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Toilette and Cuntlicker

Part 1 Toilet's Training

Toilette and Cuntlicker   by samuel

This is the continuing fictional series of the experience of Toilet and 
Part 1 Toilet's Training. 
Part 2 T and C's Initiation.
Part 3 Toilet and Cuntlicker at home.
Part 4 A Visit to Alana.

Part One - Toilette's Training
(S/M, Scat, Enema, WS, Bi sex)

Sam was giving it one last shot at finding a mate as into sexual experimentation 
as he was. He wanted someone who wanted to live a life with him as the 
submissive. On the Internet, he found a Mistress Savana who guaranteed to match 
him with the perfect mate. So he was charged when he rang the door of a rambling 
house down a long tree lined road 25 miles into the hills outside the city. It 
sat in the middle of 40 acres and there was not a neighbor in sight.

The house belonged to Mistress Savana. It featured two clinic rooms just off the 
entry. A hall "V" from there. Down one side were two bedrooms connected by a 
bathhouse. Down the other were Mistress' quarters. Straight-ahead off the "V" 
were the living and Dining rooms. They opened out onto a large deck, then grass 
lawn and a house beautiful trellised garden.

A naked, 6-month pregnant waif with blonde hair answered the door. All other 
hair was non-existent. Her tits were swollen full. You could see droplets of 
breast milk leaking from her large dark nipples. Her tits had probably been a 
"b" cup that is now swollen with milk to a large "c." The fact that she had 
milky tits meant that this was not her first child.

"Come in and be welcomed by Mistress. I am Baby Slave. First you must strip, for 
Mistress does not allow any sub in her presence unless they are fully naked."

"Sam undressed quickly. The waif swept up his clothes, "Wait here, I will 
dispose of these and return with Mistress."

"Sam noted she said, "dispose." By the orders he had received, he had not come 
with any other casual clothes. Only three suits for work. He was an investment 
banker for a small but rising company. He worked on commission alone. He was 
their number one producer with a small but illustrious clientele. What would he 
wear for the next eight weeks of "training" while not at work? He knew the 
answer but was afraid to acknowledge it, "nothing" he murmured. Baby returned 
with Mistress. Mistress was tall with a large bone structure, wide hips, large 
full tits, broad shoulders, thick thighs, and shoulder length dark brown silky 
hair. She was naked too. Her sex and the rest of her body hair were missing too 
like Baby's. He said missing because it was smoother than shaved. There was no 
shadow, no stubble. He thought it odd that a mistress would be naked too, but 
she soon proved that she would be formidable in any attire or none.

"Just as I thought. You are all liars you prospective slaves. You said you were 
6'4" and 230 lbs. However, you are easily 260. Look at that flabby stomach and 
that big butt. This will mean your training will have to be much more intense to 
get you to the 210 you should be. That is 50 lb in 8 weeks. Shit! That is 6 lb. 
a week! You will not only feel the rigors of my conditioning but the revenge of 
my whip for misleading your Mistress. Even then I do not know if I can get you 
in shape enough to marry you off."

"The deal was this. Mistress was to receive a fee of $30,000 to match Sam with a 
mate that would live with him as a sub. She would also train him for such a 
lifestyle. Sam was a decent looking man. He was 40, with most of his hair still 
in place and very little graying. He looked closer to his early thirties. He had 
lost his shape the last ten years. He used be tall and lean. He had a hairy body 
and an average cock, except when it was hard it grew to a full 9," a real 9," 
and thick. A woman's delight, long and thick. His balls hung large and low.

Mistress began to explain the deal. "I have found you a mate. Not a dominant. I 
do not get many, in fact have never had one slave your size. Fortunately, I 
found another sub of larger proportions that also wants to have a sub relation. 
When I am done, she will be as beautiful as you are handsome. Not great but 
pretty damn good."

She continued, "Since you are both subs I will have to find you a live in 
master. I have not selected one but I have several very fine candidates. As I 
get to know you, I will be able to select the right one. In the mean time we 
will begin your preparation and training. Baby will start. I will be in later 
with more details."

Baby led Sam to the clinic room on the right. The clinic rooms were identical. 
Protruding diagonally from the corner was an exam table with stirrups. In the 
middle, there was a large drain. There were a couple of portable medical bag 
hangers and the walls were lined with cabinets. Baby motioned Sam to climb on 
the table. She secured his ankles to the stirrups. His arms were stretched 
behind him. Secured to hooks on the lower sides of the table. A 3' spreader bar 
was sandwiched and tied between his knees. At this point Baby went to the 
cabinets and returned with two electrolysis devices. Now he understood how they 
were so smooth and he understood he would be soon too.

Mistress returned to finish his orientation. As he lay humiliatingly spread 
eagle on the exam table Mistress began, "This will be your last chance to back 
out. First, we will begin by removing all of your body hair, permanently. We 
could use lasers, but this will hurt more, and I like that. Then will come the 
training for your new role. Those details come after you agree to your training. 
During your training, your future mate will be undergoing training in this 
house. You are not to see each other. If you are to be in the same room you will 
both wear masks. I do not think either one of you are ready to be attracted to 
each other in the kind of shape you are in. This does not mean you will not 
touch. You will, every day. A lot. However, if you even get a glimpse of each 
other we will return you to your old homes never to see each other again! 

"Yes" Sam replied. He could not see the crop that Mistress held at her side. 
Thwack!! Went the crop, "what did you say?"

"Yes, I understood." Another crack of the crop, this time much harder, "You did 
not address me with your answer shithead" the mistress screamed. Another blow to 
his buttocks that left a red welt that fully outlined the shape of the crop

Sam quickly responded "Yes, Mistress, I understand Mistress."

"That's better and you are going to a quick learner I hope." Mistress went on, 
"After your training you two will be formally united in matrimony at the 
location of my Mistress club. You will go through a weekend of initiation. After 
you have made it through training and initiation will you be able to journey on 
to your life as a sub couple. If you do not make it through you will be split 
apart, your marriage never submitted and you will never see each other again. 
Got it?"

"Yes, Mistress," Sam replied.

"Agree to it?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Another stinging whip of the crop struck him, this time on the inside thigh. 
"Say it so I know you mean it."

"Sam responded drooling on himself, "Yes Mistress with all my soul. I want you 
to train me so that I may be matched with my soul mate and live the life of a 

"I may like him, he learns fast," Mistress sneered.

"Mistress then struck Baby across her swollen breasts; "now start his hair 
removal and make sure it hurts."

Tears began to well in Sam's eyes as the electrolysis began on his ball sack. 
Baby had both kinds of electrolysis. One for individual follicles, the other for 
wider skin areas. His balls would have to be done hair by hair. Each application 
stung like a small bee sting. One did not hurt much but add up the total stings 
and one begins to tire of the pain. The pain becomes spread over a large area 
and in time, Sam is beginning to shout with each application. Baby did not 
bother to harness his mouth; she liked to hear his agony. This would be a slow 
process that would be repeated every day for one or two hours; until all of his 
hair below his neck was permanently removed. He now knew why Baby and Mistress' 
vaginas looked so smooth; their hair had been permanently removed.

As Baby saw to Sam, the doorbell rang. Mistress went to answer the arrival of 
Valerie. Valerie was to be Sam's match. At 6'0" tall and 205 lb. she had all the 
features of an Amazon woman. She like Sam wanted to be a sub. This was a tough 
match for Mistress until she came upon the idea of packaging these two as a sub 
couple and bidding them to an appropriate mistress.

Mistress Savana was independently wealthy. A trust fund baby. Besides her build 
she had huge milk filled tits and was wide in the hips since she had given birth 
to one child as a surrogate mother. Her skin was milky white; her rich auburn 
hair hung to her shoulder blades. She had no body hair, it had all been removed 
by electrolysis, pubic, legs, under arms, and everywhere there was dark hair 
except her head. Her vagina had pouty outer lips with distended inner lips that 
flapped an inch below the outer ones. He nipples were dark and _ of an inch 
long. She began to think she might want to keep them.

Mistress lived for her "sorority." It was made of three female couples of 
decidedly lesbian lifestyle but Mistress and Baby could swing both ways. They 
maintained a farm outside the suburbs where the land was rented out but the 
buildings were owned and occupied by them. They had large parties where other 
like minded couples, gay, lesbian, and straight would come. Most of the time 
they met there to share each other in demonstrations of discipline, humiliation, 
and sex. Mistress' on-line match making service and her surrogate mother 
operations financed them. She matched men and women looking for mates looking 
for alternative lifestyles. She was good at it. She rarely missed on matching 
the right people together. The surrogate mother business was lucrative, very 
lucrative. She had done it twice herself and Baby was on her fifth. Since having 
child both of them had kept their tits milking. They were turned on each time 
they were suckled. The Internet brought Sam and Valerie together.

Valerie arrived wearing only an overcoat. The handbag had only work clothes as 
instructed. As Valerie removed the overcoat, she saw Mistress walk into the 
living area and toss the coat into the fire. Mistress could hear her take a 
breath as she realized her only article of clothing was gone. As mistress walked 
back, she picked up the crop she had just used on Sam. As she approached 
Valerie, she backhanded the crop into Valerie's breast. Valerie let out a scream 
and grabbed her welting right breast.

Mistress let her know in a commanding voice, "You will accept my actions without 
question of fear. I will hurt you, I will embarrass you, but ultimately you will 
be safe."

Mistress led her to the other clinic room and started her orientation. She 
placed Valerie in the exam table tied and spread her in the stirrups. Her hairy 
pussy exposed, her tits hung to the side of her body. She first demanded the 
same agreement from Valerie that she had gotten from Sam. She was not to see him 
during training. Feel him she would but not see him. She replied "yes."

Yes was not good enough and the crop came whizzing onto Valerie's cunt. The hair 
did not pad the sting much. "What did you answer?" commanded Mistress Savana.

"I answered yes," replied Valerie.

Another whizzing crop strikes, this time to her left breast. The shape of the 
crop could be seen in the rising welt on her breast skin.

"What was your answer?" screamed Mistress.

"Yes, oh yes," cried a now tearful Valerie.

Another cropping just above her pubic hair. Valerie was bouncing up and down and 
shaking, lifting her buttocks trying to relieve the pain she could not massage 
with her bound hands and arms.

"Yes, I said YES" wailed Valerie without waiting for the question from Mistress.

Big mistake. The crop came raining down hitting her vagina, stomach and working 
its way up to her tits. Much of her torso was welting and red.

Mistress began, "You are not so quick to learn. This could prove to be painful 
for you. You will always address me by beginning or ending with my name, 
Mistress. The quicker you learn this the less painful it will be. Understand?"

"Yes... Yes, Mistress" stammered Valerie.

THWAK, the slow response and stutter cost her another strike to the inside of 
her thigh. Tears were rolling down cheeks and her body continued to sting. She 
could not massage and relieve herself in her bound position.

Mistress went on. "OK, here's the rest of the deal bitch. Your future partner is 
already here. His training and preparation has begun. Yours has too, in a way. 
If your weren't so stupid it would not have been this painful so soon. In a 
minute Baby, my full time slave and lover will come in here and begin to remove 
all of your body hair, permanently. It will hurt and take several sessions to 
complete. As part of your training, you will have chores to complete around 
here. Mostly you will do all of the cooking. You are to be known as 
"Cuntlicker." You will lick a lot of cunt, hope you are bi-sexual. If not, you 
will be. You will suckle my breasts dry of its milk four times daily. While you 
are at work I will pump them so that you may drink up when you get home. You 
will wear a mask anytime you may be within visual of your mate; you will know 
him as Toilette. You will blow job him daily, no twice daily. I believe in "use 
it or lose it" when it comes to sex. However, we will save penetration until 
your marriage/initiation.

You will still go to work every weekday during training but you will return as 
soon as you are off work. Any delay, even for traffic will result in twice the 
punishment you just received. You will take instructions without delay. Do you 

"Yes, Mistress," came the quick response.

"Much better. Now you will await Baby's treatment."

As Baby entered, Mistress departed without a word said. Without any further 
words, Baby trimmed her pubic bush with the buzz trimmers. Then she began the 
electrolysis. She began with her vagina lips. Cuntlicker's vagina lips hung low. 
Her inside lips hung out and flapped even lower. There was a lot of vagina on 
this lady. The electrolysis stung her tender vagina skin. She withstand it more 
than Sam and while uncomfortable she kept her composure.

Mistress re-entered the room that bound Sam. She slapped his now bare balls.

"Owww, ow, ow, ow," came his cry.

She could see he had been crying.

"Your partner is here and in some pain from the beating she just took. Seems she 
is a little slower to catch on to the routine of a slave. I think you will like 
her. I think you will be good soul mates if you can make it the 
marriage/initiation. I am going to fill you in on the rest of your stay here. 
You see I was not quite thorough enough when I first got your agreement. Oh 
well, too late now. Here's the deal.

First, you will from now on be known as Toilette. It best describes your future 
duties. You will start each day by drinking the piss of each of us straight from 
our pussies. Your pissing into a specially designed enema bucket will follow 
this. The rest you will find out later. After the morning bathroom, you will go 
to work. You will return promptly after work or receive such a beating as you 
have never experienced. By the way, you will wear diapers to work daily. If you 
have to go it will have to be in your diaper. I expect you to come home wet most 
days. At any time one of us needs to pee, we will pat our cunts and you will 
fall to your knees so we can mount your mouth, err, our toilette and piss into 
it. You had better learn to drink it all fast for if you should spill any you 
will be punished with a very fine whipping.

After work, you will do your chores maintaining the garden in the back yard. 
Naked of course. Your other duties include sucking Baby's breasts dry and 
licking your future mate, Cuntlicker, to orgasm. If this sounds too good, it is. 
Nevertheless, I believe in use it or lose it when it comes to sex. During any 
time with Cuntlicker remember you both are to have masks on so as not to see 
each other. This includes the dinner table. You both should become adept at 
functioning in the dark.

Hair removal sessions will continue until all body hair is removed. You will 
work out for a full three hours in the evening. I expect that excess weight to 
be off in eight weeks. There will be other duties, just remember to say yes 
Mistress to any request without question. Got it?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Good," came Mistresses reply and then one more smack of the crop into his balls 
causing him to yell and bounce his butt for relief.

Toilette as he was now known was untied and let down off the exam table. He was 
blindfolded and then the door opened. He could hear people enter. He was led to 
the middle of the room and Mistress pressed down on his head to signal for him 
to get to his knees. When he wasn't quick enough a swat of the crop to the back 
of his knees helped him drop. He was positioned above a drain in the middle of 
the floor. Baby came forward. His head was pushed back and baby straddled his 
face. He opened his mouth as commanded. She lowered her pussy over his mouth. 
Her swollen pregnant belly touched his nose. Her vagina lips were smooth and 
unlike the other two the outer lips covered the inner ones. They felt puffy, 
probably a condition of pregnancy. Just then her pee began to spray. It quickly 
filled his mouth and as he swallowed, his lips closed, and pee ran down the 
sides of his face onto his shoulders and torso. He opened again to have his 
mouth filled only to have to close it to swallow and yellow urine cascaded his 
body. When Baby was done he was immediately lifted, bought standing in front of 
the exam table and immediately bent over and arms were tied to the far end of 
the table.

Mistress began tersely "I said you must swallow all to be worthy of your name. 
Now you will learn why it will be in your interests to learn to swallow with 
your mouth open, to guzzle our hot urine like a cold beer."

With that Mistress handed Baby a bull whip. The kind that cuts. Baby had been on 
the receiving end of this whip but this was a first to administer. She looked 
into Mistress' eyes with thanks and appreciation. She then turned and dealt a 
devastating blow onto Toilette's ass. It left a stripe with a small cut on the 
hip where the tip landed. The next came with the end six inches hitting squarely 
on his right cheek leaving a four-inch cut. The third and final one struck the 
bottom quarter of his ass cheeks leaving a deep contusion but no cut. His legs 
now collapsed, his bound arms holding up his entire body.

Toilette was released from his bounds and placed over the drain. "You better 
wake up fast" came the command from Mistress as she mounted his face. His mouth 
covered her smooth pussy lips. She began her pee. It was a little softer, she 
was not quite as full. He kept his mouth open and guzzled as fast as he could 
but could not keep up with the pace of her bladder emptying into his mouth. Less 
spilled, but spilled none the less. After her pee he was raised back to the exam 
table. This time he was bent backwards over the table his hands secured above 
his head to the table, his body draped over it face up. This time Mistress came 
with a cat o'nine tails and lashed his torso three times. This stung but left no 

"Better slave but more work is needed, you will get punished every time until 
you get it right" commanded Mistress.

Once again he was pressed down onto the floor above the drain. A blind fold was 
placed around his eyes. Cuntlicker was led to him. She was blindfolded too. She 
was commanded to straddle and then she had to squat a bit to his mouth. Her 
pussy lips were smooth but her remaining pubic hair above her clit tickled his 
nose. As she started to pee she seemed to spray more around his mouth since her 
large inner lips re-directed the pee. His mouth remained open and he began to 
guzzle like he was in a beer contest. He thought he would have made it had not 
it been for the spraying. But some escaped and once more he was secured face up 
to the exam table. His ankles were secured with spreader bar to expose his 
genitals to the strike of Mistresses riding crop. The first blow struck his 
penis and again he bobbed up and down to relieve the pain, albeit 
unsuccessfully. Baby then taped his cock pointing up across his pubic. Two more 
strikes of the crop hit each ball squarely, Mistress was deadly accurate and the 
pain almost made him puke up the urine in his stomach. Baby ripped the tape from 
his cock taking several pubic hairs with her, a nice painful touch.

They were each led to their rooms where they were allowed to unpack and clean 
up. Baby took Toilette. His first duty was to suckle her full breasts dry. The 
flavor was sweet and the sucking relaxed his pain of the previous ordeal.

Cuntlicker was led to her room by Mistress where she was bathed and suckled 
Mistress' breasts. She too found the breast milking soothing and relaxing. After 
she was done she got to experience her name for the first time. Mistress had 
become horny as she does every time her breasts are suckled. She pushed 
Cuntlicker to her knees on the floor and grabbed behind her head and pushed 
Cuntlicker's face to her vulva. Cuntlicker was a virgin pussy licker but some 
things come naturally. She began to lick Mistress' clit and smooth pussy lips. 
Mistress began to leak cunt juice profusely as she always does. Cuntlicker's 
face became shiny and slimy. Mistress began to ride her pussy up and down on 
Cuntlicker's face. She could feel Cuntlicker's outstretched tongue slide over 
her swollen clit each time it passed. Mistress began to pant and moan so loud 
the other two could here what was going on down the hall. As Mistress came more 
cunt juice oozed from her cunt past Cuntlicker's chin and past Mistress' anus. 
She relaxed holding Cuntlicker's face while she re-gained her strength from her 

They were then blind folded and led to the kitchen where Chinese had been 
delivered and the table was set. As they were led to their chairs Mistress 
explained the special seats as Baby first assisted Toilette before Cuntlicker.

"Go gently down. These chairs are fit especially for you"

As Baby assisted Toilette he could feel a blunt instrument near his anus before 
he felt the seat. A butt plug with vibrator and pump had been attached to the 
seat. It was smaller one, maybe a medium. His asshole spread, his sphincter 
pulsed as the plug opened him up. As he sat the lubricated plug broke the 
sphincter wide with much pain. He yelled out. It had a tip that reached to his 
prostrate so that it would be excited as the vibrator buzzed. The pain subsided 
as his hole engulfed the plug and enclosed its base.

Next came Cunlicker's turn. A dildo, 2 1/2 inches thick and 8" deep was attached 
to her chair to spread her cunt and vibrate as she ate. Mistress began, "These 
devices are only the beginning of the conditioning of your openings. They will 
get larger as we go on. By the end of your training Toilette's ass and 
Cuntlicker's pussy will be so wide and elastic that they will be worthless to 
any cock that should want to venture. It will be like fucking water."

With that they began to eat, blindfolded with their ass and cunt buzzing. They 
were a bit sloppy eating their dinner blindfolded and horny. After dinner they 
were made to lick each other clean. Toilette started by licking rice off of her 
chin. Hot mustard and sweet and sour had fallen unto her tits. Not at all an 
unpleasant experience licking those large tits clean. Cuntlicker licked the 
sauce from his hairy chest. A chest that would be smooth in a couple of weeks. 
Some rice had spilled to his pubic hair and she could feel his thick cock harden 
while she licked his pubic clean. While she was there mistress commanded her to 
suck him off for the first time. She had done this before as she took his meat 
to where her lips touched the base of his penis. Toilette had never had such a 
great suck job and his spunk spurted deep against her throat. She swallowed 
without evidence that he had come but his convulsing body gave him away. As she 
rose he slid down and began to lick her puss. The riding crop bit his ass. The 
pain caused him to muffle a yell in Cuntlicker's pussy. "Do not start until 
commanded" yelled Mistress. "Now bring her off." He finished what he had begun. 
Her puss oozed cum and as her orgasm rose she actually squirted cum juice into 
his mouth. Her eyes rolled as the orgasm swept her body. Her body tingled but 
all she could feel was his tongue licking her sex to esctasy. This is how they 
first began to know each other, by the sense of feel as they licked each other 

After dinner they were led away from each other. Cuntlicker did the dishes, 
Toilette started his training regimen to get the weight off. After dishes 
Toilette was called to the kitchen blindfolded again. On his knees, Cuntlicker 
was led first to him. He knew the straddle, it was piss time. As she tinkled, he 
guzzled. He made it! She finished and not a drop spilled. But then came Baby 
next. Hey, he made this one too but she never held much in her preggers 
condition so it was easier with the lower volume. Mistress followed. Her sex 
smelled good and as she pissed he enjoyed her neutral piss flavor as opposed to 
the other's more rancid sour urine. Her urine seemed to finish and he closed his 
mouth. Just them Mistress made a final squirt that spayed across his lips and 
down his chin and neck. A mistake, big mistake. Mistress went into her deep 
scolding voice, "You made a bigger mistake than spilling my urine. You assumed I 
was done before I lifted from your face. You almost made it Toilette but now you 
will pay a heavy price."

From there he was led naked out to the garage where he was strung up from the 
rafters, arms spread, spreader bar tied to his ankles. A testicle parachute was 
attached to his balls and a five pound weight hung freely between his legs. Baby 
took the cat o'nine tails and began to flog his front. Mistress cropped his 
buttocks, back of his legs and back. As he jumped from the pain of the attack 
the weights swung and bobbed from his balls. That was pain. He stood still and 
took the flogging. He was let down and collapsed to the cold garage floor. Baby 
and Mistress squatted and pissed on his body one more time.

The next thing he knew a hose was spraying him with cold water cleaning him of 
the urine and making him shiver of cold. He then slept for two hours on the cold 
cement garage floor. During this time the women occupied themselves with 
Cuntlicker. She was about to learn her name. Cuntlicker had always been hetero 
but she already was enjoying the fruits of lesbian nookie. She found herself 
wallowing her face in the cunts of Baby and Mistress. Their sex bled with cunt 
juice as they came many times. They enjoyed the conversion of this big strong 
hetero woman to sniveling cuntlicker. She wanted more and they knew it. Pussy 
juice flowed as Toilette slept his pain away on the cement garage floor.

Toilette was assisted back to the house. Just before he entered the blindfold 
was put on. He was pushed to his knees to the kitchen floor. "Time for the bed 
time pee Toilette" Mistress commanded as she pushed he head to her naked sex. 
His mouth secured itself around her cunt lips and her pee blasted from between 
those lips. This time he drank it all, and waited until she removed her sex. 
Baby was next and she ground her puss lips to his mouth. She tried to catch him 
off guard by peeing quickly but he was ready and able to guzzle her acrid 
liquid. Cuntlicker positioned his head gently and soothingly rubbed her head as 
she began her pee. She squirted small amounts at a time to give him a chance to 
swallow. She knew she would love this man and she wanted to be gentle.

After the pee they were taken and secured to their beds. First Toilette was 
fitted into what was to become his nightly plug. A butt plug, 2" in diameter was 
shoved up his ass. As it was shoved without lube this caused two things. Pain as 
the plug was forced up his asshole distending it wide. His hole had never been 
forced open so wide. The stretching of his hole caused it to sting and hurt 
constantly for over an hour before his ass would accustom to its size. To 
further secure the plug a." leather strap was strung between his asscheeks, up 
past his balls and cock, then attached to a waist belt. Mistress explained, 
"These plugs at dinner and night time will stretch and elasticize your asshole. 
These plugs will grow in size. Toilette was then laid face up, his torso at an 
angle, for late night pees that may be needed... His ass hurt but his tiredness 
over came the pain and he fell asleep.

Cuntlicker was laid on her bed face down but enough room left at the head of the 
bed for one of the ladies to sit in front of her face for any late night cunt 
licking they may want, usually after the late night piss. Mistress really 
enjoyed the tongue work of another female. In the night Cuntlicker would be 
awakened by the bouncing of her bed as Mistress positioned herself sitting 
against the head board. She would grab Cuntlicker by the hair and move her bald 
pussy to Cuntlicker's mouth. Cuntlicker's tongue protruded and began to lick the 
expanding clit of Mistress. As her clit grew large her pussy would leak large 
amounts of pussy juice, Mistress was a squirter. Only a small part of the female 
population can squirt from their pussy glands but Mistress was one of them. She 
loved women and she loved them tied and serving her. As she ground her cunt up 
and down Cuntlicker's face the juice began to glisten Cuntlicker's face, and 
soak the sheets beneath them. Mistress ground faster and harder. Her voiced 
pumped "uh, unhs" with the same rhythm her cunt rode Cuntlicker's face. She got 
so loud Toilette could here them in the next room. He wished Mistress' clit was 
his cock. One last scream and you knew Mistress had cum. As she came more juice 
squirted into Cunlicker's mouth. She found the tangy salty flavor pleasing. 
Mistress them arose and left Cuntlicker horny, trying to grind the sheets to 
cum, unsuccessfully. And from the very first night and every night there after 
Baby and Mistress would pay each of them a late night visit for a "good pee" and 
"face job."

The next morning was a Saturday. Weekends were spent on chores, sex and S&M. As 
with every morning, they started with the ladies peeing down Toilette's throat. 
He seldom missed a drop after that first night. If he did it was followed by 
being harnessed spread eagle from the garage rafters and beat until his entire 
torso was beat red and welted. Sometimes the welts would turn to bruises that 
took several days to heal. After the morning pee, there was breakfast made by 
Cuntlicker. At the table he sat on his butt plug and tried to ignore the pain 
long enough to get some nourishment. The problem was just as he became 
accustomed to the plug it would be replaced by a thicker one. The same for the 
dildo that lodged in Cuntlicker's pussy as she ate. By the time the eight weeks 
were up she could dilate wide enough to have a baby. After breakfast there was 
exercise and gardening for Toilette. As he worked the garden, Mistress and Baby 
would watch on lounge chairs as Cuntlicker earned her name. Toilette was naked 
except for the butt plug fitted and harnessed into his ass. They enjoyed his 
torment as he walked around weeding, hoeing, and hauling in the garden. They 
enjoyed their garden, it's beauty, and watching a naked Toilette slave away.

They included much sexual play. Cuntlicker came many times during the day as she 
face fucked all three and in return they got her off. Toilette only came when 
Cuntlicker was allowed to suck him to orgasm. During this time they were masked 
as not to see each other, so most sex was done in the dark for Cuntlicker. 
Adding to the spice of the weekends were the usual beatings of Toilette and 
Cuntlicker for some deed done poorly. There was nothing that amused Mistress 
more than the opportunity to hang and tie both of them by a rope from a tree 
limb to their wrists. Their arms extended, their bodies dangling. A spreader bar 
held their legs open leaving space for the whips to crack their genitals as well 
as their back, thighs, breasts and torso. Mistress would leave them masked but 
not gagged for the seclusion of the property allowed them to wail without being 
heard. The sound of their screams and begging for the floggings to stop made 
Mistress leak more pussy juice. It was a turn on.

The week days were a bit different. They started with the usual enema games. The 
girls would shit their enemas to the bucket that had collected Toilette's piss 
since the last enema. Cuntlicker would have to mix the enemas into a slurry that 
could pass through the enema hose and nozzle. Baby would then take the bucket 
with its hose hanging from its spout to the shower room of the hot tub where 
Toilette would be waiting. She would shove the enema up his ass and release the 
shit slurry into his bowels. Mistress would often join to watch the nearly 2 
gallons of human waste would painfully expand his belly. After the bucket was 
drained he would be released to the garden where he could relieve his swollen 
belly and fertilize at the same time.

Next Toilette would be sprayed off with the cold hose by Baby. He could use soap 
to clean with as the spray blasted his skin. He would then dress for work. Baby 
would assist. She started with his diapering. Mistress insisted he wear one so 
she could tell when he arrived home if he had masturbated. She could tell if the 
tapes were removed and put back. The best part of this was that it made his 
pants baggy. If anyone patted him on his ass they would immediately know he was 
wearing a diaper. More than one of the ladies at work had suspected he was and 
gave him "friendly" pat to satisfy their curiosity. It was humiliating when he 
was found out and word got around the office. He could not use the toilet since 
he was not allowed to remove the diaper. Mistress loved the thought the he would 
soil his diaper at work and remain in it until he got home. During the eight 
weeks he never soiled at work but on the ride home he could not hold and he 
would pee his diaper. When he did this the first time Mistress watched as he was 
laid on the exam table. Baby released the diaper tapes, pushed his legs up like 
a baby, then proceeded to wipe him clean. Mistress grabbed his arms and tied 
them to the back of the table. Baby helped her push his legs back and secure 
them to the top of the table above his head. His ass stuck in the air, his balls 
hung down but exposed. At this point Mistress picked up his urine soaked diaper 
and shoved it in his mouth. It was one thing to taste their pee, but humiliating 
to have to suck his own. A crack of her crop sliced the air and cracked against 
his ass leaving its tell tail welt. The next crack to his balls was so intense 
he nearly puked from the pain. He bit hard on the diaper to contain his wail 
from the pain of the next whip to his ass. She alternated between his ass and 
balls for ten more swats. Tears streamed down his cheeks, he could not endure 
the pain. "Remember what soiled diapers get you" was all Mistress said as she 
left the room.

Each evening after work was much the same routine. They were stripped of their 
work clothes in the exam rooms where they were tied to the tables. Baby would 
continue with the removal of all hair below the neck. Afterwards, Cuntlicker 
would make dinner. Toilette would drink their pee and exercise in his bout to 
take 50# off. They would drink the milk from the breast of Mistress and Baby. 
Then there was dinner, seated on ever expanding butt plugs and dildos. 
Cuntlicker would suck Toilette's cock of its semen, he would let her pee and 
lick her to orgasm. Even though they could not see each other their love began 
to grow. Their shared predicament sealed their bond. You could feel sorry for 
them, but they chose it.

Cuntlicker's day was much the same. Off to work. She did not wear a diaper. In 
fact she wore nothing but a dress and a chastity belt with a dildo secured up 
her cunt. No underwear, bra, or nylons. The outline of the belt could be 
detected of she was not careful. It had a special feature. There was a battery 
pack that hung between her legs. A radio controlled switch could be turned on 
which activated the vibrator in her dildo. With the chastity belt locked there 
was not way she could stop it. Mistress could activate it from her home. 
Cuntlicker could be talking with a client and a barely audible buzz could start 
in her cunt. Cuntlicker was a heavy "leaker." As she sat in her chair, the dildo 
electrifying her pussy, she would leak unto her dress leaving a wet spot she 
could only hope would dry before its discovery. The dildo could go off anywhere, 
anytime since Mistress did not know what Cuntlicker was doing or where she was. 
She did not care. As she closed her eyes in front of her co-worker's, she would 
bite her lip to keep herself from moaning in esctasy. She would have to be 
creative with excuses to convince her co-workers she was suffering from some 
pain rather than the delight of orgasm that had really engulfed her.

Upon her arrival at home she would receive the same treatment on the exam table 
after the chastity belt was removed and she had peed in Toilette's mouth. The 
wiping up of the days cum juice followed by a whipping for some transgression of 
the day. Her hair removal was complete in three weeks time. Her legs would be 
forever smooth, her pussy like a little girls, and no armpit hair. Most 
interesting, the electrolysis of her underarms was the most painful. The skin is 
so tender there. After the daily exam room activities came dinner and more 
breast sucking (her favorite part of the day). She came to love to suck the cum 
from Toilette. Her large cock would spew semen into her mouth where she would 
let it slide to her belly. She never once gagged. In the evening she would do 
her exercises then spend most of the rest of the evening sucking pussy.

And so it went like this for the eight weeks of "training." The beatings stopped 
a week or so before the end of training to allow the skin to heal. Their skin 
was smooth as silk, and hairless, forever. Toilette could drink piss better than 
any frat boy could guzzle beer. Cuntlicker had become a slut. She was ready to 
suck cock or pussy on notice. In fact, she would begin to whine if she did not 
get enough. A trait that earned her untold smacks to the ass and pussy. 
Toilette's asshole was elastic. Mistress could fist him without even a drop of 
lube. His hole just opened right up. Cuntlicker's pussy was worthless to any 
cock. You might as well be fucking water it was so easy and wide. At the end, 
they were prepared for their wedding. It would happen on a Friday night. It 
would be the first time they would actually see each other.

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