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Review This Story || Author: Victor P

Fantasy Achieved

Part 1


I took a deep breath outside of the brightly lit bar, a rainbow flag told me all I needed to know.  I wondered whether I would be picked up on the first night, or if I would have to make a second visit. I was dressed casually, a pair of tan slacks, a red polo shirt, wide belt with brass buckle, and boots.  I looked at my nervous face in the door as I opened it and walked in.  I wasnt the largest person in the place, but pretty close - I wondered if anyone was hunting bear that night.

I walked to the bar, sat down and ordered a beer. I took a long swig of the ice cold brew, and started watching a ball game on the television.  I took another pull, and emptied the bottle.  Another beer appeared at my elbow, and I looked around to see where it had come from.  A slender younger man smiled and beckoned me to his table.  Nervously, I picked up the beer and joined him.  “Hi” he said, “My name is Bill, whats yours?”  “Dave” I replied, “Nice to meet you.”  He said “I havent seen you in here before, is this your first visit?”  I replied “Yes it is, actually, it is my first visit to a bar flying a rainbow flag.”  He smiled and asked “Then you are not gay?”  I said “I dont know, that is why I am here.  I dont think that I am, but I know I am a Hedonist, and so am curious about, well curious.”  “What makes you think that you arent?” He asked, If you arent gay, then what are you looking for here?”  I replied, “Im not attracted to men, but I do want to know what it is like well - to have a cock in my mouth.”  He smiled for a minute, and then took my hand and placed under the table on a bulge in his jeans.  “I like older men,” He said, “especially bears, but I might be more than you can handle.”  I left my hand on his crotch, and gently squeezed.  “Shall we have another drink?” I asked.  He said “ Lets go to my house, and have a drink there.”  I smiled nervously and said “Alright, give me your address, and I will meet you there.”  He smiled broadly, and said “Excellent, here is my business card, I will see you in a little while.”  He got up, went to the bar and paid both our tabs, then walked out into the street.

I sat for a minute and then went to my car.  I tapped the address into my GPS, and sent an e-mail to myself telling me where I was going.  I drove slowly, following the girls instructions and eventually pulled up to a ranch style house in the suburbs.  There was a car in the driveway, so I pulled in behind it.  I locked the car, and walked up to the door.  I stopped for a minute, I was the point of no return, if I pressed the button, I was going to well I was.

I rang the doorbell, and waited for what seemed like ages, the door opened and Bill smiled and invited me in. He was wearing a dressing gown, tied at the waist and he led me to his living room.  “What would you like to drink?” He inquired.  “Scotch on the rocks, if you have it.” I replied.  He poured a generous measure of Macallans into a glass and added ice.  Bill poured himself a brandy and came over to the sofa, where I was sitting.  He handed me the drink and sat across from me in a recliner.  “So, Mr. Hedonist, tell me a little of what pleasures of the skin you have experienced so far.” He said teasingly.  I took a larger swig than I intended of my drink and replied “Well, I ve been to twosomes, threesomes, gave anal sex, had oral sex, performed oral sex, been tied tormented and whipped, Ive tied and whipped, and had a vibrator inserted. Theres not much left I guess.”  He looked at me and smiled wickedly, “how did you like the whipping?” he queried.  “I like it, I said, “Especially when the person with the whip enjoys it as much as I do.”  He flicked his robe open, and his massive organ was standing proudly.  I gulped when I saw it, I wasnt expecting him to be so well endowed.  “Take off your clothes” he said, “We are going to have some fun tonight.”  I disrobed, neatly laying my clothes on the arm of the sofa.  “Now turn around, slowly, all the way around.” He commanded.  I did as he said, amazed that I wasnt blushing.  “You have a nice body for an older man.” Bill said, “I think I am going to enjoy you tonight.  Now come here and kneel.”  I walked to him and knelt in front, his erection just at eye level.  I reached out and took it in my hand.  I stroked it a bit, and looked up at him.  “I never told you to touch me,” he said sternly, “We will talk about that later.  You can start now, are you ready to receive my cum in your mouth or would you rather receive it elsewhere?”  I put my lips around his cock, it filled my mouth easily.  I released it, and licked the salty drop of liquid from the hole.  “I think that I would like to feel this explode inside me,” I replied, “after that, well see.”  “Yes,” he said, “We will see.” 

I took the cock into my mouth and started to suck and nibble gently.  I moved my head up and down, breathing sharply through my nose when it went too far in.  I could feel him growing, and could taste his pre-cum.  He said “Stop, and get me a condom from that drawer.  Theres also some lube, which may come in handy.”  I went to the drawer and pulled out a foil wrapped package.  I found the tube of lubricating gel, and went back to Bill.  I took the condom from the package and rolled it down his stiff member.  I took the lube and coated the condom, which I noticed had thick ribs sticking out.  “How do you want me?“ I asked, “Ive never done this before.”  “Turn around and bend over.” He said.  I did as he commanded and felt him lubing my anus.  I placed my hands on the sofa for balance, and felt him stand up behind me.  He guided his cock to my sphincter, and started to push.  I tried to relax my sphincter, to make it easier for him and less painful for me.  I felt it stretching my hole and then he plunged in, I let a shriek and he grabbed my hips and started fucking me hard.  The ribs were a torment, they felt like a rasp every time they pushed into my anus, and he would pull out nearly all the way and then ram his cock home.  Tears were coming to my eyes, when he started grunting and rammed his erection hard into me as he came.  He rammed me a few times more, and then withdrew.  I stood up gingerly; my poor anus was on fire.  I turned to him and knelt again.  He looked at me quizzically but said nothing.  I stripped the condom carefully from his softening member, taking care not to get any of my ass juices on his cock.  I tied the condom and placed in a waste can.  Then looked at him and smiled.  I started to clean his semen from his member, licking up to the head and then took it into my mouth and started to suck his semi-flaccid penis.  He held my head as I slowly sucked it back to life.  After a few minutes it started become engorged, and grew until it nearly filled my mouth.  I removed it briefly and licked and nibbled the glans and carefully licked the drops of pre-cum as they formed.  I lowered my head on to his now rampant cock and used my hand to stroke its length as I sucked it in and out of my mouth.  I felt him stiffen and felt the pulses of semen rushing up his cock and into my mouth.  I swallowed, and kept sucking, even though he was telling me to stop.  His cock went limp this time, nothing flaccid about it. 

I wiped my mouth and asked, “Was that OK?  He lay back and replied, “Wait till I catch my breath and I will show you how OK that was.”  I sat back on my haunches, wincing as my poor tormented sphincter slightly stretched.  He stood up and walked into another room without comment.  When he came back, he threw a set of leather manacles and a leather collar on the floor before me.  “You can either put these on, or you can leave.” He said “if you put them on, you are my toy for the rest of the night, if you leave, dont ever come back.”  I looked long and hard at the equipment in front of me, not quite believing what was happening.  I picked up the manacles and buckled them on to my wrists and ankles, before placing the collar around my neck.  He smiled and said, “Follow me, We are going to have such a good time.”

I followed him into the room, and was taken aback, chains hung from the ceiling and rings were attached to the floor.  The wall had a collection of whips, and other toys.  Silently he attached my wrist cuffs to hanging chains which left little room for my arms to hang.  He then stretched my legs apart and attached the cuffs to rings in the floor.  The effect was incredible, I was stretched out, barely able to breath, waiting for his pleasure.  He appeared in front of me, and said, “Because this is your first night with me, you get to choose the equipment, if you come back for more, it will be my choice only.”  I looked over the assortment and saw a horses fly whisk, its long hairs moving slightly in the breeze from the air conditioning.  I saw several cats and tawses, and some nipple clamps hanging from their chain.  “Please,” I said give me the horse whisk and the nipple clamps.”  “Oh!” he said “You like clamps?”  I nodded yes to save breath.  He went to the wall and took down the whisk, the nipple clamps, and picked up something else I couldnt see.  He walked back to me and suddenly whipped my chest with the whisk I could feel each of the hairs s they bit into my chest and nipples.  He gave me five hard lashes, and then placed small suction cups on my teats.  Each cup had a small bulb, which he depressed a couple of times sucking my nipples into the cups.  He then walked around behind me and whipped me hard, giving me ten agonizing lashes.  Without saying a word he stopped and coming to my chest pulled on the bulbs until the popped off, I screamed when my teats were released from their care.  He smiled and placed the nipple clamps on my engorged nipples, and gave them a little pull, watching my face for the tears he knew were there.  He cupped his hand under my erection and brought the whip down on my cock, the hairs biting into my glans and making me scream.  He smiled again, and said “You scream wonderfully, its music to my ears.  Now we are going to play a little game, I am going to whip you and torment your chest and nipples until you beg me to kiss you.  Then I unchain your legs and you will kiss me like you mean it, and then you will suck my cock till it is hard.  And then…we will see.”  He then walked around me, flicking the whip at my cock and clamped nipples, and the viciously whipping my back and my butt, hairs of the whip striking my poor anus making me squeal and squirm. He walked around whipping and flicking until I was sweating and screaming.  Then he stopped and started putting weights on the chain connecting the clamps.  “Oh no,” I said.  “Tell me,” He said, I will keep adding weights until the clamps slip off or until you beg me to kiss you.”  He walked behind me and starting flicking the whip so that it struck my tortured anus.  “PLEASE” I screamed, “Kiss me, please o please let me kiss you please, no more.”  He came around in front of me bent down and released my legs.  He then brought his fce to mine and offered his lips.  I lowered my head and started kissing him, sucking his tongue into my mouth.  He pulled away and smiled.  He took the weights of off my nipples and then gave the clamps a final tug before he removed them.  The blood rushing back into them was sweet agony in itself, but he had one more trick.  He sucked them harshly, stood back and whipped them harshly until I was shrieking.

He stopped, and unhooked my wrists.  I collapsed in front of him, my head near his glistening erect member.  “Suck it” He said Suck me until I cum, and then we can rest for a while.”  I took his cock eagerly into my mouth, nibbling and sucking, and milking it with my hands.  I could taste the pre-cum, and then I felt his semen surging through his cock on its way to my mouth.  He grabbed my head and held it while he came sliding his cock in and out like he was fucking my face. I sucked the last drop, and he released me.  “You can take off the manacles now,” he said lets go back into the living room.”  I followed him in and spied the remnants of my scotch.  I poured it hungrily down my throat.  He smiled and asked, “Would you like another?”  I shook my head yes, and he poured another generous measure and plunked in some ice.  “How do you feel about tonight?” He asked, “Was it as good for you as it was for me??”  I smiled a weary smile, and said “I wasnt expecting to run into a dominant, let alone one that was as sadistic as I am masochistic.”  “Would you like some more?” He asked.  I smiled and shook my head no, “Not tonight, but perhaps we could try again some night, maybe a weekend?”  He said, “Bend over, now!”  I did as instructed, and felt him rubbing something into my anus.  He wasnt playing, he was gentle, and the cream felt heavenly on my ravaged hole.  He said, “Youre very good, and easy to train.  Lets meet again, I will tell you when.”  He slapped my ass a couple of times and brought his cock to my face.  “Kiss it goodbye”, he snarled “I will look forward to our next session.”  I took the head into my lips and kissed it noisily watching him squirm as my lips vibrated around the head.  I stood up, and started putting my clothes on.  I walked to the door, and left, wondering how he would get in touch with me, I hadnt given any such information.

Review This Story || Author: Victor P
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