict deep wounds.

This first long weekend started when Alana sent Toilet and Cuntlicker out to get 
groceries; they were dressed in the only cloths the members allowed them to own. 
One White button down twill cotton shirt that hung about six inches below their 
asses, and sandals. The nipple rings were quite noticeable against the white 
cotton. The jingle of the unseen bells was always humiliating for Cuntlicker as 
she walked the store isles. Any breeze or the rub in a crowd would easily expose 
their pierced genitals and tattoos to the public. Minto went with them to 
supervise. Once, as Cuntlicker pushed the cart Minto raised her shirt and petted 
her ass. She then reached between her legs and feathered the bells dangling from 
her pussy lips. She released in time for Cuntlicker not to be seen but a couple 
of heads of strangers turned, curious to the jingling sound. They were almost 
caught and Cuntlicker blushed. As Toilet shopped the produce Minto snuck behind 
him, reached out fondled his balls and cock making him hard. He them had to 
carry his hands in front to keep his cock from exposure. Minto would then 
command him to reach for something and his hard, pierced cock would peak out of 
the shirt opening. She did this in front of other men. Men would not report what 
they and saw, secondly, it reinforced publicly the status she had over Toilet. 
The whole experience was publicly humiliating for Toilet and Cuntlicker. It 
finished at the car. As Toilet loaded the groceries into a car, another woman, a 
stranger pulled in next to them. As she was getting out of the car Minto 
insisted that Toilet perform his basic function for her. Between the two cars, 
he was forced him to his knees. Minto lifted her skirt and drew him to her cunt. 
Just as the woman began to pass by Minto began to squirt her yellow nectar. The 
woman, aged about 50, stopped in curiosity. The demure Minto looked to the woman 
"This is so convenient having a portable Toilet, Care to use it?" The woman did 
not say a word but looked around like a "look out". She quickly and discretely 
removed her panty hose, putting them into her handbag. She waited for Minto to 
finish; Toilet did not miss a drop as usual. The woman was fascinated watching 
his throat gulp large quantities of Minto's pee. After Minto finished and Toilet 
had licked her clean, the woman brought herself forward, lifted her skirt, and 
squatted her very hairy pussy over his mouth and began to pee. He had never had 
a hairy pussy piss into his mouth before and could not seal his mouth, as he 
liked to. Some of the piss escaped staining his white shirt yellow. The woman 
left without nary a word, not even a thank you.

Upon their arrival, Mistress Alana was furious. Their little escapade had taken 
too long. The stained shirt meant that Toilet had allowed piss to escape his 
mouth. Alana quizzed how such a reportedly fine piss drinker could let this 
happen he recalled the incident in the parking lot with the stranger hoping to 
escape her wrath. Now Alana was furious. At Minto for tardiness and Toilet for 
his sloppiness, even if she did have hair. She immediately took them to her 
basement/dungeon where they hung naked from the rafter by their arms. Their legs 
spread eagle by a single spreader bar they were each attached to, facing each 
other, buttocks and back exposed for punishment.

To further add to the humiliation she would have Cuntlicker administer the 
punishment. This was hard for Cuntlicker on two accounts. It was not in her 
nature to be a "top" and she had never punished her husband, Toilet, before. She 
was handed a leather paddle for starters. She brought a stroke firmly to Toilets 
ass leaving a red mark. Suddenly, without warning, she felt the sting of a 
riding crop strike her ass. Arrrrunnngh! She screamed and bent at the knees to 
try to deflect the pain. A red welt in the shape of the riding crop's end began 
to emerge. "When you administer a paddling I expect to hear the victim yell. I 
expect to see corpuscles break and red bruises appear. If they do not I will 
hang you there with them and give you a first rate demonstration as to how it 
should feel.

"Got it?"

"Yes Mistress, I will do much better," replied Cuntlicker.

"You Better!" screamed the incensed, tall, and muscled black Mistress.

Next, she struck Minto, hard enough that a bluish bruise began to appear on her 
dark oriental buttocks. Another slap went to Toilet's left cheek. She swung so 
hard it sounded more like the thunk of a bar than a slap of a paddle. His ass 
immediately began to bleed under the skin. His voice rang out in pain and tears 
immediately welled up. Another slap went to Minto and she alternated five slaps 
to each of their buttocks. Each slap brought a yell for pain relief. Tears 
streaked down their cheeks, pussy juice was glistening on Cuntlicker's thighs. 
Mistress Alana could not help notice the pussy juice. She approached Cuntlicker 
and began to finger her clit and whisper in her ear, "So you like administering 
pain. You think you may want to come to the other side, the dominant side." 
Cuntlicker did not answer. She had always enjoyed the receiving end of the whip 
but she could not deny the excitement in her gut and juices from her pussy. 
Mistress Alana replaced the paddle with a cane in her hand, gave her a deep 
tongue kiss, and then stepped away. "Now strike their buttocks without mercy".

Cuntlicker flicked the cane onto Minto's buttocks. It left a thin welt. Just 
then, she felt a searing pain and then heard the loud crack of a whip connect to 
her vulva. She doubled over and fell to her knees. Her mouth moved but the pain 
was so strong no sound could emanate. She looked up bewildered at Mistress 
Alana. Alana commanded, " How will you know how hard to hit if you do not know 
how it feels. Now that cane should make them nearly pass out with pain. I want 
to hear the whoosh of air before it cracks their ass". Cuntlicker wanted no more 
of Alana's Whip. Nothing had felt that horrible from Mistress Samantha. She 
reared back with both hands on the cane like a baseball bat and brought it 
across Toilet's ass. He cried out in pain and the imprint of the cane could be 
seen with droplets of blood starting to ooze out. In a couple of hours a nasty 
multi-colored bruise would form. She turned to Minto and struck her just as 
hard. She did not cry out as Toilet had for she had received worse form Mistress 
Alana. Cuntlicker could see the remaining scars from those attacks. While her 
cries were not heard, the strikes of the three caning strikes would be seen on 
Minto's backside. Three long streaks across her buttocks, three deep bruises 
that would make sitting difficult for the next couple of days. Two more strikes 
hit Toilet. The third Cuntlicker put all of her force as she thrust herself off 
her feet with the forward swing. Toilet's mouth would open in pain but his vocal 
cords were so tight no sound came forth. He hung loose from the rafter, too weak 
to hold himself up, nearly passed out.

As Minto and Toilet hung exhausted and motionless, Cuntlicker stared numb from 
the feelings left by her experience. Sad for she did not like punishing her mate 
of such a short time but intense love, Toilet. Fascinated by the power she had 
as the whipmistress. Mistress Alana pressed her for what she liked best. Sub or 
Top? After some thought and a couple of smacks across her breasts for taking too 
long to answer she came up with what felt right, "I am not the domineering type, 
but I do like to be ordered to carry out the execution. I would gladly follow 
any order Mistress would want me to carry out and I would inflict as much pain 
as Mistress so desired on her slaves". A surprising answer for Alana but one she 
could live with. Someone to carry out her bidding.

Minto thought that she would become above the other slaves but she soon found 
out otherwise. She now shared her bed and mistress with another woman. On this 
weekend she frequently found herself on the other end of a crop or whip wielded 
by Cuntlicker. Worse, yet she was frequently ordered to satisfy Cuntlicker by 
licking her cunt until Cuntlicker washed her face in pussy juice as she came 
violently. Cuntlicker was a soaker. Pussy juice oozed from her vagina and spread 
profusely as she orgasmed on the face of Minto. Bells would jingle at a 
quickened pace as Cuntlicker neared orgasm. Watching those two, Alana became 
aroused every time and then would grab Cuntlicker by the head as stubble had 
only grown back of her hair shaved during initiation night. She then would hump 
Cuntlicker as Minto licked Cuntlicker's ass. This would arouse Cuntlicker once 
again and the cycle would begin again. This went on for 6 hours one day and all 
day the next. The only time they stopped was to humiliate and punish Toilet.

During this time, Toilet was mostly left to the chores of the house. Since Alana 
and Minto were totally lesbians, they had little interest in Toilet. They were 
taking the opportunity to get their home cleaned while he was here. They had 
padlocked his cock ring to the ring behind his balls, before his asshole. A nice 
chastity effect. A butt plug was stuffed up his ass and secured by belts around 
his waist and one up though the crack of his ass and over his padlocked cock and 
balls. The only arousal he got was when they found some chore not done to their 
liking (which was almost every chore). They would then bend him over a chair and 
either beat his already bloody ass or massage his balls to nearly crushing them. 
This worked him up into a testosterone stupor but no relief would come. The only 
pussy he got was when he was summoned to do his namesake duties and let them 
empty their piss into his mouth and down to his stomach. Toilet made all of the 
Dinners but received none himself. The only nourishment he was permitted was to 
empty the bottles of Breast Milk that arrived from Mistress Savana and Baby. It 
was more than ample since they milked themselves every two or three hours and 
Cuntlicker was not drinking her share.

Cuntlicker was constantly in the thralls of Alana's arms or being pussy licked 
by Minto. On a couple of occasions, she returned the favor to Minto by licking 
the little sweet clit nub of Minto. The best entertainment for Alana and Minto 
came when they would force Cuntlicker to administer severe corporal punishment 
on Toilet. The worst was when the unlocked Toilet's cock and then proceeded to 
strap him from the rafter spread eagle and up side down. First, his ass was 
filled with syrup, laced with Tabasco. A weird combination but it oozed in 
slowly and burned as it spread into his bowels. A full gallon was administered, 
bloating his belly. A large 4" butt plug painfully spread and plugged up his 
asshole. The whipping began and Cuntlicker starter with the cat o' nine tails. 
She worked up and down his entire body, torso, butt, and legs. This just got 
things good and red. The worst was when she hit his bowels and compressed the 
thick syrup causing pressure on his entire insides. Next came the birch switch. 
With this, she paid particular attention to his cock and balls. After the first 
couple of easy blows, she struck his balls hard and Toilet puked the milk from 
his stomach from the pain. His balls became purple and swollen. It looked like 
blood had began to gather in the sack. Toilet was begging for mercy but the 
screams were not understood as they gagged his mouth after the ball beating. 
Pain had only begun. Next came the bullwhip. Alana administered this because of 
the inexperienced Cuntlicker with the whip. The whip struck with deadly accuracy 
and easily cut his butt and thighs. She was so adept she could have easily 
severed his cock off. As she struck a bleeding blow just above the brand of 
Mistress' initials, one that would scar permanently. She then moved to his back 
and pummeled him with 20 lashes all the time touting the revenge of the black 
man and womankind. His back would now be scared by the whip for life as it bled 
from the cuts.

Minto then applied care to his wounds by treating them with iodine. It stung and 
burned deeply and Minto enjoyed watching him contract in pain although he could 
not curl due to his bonds. The treatment ever so painful but would prevent 
infection. He was then lifted down where he was placed on a table on his back, 
his torso secured, arms tied down underneath the table. The leg spreader 
remained with his legs bent and secured to the table behind his head, his 
genitals and bloody and beaten ass exposed. At his completion Alana and Minto 
grabbed Cuntlicker and secured her to the table in much the same Manner leaving 
her cunt and ass exposed outward. Minto went to the next room. While she did, 
Alana lassoed Toilet's right ball with a string drawing the skintight. Minto 
entered with a hot branding iron. On the end of the metal iron was the initial 
"A" glowing red-hot. Toilet knew what was coming, and the pain that would come 
of it. More tears welled up as Alana took the brand. She then laid it to his 
right ball searing her initial forever into his skin. She moved around the table 
and Cuntlicker now realized she had been used all this long weekend as not only 
a plaything but also a torment for Toilet and Minto. She would never replace 
Minto or secure a higher position. Minto entered with a fresh branding iron and 
she applied Mistress Alana's initial to her right outer cuntlip. She let it burn 
a little extra longer to make up for the humiliation she had gone through these 
last few days and wanted Cuntlicker to understand just what the pecking order 
was. A third degree burn incinerated her cuntlip leaving its mark for life.

Mistress Savana was none too pleased with the condition of Toilet upon his 
return but she expected as much. Alana is a mean and vicious Mistress and has 
little regard or need for the male condition. Its part of the understanding 
Mistress' must have for one another is to accept the other's methods on the 
slaves they share. Cuntlicker was none the worse for wear, except for the nasty 
burn on her cunt lip. It would heal and Mistress rather liked it. Upon their 
arrival, Mistress Savana and Baby drew Toilet to his knees and each took their 
turn peeing into his mouth. They then retired to the family room for TV and to 
have their tits suckled. They missed these little pleasures, something they 
would never admit to Toilet and Cuntlicker. Toilet and Cuntlicker would admit 
how happy they were to be back serving Mistress and Baby.

Review This Story || Author: samuel
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