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Slut City

Part 1


Parents conversation about their daughter going to school

"Dave! Is it really necessary that our daughter wear that school dress? I mean.....look at her school uniform.....does it look like any decent school's uniform?” Mrs. Whittaker said to her husband.

He calmly said, "Honey, what's wrong with that dress? And you have already seen lots of girls wearing such skimpy and revealing dresses on streets so what does it make any difference if our girl wears her school uniform?"

"Yeah, you're saying absolutely right Dave but how one can be supposed to make the school going girls go to their schools wearing slutty uniforms which show more skin than fact.....they leave nothing to imagine."

"Dont worry darling. Our daughter is very beautiful and I see nothing harmful in showing her beautiful body to everybody. Moreover, according to Sluttery Law, every girl has to be looked and lived like a slut in this fucking city. Now you too wear extremely short or transparent dresses in public and remember, one day in a mall, three guys were screwing you all in your holes; you're enjoying and your daughter watching everything in amusement and curiosity. Now I don't think that had any good effect on the mind of our little girl."

Sluttery Law Enforcement and Regulation Board

SLERB was a board set up by the Mayor of the city to ensure conformity of all the female employees in government and private companies with the Sluttery law. Its main function was to enforce and regulate slutty uniforms and code of conduct for all the female employees in all the companies functioning in city. It also had to function as a government body to promote Sluttery law as much widely and quickly as possible, mostly by legal powers given to it by the Mayor.

Its ultra-clear instructions for the companies were as followed:-

A) No any female could cover her nipples, cunt lips and ass hole while wearing a dress and all the three body parts must be kept on display and in plain view at all times.

B) The companies were required to choose the dress code for their female employees in compliance with the Sluttery law.

C) Keeping in mind nature and place of the work, they were allowed their female employees to work naked on the job.

D) It suggested the companies to choose sultry uniforms for their female employees and refrain from keeping them naked all the time in office in order to keep the interest of male employees in them for as long as possible.

E) The female employees were bound to strip naked whenever any male employee asked them regardless of the time and place.

F) All the female employees could be fucked and used anywhere and anytime by the male employees of the company.

G) No female in any company could be considered above the male employees except she was the owner of the company. Even in that case, she would be responsible to keep her male employees happy and satisfied with her sexual and carnal abilities.

H) The companies were required to first send the proposed designs of their female employees' uniforms and then only after getting approval of SLERB; they could implement the dress code.

I)  It instructed the companies to set up gyms to keep their female employees fit and attractive.

J) The female employees were asked to remove that clothing immediately which accidentally or deliberately hid their nipples, ass hole or cunt lips and they got somebody to point out that to them.

K) The offices were asked to do everything to keep their female employees motivated and sexually aroused.



SLERB had also proposed, recommended and a little later issued some points for general public too in order to promote the Sluttery law in the city. First area which covered was public transport system. In the system, everything from drivers to conductors to interiors of the buses were started to change.

Now the drivers were proposed to be all males and no female as a bus driver as SLERB felt females could not drive properly so should not be allowed to step on the accelerator. But now all the ticket checkers or bus conductors were necessarily to be females as they could keep increasing the number of commuters and also entertaining them. It was decided for the TCs that they would give blowjobs to the male commuters after giving their tickets as an incentive for using public transport services. SLERB made it mandatory for all the TCs that they would allow every male commuter to fuck them in the bus during his journey route, only after she finished issuing tickets to every commuter.

SLERB issued a general notice for female commuters using public bus services to give blowjob to minimum 3 males on route so that more males could be attracted to use public bus services. A month later it asked bus services to remove separate seats for female commuters so that now either, they had to sit in the laps of male passengers if somebody offered them his lap or to keep standing all the way. It was also made compulsory for female commuters to sit in lap of male passengers if they asked them and it was generally done by having erect cocks so that the female commuters had to sit by inserting their erect and hard cocks deep into their assholes or cunts.

Since public transport services also included private taxis so SLERB had also issued code of conduct for female taxi drivers and commuters. It said that the taxi drivers, if females, must wear absolutely nothing while driving taxi as the male passengers of taxis had very less chances of seeing a lot of females while using taxi services so it was duty of the taxi drivers to keep entertaining their passengers by allowing them to use their bodies in whichever manner they wanted.

For women using taxi services, it became necessary to step in the taxi only after stripping naked and if the driver a male, allowed him to touch and fuck them before, during or after the ride. In case the driver was not using their bodies then they had to show their naked bodies to everybody on the road through windows. Much later SLERB made it compulsory for women to travel naked by lying on the bumper of the taxi so that nobody had to do any effort to see them naked.


Tourism promotion was another point in the agenda of SLERB. It knew that Sluttery law could easily help them promoting tourism in the city. It had just to use the women of the city to attract the male population of other cities. Since there were no natural sight-seeing locations in the city, so they had left with no other option than to show lots of beautiful naked female bodies and provide them ample opportunities and places to fuck as many women and as much as they would like. As a solution of this problem, they had come up with this plan in which every male tourist would be provided a beautiful, sexy and almost naked female tour guide who would guide them throughout the city telling them where they could get women to fuck. The tour guides had to tell the tourists about Sluttery law implemented in the city and its benefits for them. During the tour, the guides had to keep satisfying the male tourists. In addition to that, the male tourists could ask to change their guide whenever they would get bored of them. SLERB had ensured for male tourists that all their needs would get proper attention in all the places they went and stay.

For female tourists it was quite different from the male tourists to tour the city as just to enter the city, they had to strip naked at the border of the city where they were given an identity card of tourists and a rule book for their Code of Conduct in the city during their stay. According to the rule book, they could wear only slutty dresses selling in the city or remain naked and they had to share rooms with minimum one male occupant at the hotels as there were no separate hotel rooms for female tourists. Moreover, while touring the city they were bound to allow every male citizen of the city to touch their bodies, finger their holes and ultimately fuck them. As tourism tax, they had to give blowjobs to at least 10 male citizens and proper fucking to at least 5 male citizens every day of their stay in the city. For promoting tourism among females from other cities, SLERB had an arrangement such that female tourists had to pay nearly no any money on the tour and they paid by using their bodies automatically. This arrangement had a benefit in a way that it promoted more tourism in the city.

It had also proposed the city administration system to build fitness centers all around the city where female tourists and citizens could keep their bodies in shape, fit and look as sexier as they could be out of them. Since members of SLERB had well known the fact that boys and men took interest in seeing naked bodies of teen girls and adult women so they issued a proposal for the older women that they could wear dresses to hide their wrinkled bodies if they wished so. But they left an exception in the proposal for the old ladies who still looked much younger than their actual age that they could and should refrain from wearing any dresses as long as they kept looking younger and fit.

For promoting Sluttery in the city, they made the Mayor agree to deliver a speech for the female population of the city so that they would hesitate much lesser to show their naked bodies in public as well as to fuck any stranger who asked them to do so.


After a few months of beginning the regulation of Sluttery law in the city, the Mayor was asked to address the young girls and women of the city encouraging them not to hesitate while taking off their clothes in public and fucking any male they did not know personally without any worry or fear.

The speech was very effective keeping in mind the aftermaths of the day it was delivered. The teenage girls started to go naked as longer as possible. The women started to fuck as many as 20-50 men a day without thinking or worrying they knew them or not. Their dresses became as much shorter as they could hide only their lesser than 5% of their bodies. The bikinis and microkinis had become the standard dresses being worn in public and much more.

The Mayor had said, "Girls, ladies and women, I have felt, heard and seen myself that you are still frightened to strip off your dresses and show your naked bodies in public. Most of you still feel embarrassed while getting naked in front of people you don't know or know least. I have seen the girls and women started crying while asked to give take cocks in their mouths or cunts or ass holes. On this matter, I must clear you that there must be no such feeling of feeling embarrassed or ashamed of. It is a well-known fact that our female population exceeds a million and each one of you has those body parts in common that is tits and cunts. And what are common between yours and male population are assholes. So when every one of you has the same thing, then what is there for you to be ashamed of? Everybody knows what you have and what you don't, like cocks given to us, the male population. Moreover, all of you know very well how much men admire, like and love female beauty, favorably in its pure, natural and naked form. They attract towards you more when you dress sexily or wear short dresses or even transparent dresses and more than ever when you simply wear nothing to hide your body. They admire you, they love you, they want you and a matter of fact, they need you. So, isn't it your obligation and moral duty to do what they wish and want and like in return of what they offer to you? Isn't it fair that you keep showing your bodies to them as much as they want from you, not as much as you like for them?”

"Some of you mothers", he paused for a moment and then continued, "keep worrying about their school and college going daughters about how slutty theirs schools and colleges' uniforms are and they are supposed to wear decent looking uniforms at least at this tender age. But what I want to say all of those mothers is that since it would be not a very long time when they would be fully grown girls complying the Sluttery law and then at that time they would have to face and follow the laws irrespective of they liked it or not. So I am asking why not from now on? They are learning how to dress slutty, look slutty and behave slutty at home and in public too in their schools and colleges by professional and experienced slut teachers and that too studying together with their classmates who are no different than them in any sense. They are learning to get along with male companions in a much better way. They are learning to have as much sex and with as many men they would love to in future. They are learning to please their interests too by dressing slutty or by just getting naked. What could be the better place for them to learn all that in a professional manner? I don't see any."

He paused for a moment to see the impact of what he just said on the girls and women and started again, "There is also a matter of getting embarrassed and feeling ashamed of giving blowjobs and fucking strangers. For this I want to say that all of you at some point of time in your life, would give your mortal bodies to a stranger, say your husband whom you don't know much before marriage, then what the point is or say reason for not giving it to anybody else. I don't find any on this matter too. You can fuck anybody, at any place and at any time you get an opportunity as long as it is safe from medical point of view. Everybody likes and wants as much sex as he or she can get in his or her life. Also you, girls and women, have got a special thing within your bodies which we know as cunt or pussy or just love hole and we, the men don't so it is your natural duty to provide us what nature only chooses you to have and not us."

"Now I think I have cleared myself about your concerns that you should not fear, feel embarrassed or ashamed of in taking your dresses off or just going naked in public and also not worrying about fucking any number of men anywhere and at any time you are asked to. Now there is only one issue left to be addressed which is quite important for the development of this city and that is promotion of tourism."

He waited some moments for letting the audience grasp his words. After seeing expressions on their faces, he immediately started, "All of you are aware that unfortunately, we have got no natural sight sceneries in our city and most of the tourists like to visit only natural places and not man made places like fun parks or theme parks or any of such places. And, even if we get success to have those kind of places, they won't go for long time and ultimately, it will all go waste resulting a loss of lots of money, space and human effort so we can't think to afford it. Now, since our city seems to have blessed with in born female beauty and sexy, hot, fit women and girl all over the city, we can try to use this availability of abandoned beauty to charm the tourists and it can generate a lot of revenues for the development of this city. So for this sole purpose I want and ask all of you for all your support and help. All of you know that we have created a board, SLERB, for assisting us in said concern." He stopped while saying seeing a hand rose in the crowd. It was from a woman wearing almost nothing but an unbuttoned coat and a micro mini skirt showing her tits and cunt lips openly.

She said, "Sir! I think we have already doing a lot to please others. I am wondering what else we can do to promote tourism."

The Mayor smiled coolly and said, "I know what all of you have been and are still doing for our city but you have to go a little further. Most of you are having sex within closed walls of your houses, offices, malls and restaurants but now I ask you to come out of your confined spaces. Show the tourists how you, mothers enjoy with your sons, how you, girls fuck your brothers, how you employees satisfy your employers and customers, how all of you fuck the men and boys to keep them happy. It is exactly what all of you have been doing for months now but now, do it all publicly so that the tourists would not have to go house to house, offices to offices, hotels to hotels to see what have been and is happening in the city in day to day life. Moreover, suggest us what else can be done for promoting tourism. I am quite sure some of you had bright and creative ideas about doing so."

Another hand raised in the air. The Mayor saw that it was from a teenage girl wearing her bikini school uniform which was hiding almost nothing.

She asked, "What about celebrating special days every month in which themes can be held?"

Now it was a fine suggestion, the Mayor thought. He said, "Ok Miss, but which type of days are you talking about? I mean there must be some kind of themes you would have had in your mind. Can you tell us about those ideas?" He said pretending he hadn't any idea about what she had just said.

She cheerfully said, "I think there can be days like ummm.....Topless Day.....Bottomless Day.......ummm......Mother Son Day......Sister Brother Day.....Daddy Daughter Day and so on. You know what happens on days like Mother Son Days......" She was interrupted by the Mayor in the middle of what she was going to explain.

He said, "Thank you Miss, we all aware of what is supposed to be happened on those days. Thank you very much for your extraordinary ideas. I think it can be implemented in our city to promote tourism and help girls and women understand and follow Sluttery law in a better way."

He thought for a moment and said, "Ladies, for now the meeting is over. I am going to propose SLERB to celebrate special days in our city as that little girl suggested. Now if you have any question, it is the time to ask. Please don't hesitate and hold back your questions or ideas. I am really eager to know your doubts, opinions, ideas and any other thing you can tell us to improve Sluttery law."

After saying it, he became quite and started waiting for the shower of questions. Then he saw 2-3 hands raised in air. He said, "One by one please. Ok you." He said pointing to a girl wearing only a transparent dress and nothing underneath.

She said, "Sir, you just told us to remain naked as much as possible in public too. Ok, fine but changing in weather conditions can make us fall ill frequently as we have to remain naked throughout the day, both inside and outside our home. In that case, what would you suggest us to do?"

He calmly replied, "My dear, what do you do when you fall ill while you live in your home?"

She said, "Sir, I visit my doctor."

He then smiled and said, "I think you have got your answer. We have ensured free consultation, medical check-up, treatment and medicines for every female in the city. But the availability of free medical services is dependent on the co-operation of girls and women. As long as they keep themselves refrain from hiding their bodies from anybody by wearing decent dresses, there will be free medical facilities for them. Next question please."

Next woman said, "Sir, Can you suggest us if there is anything else that we can do than just remain naked all the time as most of us including me love to wear dresses in which we look hot and sexy?"

He looked at her from head to toe. She was wearing a top in which holes were cut for her nipples and little of her tits to be shown and a skirt extremely short and fully transparent to show her cunt. He said, "Actually yes, you can and I say, should wear clothing which hide basically nothing. Remaining fully naked is a choice for all of you and you are not bound to do that. But still there is a thing you should keep in mind while choosing dresses to wear. Whatever you wear must spread the message to everybody watching you that you and your body are freely available for everybody, every moment and at every place to be touched, used and fucked. Modesty is a thing all of you must try to refrain from at every cost and in every condition. Dress as much revealing, provocately, naughtily, sexy, hot, slutty, scantily as is possible for you to think. And not only you, ask your mothers, daughters, sisters and all your female relatives to dress in that way. Ask friends of your daughters to choose shortest and most transparent dresses and if they are not wearing dresses up to the slut standard, ask them to take off immediately or modify them on the spot either by cutting or tearing them. And last but not the least, although I know why all of you wear bras, I ask you to avoid them whenever you are with any male. Since the case with panties isn't like wearing bras and you don't need them at all, avoid wearing any of them ever. In that way, you can make your tits, cunt and asshole available for everybody looking at you with great ease and comfort without wasting any of your and their valuable time in removing them."

He finished answering her question and stopped for a second to breath. Then he started waiting for another question.

Moments later, he heard a male voice asking, "Sir, I think all of us would like to know about you, your family, and your daughter only if you do not mind."

The Mayor sighed, then smiled and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, frankly speaking I was expecting this question from somebody among during this meeting. I have always had a thought that the people must know everything about their leader irrespective of whether it is personal or not. So now I tell you from the beginning. I am a graduate from Yell University and have a higher degree in Public Relations from Harvard University. I am born and was raised in this city only and went to various countries for my education. I have a small family; my wife Nicole Clare and my daughter Alice Clare. My wife was a prostitute-working-in-a-brothel-turned-porn star before we get married 20 years ago. My daughter is a graduate from a private school and had gone for higher studies in another private university. We have raised our daughter in such a way that from her childhood she wanted to be a slut. Actually we kept her nude nearly 23 hours a day, almost every single day in a week until she turned 13 five-years back. So now she hates wearing anything which rubs her skin. We used to tell her to fuck every student in her classes and let them touch her freely. She doesn't know anything about the word 'decency'. She just can't tell the difference between decency and indecency. She loves to behave and act like a free fuck doll. She loves to let the men and boys fuck her mindlessly. My wife is also an open minded woman who just wants to celebrate her womanhood as much as she can. She doesn't bother to give her body to anybody who likes her, even if only for her body. They love to be called as "first sluts of the city". My wife and daughter were responsible to suggest me a professional course in developing sluts which is now being taught in our schools and colleges. They were worried about the low number of free thinking sluts in our city and more about the females hesitating to take off their clothes and fuck men in public. My wife knew that we, the men like to see, touch, use and fuck as many females as they can get and much better when they behave like sluts, act like sluts, talk like sluts and dress like sluts. So don't think that your own Mayor and his family do not support or follow the Sluttery law. In the case of my family, my wife and daughter just don't need any special law to be followed to be any sluts. Now after getting known all the things about me and my family, I hope every one of you will now fully support the slut campaign and follow Sluttery law religiously."

The crowd cheered up and started clapping very loudly. It seemed that everybody had been determined to become a slut, a better slut......not better than just anybody......but better than everybody.


Only after a couple of days of the Mayor's speech, the city began to look engulfed in the effect of his magic words as every girl and woman had started trying to look and act as much slutty as she could be. The women had started appearing in shorter dresses than a handkerchief and much more transparent than a transparent polythene material. The school and college going girls had started wearing nothing under their microkinis-like-uniforms and showing their bodies as many times as they could get inside and outside their educational institutions. Now all the four local cable TV channels started getting hundreds of girls' requests daily to be shown on silver screen. The photo and fashion studios started to seem to be flooded with pictures and video shoots of sexy, hot and naked girls. The fashion shops had started keeping their changing rooms in open areas, like cubicles with glass walls or just on the streets in front of the shops from where everybody could see the girls changing and trying different dresses. The Mayor soon helped launching a special newspaper "The Naked City" which was supposed to be filled with news of all the sexual and naked activities happened and going to happen in near future in the city. The shopping malls and multiplexes were started to be over flown with lots of fuckings and nudity. Now there were dozens of movies being run in the multiplexes featuring the local girls as actresses willing to take off their clothes and fuck a number of male actors on the 70 mm screens.

After a month, the Mayor with the help of SLERB, declared special days and months following the suggestions of one of his female audience. The first calendar which came out was as follows-

1 January Happy New Year

30 January - Naked Slut Day

8 February - 14 February - Fuck your Valentine Week

28 February - Finger Pussy Day

3 March - Bottomless Day

12 March - Tits Show Day

24 March - Slap My Ass Day (For Girls only)

10 April - Touch Me Day

1 May - 31 May - "Fuck Me" Month

1 June - 30 June - "Humiliate Me" Month

1 July - 31 July - "Punish Me" Month

25 August - 30 August “See my Silly Asshole” Week

11 September - 17 September - Body Painting Costumes Week

5 October - 15 October - Transparent Dresses Days

1 November - 30 November - Slutwear Month

1 December - 30 December - Keep me Warm Month

31 December - Happy New Sluts Year Eve

Private Organizations under new Laws

Before new laws started to be regulated, there were many private organizations which had been established in which most of them were led by males and a few by females. Both kind of organizations were doing pretty well and earning profits for themselves and government. When the Mayor declared new Sluttery Laws for the female population of the city, the female bosses were also come under these laws. To comply with the new laws, the Mayor proposed the female bosses of private companies to follow either of the two things-

1) They allowed the government run their companies by leaving their positions as bosses and if still wishing to work in their own company, could join it as a normal employee. In this case they would have to follow the normal employee rules of the company and act like a common employee. They would have no special administrative and commanding power over anybody within the company.

2) Or, they could retain their place as boss of their company but in this case, her share in the company would be 49% and the government would be 51% shareholder of the company. That meant, government would be the actual owner of the company.

There would also be a government representative in the company who would be the topmost governing body in the company and the female boss would have to report to only that person in the company. The female boss would be answerable to only that person and she had to follow only his orders and laws.

Initially out of total 18 big companies and 52 small scale offices, only 3 big companies and 12 small companies picked the choice of leaving their companies in government's hands. In which a very few of them chose to work in their own companies as normal employee to avoid further embarrassment. The bosses of remaining 15 large scale firms and 40 small offices, who chose to be remained the shareholder in their companies could never realized what was there in store of fate for them in near future. First of all, the government started taking holds in their companies and then appointing their representatives to regulate the company and their ex-bosses.

Initially, the government representative (GR) was used to be a person responsible for all the actions going on in an office, accountable for profit, management and administration for all the office works and employees. But very soon the picture started to change. A few weeks later, GRs started appointing male employees to keep check on the office work and over employees and focusing solely on the female ex-bosses of the companies. Being owners of the companies and having done the contract with the ex-bosses, they were free to issue any order for any employee including the ex-bosses. A couple of months later, all the GRs met and decided that the ex-bosses should wear shorter skirts and length of the skirt must be such that it should just cover their pussies and not go below that standard. For that whole following week, the ex-bosses kept getting embarrassed by giving frequent glimpses of their panties wearing under their skirts. They had to hear comments about the size, shape and mostly color of their underwear which was enough to feel ashamed of in front of once their own employees working under them. As if it was not enough, the GRs altogether issued new order for the ex-bosses to never wear any sort of underwear in the office and the reason behind it was given that it distracted the employees as during the work, they kept looking over their panties which in turn, were affecting office production. Now the scenario turned from shameful to horrible for the female ex-bosses. The employees could now see their pussies without any obstacle and they started commenting whether their pussies were shaved or unshaved, fucked or not, beautiful or ugly and lot more filthy comments. But it was not the end of the torment for the female bosses as GRs had planned to go much more farther than this.

The female bosses were humiliated again by an office order by which they were prohibited to wear anything under their tops or blouses and they were ordered to wear any buttoned tops or blouses only after leaving top four buttons of their tops or blouses open. Now there was always a fear of falling out their tits out of their clothes while bending or walking in the office and showing their tits to everybody in full view. To avoid it, the female bosses started bending very slowly, walking very cautiously and keeping focused on their gestures and postures for not displaying their assets to their employees. But even after lot of cautions and efforts, they had to show their tits, cunt and asshole many times in the office. It kept embarrassing them even more as they started hearing comments about their tits and nipples also along with their cunt and asshole.

While the ex-bosses were trying to keep their modesty as much as they could, the GRs were planning to embarrass them even more as it was not sufficient to display their private body parts to everybody in their own office to their own employees. Now all the GRs issued another office order for the female bosses to bend at their waist keeping their legs straight. They told the reason to the bosses that they felt insulted when they (bosses) did not bend properly. When some of the female bosses started opposing this office order calling it absolutely unnecessary and intentionally humiliating for them, the GRs added one more thing in the office order stating that the female bosses must bend properly by keeping their legs straight and they must also maintain the proper posture by keeping their legs a foot apart while bending. They said that they had to take that step to stop any of the future protest against any office order issued to be followed by them, for teaching a lesson to the protesters and put it like a demonstration for the others.

By this time the ex-bosses had started realizing that their fate had sealed and they were no more than puppets in the hands of directly, the government people and indirectly the Mayor. They also knew that either being the ex-boss, or a normal employee in their own office or any common citizen, sooner or later they would have to follow the Sluttery Law so there were not many choices left for them. Now whenever they bent, which was actually highly frequent, everybody could even see their open brown shit holes. Sometimes a GR would simply throw stack of papers on the floor in employees' room and asked the ex-bosses to get it for them. It would cause the women to keep bending for several minutes and as a result, the employees would get not only glimpses but a full show of their cunt, asshole and tits.

It kept going on for more than a month when GRs started losing interest in just looking at their body parts and not doing anything. So all the GRs met one more time and proposed that there should be one-clothing rule for all the female bosses that meant a female boss could not wear a suit and a skirt together at a time and that meant either she had to remain topless or bottomless in the office. They also proposed that keeping in view the decreasing efficiency level, concentration and job interest level of the male employees of the offices, being the bosses it was their duty to allow the employees to touch their exposed body part as much as they liked and wanted.

So far, it was most humiliating and depraved order for the female bosses. In the name of being 49% shareholder in the company and the boss, they were being forced to keep entertaining their own employees like prostitutes. Still they were feeling themselves even below than prostitutes as prostitutes unlike the female bosses, were paid for touching and using their bodies. Now whenever any female boss chose to be topless, her tits were pressed hard, her nipples were licked, sucked and even pinched frequently. When a boss decided to remain bottomless in office for a day, her cunt was touched, butt poked and pinched sharply, her asshole and cunt fingered very frequently resulting the bosses leaving highly excited and unsatisfied. The female bosses were not allowed to cum by fingering their cunt as they could not touch their own bodies and any of body parts. Now it was a common scene in offices in which one person asked his boss to pick a thing fell on the floor which was deliberately dropped and other employees just closely watch her butthole clenching and unclenching and some employees touching their thighs, tits and cunt available on full view. Some of them even fingered their pussies or assholes freely accessible to use. During all this time, the female bosses could just keep focusing on pick the things from the floor. She could neither stop anybody to see their private body parts or ask anybody to stop touching or fingering them as it would result another humiliating order issued for them because some of the female bosses were still hopeful all these things to be stopped turning any further embarrassing.

Two months later that office order was issued which the female bosses feared the most. It stated that no female bosses could wear anything under their neck which could hide their tits, cunt and asshole for any single moment spent in office. It also stated that since the employee productivity level was again needed to be improved, all the female bosses would be required to be available for entertainment and pleasure of the employees as it was the need of the hour to keep the needs of the employees checked by their female bosses. This order proved to be the last nail pushed in the coffins of fate of the female bosses as it made them sex slaves of their own employees in their own offices.

After this office order, now any employee could ask his female boss to give blowjob or let him fuck her cunt or asshole anytime and at any place in office whenever he felt so. The female bosses had to 'co-operate' with their employees irrespective of their wish. It did not matter if a female boss had sore cunt or asshole; she had to provide her body and both her holes to fuck. When initially some and later all of them pleaded (actually "begged") their concerned GRs to limit the number of fucking they were receiving in the office by the employees, the GRs issued another office order for all the male employees showing their kindness, in the name of avoiding the fuck holes of bosses to get loose so soon and hence, keeping the interest of employees in their bosses.

The female bosses were now started to be asked to attend the meetings topless or bottomless or naked. In the beginning, these meetings were held within their own offices, then these were started to be hold in other offices and very soon in hotels. In the annual meetings where the rich persons, politicians, businessmen and other influential people of city were invited, the female bosses were asked to give the presentations and annual business review of their companies and they had to do it completely naked wearing only a collar bearing the name of the companies they were representing and very high heeled stiletto.

A couple of weeks just before the first annual meeting, all the GRs decided that the female bosses must have a humiliating position in their companies along with their special id-cards so that they could easily be recognized as bosses of companies. They chose "Sex Slave Slut Boss" position or simply "SSS Boss" for the female bosses. This humiliating words "Sex", "Slave", "Slut" were tattooed over the top of their tits and just above their cunt. The GRs had thought a very unique way of getting the women tattooed the word "boss" on their butts, between their butt cheeks. The letter "B" was to be tattooed on the left hip and letters "SS" on the other leaving their assholes representing letter "O" of word "BOSS". Whenever the female bosses were asked to show their position in the companies, they had to bend over spreading their legs as far as possible, holding their knees by their hands and finally clenching and unclenching of their assholes to show what they wanted everybody to know.

After a year passing, all the female bosses had become the sex slaves of all employees working not only in their own companies but of other companies too owned by other female bosses. They were started to be used as assets to the companies and often traded among them in case of deficiency of payment for availing services. In the case of trading the female bosses, they would become the slave of the company to which they were given. Since they were not just fuck toys there so they could be punished on the behalf of the paying company.

Soon all this had become very popular among companies to trade female bosses along with the balance amount of cash to be paid but it also started posing new problems for companies. First problem was to assess a female boss's equivalent of cash amount and second was to fix the punishment methods to recover the cash equivalent of the same. The solution of the first problem was to give points to each female boss based on her physical appearance, fitness level, level of submission, level of tolerance and other aspects of her body and nature. All the companies hence decided to bring all the female bosses on one stage and then like products, give them marks. Once marks from all the assessees would be collected and totaled, only then the total marks would be fixated for a female boss. The total marks obtained by a female boss would be multiplied by 10 and that would be the cash equivalent of her value.

The assesses were the richest and most influential members of society. A assessing committee was set up comprising of total 100 selected members. These members had to give marks out of 10 based on various aspects of the female bosses.

Suppose an assessee assessed all 58 female bosses and a female boss was assessed by 100 assessees. Every assessee had to give marks on 50 different aspects. Then a female boss could get maximum 100 * 50 * 10 marks, which were total 50000 marks. Hence the cash equivalent of that female boss would be 50000 * 10 = $500000. If a company had to pay $600000 to another company, then it could trade with the other company by giving them that $500000 valued female boss along with $50000 cash and signing a contract with the paying company to recover the balance amount of $50000 by punishing the female boss.

For keeping cash value of the female bosses high, all the GRs started putting extra efforts to make their female bosses extra beautiful, fitter, looking sluttier, behaving more submissively and much more better slave than they were ever before. For this, they started making them exercise rigorously, eat only healthier food, punishing them regularly to keep them reminding what they were and what they were going to do for the company.

For the second problem, a list was prepared in which cash equivalent amount of every punishment and its duration was fixed. It was also decided that checking of amount recovered by punishing a female boss could only be checked by making videos of the punishment sessions and providing these videos to the paying company. When the balance amount would have been recovered, the female boss had been returned to her owner company.

The list (Cash Equivalent of each Punishment session) included spanking, hot waxing, whipping, pushing needles, using hogtied etc. The list had cash equivalent for variety and each level of every kind of punishment like there was six levels of spanking- light, medium, hard, very hard, brutal and inhuman. In every level, there were three major available body parts- ass, tits and cunt. There was also a provision for minimum and maximum duration of each kind of punishment depending on the level of the punishment and the body part on which the punishment was going to be conducted. The list had taken more than a month but once it was prepared, it contained every possible punishment, its levels, duration and most feasible time duration for conducting them.

In order to take the help of their female bosses to recover their balance money as much as possible by letting the trading company to punish them, the GRs had initiated training programmes for their female bosses. In these training programmes, the female bosses were taught to obey every male, especially their current masters without asking any question and hesitating for a moment. They were also told to please their masters by using their body and creativity as it was the sole meaning of their existence. In the training classes, they were also told to learn to tolerate pain for long durations, usually until they got unconscious. In the beginning, they were punished solely and not with other women but later they were started to learn punishing each other, if, in case, any of their masters wished just to watch them in pain by tormenting each other and not to involve himself in punishing them. They also learned to put other female bosses in humiliating situations for entertaining their masters. In the training sessions they also learned striptease, pole dance, dirtiest lap dancing and several other slut skills to please their respective masters and other men.

When in a very short time lesser than the Mayor anticipated, all the female company owners had become the sex and pain slaves of their own companies and government; he thought to hold a competition for all the female bosses. In this competition, all the participating women had to compete with each other to prove that she was the best SSS boss in the city. This event was planned to be a public event going to run for a whole month every year in which public was allowed to watch the performance of the participants after buying the tickets of the show. In this show, the participants had to show their bodies, creativity, skills, level of pain tolerance, ability to humiliate and torture other women and everything which could prove them better SSS Boss than the others.

The duration of a month of the competition was divided into four weeks.

First Week - Creativity Week

Second Week - Slut Skills Week

Third Week - Pain Tolerance Week

Fourth Week - Five days- Humiliate Others

Last two days of fourth week- Dominance Week

The first day of the competition was planned to reserve for the participants to show their naked bodies and tell the public about their company, position held by them, nature of their work, show their special tattooed office position and tell about expectations of all their employees and government from them. 

By this time, all the female bosses had accepted their fate and submitted fully to their masters from their own company office and government. They had come to realize that they were just the fucking machines and pain slaves of men. They had also realized that they were considered below than lifeless objects like furniture and their only purpose of life was made to serve their masters. Being the boss of the company, they had given only privilege to put their opinions in administration and management matters although they were never considered. But there was a cost of this privilege which these female bosses had to pay. For putting their opinions, they had to be agreed to let them punish for showing gratitude to their masters for giving them this privilege.

For the time being, until the female bosses were being forced to be sluts, punished within the premises of the companies and the first slut boss competition was held, the public did not know about these women and their fate. But after the public event, everybody knew the fate of these once-very-rich-and-influential businesswomen of the city. The women who had left their hard built companies to run by government, were considering themselves fortunate to leave their position but they did not know that the Mayor was not going to spare them either. He had quite different but cruel plan to turn them into pain sluts.

As soon as these women left their respective companies, the Mayor had ordered to seize their property and money in bank accounts telling them that it was not their property and money but of the company since they had earned all of it using company's resources. This order left the women with no any money to spend or property to live. Now they were totally depended on the government aid. The government said that they had to earn their bread and butter by serving to government on their conditions. These women had no choice but to accept those brutal conditions for their livelihood.

The conditions told to those poor women were as follows-

1) They had to come to an office whenever they were told to come.

2) In any office, they would never wear any kind of clothing until told to otherwise specifically.

3) They could stay in any government servant's home with his permission.

4) They could not say no to anything they were told to do by any government servant.

5) They would have to be available 24*7 to give their special services in any government office.

6) They could wear dresses but only Slutwear in which their bodies would be least possible hidden and easily accessible to use.

7) Any government official could ask them to let them fuck irrespective of time and place.

8) They would be agreed to do any sort of job they were given.

9) They would ask any government official to punish them whenever they committed any mistake or crime. That government official would decide the punishment for their mistakes and the women would have no right to tell him whether the punishment was suitable or not for her.

10) Every woman had to teach at least 10 girls every year to become sex and pain sluts.

The lives of these women had become hell than they ever imagined even in their worst nightmares. They had to work more than 12 hours a day by visiting from one office to other office. In a day, there were fucked 20-25 times by more than 15 men and it happened rarely that a man fucked them only once. When visiting offices, they had to take off their clothes before enter them and they almost never find their clothes again after coming out of the offices. Hence, they had to go naked in public most of the times. The hardest part for these women was to make 10 girls, sluts like them. For this, first they had to choose most submissive and masochistic girls who would be easier to make sex and pain toys of men.

After a year of beginning of this businesswomen ordeal, every single woman who ever had her own company had become sex and pain slaves of men. Their only mistake seemed to be committed by these women was that they thought to own and run their company and to become successful businesswomen as men. Their thinking of competing with the men proved to be the most horrible curse for them.

Like the word "BOSS" tattooed around the assholes of other female bosses, the word "WHORE" was tattooed around these free ex-bosses by letting the letter "O" of the word "WHORE" represented by their assholes. They were ordered to show their status as other working female bosses showing to others.

The jobs given to these women were everything but dignified and leaving no chance of maintaining their modesty if any left in them. There were all kinds of jobs from indoor jobs like security guards to receptionist to clerk to personal secretary and outdoor jobs like sales girls etc. Now every top level officer had option to have his personal secretary. These personal secretaries were required to know her employers and their superiors "very personally". It could easily be called carnally. All the tables in offices were modified to leave space under them so that these personal secretaries could keep cocks of their employers in their mouths when they were not doing anything. All the top management and administrating officials were allowed to keep these women as decoration objects in their private cabins but on rotation system as the no. of these women were very less in compared to the no. of offices in the city.

These women started finding the girls to make them slut slaves but it was not an easy task as very few girls co-operated with them but reluctantly and others simply refused to obey them. They went to the Mayor to take his help. The Mayor passed a law making them Slut Inspectors who had power to ask any girl of the city to take off their clothes anytime and anywhere. They were also given power to punish any girl who refused to obey their orders. To the Mayor, the women could now make a number of girls sluts of their level and even higher.

After getting these powers, these ex- bosses became bosses of the girls of the city over whom they could exercise their powers. Now they started to order the group of girls to strip naked in the middle of markets, roads, parks, outside the schools and almost everywhere they wished. Initially they were the bosses of their companies, then they became slaves of government men and then again they became bosses of all the girls of the city. They did not only started asking the girls to get naked but fuck any man or men they looked fine for fucking the girls. Now any girl in the city could be asked to strip naked and fuck men.

New Family Welcome of Guests

Since the beginning of Sluttery Law in the city, a new tradition of welcoming the guests in houses was rising slowly. Now the housewives and their daughters had to welcome and greet the guests at the door. But this way of welcoming was far from being any decent. It was rather utterly humiliating initially and proved too slutty later. The greeting females had to shake "cocks" of the guests instead of their hands and the guests were supposed to first pressed their boobs once and then insert middle finger onto their cunts. Then the females had to lick their finger clean.

After welcoming the guests at the door, the females were to sit nowhere but in the lap of the guests. If cock of any guest happened to be erect then the females had to take the cock into their cunt or asshole as per the demand of that guest.

Next in the humiliating ordeal was serving coffee or drinks which the females were supposed to serve naked. In this ordeal, if there were daughters of the house owners, only they were supposed to serve drinks and eatables to the guests, while the housewife was to sit in the lap of the guest and entertain him.

Then the house owner made the guests visit their house and that meant his bedroom, his daughters' bedroom, restroom and every other corner of the house. But in order to show their house to any guest, the land lord was supposed to decorate his house with pictures, life-size posters, wallpapers and any other thing depicting his nude wife and daughters' bodies and their daily sexual lives. Not only walls of the drawing room and bedrooms but his restroom had to have pictures of his naked female family members.

After some time, the house owners of the city started decorating their home like any picture gallery where anybody could recognize purpose of any room of any house without knowing priory by just seeing the pictures on the walls in any room. It was also started maintaining by the house owners that every guest could see the sexual happening going on in the house by just looking at the pictures. They even started keeping their computers and laptops updated by changing wallpapers of the pictures of his naked family members and storing homemade videos of his family's female members' everyday sexual encounters.

The house owners had started making it sure that no door in the house had any locking system except the main door. They used to show their bathrooms and restrooms to their guests especially when they were being used by their female members of the family and in that case, females had to pee or shit in front of the guests. When the guests had to stay for a day or two for they had travelled a lot to meet the family, they were offered to share the bedrooms of their wives, daughters or mothers.

The bedrooms, guest rooms, bathrooms and restrooms of the houses had started filling with sexy, hot and nude wallpapers of the girls.

While in the girls bedrooms, wallpapers of naked girls showing their bodies in classical ways or just showing their tits, asses and cunt erotically were common; the wallpapers in their parents bedrooms were quite different from them. They were mainly showing girls and women fucked by men.

Initially, when the Sluttery Law had just begun to regulate in the city, those whose had already built their home started to remove the locking systems off all the doors in their home except front door but later, they even started removing doors within their home. Those people who were just started building their new home ensured that their home had no separate rooms for bedrooms, guest rooms, bathrooms or even restrooms. They just fixed spaces for those purposes in one big hall like in one corner, they had put their dining table, in other corners they placed their beds, at one side of the room, and they placed shower, toilet bowl and urinal and so on. By doing that, they started saving a lot of money as everybody in the families was engaged sexually with another member of the family and they had nothing to hide from each other. 

Soon the male members of the home started approving the dresses for their mothers, daughters, wives and sisters. Gradually it became an unspoken rule that mothers dresses would be approved or bought by their sons and daughters dresses by their fathers or brothers. Now since the males of the family were free to choose the dresses for their female relatives so they started choosing either transparent or ultra-short or simply denying tops or bottoms. They also started telling them what they would wear while at home, for going outside, or while meeting somebody. The school going girls had their school uniforms fixed but otherwise, they also had to take approval from both their fathers and brothers. There were so many slutty dresses available in the city market to provide hundreds of options for the males to choose for their female family members. Bottomless dresses had also become a popular choice among men and boys for their mothers, daughters and sisters. The dresses keep getting shorter and shorter so much so that soon it became difficult to say that that dress was too short or the girl wearing it was bottomless.

When there were two daughters in a family, it became a tradition to buy only one set of top and bottom for them so that one of them either got top and other only bottom to wear. The denim shorts were also allowed to wear but only when they were really short. There were so many fashionable dresses available in the city market for the women and girls and had no any problem in getting approval of their sons, brothers or fathers. They could wear them in public places for going to shopping malls, parties or at any occasion. Fully transparent dresses were also becoming popular among the males to buy for their female relatives.


Soon, cut-out dresses also hit the city market and started seeing on every female. All of it began with a cut-out pant in which there was a cut for showing the cunt lips. Later, cuts for the tits and ass also started coming in the dresses.


In every home, school, college and office, minimum two fully colored and high resolution pics of every girl and woman studying or working there  were compulsory; one fully clothed (as they looked like before regulating the Sluttery laws in the city) and another fully naked.

Maintaining Fitness for Sluts

In Sluttery Law, there was a clause for the sluts maintaining their fitness, stamina and curvy, sexy figures until they reached 40. Even when they reached 40, if they looked as sexy as a 25-year old girl, then they had to maintain their bodies until they started looking ugly due to old age and it became almost impossible to keep fit and look sexy. Under Sluttery law, the Mayor made it compulsory for all the girls above 16 and below 30 to exercise at least two hours every morning as two hour fitness exercise was considered enough for the young girls. For women above 30 years, two hours of rigorous exercise in morning and evening was compulsory as they needed more of it to keep looking sexy and fit due to their age. Yoga and meditation was also kept as options to keep fit but they had to do it naked only.

The Mayor had established information centers in all the schools and colleges where anybody could get information about any girl and her female family members. This information included names, addresses, contact numbers, vital stats, naked pictures and videos and literally any kind of most intimate details of any girl, her mother and her sisters. The sole purpose of these information centers was to facilitate every male citizen by providing them access to the details of any girl, he wanted and that too in his nearest education center.

He also started planning to take help of the female students of schools and colleges in attracting other girls and women towards Sluttery Laws. Now the educational institutes became responsible of making the people knowledgeable about new laws and also persuading them to follow these laws willingly. The schools and colleges soon started organizing rallies, public gatherings, campaigns and other activities by involving the school and college female students. The Mayor appealed not only the girls but teachers too to take part in these activities as students and teachers were considered as the future and future maker.

The Mayor had appealed administration of all the schools and colleges to select sultriest dress codes for their female students. Initially the dress codes chosen for the students were only indecent but later they either changed or modified them making them look sultrier and sultrier. One school in the city adopted a sexy dress code for its students but later when they found that the dress code could be made sultrier than they modified it. One more school changed the dress code for girls after beginning regulation of Sluttery Law in the city.

The Mayor had instructed all the schools and colleges to change all the course of actions to make them slutty. The administration of all the schools and colleges hence started to allow all their female students to engage in any kind of sexual activity in campus. Now it had become standard for the length of the skirt that their pussies must have shown while they bent. It also became a rule that any girl student could be asked anywhere and at any time to show her assets to anybody asking for that. It was senior girls job to teach and train sophomore girls so that they could adjust with the new environment quickly. It was compulsory for all the educational institutes to hang life-size posters of all their teachers in the beginning of every year so that every student could become familiar with his or her teachers going to teach them. One school posted this wallpaper at the entrance.

One college made a rule that girls could wear their school dresses outside the classrooms but inside the classrooms, they had to attend the classes naked only. The Graduation parties were no exception as the girls participating in such parties had to attend topless, bottomless or completely naked. Every student had to wish her male teachers by doing Shake-Cocks. Although male teachers could wear clothes in schools and colleges but usually they used to take the classes bottomless or naked.

The girls were also allowed to wish male teachers by taking their cocks in their mouth. All the male teachers had started talking to their female students only after inserting their cocks into girls cunts.

Market in the City of Sluts

Like every other aspect of the city, marketing and shopping aspects had also started to change to look slutty. The shopkeepers changed names of their garment shops like Smooth Cunt Lips Shop, Look at Tits Shop, Touch My Pussy Shop, Spank My Ass Shop, Loving Naked Girls Shop, Bare It All Fashion Store, and Naked Girls Shop etc.

Changes in Social and Cultural Values of Slut City

Since beginning of regulation of Sluttery Laws in the Slut City, there were changes in social and cultural values taking place very rapidly. Everything was changing into slutty looks and peoples behavior was also starting to be too open to be cared for. Now anybody could ask a girl or woman to allow him to take pictures of her “once” private body parts. The females had also started not to feel ashamed of showing their cunt or asshole or tits even in public places.

The female fans of male celebrities didnt care to where they wanted to put their signatures. One of the most popular places was ass. Every girl or woman could now be touched, fingered or even fucked by any male at any place. The girls of a family could ask other female member to get naked or help her to show her naked body to male members of the same family, guests or even strangers. A girl could now go naked to meet her boyfriends in hotels. The girls could now participate in sex shows and earn money for supporting their families financial needs. The Sluttery law allowed every male to punish any girl at any place who did not cooperate with them and take their orders to get naked or fucked. It became sisters and mothers duty to entertain their brothers and sons friends in parties. In the city, going outside and attending parties with their naked mother, sister, daughter or girlfriend had become tradition and with any slave girl a status symbol for men. It was no longer a problem for any girl to walk naked in front of her parents. Boys had started loving show their mothers and sisters assets to their friends in parties and outside too.

Now the universal dress among all the slutty dresses available in the slut city was “Nothing” and girls could go anywhere wearing it. It was the only dress which was counted as both formal and informal dress. They could always go naked for shopping, to their offices, schools, colleges, hotels, clubs, on beach and every other place without worrying about clothes. They could walk naked on streets and live in their home. They could even attend their interviews naked without worrying about wearing formal dresses necessary for it.

The Mayor had demolished the concept of “Rape” in the Slut City in the Sluttery Law as for him rape was done with decent girls, their decency, modesty and innocence. In his city, no girl, according to him, was a decent girl and since all the girls were sluts and sluts liked to show their bodies, be touched and fucked so rape could not be done. Hence there was no use of term “rape” within perimeter of the city and using this word was strictly prohibited by new laws.

A boy discussed with his father and mother that she did not need to wear bras home.

A boy wanted to watch her sister and her friends naked so they had to take off their dresses.

New open air bathrooms were installed in the city where girls could take bathe while all the people on the streets watching them.

A boy started a business with his friend and sister selling soda bottles in which anybody could watch his sisters bare pussy on buying a soda bottle.

A boy showing his mothers pussy to his friends asked them to take pictures of it and posted on his schools website.

A girl wanted to please her father so much that she agreed to show him and everybody her pussy in the public park.

Father entertaining his guests by allowing them to meet his daughter took off her panties down to her knees.

It became tradition for fathers to give their daughters morning fucks in toilet daily before them going to school and college. There were wallpapers in the girls bedrooms to keep them reminding their status as sluts. In their rooms, fathers had started hanging sexy wallpapers of their naked daughters. While men preferred to hang wallpapers of their daughters in their bedrooms, the boys were asked and requested to hang wallpapers of their naked mothers, their pussies and asshole. One man had even managed to get these pictures of her wife and daughters to develop it into classic wallpapers and then he hung them in his drawing room for all the guests.


Since the beginning of regulation of new laws in Slut City, there had been discussion about the best pose for girls and women which could satisfy all males or at least they could not deny that pose. Finally they found that post and it pleased all men and boys who wanted to develop wallpapers, posters and pictures of their mothers, daughters, sisters, girlfriends, female relatives and female celebrities of the city.

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