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A Taste of Honey

Part 1

Executive Decision

A Taste of Honey

By Jeremy Binder



She thinks about last night.


The tender touch of his tongue swirling delicately around her swollen clit forced her little organ’s sensitized nerves to arouse her brain and circle back to further engorge her clit.  She had no way to stop her brain from sending these deafening signals.  She was his captive.

You would think that someone who understands how to train young minds could control her own, but she was sadly mistaken.  He had warned her of this.

Her need climbs once more.  For hours, she has strained against his restraints, and while her bonds provide safety and comfort, her prison flourishes in her mind.  Her heart rate climbs and a thin layer of perspiration glimmers across her soft, freckled flesh.  She grunts and groans her frustrated need through clenched teeth.  Her breathing sounds foreign to her.


Jeremy draws circles around her breasts causing Kate to tremble.  In turn, her breasts roll and jiggle with her movements.  “Damn to be 20 again!” she thinks.

Her body is stretched and helpless.  Somehow, Jeremy has raped her free will and replaced it with terrible need.  His tongue and hands dance closely to her erogenous centers bringing her closer and closer to the edge, then slowing, driving her to lustful mindlessness.


“I will beg him,” she thinks, “as trite and ridiculous as that sounds, I know I will beg him.”  These thoughts unnerve her.


This game of theirs that they have been playing, experimenting with and perfecting, has transformed their lovemaking to something neither anticipated.  Their ideas about being uninhibited were transposed as they found themselves saying and doing things that they never imagined.  He had made her beg and scream.  He had made her do things she swore would never happen, things that she could never admit to her friends.


And here there were again.  Jeremy stripping away another layer of her will.  All Kate can think about is cumming.  Yet, she knows that will not happen.  Not now anyway.



It was late Sunday morning when Jeremy drew back the curtains.  Kate’s naked body washed with the golden light.  She lay upon creamy ivory sheets with the coverlet folded neatly at the foot of the bed.  Her back, turned to the window, formed a perfect curve soft white flesh.  Her sun-flecked hair swept along her cheek and neck.  Her breasts and belly swayed with each long sleepy breath.  Kate’s face looked younger than her years, almost childlike.  She had an innocence about her.  Her nose sloped gently to her smiling lips; her perfectly shaped eyebrows neatly framed her eyes; her lashes were long and brilliant and perfectly curved.  They were long and soft enough to tickle her lover’s skin.  Her eyes opened, reluctantly batting away the sunlight streaming into the room.  Even in her half-asleep state, her eyes carried all her mystery, innocence, and curiosity.  Her lips were sensual, moist and swollen, as if they had been sucked upon.

Kate moved her fingertips and stretched her limbs to caress the softness of the smooth cotton sheets.  When she turned, her thighs parted to reveal soft white folds that fit perfectly with her waist and torso.  Jeremy strained to see her intimate creases, swollen from another night in which her dreams flooded with sweet fantasies of absolute denial.  Even now, her thoughts waxed and waned with her breathing.  As she stretched, she was reminded of the joyous torment she felt when he secured her tightly to their bed.  Her limbs moved slightly, the soft cotton brushing against her skin caressing her bright pink nipples, tantalizing her nakedness.  Kate smiled.  Morning’s delicious ritual was upon her.

She looked with languid eyes at Jeremy standing by the window, the man whose fingertips would touch her and stir her skin to a delicious ache of pleasure.  Already Kate could feel the gentle throb of anticipation between her outspread thighs.  Jeremy came and sat beside her, laying his fingertips upon the pale white skin of her belly.  Kate lifted her arms and placed them beneath the pillow, as Jeremy had asked her to do many times.  He smiled.  His fingertips tickled lightly on the smooth bare skin of her underarms, and Kate closed her eyes.  The smoothness of her skin was unlike any he had felt.  He leaned closer to touch his lips against her tender underarm skin and kissed, tasted and tickled with his tongue very slowly.

Jeremy loved to brush his lips against her and bring her pleasure.  They were experimenting to see how far and for how long he could keep her in a state of pleasured tension.  Even after they played, Kate’s fantasies filled each waking moment and filtered into her dreams.  There was a purpose to this endless pleasured torturing of Kate's perfect flesh, but neither of them could fully understand or describe it.


“Kate, my love,” Jeremy finally spoke, stroking her cheek.  “How did you sleep?”  He smiled knowingly.

Kate nodded.  “I slept well, thank you,” she answered with her silky morning voice.  She shined her eyes upon him, as he continued to caress her, tracing the line of her lips until they parted.  Kate closed her eyes.

Jeremy slid his fingertips to coax Kate's willing nipples.  She opened her eyes as he slid the covers down to further reveal her.  Although he had beheld this vision many times before, he was forced to catch his breath at the picture of her freckle-flecked nakedness.  His gaze slid past her arms, stomach and waist to the delicate smoothness of her sex.  Kate’s outer lips were swollen from another weekend of teasing and formed a shield through which her inner lips fought for attention.  Jeremy allowed his fingertips to graze their satin softness and brush into her smoothly polished creases, and as Kate murmured, Jeremy shivered.  Kate absentmindedly pulled her thighs together then, thinking better of it, held them apart.  She closed her eyes and sank into the pleasurable tingling.


“You are so delicious,” whispered Jeremy, as he continued his gentle sexual arousal.

He lay next to her, stroking her hair from here face and kissing each newly uncovered spot.  His lips and tongue tickled her ear, as he traced a line to her neck, layering gentle kisses on each freckled parcel.  Kate felt the slow delicious rhythm pulling into her belly.  She felt his soft warm breath upon her skin and his hand molding around her breast, lifting and squeezing as if to size and measure.  Jeremy’s fingers drifted to Kate's large nipples, circling one and then the other, grabbing each in his fingertips to test their elasticity and attachment.  He dragged his touch across the smoothness of her belly and as her slim thighs opened he reached between to rub the smooth pad of flesh surrounding the prize of her body.  He licked his fingertips, wetting them to separate her lips and work her growing wetness until she began to move her hips.  He remoistened his fingers and stroked her silk until her clit was swimming, and her scent filled the room.  Jeremy crawled between Kate’s legs and worked his lips very lightly around the bud between her thighs.  He sucked until Kate whimpered, then he stopped to observe her movements.


After a brief pause, Jeremy sucked again, this time more diligently, bathing the full length of Kate’s clit and hood with his moist tongue.


“Not yet,” he whispered.  And he sucked and licked with purpose until Kate gasped and cried out on the verge of pleasure.  He stopped once more.


Jeremy rose from the bed and retrieved the fleece-lined leather cuffs that remained attached to the four bedposts.  He first spread Kate’s thighs and secured her ankles to the bottom posts.  He readjusted their tension until the edges of her sex lips pulled free of each other’s stickiness.  When satisfied, he silently asked her for her wrists and spread her wrists, attaching them to the top of the bed.


Jeremy climbed onto the bed and again knelt between Kate’s thighs, stroking a single finger from her belly button across her pubic bone and into the pink, smooth mouth of her vagina.  He dragged his finger upward, catching his fingertip on the interior of her hood, until she gasped.


Jeremy reached to the nightstand for a small bowl filled with honey and a tiny paintbrush.  He first used the dry brush, stroking it back and forth across Kate’s swollen lips in a gentle dusting action.  Then, he coated the brush with honey and delicately painted the inside of her hood, paying special attention to completely cover her hard, pink nubbin.  He returned the brush to the bowl, crawled back between her legs and licked her silently until he could no longer taste a breath of honey.


He did this a dozen times, each repetition pushing Kate closer and closer to explosion and release.  Sheer panic overwhelmed her thoughts, as she pictured the tiny brush’s inadequate ability to carry enough honey to her neediness.  She gasped with ragged breath and cried violently and incoherently with each parting between Jeremy’s lips and her arousal.


Jeremy placed a pillow beneath Kate’s hips to raise and help separate the flesh between her thighs.  The motion pulled her ankles even more securely to the foot of the bed.  Kate swallowed hard and gasped as she felt his hardness enter her.  He slipped slowly and gently inside her, so that both could feel the full force of entry.  Again and again, he slid as deeply as he could and pulled back until only his cock head rested inside her greedy lips.  He licked his thumb and placed it gently across her clit and rubbed rhythmically back and forth as he pushed purposefully inside her.  His movements became more urgent with each stroke.  She feared the look in his eyes and prayed that he did not forget his promise.  She knew him to become indifferent to her plight after he orgasmed.


Kate felt her passion build.  She focused steadily on his thumb and fingers playing her, as he thrust his cock passionately in and out of her vagina.  The tightness in her belly was overwhelming but trivial compared to the mindless urgency spinning through her mind.  She felt completely out of control.  A voice she recognized as her own begged and pleaded with him to help her, to please help her.


Despite his desire, he withdrew completely from her and crawled back between her outstretched legs to find her with his lips and tongue.  He bathed her clit with kisses before grabbing hold firmly and rubbing his tongue against her soaking clit.  He gently bit down on her outer casing and rubbed violently against her swollen nerves until she shrieked and convulsed onto his tongue.  He sucked fervently until he felt she could tolerate no more and then lessened his intensity finally into a gentle bath between her lips.


He crawled on top of her and reached for her open mouth with his.  He took her mouth with his and slid his rock hard cock fully inside her, pumping smoothly until he too exploded as she gripped him tightly.  Then, he expelled a breath of tension and collapsed on top of her.  Rolling to her side, he gently stroked her stomach.  Kate’s eyes were still glazed.  The intensity of her orgasm rolled through her, gradually subsiding into the deepest peacefulness.  She wanted grab him and fully intertwine her body with his, but her bonds were intolerant.


“Was that any good for you, Baby?”


Kate had a thousand things to say, but could only muster a smile.


The End

Review This Story || Author: Jeremy Binder
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