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Adventures being Tied and Edged by Guys. Adventure #1, Scott in Atlanta.

Part 2

Adventures being Tied and Edged by Guys. Adventure #2, Dan in Seattle.

Authors note:  I am a straight guy with a lifelong love of bondage.  I have had a special love for edging ever since I saw my big sisters “Joy of Sex” with the picture the guy tied spread eagle while the girl sat on him and teased his cock.  I have tied and been tied by women many times, and enjoyed it thoroughly.  However, when they took the dom role, I never felt like they were enjoying it.  A few years ago, after reading some stories by Strand Ankler, I started thinking about what it would be like to be tied by another guy.  Someone who wouldnt “be nice”, and would be doing it to me for his own pleasure, not mine.

This has lead me on a few adventures with guys who could respect my limits, but enjoyed putting a big, muscular straight guy through his paces.   I thought I would share a few of these stories.  They are almost entirely true, with only a few details of the narrative altered just to make it a slightly better or hotter, or to move the story along.


Dan responded to a Craigslist ad claiming that he was a dominant who would tie me very tightly and put me in my place.  We exchanged emails and established limits.  We both figured out that we could play during an afternoon.  He worked from home a lot and I have a fairly flexible schedule.

We exchanged pictures, and he was a fairly normal looking guy in his late 40s.  He began taking dominance through our exchanges and I was to start calling him “sir” in all of our exchanges.  As ordered I sent him a picture of myself naked but not showing my face, and he said he was very pleased with my large, muscular body.  Im in my mid 40s.  At around 62 and 250lbs, I dont quite have a six pack, but I do workout very regularly and play a lot of sports and I think it shows. 

During our conversations he established that there would be no sex.  That was a limit of mine, but he also said that for him it was about control, not sex.  I would never see him naked, although I would always be naked around him.

We figured out an afternoon that would work and made arrangements to meet at a little coffee house near his home in the Leschi neighborhood of Seattle.  As I rode up on my motorcycle, I saw him sitting at a table right on the street.  On the table I saw he had a helmet, as well, and figured the bike parked there already was his, so I parked next to him.  He was as advertised in his picture.  He was a very unassuming guy in his late 40s with short brown hair.  He was dressed casually, and wearing a baseball hat.  He watched me very intensely as I walked up to him.

He offered to buy me a coffee but I declined.  I had butterflies in my stomach and was already keyed up enough.  We chatted for a while about things while he finished his coffee and sized me up.  He told me he had a much younger boyfriend that lived with him, which was why he preferred to play during the day.  His boyfriend did not share his bdsm fetish and he therefore didnt get to play much.  Apparently they had an agreement that he was allowed to play, but he didnt want to see it.

So, he asked me if I wanted to get together sometime.  I told him that I had cleared the next few hours, so why not now?  He smiled and grabbed his own helmet and told me to follow him on the short ride back to his house.  His last remark was “I cant wait to see what you look like naked.”

His house turned out to be an immaculately restored old house in a really nice neighborhood.  We parked in the driveway and he led me in.  We had talked about him taking control quickly, but when we got in he started giving me a tour of the upstairs and waited politely while I took my riding gear off.

Nervous and not knowing what to do next, I looked at him.  He told me that all his toys were downstairs.  Looking at the white carpet of his pristine house, I asked if I should take my shoes off.  He laughed and just said “doesnt matter, it will all be off very soon”.

His downstairs was a nice rec room with a big tv and a guest bedroom with a big four poster bed.  He led me into the bedroom and opened the closet.  There was a few big boxes in the closet and he started pulling toys out, showing me his collection.  He had gags, whips, plugs, a cage, even chastity devices and a collapsible metal stock.    He made a point of showing me his leather bondage mittens.

As I stood behind him while he was pointing things out, he suddenly stopped and turned.  He grabbed my shirt quickly and pulled it over my head.  Without hesitating, he spun me around and before I could even react, he grabbed my wrists and I felt cold steel and heard a clicking as I was efficiently handcuffed.

Again, without pause, my pants were pulled down around my ankles.  I was pushed forward onto my knees with my chest on the bed and without fuss, my shoes socks and pants were whisked off. 

Suddenly my world went dark as leather blindfold lined with sheepskin was pulled over my eyes.  So far, not a word had been spoken, but finally the silence was broken with a gruff command.  “Open!” was yelled at me as a hand pulled my chin.  I complied and a ball was forcibly stuffed into my mouth.  Before I could even react, he pulled the cinch strap tight.

I was panting and breathing hard through my nose.  In 30 seconds I been totally taken control of.  I was naked, cuffed, blindfolded and on my knees.  It had all happened so suddenly but with such authority that I was almost powerless to resist even if I had wanted to.  Ive been tied up before but Id ever had anyone just utterly take control of me like that.  It was what I had come there looking for this but It definitely caused some confusing feelings.  It also made my cock very hard.

“Up!” I was commanded and he pulled me to my feet.  I felt him doing something with my hands.  First one, then the other were slipped into the bondage mittens.  The handcuffs were removed, but my hands stayed locked together.

I felt him put leather cuffs around my ankles and then they too were clipped together.  Suddenly he slapped me, not hard, but it was shocking.  He grabbed my neck and leaned in close “Youre my boy now, arent you?” He demanded.

I didnt reply thinking that since I was gagged, none was required.  He slapped me again, this time harder.  “Answer me!  Youre my boy now, right?” he demanded again, only louder.

I said “Yes” as well as I could through the mouth filling ball, but it wasnt enough.  A third, harder slap, “YES WHAT?” he said loudly.  “Yes SIR” I spit through the gag.

“Thats right.”

I felt him grab my balls very roughly and squeeze them so hard I cried out in pain.  “Whose balls are these?”

“Yours sir” I struggled, trying to pull from his iron grip.

He let go of my nuts, but then gave them a very hard slap that really stung and got an inarticulate “AAAARGH!” through my gag.

He pushed me back until I was up against the bed then told me to lay down.  I complied and found myself laying on my bound hands in a very uncomfortable position.  He roughly manhandled my attached feet and moved me over on the bed.

Suddenly, both nipples exploded in pain as he grabbed one in each hand and pulled and twisted.  I cried out in pain yet again.  He laughed and said “Like that boy? Your mine now.” 

I felt something wrap something very tight around my scrotum and the base of my now mostly soft cock. 

Then he rolled me over on my stomach and I heard him rummaging around in his toy box.   I would soon find out it was a leather paddle he had in store for me next.   I heard the smack before I felt it, but when I felt it hurt!  He started spanking me hard and quickly and I was now yelling in pain.  As he spanked, he burrowed is hand underneath me and grabbed my nuts again, squeezing them even harder.  Through this onslaught of pain, I had now completely lost my hard on and was truly trying to get away from the pain.  I was screaming through my gag.  I dont know if he noticed my cock had gone totally limp or if he just got tired, but he stopped.

I caught my breath and said “Stop, stop stop!”  He could tell I wasnt acting I guess, as he immediately lifted my blindfold and undid the gag strap.

I spit the ball out and yelled “Dude, thats way too much to fast!”

He asked me if I wanted him to let me go.  I was somewhat scared about what I had gotten into, as I wasnt ready for this intensity, and had myself half convinced he wouldnt let me out.  I said yes, and to my relief he moved quickly to free me.

He quickly undid the restraints on my legs and wrists and pulled the tight elastic band from my balls, the one around my cock had already slipped off.

I wasnt mad at him, we hadnt really negotiated enough, and it started out really well when he just took control and got me restrained and naked with such purpose.  However, the pain had put me in full fight or flight mode and I needed to relax a little bit.

Feeling suddenly self-conscious, I put my shorts and shirt back on and we retired to the rec room.

We sat down and relaxed and I asked him if he had a beer, which he supplied.  As I drank it, we talked through what had happened.  He had the impression that I wanted a to really intense scene, and he had had complaints before about going to slowly warm up.  This only goes to show how important communication is for stuff like this.

Either way, we relaxed and chatted.  I was planning on finishing my beer and leaving, as my mood was ruined, but I didnt want it to be weird. I relaxed and enjoyed my beer as he showed me around a bit more. He showed me the room that he used to have for bondage and where he used to have restraints on the walls and hooks in the ceiling.  It was now used for storage.

He talked about how he separated domination from sex.  For him, he enjoyed humiliating guys, both verbally and subjecting them to experiences he knew made them uncomfortable.  He talked about how the biggest thrill for him was watching a victims eyes as they realized he was in control.

I was interested in his gear so he dragged some out into the rec room.  He showed me various cuffs, his favorite being the thigh to wrist restraints.  I was sitting in a reclining easy chair and as he showed them to me he described how he would love sometime to use them on me while I kicked back in that chair with my feet tied to the footrest  This was an arousing thought and my cock started to stir again.

Then he pulled out a very complex leather harness gag with an integrated collar.  I was very fascinated by this and looked at it very closely.  It had a leather pad over the lips with a gag sort of like a very short but very thick cock, but narrow towards the front so the mouth can close around it some.

On a whim, I asked him if I could try it out.  “Sure” he said and I put the gag in my mouth.  He walked around behind me and fastened the collar around my neck and then tightened and adjusted all the other straps until they were all snug.  It was very effective as my chin was now tightly clamped closed around the gag and there would be no way I could remove it without undoing several straps.

I tested the sound and found I could make noise, but was very muffled.  I also noticed that my cock had grown very hard again from the restraint and humiliation of being locked into this harness.

Dan noticed, too.  He leaned the chair back all the way and walked back around where I could see him.  Looking me in the eyes, he gently grabbed my hard cock through my shorts.  Noticing that I didnt resist or protest, he undid my shorts and pulled them off.  Then he walked behind me, leaned out over me and pulled my shirt off.

I could see him looking down at me and wearing nothing but this very strict gag harness, I felt very naked and humiliated.  It made my cock extremely hard.

He walked back over to his box and picked up a thigh to wrist restraint.  He held it up and looked at me questioningly.  I sealed my fate with the briefest of nods.  I figured he had proved I could trust him earlier, when he stopped at my request.

Shortly, I had my wrists locked too my thighs and my ankles had leather restraints around them and were clipped to the footrest of the recliner, which I was fully leaned back in.

He climbed on top of me, with one knee on my chest.  I was truly not going anywhere.  Grabbing the d-ring in the front of my collar, he pulled his face down to me and looked me in the eyes.  “Look at me, boy, this cock is mine, isnt it?”  I made “Yes sir” noises again through this strict gag.

He got up and came back with a bottle of lube, which he dribbled on my cock.  Then he knelt on my chest again, fully taking control of me, as he started stroking me.  This wasnt gentle, or teasing.  He grabbed my cock and started pumping it.  All the while verbally telling me how he owned this cock and how I was helpless and his.

It didnt take too many strokes before I was riding the peak to an orgasm and I started grunting.  He suddenly stopped.  I whined in protest.  “Not yet!”  He laughed a little.  He idly played with my nipple while letting me cool down.  After my breathing slowed down, he started again.

After peaking me and stopping 4 or 5 times, I was really getting desperate to cum.  He got into a rhythm where he pumped really fast and hard until I started to get close.  Then stopped suddenly and would pull his hand just out of reach of any thrusting I could do with my pinned hips, even though I desperately tried to get that extra touch.

I lost count of how many times he did this, but I was more than ready.  I was not play acting as I tried to beg through the strict gag.  He started teasing me by saying, “Ok, this time, I will finish you.  Ooops, maybe next time.”

Finally, after what seemed like hours, but was probably more like 20 minutes, he didnt stop.  He just kept pumping my cock until I shot a huge load that splashed all the way up to my shoulder.  He wasnt done yet, though, he kept pumping until he milked every drop out.  I tried to squirm away from the now way too intense stimulation, but between the restraints and his knee on my chest, I was unable to avoid it.  Finally, when my cock had gone fully flaccid he mercifully stopped and climbed off me. 

He came back with a towel and a beer.  He pulled the chair up and undid my restraints, leaving my hands and legs free.  I toweled myself off while he worked on the gag straps, until the gag popped out of my mouth and he threw the whole contraption on the floor by the box.  It was relief to get my aching jaw some freedom.

I started to get up to retrieve my pants, but he said.  “No.  You will always be naked when at my house, understand?”  I smiled, and said “Yes sir” as I sat down to wash the taste of gag out of my mouth with the cold beer.  I desperately wanted to get dressed, but I was still loving the humiliation and wanted him to enjoy the experience as much as I had.

We talked more, and he told me he would love to lock me in his cage sometime, and put me in his stocks.  He also told me he really would love to lock me in his chastity device and send me on my way.  Although the thought of that made my cock start to stir again (and he noticed), I had to decline as my domestic situation makes that somewhat impractical.

We have emailed several times since that meeting and discussed various scenarios, but have never gotten together again.

Either way, it was a very fun experience.  Although it went south for a while because we didnt really talk out expectations as well as we should, it was still very fun.  I got taken control of, strictly bound and humiliated and then toyed with for the pleasure of a true dominant until I had a huge orgasm.  Not a bad afternoon.

Note:  Thanks for the great feedback Ive received on the writing of my first adventure.  I hope that this one is as enjoyed as the last one.  I do want to reiterate that aside from minor details, this is an absolutely true adventure and Dan is a very real person.

I have only a few more adventures to write about.  If you are someone who would like to help add to my stories and are somewhere near the Seattle area, let me know.

Review This Story || Author: Tiedguy
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