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Josh\'s torment

Part 1

Josh woke up feeling uncomfortably full. His asshole was stretched to far by an inflatable butt plug. He groaned and tried to move but he was bound tight and all of the aches of yesterdays 'discipline' returned to him. Left for the night hog-tied, one of his arms had gone numb during the short amount of sleep he had managed. He had only spent a day at the Baxters School for Troubled Young Men but he knew there was more pain and humiliation in his future.

He was still in the concrete intake room. He was naked and cold, the clothing he had been wearing on the street cut off his body by his councilors. The only thing he was wearing was the leather cuffs holding him in place and a slightly too tight leather collar. Eighteen, blond and 5'7" his slim body strained against the bonds that held it in place.

He heard the keys in the lock and his councilor entered. The man was in his forties and tall. Fully clothed in a shirt black jeans and work boots, Josh felt even more vulnerable.

"Good morning inmate 1337. Let's continue your indoctrination,” he said coldly. He unchained Josh from the floor and dragged him over to the torture table in the center of the room. He attached the leather cuff to eyehooks on the table to so that Josh was bent over the edge, his ass presented for torment. His ankle were bound to the legs of the table and stretched just a little to wide.

"You will be discipline many times a day by the staff at their discretion. You will obey instantly if ordered to assume the punishment position. Your parents sent you here because you are a lazy worthless criminal. We will fix this."

"But I'm not!" Josh cried.

His councilors eyes darkened.  He walked over and covered Josh's mouth and nose with his large hand. Josh couldn't breath!

"You will learn obedience and respect. For speaking without permission you will receive 100 blows with the paddle" he stated as Josh strained to breath.

He released Josh. As Josh panted for breath, his councilor selected a long heavy wooden paddle with 36 holes. His master stepped in front of him. "Kiss the paddle and thank it for disciplining you. Count the strokes and thank me for each one” he said pushing the end of the paddle between Josh's lips.

Josh pressed his lips together. He would never kiss his object of torment or thank his tormenter! His made a desperate "hhhmmm" noise.

His Masters eyes darkened. Josh expected to be suffocated again or smacked across the face. But nothing happened.

"What is about to happen is your fault, boy. It's what you deserve. We're here to teach you that actions have consequences,” the councilor stated slowly and sternly.

Without anymore pretense he began slamming the paddle into the boys but with astonishing force. Josh sucked in breath and clenched his jaw. His ass was on fire! He hadn't been spanked as a boy and now here he was 18 and having his ass torn up. He started to sweat from the pain. It was humiliating!

Josh was determined not to give in to the bastard and cry out. The consoler brought the paddle down on the boy ass with another loud crack. He started lecturing the boy.

"You are a filthy bad boy. You deserve to suffer. You WILL learn obedience. I know you still think there is still hope but soon you will be begging to give me your service and obedience. I've never met a boy that I couldn't break."

Josh tried not to squirm away from the searing blows of the paddle but the pain was becoming too great. He held his breath and tears silently rolled down his face. If he hadn't been strapped down his hands would be covering his burning red ass.

His master landed a few really heavy blows slowly. Josh tried to swallow down a few pain-induced grunts, he was sweating profusely. He felt a pinch as a needle was jabbed into his bottom. It was filled with amphetamines so that he would not pass out during the coming tortures and a mild hallucinogen to make his more disoriented and pliable.

"Alright boy, I think the punishment should suit the crime." He undid some of his bond and shifted the boy. He attached a spreader bar to the boys ankles. Finally he connected the boys writs to a hook on the ceiling and releases him from the torture table only to be left hanging from the ceiling. He could touch the floor but only on strained tiptoe.

The councilor disappeared for a moment then reappeared with a device that looked like it belonged in a dental surgeons office. Slowly the councilor began to shove it into his mouth. When Josh pushed his lips together his nose was held until he was desperate to breath he tried to part his lips just a little, but it was just enough. The device was jammed roughly into his virgin mouth. It was strapped tightly in place. The leather straps in the back fit snugly against his almost shaved head. His hair had been on the long and shaggy side until his arrival at the school. Just after he had been stripped naked his head had been shaved in to a marine high and tight. The councilor began to twist screws on both sides. Slowly Josh's mouth was painfully stretched into a drooling, gaping hole. He couldn't help but let out a whimper.

"Boy I control how you use your mouth. This lesson will teach you that if I command you to speak you shall speak."

The councilor wheeled a machine over. It had several wires coming from it with alligator clips on the end.  His ball and pubic hair had been shaved when he first arrived at the school. Wires were wrapped tightly around his smooth balls and dick.

"For the 100 blows that you did not thank be for you will connected to the electrotherapy device for 100 minutes. For the blows you did not thank the paddle for you will be connected to the electrotherapy device for another 100 minutes. You spend a total of 3 hours and 20 minutes receiving electro training. Then you will have a chance to thank me for your original punishment and receive it".

Josh panted. He wasn't gay but the whole thing was a bit overwhelming. The councilor was in total control of his body and, if what he threatened was true, soon his mind. His taught twink abs heaved with anxiety. His dick was bobbing to life.  It only made the metal wires feel tighter around his prick.

He didn't even notice the councilor go to the control panel and flip the switch.

"AAAAAUUUUUGHHH!" Screams of pain filled the dark concrete room.

Electricity stopped then pulsed through his stiff prick. It was the worse thing that he had ever felt in his life! The electric shock grew in intensity again and he tried not to scream. A grunt turned into a moan. When the searing pain didn't subside the moan turned into turned into a whale of pain.  The electricity eased off for a moment and he started to sob. Tears dripped down his face. Drool dripped from his stretched mouth. His jaw ached.

His head dropped. He was sure he saw steam rising from his electrocuted dick. He would have gone soft long ago but the wire was wrapped tight at the base of his manhood. It bobbed as he shook in pain as he was suddenly hit with a short sharp shock.


The mouth spreader kept him from clenching his jaw. He began to writhe in his bonds as the electric shocks torturing his cock. It felt like he was being jabbed in his balls and dick with needles! He screamed again and arched his back, struggling but there was nowhere for him to go.

The shocks lessened for a moment. Josh's shrieks turned to moans and whimpers. His consoler and soon to be master spoke.

"I have set this to automated mode. I will be back in three hours. Take the time to reflect on the bad choices”.

The councilor walked out locking the door behind him leaving Josh to sweat and writhe in agony.

Review This Story || Author: Batman
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