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Be careful what you ask for

Part 1








I have been dreaming about getting enslaved by a cruel Mistress for a long time. My Mistress should bring me to heel and force me to obey without I can do anything but comply. She should humiliate me without limitation and turn me into a sissy who has to serve not only females but even males. I do want that my Mistress blackmails me in such a way that I do not have any alternative but to obey. One day I placed an ad in the net …


What started as training by a professional Mistress soon turned into real slavery by MISTRESS Natascha, MASTER Michail, and their friends.



Be careful what you ask for!


Her home was not far away, even within walking distance and yet I arrived there 15 minutes too early. I waited the remaining time, nervously checking my watch several times. She lived in an old house in the outskirts with a large garden and a lot of old trees. At one minute to eight, I walked up the path to the front door. At precisely 8:00 p.m. I knocked loudly on the door. There was no way back now.


Nothing, no reply. I waited half a minute and then knocked again. Was it the wrong house? Again, I knocked. I looked at my watch. Three minutes past eight. I got nervous, once more, I knocked on the door.  Eventually, I heard movement in the house.


The door opened and a Lady who must have been MISTRESS Tatjana stood in the doorway just icily looking at me. MISTRESS Tatjana was a tall BBW perhaps half of my age, definitely carrying overweight, with long blonde hair and huge boobs, her breasts were her best feature and she had her blouse unbuttoned to make sure they were shown to her advantage. "You are gunnarsub?" She did not expect an answer as she continued, "Now you are here, you need to arrive properly in a manner befitting your status." I trembled at the sound of those words; what could she mean? "Take off your clothes, go back to the end of that path, and crawl up here on your belly like the worthless worm you are.  And when you get here, get on your knees and beg to come in."


I could hardly believe what I was hearing. For a moment I hesitated and thought of refusing but I knew that I could not afford and anyway, the thought of what MISTRESS Tatjana had commanded me to do excited me beyond words. I looked around. It was dusk and the light was fading but there was still enough light for anyone passing to see me. MISTRESS Tatjana stood there watching what I would do.


Red like a crab I started to undress. Seconds later I stood in front of her with nothing on but my chastity belt.


"What are you waiting for?" MISTRESS Tatjana said as she gathered up my clothes and threw them indoors, "Get down there and start crawling." I had no alternative. Naked with my clothes being out of my control, I had to do as she commanded. Quickly, I ran to the end of the path, nervously looking around to see if anyone was watching. Dropping onto my belly I began to crawl back towards the front door, pushing myself along with my hands and feet. I could see MISTRESS Tatjana’s silhouette in the doorway, watching me intently.


It seemed an eternity before I reached the door. Then just as I arrived there, MISTRESS Tatjana slammed the door in my face. I knelt before the door as she had instructed, my chest red from scraping on the path, sweat forming on my body, and knocked on the door.  "Please, MISTRESS," I pleaded, "Let your worthless slave in."


There was no response.  I knocked again, pleading all the more. No reply. Minutes passed as I knelt there naked and cold, knocking pathetically on the door in the fading light. MISTRESS Tatjana must have left me there for five or ten minutes before she deigned to open the door and stood before me again.  "Who are you, slave," MISTRESS Tatjana asked, "Have you forgotten?"


"Let me know who you are when you remember it again, slut," she said and closed the door again. Then it hit me who I was. "MISTRESS, this one is 'Sissy gunnarsub, cock sucking slut'." No reaction. I repeated at a little bit higher voice "MISTRESS, this one is 'Sissy gunnarsub, cock sucking slut'." Again, no reaction. I was desperate, so I repeated the humiliating introduction again at even higher voice "MISTRESS, this one is 'Sissy gunnarsub, cock sucking slut'."


The door opened again, MISTRESS Tatjana ordered me to turn around and cuffed my hands behind my back. "Follow me, slut!" I followed on my knees, gazing up at her round bottom and gorgeous appearance in front of me. She went into her living room and I followed.


"Meet my friends," MISTRESS Tatjana snapped and I looked up to see two other women, seated on the couch, grinning at me. "This is this kinky pervert I have told you about." I did not dare look at the other ladies but kept my head bowed. "At first I thought that it would be a fake offer when I read that message ´Well trained sissy slut available for no limit humiliation´ in one of the Yahoo adult groups in which I am a member but then it turned out to be a real occasion. I got interested in it when I learnt that our slut lives almost next door."


Her words hit me like a shock. The day before MISTRESS C had sent me a mail ordering me to report today precisely at 8:00 p.m. at a place of a MISTRESS Tatjana living in the same town as I do. MISTRESS C only had told me that some ladies wanted to have some fun and that I was expected to obey them with no boundaries. Nothing more. When I got aware that the place was not far away from my apartment, immediately, I started to have butterflies in my stomach, fearing that somebody might recognize me. Nevertheless, I did not have an alternative but to obey, since MISTRESS C really had me at my balls.


"Before I answered that message I searched the net for gunnarsub by Google. You won’t believe what I found; more than a hundred hits and not only plenty of evidence that this is really a slut but also a lot of most compromising information."


Completely embarrassed I had listened what MISTRESS Tatjana disclosed about me. But only now, with a shock, I realised that one of the ladies was a neighbour of mine actually living next door. She knows me, she knows my company, she knows my position, and she knows everything about me.


Up to now I had been sure that I was able to control as to what extent I wanted to be enslaved. I was prepared to put myself into a position where my Mistress could force me to obey any order, independent how humiliating it might be. But that was under the assumption that such nightmare would only materialize during some sessions at a Prodomme and may be sometimes in-between. Although I had agreed to get blackmailed I felt that I could handle the relation with a Prodomme since she was not part of my day today world. Now there was a new quality in the level of slavery. My neighbour could easily destroy my life by disclosing to all people knowing me that I would be a cock sucking sissyslut. I just could not afford that. One of my neighbours sharing my secrecy was now a permanent and omnipresent menace. Natascha, my neighbour, is in her late 40ies, rather attractive with big boobs, but had a reputation for being a bitch and a witch, married to a man who previously was a local champion in boxing. I did not relish being at her mercy.


Natascha smiled at me," what a surprise," she said "this slut is a neighbour of mine, he is a white collar worker and an arrogant asshole. So ist das doch, nicht wahr, Herr Dr. Hofmeister!" There was no alternative than to confirm "Yes, MISTRESS Natascha."


"So you like this sort of stuff, don’t you," she smiled, "You like to be a slave, a slut, a worthless piece of meat." She paused. "What do you think your friends, your colleagues, your other neighbours, or your boss would do if they knew that you are a pervert slut?" She laughed, tossing her head back.


"Shall I tell them?" MISTRESS Natascha asked me, "Shall I?" "No, please," I stammered," Please don't."


"Why not?" she laughed, "give me one good reason."


"I will do you whatever you want," I said desperately, "Everything." MISTRESS Natascha’s eyes widened and a smile flashed across her face.  "Everything?" she said, "Everything?"


"Yes, MISTRESS Natascha," I said quickly, "I will do everything you want me to do."


MISTRESS Natascha looked at me. I felt her gaze running up and down my body and a cold shiver ran through me. Then she spoke, "Lick my boots," I looked up at her, my mind raced. "Lick my boots," she said again, "I won't ask again."


Lowering my face to the floor, I pressed my lips against the top of MISTRESS Natascha’s left boot, then moved across to the other boot, licking that too. I knelt before her, not daring looking up. "You will get used to licking my boots," MISTRESS Natascha said and addressing the other ladies continued, "we should make use of the fact that we know who he is."


"Why don’t we turn him from a white collar worker into a steel collar wearer," MISTRESS Tatjana laughed. "Great idea", MISTRESS Natascha responded "and besides that I will make sure that life for this arrogant asshole will become hell. I like the idea to have this slut at his balls and to bring him to heel."  Addressing me she continued with a mean, wicked smile on her face "Herr Dr. Hofmeister, you will learn to fear me, really fear me. And be assured, if you don’t obey to the point everybody in our road will learn what kind of a sissyslut you are."  


Horrified, I was still looking at my neighbour when MISTRESS Tatjana said "Well, slave, MISTRESS Natascha you seem to know already for some time. Now, meet my mom. For you she is MISTRESS Tamara," laughingly motioning to the woman at my left.  


"Hallo, slave," MISTRESS Tamara sneered. She was about my age, carrying even more weight than her daughter, but also tall and with a strict and superior appearance. Now looking at her I froze. In her hands she held a video camera and she smiled when she realised that I glared at the camera. "You are right, slave, it’s all on there," and she pointed on the screen of the camera. I saw there how I was crawling naked on the path towards the building. She took the video camera again and continued recording me naked on my knees, she zoomed and recorded my chastity belt with the bold tattoo SKLAVE above it, then went around me and filmed me from the back, presumably again zooming and recording me as slut.


"Turn around, slave" she ordered. “You will have to like the thought of being used and abused by me and my friends. We will humiliate you beyond your imagination and we will make you suffer beyond your imagination.” She was wearing a long tight leather skirt and black boots with high heels.  Her leather skirt was only a few inches away from my face so I could see nothing but her skirt and her boots.  "Never again dare to stare at us, slut. You will always only look at our boots" MISTRESS Tatjana told me and pushed me again down to the floor.


"Listen, slave," MISTRESS Tatjana continued, "From this moment on, we own you. You will do exactly as we say, when we say it, or otherwise your dirty little secrets will become public knowledge. You are now our slave to do with as we wish. Tonight, we will teach you a lesson you will never forget. Do you understand?"


"Yes, Miss Tatjana," I mumbled. She slapped me in the face, once, twice, and a third time. I understood. "Yes, MISTRESS Tatjana," I corrected myself. Again, I saw MISTRESS Tamara videoing everything with her camera. She must have recorded the whole evening, and now I started to understand that I would never get out of their power again. I would have to stay as slave of these three mean and wicked BBWs, not to talk about my professional Domme!


But my humiliation was not over. "I think you must be thirsty after all that exertion and you will get something to drink. On your back, slave," MISTRESS Natascha ordered. I obeyed and MISTRESS Natascha rose. Lifting her skirt, she removed her panties. I gazed up at the sight of her crotch.


"Open your mouth, slut," MISTRESS Natascha ordered, "And you'd better not spill a drop." I opened my mouth wide and she began to pee on me. I felt her hot piss flood into my mouth, choking me, overflowing down my cheeks. She began to move slightly so that her pee ran over my face and all over my body further humiliating and degrading me. I gulped the piss down as fast as I could. MISTRESS Natascha laughingly called it 'marking her territory'.


Eventually MISTRESS Natascha finished and stood up, lowering her skirt back down, ordering me to lick each and every single drop of pee from the floor. My humiliation was intense as I knelt before my MISTRESSES, naked, belted, soaked in piss, the taste of Mistress Natascha’s pee still bitter in my mouth, MISTRESS Tatjana and MISTRESS Tamara watching me, and the camera recording everything.


They pushed me to a pillar in the room, made me hug it and cuffed my hands again behind the pillar. Then my ankles were spread and fastened exposing prominently my back and my ass.


Suddenly, for the briefest moment I heard a whistling sound and then a sharp crack. Something hit me hard on my back. The pain took my breath away. It was like nothing I had ever felt before. The force of the lash was great enough to drive my body forward. I moved back just as the next blow landed, the leather scoring another line underneath the first. I fought to get my breath. A third blow, harder than the other two, crashed into my shoulders and upper back.


My body jerked in the chains. The whistling sound again and a fourth strike hit, this time the bullwhip reaching around my body, the tip smacking across my unprotected belly. Strikes five, six, seven, all aimed at my lower back. The eighth was the worst as the leather came around my front and landed directly on my breast. I cried out in pain. The ninth was the same – the tenth too. I heard MISTRESS Natascha advising MISTRESS Tamara to use all her force, since a slave would always show more pain than he really would be suffering.


Again and again, the whip climaxed on my unprotected breasts and back. MISTRESS Tamara varied her strokes to cover the whole of my back. I tried to stand the pain. But after some twenty lashes on my back I could no longer tolerate the pain. I begged them to stop; I cried for mercy, there was none.


MISTRESS Tamara paused, looked at the other MISTRESSES, and then continued "Slave, this whipping was just for our pleasure. Pray that you never may be subject to punishment, you would regret it. And, slave, there is one more thing, I assure you. You will learn to fear each of us. Not only to fear us, I promise you that you will be in dread of us. I strongly believe that a slave and especially such a slut like you should be in constant dread of his Superiors. This will not be a relation for your pleasure, not at all. You will get scared, believe it, slut. You will be frightened whenever we call you. You will learn to anticipate nothing but pain whenever you will have to serve us, slut!"


I couldn’t believe what I heard and for sure, I had to take it seriously. Why in heaven’s name had I placed that ad? Why in heaven’s name had I offered to blackmail me into slavery as a sissyslut?


"Now, Herr Doktor. You may leave for today. MISTRESS Natascha will call you for some services later this week. After that, MISTRESS Tamara will take care of you. We will have a lot of fun together or more precisely the three of us, since for you it will be no fun at all but only humiliation and pain. What is your mobile number?


"My mobile number is 0174 385 1845, MISTRESS Tamara." MISTRESS Tamara cruelly smiled "From this moment onwards you will answer your mobile with your full name as ´Sklavennutte Dr. Guenter Hofmeister´, is that clear, Sklavennutte?" "Yes, MISTRESS Tamara."




It had happened only about 4 months ago. It was a rainy day and thus I spent already a few hours in front of the PC looking at various femdom sites when I started to search Google for Dominas in our region. One site attracted me most, on her homepage a mature Dominatrix in her forties claimed that as an extreme sadistic and wickedly cruel Humiliatrix she would only accept slaves who furnish her with complete control. Her specialty would be interrogation role-play and slut training. Getting excited, I decided to tempt providence and to send a mail to this Dominatrix suggesting a very special deal:



59 y old German slave looking for a harsh and rigid Mistress, who would be prepared to bring me to heel and to transfer me into a servile sissyslave. The Mistress shall have the sole discretion as to what form the training will take. It is up to the Mistress to decide whether I will not only have to submit to Ladies but get forced to experience domination by males, too.


Would you like to force me into unlimited obedience and have me completely at your mercy during a series of extended sessions without me knowing what will happen next? You may humiliate me and force me to service you in any way you like. It would be up to you to deny me a safeword so that I would have no more influence on the further course of action. You may invite other persons, be it female or male, to attend and even assist you. If I do not perform up to your satisfaction you may cruelly punish me without mercy, no matter how severe.


During the initial session you may grill me until I have disclosed my identity in full and have provided you with names and mail addresses of my boss, relatives, and neighbours in a way that you can verify all information immediately. You may force me to expose myself as a sissyslut and you may document my humiliation in a comprehensive collection of videos and pic. Make it clear to me that you would mail this documentation to my boss and others unless I obey you to the very point during all the sessions and also in-between.


I am living in Mainz area/Germany. If interested, please answer this mail.       


slave gunnarsub



A couple of days later I received a mail from MISTRESS C requesting face pics on which I should have a piece of paper in my hands stating that I am a slave who wants to get blackmailed. Nothing else. I was unsure whether I should follow that request but took such a photo by webcam. Still the same day I mailed it to her and got an answer by return that I was to show up at her studio the other day with crotchless panties, bra, garter belt, and stockings under my normal shirt and pants.     




The next day.

"Be careful what you ask for" MISTRESS C said. "You still have the chance to leave. If you like to stay, you will not be able to escape again. And be assured that I will break you!"

Only a few minutes later I was nude and in chains. My legs had been spread and with heavy manacles fixed to rings in the floor, my wrists cuffed and locked to a chain dangling from the ceiling. MISTRESS C laughed "From now onwards in my presence you will only speak when spoken to or you will regret it bitterly!" I bowed my head. "Is that clear, slut?" "Yes, MISTRESS." In this moment the door opened and another Lady entered with a video recorder in her hands.


It was me who had offered to record my humiliation on videos and pic but I had offered it since it turned me on, not because I actually wanted have it done. Completely helpless I was at the mercy of my two tormentors.


"Look into the camera, slut!" It was MISTRESS C ´s voice. "This video will seal your fate as the sissyslut which you want to be."  She laughed. "Tell us who you are, slut!" "This one is a slave …" I hear the whistling sound of a cane and an explosion of pain on my ass "… gunnarsub." Another sound, again the cane of MISTRESS C hits my ass. I begin to understand that I should better not have played with fire.


With a cruel smile on her face MISTRESS C fixes alligator clamps on my nipples which are connected to a base unit. She switches on the current and I feel the pain in my nipples. Then MISTRESS C orders me to expose my ass to the cane. Since I do not obey fast enough she increases the voltage. The pain is almost unbearable. With tears in my eyes I try to stretch out and expose my ass to the cane as much as possible.


Suddenly I feel another most painful stinging strike of the cane on my ass causing pain like hell. As a result of the blow my whole body swings forward. This is not pain I like, this is torture. MISTRESS C canes me in a way I never have been experiencing before and I am not in a position to stop her. I sweep and cry but there is no mercy and I begin to understand what she meant with breaking me and that she might force me into a level of slavery I never had anticipated.


Again I am ordered to expose my ass to the cane. Although I obey I suddenly feel a most painful stinging whip on my shoulders.


"Who are you, slut?" MISTRESS C asks again. "I am slave and slut gunnarsub!" Another crack hits, this time with a whip on my back. It hurt terribly, tears streamed down my face. "Who are you, slut?" "This one is slave gunnarsub, cocksucking slut!" Three, four more strikes on my back. I jerk convulsively since I am almost mad because of the pain; my naked body is dripping with agony sweat. I start weeping and crying "I am a sissy slut known in the net as gunnarsub!"


MISTRESS C again swings the cruel whip down on my back, ass, and thighs. Please, MISTRESS, please, please, do not whip me anymore." "Who are you, slut?" "AAAIIIEEEiiieeeiii, noooo, please, stop, I will say it. I'll say it, please MISTRESS."


Suddenly, MISTRESS C picks up a short cattle probe, lubricates the shaft and squats it between my widely spread thighs, grinning fiendishly as she slowly pushes it against my anal orifice. Then with a chuckle she presses the button on the handle of the probe, my whole body explodes with pain and lurches forward against the bonds but the chains hold me securely. My horrible screams reverberate from the walls at almost a deafening level.


"I am a slave and slut not only for females but should be forced to serve also all males." Another hit with the whip. "There is no cock I may refuse to receive in my whore ass or in my cocksucking mouth. There is no degradation to which I may not have to submit and no humiliation I may be allowed to avoid." It is obvious that she likes to whip me, to torture me.


"Who are you, slut?" "I am Guenter ..." I see that MISTRESS C picks up the cattle probe again. "No, MISTRESS, no, please don't shock me again, please, don't push the button, please MMISTRESS, please, I will say everything, don't please...have mercy, please, have mercy on me.  I am Dr. Guenter Hofmeister. I live in a small village called Lxxxxxxxxx, close to Mainz. My mobile is 0174 385 1845. I am a slut, a sissy, a whore for Masters and Mistresses. I am a cocksucker, I want to get raped and gangbanged. I need getting whipped if my Superiors are not satisfied with me."


MISTRESS C holds the cattle probe in her face and strokes it with pleasure. "What is the name of your boss, slut?" MISTRESS T pushes the cattle probe again against my ass. Only seconds later I have disclosed the name of my boss, his mail address, and his mobile number. And I have disclosed the name of my neighbours and their addresses. MISTRESS C now knows my name, she knows everything about me. "I will check all information, slut. And I hope for you that they all are correct." MISTRESS C and her colleague leave the room. I start sobbing, knowing that there is no way to escape any more. What had I done when I offered myself to become a slave and slut?




Whereas Dr. Guenter Hofmeister, born on July 25, 1947 in Pforzheim/Germany and known as slave gunnarsub, thereafter called "SLAVE" has agreed to give up voluntarily all rights in order to become the property of the OWNER and whereas MISTRESS C thereafter called "OWNER" has accepted ownership over the SLAVE, the purpose of this Slave Contract is to enforce the property rights of the OWNER over the SLAVE. Now, following the initiative and firm wish of the SLAVE, both parties agree as follows:


The SLAVE agrees to submit completely to the OWNER in all ways. There are no boundaries of place, time, or situation in which the SLAVE may wilfully refuse to obey any order of the OWNER without risking most severe punishment, may it be when only the OWNER is present, may it be in the presence of other people or in the public.


There is absolutely no safeword for the SLAVE.


The SLAVE is on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all over the year, independent from whether the OWNER is present. The slave may see the OWNER only from time to time, and he is never allowed to contact Her. She will let the SLAVE know when She needs him.


The OWNER undertakes to humiliate, harass, torture and punish the SLAVE without any mercy by means of sadistic and mean orders and permanent obligations. The OWNER agrees to invent continuously new torments and cruelties which the SLAVE will have to endure, and to enforce compliance by most severe punishment and torment.


In particular, the OWNER consents to punish the SLAVE mercilessly at least as severe as announced, and under no circumstances to diminish a punishment threatened in the case of no immediate compliance, lack of performance, or poor performance. The OWNER may ask other Mistresses or Masters to execute any punishment imposed on the slave.


The SLAVE will be permanently locked in an inescapable chastity belt. It is fully at the discretion of the OWNER to deny any sexual relief to the SLAVE as long as She likes, the SLAVE does not have any right for it.


On the other hand, for the pleasure of the OWNER or one of her male or female friends it is the Slave’s duty to lick or suck them at any time. Alike, at any time the OWNER can do the SLAVE or ask one of Her male or female friends to rape him.


The SLAVE shall speak only when being asked or when the OWNER gives permission. If being addressed by somebody else, the SLAVE will wait whether the OWNER instructs him to answer with the words „answer, slave“.


The OWNER will have male and female lovers and She may vest them with the right to give orders to the SLAVE and punish him according to their caprice.


The SLAVE shall address the OWNER and Her female friends as “MISTRESS", Her male friends as “MASTER”. This applies at all times and at any place at a clearly understandable voice level. The OWNER will never address the SLAVE in another way than as “slave” or as “slut”, and She will ensure that all her male and female friends will do the same.


Indoors the SLAVE will either be completely nude apart form his chastity belt and his steel collar or dressed as a sissy in a most humiliating fashion.


The Slave shall live by the rule that everything is forbidden which is not explicitly permitted or authorised.


The OWNER may loan the SLAVE at any time to any other person.


The OWNER will take videos and photos showing the SLAVE in most humiliating situations. It is up to Her sole discretion to publish them in the internet or in sex magazines. These pictures or videotapes become the sole property of the OWNER at the time the pictures or videotapes are taken. While the SLAVE would prefer to keep these pictures or videotapes private, the SLAVE understands that they are not his property and the OWNER may do with them whatever She likes.


This Slave Contract will be concluded for an initial period of 3 years and subsequently will continue for an indefinite period of time up to the rest of the life of the SLAVE, if not terminated by the OWNER.


However, instead of terminating this Slave Contract, the OWNER has the right to transfer this Slave Contract to any other person, if She so wishes, without asking the SLAVE. By means of a simple transfer of this Slave Contract such person will then become the OWNER. Whoever is in possession of the Slave Contract is the undisputed OWNER of the SLAVE and thus in the rightful position to exercise and enjoy the terms herein established.


The SLAVE has no right to terminate this Slave Contract. In order to avoid that the SLAVE may consider escaping from his obligations it is agreed upon that the OWNER will flush down the toilet the only key of the Slave’s chastity belt, if there is any attempt to stay off from the contractual obligations of this Slave Contract. This would clearly leave the SLAVE forever locked in the chastity belt, with no possibility at all to remove it ever again.


This Slave Contract is made out in one original only, which will stay with the OWNER. The SLAVE receives a non-signed copy.





I, the undersigned Dr. Guenter Hofmeister, known as slave gunnarsub, specifically request and authorise the OWNER to use force to compel my obedience, and I specifically desire to be placed in a position where I CANNOT change my mind.


Furthermore, I hereby execute an unlimited Model Release in favour of the OWNER covering all pictures, films, video, audio, public performance, and recordings of me of any kind. I consent that such material may be sold with all revenues due to the OWNER, or distributed free of charges, or put into the internet at public display.


Last, but not least, I accept that the OWNER may freely trade this Slave Contract to anyone at any time and I will continue to abide by all terms therein.


By my signature below, I acknowledge that I agree to abide by the rules of this Slave Contract, I certify that I am signing this document of my own free will, without pressure of any kind. As of                                 


          July 25, 2006              Günter Hofmeister          


                                                          (Dr. Guenter Hofmeister)




Accepting this Slave Contract, I oblige myself that I will do everything to enforce each single term of this Slave Contract. As of


July 25, 2006                         duly signed


                                                    (MISTRESS C.)



In the meantime MISTRESS C has pushed me much further down the road to slavery. MISTRESS C keeps me permanently locked in a chastity belt, sometimes in an inescapable steel Latowski belt, sometimes in a CB2000 or in The Curve. Sometimes she locks a steel collar around my neck forcing me to obey most humiliating orders during her absence, since otherwise she would unlock the collar which I cannot afford wearing all day. Moreover, MISTRESS C forced me to sign a



delivering me fully at her mercy. But even worse I do not have a possibility to terminate this Slave Contract and MISTRESS C has the right to transfer the Slave Contract to any other person.


Leaving the office I went directly downtown and headed for a restaurant. This had been a normal working day for me, not being a slave but a reputed executive. As it was a warm summer evening I decided to have some food sitting outdoors in a street cafe in the pedestrian area. There was a pretty waitress with big boobs only half covered, so I decided to ask her for a recommendation instead of looking into the menu. In this very moment the mobile rang. What to do? I did not dare wait answering it.


"Sklavennutte Dr. Guenter Hofmeister," I felt that I coloured up and saw the perplexed reaction of the waitress. It was MISTRESS Natascha, my neighbour. "Where are you, slut?" She ordered me to report to her immediately. So I explained to the waitress that I a client wanted to see me immediately paid my drink and gave her a good tip. From her diabolic sneering I understood, she got it that I was a Sklavennutte on the way to a client, on the way to do my job as slut.


When I reported to MISTRESS Natascha there was another bad surprise. MISTRESS Natascha was not alone, her husband opened the door. Being neighbours we had had quite often some small talk, so I said "Good evening, Michail, may I speak to MISTRESS Natascha, please." Instead of an answer I got a slap in the face. Michail is about 10 years younger than me and was previously boxer, a real athlete, much stronger than me. "Come in!"


MISTRESS Natascha was sitting on the couch, dressed in a black mini leather outfit and high black boots. She just pointed to her boots, being a clear order to lick them. I blushed, the presence of Michail made it most humiliating for me to obey. But then I did not dare hesitating any longer, went down on my knees in front of her, and started licking her boots. "Did he tell you who he is, Michi?" this was a silly question as she was absolutely aware that her husband knew me. "No, he only asked for you!" Michail answered his wife. "Then I will ensure that he introduce himself properly. Tell Michi who you are!"


"This one is Sklavennutte Dr. Guenter Hofmeister."  I knew that there would be never again small talk, but only humiliation for me. "Herr Dr. Hofmeister, eine Sklavennutte," Michail laughed, "a sissy, a cocksucker."


"Strip, slut," MISTRESS Natascha commanded and only moments later I displayed myself with nothing on but my chastity belt. Michail laughed again and asked his wife, "Do you have the key?" "No, the key is with a Prodomme called MISTRESS C. She has trained our housemate as an obedient sissyslut."


Again, Michail laughed, and then cuffed my hands behind my back. "Slut, you will learn not only to please women but also me. Is that clear?" "Yes, Michail." Michail´s reaction was slap into my face. I understood that I was no more allowed to address him as Michail: "Yes, Sir." Another slap in my face. "Yes, MASTER Michail."


My ass and back were still covered by welts and bruises and sore from the whipping in MISTRESS Tatjana´s house. Looking at them Michail said "You seem to have been whipped, slave." "Yes, MASTER Michail." "You don’t seem to satisfy your Superiors, slut." I didn’t dare answer the question. Again, Michail laughed, " Nasch, we shouldn’t be so lenient in future with this slut. The only language he seems to understand is the language of the whip." "You are quite right, Darling, we should really bring him to heel. I think, we should not tolerate any disobedience or any mistakes, make extensive use of the whip and make him cry for mercy." Listening to Natascha, who is my neighbour I got desperate and completely down.


"Have a look at his titties, Nasch, this sissy should be properly dressed and not go topless." "You are right, Michi. Slut, you want to be a sissy, now you will always dress as a sissy. As a standing order in our presence you will wear black leather boots with high heels on black net stockings, girdle, black leather bra, and a butt plug along with your chastity belt and the steel collar. Is that clear, slut?" "Yes, MISTRESS Natascha."


"Now, a few rules, slut. You will always call me MISTRESS Natascha, be it when we are alone, be it with other people, or be it on the street. You will never be standing when I am in the room but on your knees. You will be available whenever I want you. If you are not here, I will call you. You must be here within five minutes or you will be punished." I was aware that I got involved deeper and deeper into my fate as a slave and that more and more people would get to know that I had become Sklavennutte Dr. Guenter Hofmeister.


"Are you hungry, slut?" MISTRESS Natascha asked, "I bet you are, as you did not get food in the restaurant, aren't you?"


"Yes, MISTRESS Natascha," I replied, knowing that only another humiliation would follow. "Well, you will get a lot of protein." MISTRESS Natascha said. They forced me so sit on a bar supported by distant triangles on both sides, which was too high that my feet reached the floor. Micha opened the cuffs, re-cuffed my wrists and connected them to a chain dangling from the ceiling. My ankles were tied together and my body weight pressed the chastity belt painfully against my crotch. Obviously, they had prepared my coming this evening.


Sitting now both on the couch they watched me suffering from the constantly increasing pain. I tried to reduce the pressure against my crotch by lifting my body but was feasible only for moments. My suffering seemed to make Natascha and Michail hot as they started fumbling each other. It didn’t take long and they fucked in front of my eyes whilst I suffered incredible pain.


Then I saw that both must have been having an incredibly intense orgasm. It took them some time but then Michail released me from my horse riding, but cuffed my wrists again behind my back. He then guided me to MISTRESS Natascha and pushed me down on my knees in front of her. "You will lick her clean, slut. Lick my cum out of Nasch and make sure that there will be not one single drop of cum left when I check that. As otherwise you will ride the horse again and this time you will get whipped instead of watching us fucking."


MISTRESS Natascha cruelly pulled my face at the hair towards her crotch, her bouncing tits right in front of my eyes when she threatened me "Never dare get in touch with my goodies, slut! They are off limit for you! Be assured you would regret it! And it is your problem to avoid touching them when you serve me, not mine!"


Later on I would learn that she enjoys teasing me and often arranges that her huge boobs are only a few inches far from my face making me horny like hell. I am then more than tempted to touch her titties, to feel them. But I also have learnt that she likes to punish me without mercy, out of any proportion. Once I was chained in a position that I could not move much with my head and she came closer and closer with her tits. Then for even less than a moment her tits touched my face. She had done it on purpose, for sure, but I had to pay for it riding the horse for more than one hour.


Moving towards me MISTRESS Natascha almost straddled my face. Since in the meantime my face was covered with cum cleaning MISTRESS Natascha´s pussy meant licking her again and again. I licked and slurped at her steaming lips until she had another orgasm. She finally said, "Micha, I think as a sissy slut our slave should lick you clean, too."


I was forced to lick his cock and balls while the strong smell of recent sex filled my nostrils. MASTER Michail slid his limp dick into my mouth and forced me to suck and slurp until he was once again fully erect. Then he grabbed my head and began fucking my mouth, completely being oblivious to my gagging. As a Master he was unconcerned with my discomfort, and concentrated on his pleasure. The roughness used in this oral rape was unexpected and made me realize that I really was under their control. The "game" had gone too far, but now I could do nothing to stop it.


He finally came in my mouth and told me, "Swallow it all slut, if you spill one precious drop I will beat the shit out of you."  I obeyed, despite my revulsion. MISTRESS Natascha applauded crying, "Magnificent, Micha. It would be fun to watch you fucking our slut's ass, but I want to save your next orgasm for myself." She got a strap-on and as she put it on said, "So I guess I'll have to do it. Our dear neighbour wanted to be a slave, and slaves don't fuck, they get fucked." She removed my butt plug and started raping me shouting "Micha, take the cam, we should document this sissy slut getting fucked."


I got still raped by MISTRESS Natascha when I heard MASTER Michail saying "You will give me a key to your apartment, slut! You will not have privacy any more. Is that clear, slut?" "Yes, MASTER Michail."


Now I had lost the last resort where I was a normal person and a business executive. From now onwards I would be a slave and even worse, a slut in my own apartment. I could not dare to get any visitor at home, not even a craftsman.


I heard noises at the door. Somebody must have been there. Before I could reach the entrance the door opened. There were MISTRESS Natascha and MASTER Michail. From the way they displayed their shoes I got to know that they expected me to kiss and lick their boots. They had not closed the door and if somebody passed I would be detected licking the boots of my neighbours in my own apartment.


"Get into your sissy outfit, slut, and come back again to the entrance!" I obeyed and, returning to the entrance, the door was now fully open. Again, I had to lick extensively their boots.


But my humiliation that evening had only started. MISTRESS Natascha made a series of calls and invited for a drink – at my place – with me in my sissy outfit! I presumed that she had called MISTRESS Tatjana and MISTRESS Tamara but she had made at least three more calls. Soon her friends arrived. I was right, she had actually called MISTRESS Tatjana and MISTRESS Tamara but there were two other ladies and I had to welcome every lady at the open entrance door by kissing their shoes. The third person, however, was another neighbour of mine. When she saw me she laughed loudly and said "Guten Tag, Herr Dr. Hofmeister". Then she shook her head and left without saying anything anymore. I panicked but this could only mean that tomorrow everybody would know... 


But after a few minutes she returned with a camcorder in her hands. I really felt relieved although this could only mean to document me to even more persons as sissyslut gunnarsub.


I had to serve drinks to all guests in my sissy uniform. Then MISTRESS Natascha said "Dear friends, we have a surprise for you. When I met this slut for the first time at Tanja´s place, he was still in training by a Prodomme called MISTRESS C. Well, I talked to MISTRESS C, she is not only the owner of our slut, but she holds also a most compromising documentation and a duly signed Slave Contract.


Or more precisely she held it." MISTRESS Natascha took a document out of her bag and showed it to her friends. They started to read the document. I could see that it was the Slave Contract I had entered with MISTRESS C. "I bought this slut from his previous Mistress. This Slave Contract certifies that I am now his OWNER!"


"Great, Nasch, and well done. Now this slut is fully at our mercy. Let’s celebrate your acquisition with a bottle of Champaign," MISTRESS Tatjana said and I had to take a bottle of Champaign out of the fridge and again to serve all guests.


"BOW YOUR HEAD!" MISTRESS Natascha said. I obeyed. "Slave, I'm only going to tell you these things once. Listen carefully and remember each and every word. My word from now on is your law. You will obey all my orders and also all those of my friends. You will learn to respond not only to all my wishes, but also to my caprice and to those of all my friends. Violate any of our rules and you will be punished. I am not talking about playful spankings to excite you; I am talking about cruel, sadistic punishment, both corporal and emotional. You will be whipped and humiliated - and trust me you won't like it", she said with her characteristic grin.


And last but not least MISTRESS Tamara ordered me to come to her place the other day. She insisted that I wear a black bra under a white shirt and neither an undershirt nor a jacket.



The next day.

I took off my shirt and undershirt; put the black bra on and the white shirt on top. In the mirror I saw that my bra was visible, even from distance. I rushed out of the house and was lucky that nobody was around. But walking to the place of MISTRESS Tamara I realised that people looked at me, some shaking their head, whilst others made nasty remarks or at least turned around gaping at me.


Although I hurried I arrived about two minutes too late. "You will regret being late, slut. “MISTRESS Tamara stood in the open door, but then turned and let me in. "Please, MISTRESS Tamara, forgive me for being late, it will never happen again."

"That is your problem, slut," MISTRESS Tamara repeated, "now strip, everything!" She cuffed my wrists behind my back, and also locked a steel collar around my neck. Then she took a chain of one yard length, fixed it to my collar and, at the other end to the wall at an altitude of about 3 feet, forcing me to kneel and facing the wall. MISTRESS Tamara got out of my view and when she returned she were naked but a corset and boots with high heels. MISTRESS Tamara climbed over the chain, her shaved pussy only inches far from my face.


"Eat me, slut! And do a good job or you will be whipped for ages!"


She laughed and then forced me to plunge into her. Held in position by the chain I could do nothing but accept that her tights closed around my head, almost suffocating me. Knowing what was expected from me I started using my tongue as a dick and licking her clit. Smothering me in-between I really started to fear that I would choke but eventually, MISTRESS Tamara climaxed and, after she was licked clean, left the room.


Chained with my head to the wall I was kept waiting until she returned after about one hour’s time. Again, MISTRESS Tamara climbed over the chain, but this time the other way around. Her ass was only a few inches away from my face and I could still smell her juices. Then her ass approached my face. Due to the chain fixed to my collar I could do nothing in order to escape. For sure, I would not have dared denying licking her ass but the way I was chained prevented me even from the tiniest flexibility in moving. So I plunged deeper and deeper into her ass, held in position by the chain.


I knew that I had no alternative but to worship her ass. This time I had to suffer getting suffocated even longer until MISTRESS Tamara finally released my head from her ass. And this time she did not leave the room, but armed herself with a huge strapon. "You seem to feel that you are too good for licking my ass, slut?"


I did not dare answer and MISTRESS Tamara walked around in front of me. “Look up, slut! Everyone on this world has a job. Your job is to suffer.” I looked up and recognized that her strap-on was more than twice as large as my own cock. “Impressive, isn’t it! Once I rape you with this, I’ll own your ass, inside and out! So, what do you say?”


MISTRESS Tamara grabbed my ear and twisted it hard. “I want to hear you beg for my strap-on! Beg me to rape you!” Knowing that anything else than obeying would make thing only much worse with a voice strained by fear, I answered “Please MISTRESS Tamara, rape my ass. I beg you rape me.”


 “Yes, MISTRESS Tamara. Please fuck my ass. Please!” MISTRESS Tamara grabbed my arms with both her hands and rammed the huge strap-on into my ass. “Let me know you feel it!” she said, as she began to pump in and out of my ass.


I screamed and begged for mercy. MISTRESS Tamara continued to pump the monster cock in and out of my ass. Eventually, MISTRESS Tamara pushed off of me.


"How does that feel, slut? Do you like getting fucked by a strapon or do you prefer the cock of a gay?" I didn’t dare reply but then she shouted, "Answer, slave." Not knowing how to reply I said with low voice "I like both, your strap-on and the dick of a gay, MISTRESS Tamara." Obviously satisfied with my answer she laughed.


"Slut, you will learn to arrive in time whenever I call you. I do not accept any excuse for being late. As a standing order from now onwards you will piss into your trousers whenever you see me in the street. Wherever it is, slut, you will piss on the spot into your trousers and I do not mind whoever is present. Is that clear, slut?" 


"Yes, MISTRESS Tamara." There was nothing I could do about it.



A few weeks have passed now. I have been pushed down the road to becoming a public slut with my identity being disclosed to more and more people without me knowing who knows my secrecy. MISTRESS Natascha, MASTER Michail, and their friends do their utmost to add to my humiliation in front of others.


They had complemented my sissy outfit in a most humiliating fashion by a sluttish make-up. As a standing order I have to put on inviting blood red lipstick and polish my fingernails with a matching colour.


If not ordered otherwise I have to present myself in this outfit, too, whenever I am at home and they check it regularly. Living just around the corner they order me to come to their place almost every evening. The only other piece I am allowed to wear on the way to their apartment is a rain overcoat, which I have to take off immediately after arriving there.


Quite often MISTRESS Natascha or MASTER Michail just uses me as their toilet, pissing into my mouth or over my body. MISTRESS Natascha has made it my regular duty to lick her clean after she had sex with MASTER Michail and she is then full of cum in both orifices.


Moreover, both of them enjoy making me to act as their spittoon and ashtray. Regularly, they force me to eat and drink from a bowl on the floor with my hands cuffed on my back. In front of my eyes they spit and pee, and sometimes even cum in the bowl and I have to lick the bowl clean.


In a lot of cases MISTRESS Natascha and MASTER Michail have guests; not only MISTRESS Tatjana, MISTRESS Tamara or MISTRESS Cora, the other neighbour who was present when MISTRESS Natascha disclosed her ownership over me, but plenty of others. MISTRESS Natascha always makes her guests aware that I would live just around the corner and offers that they could use me as their slave at any time. In most cases they keep me cuffed and in chains during my service, surely not because of fear of opposition but just to make life for me even more desperate and humiliating.


MISTRESS Tatjana in most cases prefers female lovers, but here and then calls me to serve her, too. It really means serving her since she forces me to use my tongue to bring her to climax.  She likes smothering me for ages while having me securely chained and riding my face. For me it is no pleasure at all but only pain and almost suffocation. If MISTRESS Tatjana is not satisfied she chains me to the pillar in her living room and canes me without mercy.


Only MISTRESS Tamara is as cruel as MISTRESS Natascha. I fear being sent to serve her. She is mean and wicked inventing always new ideas how to humiliate me. Quite often she likes to use me as her bidet, or she orders me to lick her pussy and to worship her ass. Sometimes she straddles me and rides my face for ages. But especially she likes to torment me.


MISTRESS Tamara is most creative in inventing one cruel game after the other. Once she cuffed my hands behind my back, unlocked my chastity belt, then put a rope around my balls and fixed the rope to a hook on the floor in such a way that I had to kneel. Comfortably relaxing on her arm-chair in front of me MISTRESS Tamara ordered me to lick her rather muddy boots clean. Obeying her order I realized that I hardly could reach all parts of her boots since the rope fixed to my balls was too short. The mud tasted horribly but I knew that I did not have a choice other than to obey. When I arrived at her heels I had to pull painfully at my balls. Obviously, MISTRESS Tamara had planned the whole set up to make it hard and most painful for me to comply with her instructions. But then very slowly MISTRESS Tamara moved her boots away and her heels got out of reach. Although I did my best and pulled that hard that I thought my balls would tear off I couldn’t conclude my job successfully. MISTRESS Tamara threatened me that she would punish me without mercy but it was no use since it was a mission impossible.


Locking me securely in chains, MISTRESS Tamara picked up a short cattle probe and slowly pushed it against my rear orifice. When she pressed the button on the handle of the probe, my whole body exploded with pain, securely held by the chains. She laughed, enjoying how my naked body suffered in agony at each terrible jolt and claimed that she would have warned me. Compared to that the sessions with MASTER Marcel and MISTRESS Natascha are moderate since they just use me as their fucking tool. Sometimes MISTRESS Tatjana is also present and she then joins her mom in torturing me to my limits. It goes without saying that I do even more than my very best, that I immediately obey every order in order to avoid such cruel torture.


MISTRESS Natascha has posted a lot of face pics documenting me as her `Sklavennutte´ at various places in the net, they do not only display me in most humiliating positions but can be freely downloaded without me being in the position to prevent it. Some of them have already started to appear in some Yahoo adult groups. 


The end.






Jetzt gehört dein Arsch uns,
Herr Doktor Hofmeister!
















  Slut gunnarsub              gunnarsub




I, slave and slut gunnarsub


would like to get forced by my Owners to serve them and all their male and female friends as a


Slave, and



 I would like to get exposed and humiliated by them

                                           as a

  Cocksucking Sissyslut



Force me to obey You and Your friends without any restriction. Punish me cruelly without limitation if You are not satisfied with my performance, or You may just do it for Your pleasure


Chained, collared, and caged I  would like to be completely at the mercy of my Owners with mo more control what will happen to me






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