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Adirondack Hard

Chapter 7 Hanging In There

Chapter 7: Hanging In There

I looked down at them. "My name is Ted Fineman."

"Jewish, huh?" Said Mike's wife.

"Like Jesus," said the girl. "He's like Jesus on the cross." Indeed, she was looking up at me in wonder, as if I were a god. That is, when she wasn't staring at my half-hard circumcised Jewish penis. The mother kept trying to turn the girl's eyes away from my member, but I think she was too stunned to be very effective. Or maybe she realized deep inside that staring was very much in order.

Mike said "I'm Mike Quincy, you know that. This is my wife Karen, and our little girl Anna."

"I'm not so little. I'm thirteen," said Anna eagerly.

Mike turned to Jack. "Better give me an address so I can send pictures. I took some with my camera while you three were going at it."

"Putting him through his paces," quipped Sue.

Jack said "right," and found a pencil and paper in his pack. He scribbled on the paper and handed it to Mike.

"Well, we're heading down the hill," said Mike.

"How are you going to develop those pictures, Mike?" asked Sue. "A photo lab might not understand."

"I've got a darkroom at home. My daughter and I work as a team developing our own stuff. We'll do it there. I work for the Binghamton Bugle."

I was amazed. Binghamton--that's where we lived, or right close by. These people were practically neighbors.

Reba looked alarmed. "This is not going to find its way into the Bugle, is it?"

"Nobody would believe it," said Mike flatly. Then to his family, "Let's go."

But the girl, Anna, could not take her eyes off my wounded body and my still-thick penis. She considered for a moment and said to Reba "can I try it?"

"Try what, Honey?" asked Reba.

"Can I touch his thing?"

Karen, the mom, exploded. "Absolutely not, shame on you! That's a private part! You know they call it private!"

She began to wrench Anna away.

I gasped "It's okay, it's only natural curiosity. And I certainly am in no position to bite her."

"I'm not sure any of this is natural. I don't know, maybe it is, but I never heard of it before."

"You learn something every day," said Mike philosophically.

"That's for true," said Karen.

"Then can I try the stick?", asked Anna.

"What do you mean?", asked Karen.

"Can I hit him?"

I liked the fact that she was speaking of me in the third person. More dehumanizing that way.

"Anna! I'm shocked at you! Why would you want to hurt Ted any more than he already is hurt. Look at those marks all over his skin! No!"

"But he wouldn't mind, would he?"

Anna reached down and picked up one of the switches.

"Anna! Put that down! How can you say he wouldn't mind?"

"Well, look. Look at his thing," said Anna.

"Penis," I said.

"Penis," said Anna. She had me dead to rights.

"What about it?", asked Karen.

"Well, watch it."

Then she looked up at me with wide, child's eyes. She was thirteen and a regular beauty.

"Ted, I'm going to beat you with this stick. I'm going to whip you."

It was almost funny the way she fluttered her eyelashes, a little coquette.

But all eyes were on my penis, and as little Anna asked the question they all saw it stiffen and rise.

"See!", said Anna. "That means he wants it."

Karen looked amazed. "How do you know that?"

Anna rolled her eyes at her mother. Karen looked up at me.

"Five, but no more," I said. "Not too hard."

Anna stepped back, measured the distance, and laid on four quick blows, all to my lower abdomen. Then she brought the fifth up, but softer, under my erect penis, landing the blow in the most sensitive part of the shaft. I gasped.

"See," said Karen, "You hurt him."

"Well, I was supposed to," protested sweet Anna.

I was breathing heavily from the renewed pain. She was strong.

Anna looked me right in the eyes. "Now he'll say thank you."

"Anna," I gasped, "Thank you."

Then I said to Karen, "You better watch her. She's got a gift."

Karen stared at me for a minute and then hustled Anna away toward the trail. Mike followed.

And as they walked into the distance I heard Anna say "I'm glad he didn't ask me to take off my shirt like those other torturers. That would have been sooo embarrassing!"

And I heard Mike reply sternly to his daughter, "Maybe next time."

'Maybe next time!' I thought. 'God, this is a crazy world! He's talking about next time! Maybe he thinks he's back in the torture business. Maybe he is'.

As I hung in my ropes my dear friends spread out their blanket at my feet, and pulled out a luncheon of sandwiches and beer. Jack had put on his shirt to protect his fair skin from the sun, but the two girls remained topless.

Reba pulled out a tube of sun block.

"This has aloe vera. It will protect your skin and help you heal."

I nodded gratefully.

Reba slathered an enormous dollop on her hands and went to work. She didn't miss an inch of me from head to toe. I gleamed and the aloe was cooling. Reba carefully worked lotion into my cock and balls, bought her hands around to my bottom and then worked the lotion into my butt crack. I was amazed at that intimate touch. That was one part of my anatomy that had never been entered, except in medical situations. But this time, for the first time, there was an erotic component to the entry--and her finger went in deep!

I grunted and my penis stiffened. Sue and Jack looked up at my protesting noise. Reba pulled out her finger, blushed and shrugged.

Sue grinned: "Reba! What were you doing to his asshole?"

Reba flushed. "Sorry!" she said. But she said it to Sue and Jack, not to me, as if I weren't there or didn't matter, as if I were a dumb animal or a slave, whose feelings you didn't consider. You never asked permission from animals and you didn't apologize to slaves. Amazing, even at this moment of hyper-reality I was engaged in perverse fantasy.

I loved it!

Reba turned to fair-skinned Sue. Indicating the tube of sun block she asked Sue, "you want some? You're a little red."

"Maybe I better."

Sue reached for the tube, but Reba said "I'll do it." She squeezed the goo onto her hands and worked it into Sue's bare back and shoulders. Sue smiled and closed her eyes in pleasure. "Mmmmmm…"

Reba smiled too, squeezed more goo into her hands and, standing behind Sue, she reached around and massaged sunblock into Sue's belly and breasts. Sue 'mmmmm'-ed again; Reba 'mmmmm'-ed. Jack looked on with interest and went "Hmmmmm." I groaned, and it wasn't all from my pain. This was an age of sexual experimentation, and I thought 'maybe these girls have a history'. I thought about the two of them making love and I felt jealous of Sue. I was falling in love with Reba. And I was certainly in no position to make a move.

Then Reba sat with Sue and Jack as I hung above, still feeling the tingle in my asshole from Reba's exploring finger. My lovely friends lounged, chatted and ate as I was stretched there, nude, flies buzzing about my face in one of nature's more effective tortures. Obviously I couldn't swat them away, so I just groaned--and glowed. I thought the scene below me looked like Manet's "Dejeuner Sur l'Herbe," "Luncheon on the Grass." It looked so bucolic. Except for me, hanging above. I must have looked like something out of Goya.

Eventually they finished their meal, packed up, leaving the blanket out to receive me, and turned to the task of getting me down. Jack first undid the lashes on my ankles but, no surprise, I couldn't support my weight on my aching, wounded legs. So Reba and Sue had to support me as Jack removed the bonds from my wrists and I slumped downward into their arms. They laid me on the blanket and each worked to restore circulation to an arm or leg. As my limbs slowly came back to life I felt a thousand hot needles piercing my skin. I wailed out loud like a child. Reba held my head in her lap and spoke soothingly. I looked up between her puffy, pointy nipples to her sweet face.

Then she laid my head down.

"I know what will make it better, poor baby."

She moved along my body, her eyes twinkling behind tears of sympathy. She spit into her hands and reached for my penis. She began to pump. And, once again, I came to life.

Review This Story || Author: tough93013
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