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Review This Story || Author: Amanda Johnston

The Lady Next Door

Part 1

                                           Chapter One:  The Back Story

(Chapter one covers the events that led up to the story of young Jack being dominated by his much older neighbor, Diane. )

                   I don't really recall when the Marshall's moved in next door, but I was either 13 or 14 years old. The details are foggy in my memory, since I was a kid and   they being were a couple in their forties, they were not really on my radar. However, my parents would talk with them if they happened to meet outside in the driveway or yard, but they didn't really socialize much more than that. They always said "Hi" to me if they saw me outside, and I would return the gesture. I'm not sure what Mr Marshall, Jim, did for work, an engineer or accountant or something, but he wore a jacket and tie to work. I did hear my mother mention that Mrs. Marshall, Diane, owned a beauty saloon in a neighboring town. Within less than two years the Marshall's separated, with Jim moving out. Diane started slowly becoming more friendly with my mother, they talked on the phone fairly regularly. Mrs. Marshall started dating, I would notice men at her place on the weekends, no one regular. At the time I thought she was good looking for being so old, she was around my mothers age. I guess being that she was in the beauty business she knew how to make herself look her best . She also had really nice blonde hair, it reached almost all the way down her back. Body wise she could be described as curvy, but I thought she could loose a few pounds. All of this is inconsequential, nothing more than observations of the next door neighbor who chit chats with my mother. However, soon my opinion of Diane Marshall would change dramatically in a short period of time. 

               I remember exactly when I noticed Mrs. Marshall as a woman, it happened instantaneously, it was like a revelation. I was seventeen and a senior in high school, I was cleaning out the garage on an early spring day when she pulled into her driveway, which runs directly next to mine. Stopping her car at the bottom of the driveway, she got out to get her mail. However, she didn't jump right back in the car, but instead stood next to the car door for a minute and shuffled though a large stack of mail. For some reason she looked really good, dare I say sexy, as she flipped her long blonde hair out of her eyes. She was wearing black leather boots that came up to just below the knee and pair of fairly tight black jeans that were tucked into the boots. Her red leather jacket fit well and seemed to accentuate her ass by the way it flipped up on the bottom of the back edge. I'm not sure I ever noticed her ass until now, nor do I ever remember her looking this good. Maybe being seventeen now and more mature, I see her in a different light, I also think she lost a few pounds over the winter, I'm not really sure, but she sure looked hot. From this point on she wasn't the neighbor lady next door, she was the single, hottie that lived next door.

                I found myself talking to her more often, initiating conversations that were usually pretty awkward. I think she was amused with my awkward attempts, but soon began to initiate conversation herself. These conversations started as small talk, but gradually got a little more personal. She would ask about my latest date, how it went, or why I don't have a steady girlfriend. Being that she's an adult, I didn't feel right asking her the very same questions. She was surprised that I never seemed to date a girl more than s few times before I moved on. My secret attraction to her grew, there was something incredibly sexual about her, the way she dressed and carried herself, she seemed to ooze sex appeal. At least to me she did. The girls I dated were very pretty, some prettier than Diane, but they didn't seem to have the same sexual energy.

            I turned eighteen over the summer and began college in the fall. It was a local school, so I was able to live at home. I was pretty busy between school and a part time job I had working at a bicycle store, a great job for me since I'm an avid bicyclist. I didn't run into Diane much, until she asked my mother if she could hire me to help her rake up the leaves in her yard. I agreed and cleared the first weekend in November to do it. I only did it because it was Diane and she said she would be working with me. Anyhow, I did enjoy working with Diane, we talked a lot while working. As usual, she asked about dates I'd had, but due to my work load I told her I've slowed down, only one date since school started. She in general seemed a lot more open with me, almost flirtatious, she even referred to me as ''cute'' more than once. It could be my teenage brain reading to much into it, but I get the feeling she might be attracted to me. However, there where two comments she made that I didn't know how to take.


"Jack, I'm sure you'll do a good job, if not, well, I'll just have to punish you." She said in a matter of fact tone.

My heart raced for a few seconds and I was taken off guard. I just responded, "you won't have to worry about me, I can handle a little raking." I made no comment about being punished, she was probably just joking, I should have joked back. It had to be a joke, what was she going to do, put me over her knee and spank me. Come to think of it, that does sound exciting, being spanked by a sexy, older woman, I couldn't get the idea out of my head for the rest of the day.

Later she made another comment  in regards to my dating habits.

     "Jack, you know girls talk, I'm sure they all know your reputation as a player. You are a really good looking kid and probably have no trouble dating anyone you want, but if I was your age I'd go out with you, except I'd put a collar and leash on you, and that collar would be around your balls."

    Wow, I didn't know how to respond to this either, I was a little shocked, but then I was kind of turned on. Yes, I've fantasized about having sex with Diane, but I just wasn't ready for this. She probably just meant it as figure of speech, but the idea of being Diane's sex slave is a huge turn on. I have thought about tying up and dominating girls before, but have never done it. However, I've never thought about being dominated by a girl, or in Diane's case, an older women before, and am surprised by how excited it has gotten me. I think that's what I find so sexual about Diane, she exudes that dominance that girls I've dated don't. Being dominated by a girl my age doesn't get me too excited, but by an older woman it's a huge turn on. God my head was spinning and I think I remained  semi erect for the rest of the day. I jerked off that night fantasizing that Diane was straddling me, I was tied to her bedposts, she was fucking me, slowly sliding up and down the full length of my cock, and I had no way to stop her!

          A few months passed with little contact with Diane due to my schedule, but my mother spoke with here once or twice a week. Then one day my father made a strange comment to my mother.


           "The dominatrix next door called, she wants you to call her back."

           "Bill, sshhhhh, not in front of Jack, and besides you don't know that for sure." She whispered.

          Hmmm, dominatrix, isn't that one of those ladies with the whip and leather outfit, I thought. Diane?? No way. Then I remembered the comments she made when were raking leaves. No. It can't be. So I did a little research online about dominatrix, which led to female domination, which led to BDSM, CBT, and a whole bunch of other things I wasn't aware of. I didn't really like seeing pictures and videos of men being dominated, but the idea of Diane dominating me was very exciting. Is this true? Is Diane into dominating men? I had to find out. 

         The next evening I did a little surveillance work, after dark I checked to see if Diane Marshall had any company. I checked for any unfamiliar cars parked in her driveway or in front of her house. I also checked to see if excessive lights were on in the house. I checked about every hour until midnight, but I turned up nothing. I kept this up for a few nights with no results, but figured the weekend might be a different story. Finally on Friday night I noticed a car parked in front of Diane's house just after 10pm, there were also a few more lights on than normal, particularly a light in the attic window. I wanted to see when the person left, I kept an eye on the car checking every 15 minutes or so, but the car disappeared by 11:30pm without me catching a glimpse of the owner. The attic light was out. Saturday night was much the same, a different car appeared around 10pm, the attic light was on, but this time I saw a man get into the car around 11:30pm. Monday and Tuesday were quiet, but on Wednesday I was in my driveway when Diane arrived home around 6:00pm, we waved and I noticed a woman was with her in the car. I was still standing looking at them when they got out of the car. Diane said "Hi" and introduced the other woman as Christine, she was a pretty brunette, probably about 30 years old.

        "Hi Jack, this is Christine, she, she….um... works for me, she's a hair stylist. Christine, this is Jack my neighbor."


        After the quick introduction they quickly went inside, I did noticed Diane seemed a little uncomfortable or nervous. About 30 minutes later I got an odd thought, and ran out to check the attic light, it wasn't completely dark outside yet, but dark enough to see the light in the attic window. OK, so something is definitely going in the attic. She may have finished it off and turned it into a home theatre or recreation room, or something. The weekend came and a new car appeared on Saturday night only, this time around 11pm, attic light on, it was still there at 2am, but gone by daybreak. I did start to notice it was the same four or five cars that kept stopping by. It seems like Diane's dating style is much like my own, that is, if these are really dates.

       At this point I still have no solid proof Diane is engaging in anything kinky. She may be, or she just may like dating a variety of guys and has a home theatre in her attic. I can certainly relate to dating a variety of people and the freedom it brings. I needed a little more information and knew where I could get it.

      The next morning I bring my laptop into the kitchen while my mother is fixing lunches for my younger brother and sister. I place it on the table and click onto Yahoo and pretend to read this:

           ''Hey Mom, it says here 50% of marriages end in divorce, hmmm that seems high, don't you think?"

           "Well Jack, not really, that sounds about right."

            "That would mean half the people I know are divorced, I can think of only two of my friends that have divorced parents. And who else? Oh yeah, the Marshalls, how long have Mrs. Marshall been divorced?"

          "Oh, three or four years I believe."

           " Does Mrs. Marshall have a boyfriend? Does she want to remarry?"

           "Last thing I heard is that she doesn't have a boyfriend, but she just likes to date a variety of men, no commitments, it doesn't seem like she's looking for a husband. Jack, why all the questions?"

          "Oh, I don't know, no reason really, anyhow I've got to go, see you tonight."

          So that didn't yield any new information beyond what I already knew. If Diane was doing the BDSM thing she wouldn't tell my mother, and if she did, my mother certainly wouldn't tell me. So I'm just back where I started, but what about the attic? My house and Diane's house are both old Victorians which are almost identical. My house has a large walk up attic, a window on each end, and is close to 10 feet high in the center, with the ceiling tapering down to 3 feet high on the two sides. Like most people, we just keep junk up there, but it's certainly large enough to finish off and make into another room. I imagine Diane's attic is the same. So at dinner that night I did a little more investigative work.

         "So mom, I'm thinking of finishing the attic and making a bedroom out of it, what do you think?"

         "Jack, why do you want to do that? What's wrong with your room now? It'll be hot up there in the summer."

        "I just thought it would be cool to create my own room, I didn't think about the heat, but that's what air conditions are for."

         "You can do it if you want to pay for it. Do you really think you have the time between work and school? Where did this idea come from?"

          "I've been thinking about it for a while, I've noticed Mrs. Marshall's attic light on, I think she may have finished off her attic. Mom, do you know if she made her attic into another room?"

         "No…I don't would I know?" She said nervously, darting her eyes quickly towards my father and then back to her dinner.  "Don't be nosey and start asking Mrs. Marshall about her attic" she said.

       "Oh no, I wouldn't do that."  I said and dropped the subject.

        Hmmm, Diane's attic definitely hit upon something, I'm just not sure exactly what it is, but I was soon to find out.

        About a week later I arrived home to find a package on my doorstep. I picked it up wondering what it was, something my mother ordered most likely. I then noticed it was addressed to Diane Marshall and left at my house by mistake. I noticed it came from D&B Enterprise, which of course meant nothing to me. I did a search online but it didn't turn up anything that made sense with the package in question. I then got an idea, it was a long shot, but I went to a site that sold bondage gear and did a search for B&D Enterprise. Wow, success! There were quite a few item listed, such as dildos and nipple clips, but most were more intricate items and equipment designed for CBT! They had ball stretchers, cock cages, ball crushers, things to put in a cock, even a device to immobilize someone by their testicles! Oh my God, the idea of Diane using this stuff is making me hot, the idea of her using it on me is making me shake to the point I can barely type on the keyboard! OK, so now I feel there's a pretty good chance she really is into this stuff, I now just have to figure out how to get in on it.   



Review This Story || Author: Amanda Johnston
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