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a normal day for slave F.

Part 1

......a normal day for slave Francesco The alarm clock ring at usual! Slave got out of bed went to the bathroom to shave and wash and do his needs. He wore a plastic chastity belt that allowed him to piss. He was naked with the exception of leather collar, and leather bracelets for wrists and ankles.

He began to do exercises with weights and then went to run for 45 minutes . Back home take a bath, then breakfast.

After preparing breakfast for Mistress, he waited until 8 o'clock to go in silence into his Dommes bedroom. There was no message 0n the door , so he enter noiselessly.(if Mistress have some request or any particular desire, she would leave a message on the door with instructions for her slave) He sit the breakfast tray on the bedside table, slightly opened the curtains and then kneeled beside the bed to wait. After some minutes Mistress moved on the bed, then with a hand she raises the edge of the sheet: This is the signal. Finally slave can slide his head under the sheet and start to kiss his Mistresss ass. Every morning slave must awaken Mistress by licking and kissing her feet legs sex and ass.......often wakening his Mistress with an orgasm.... today Mistress stopped the slave before her orgasm.

She got out of bed and went to the bathroom , the slave followed her on all fours , waited beside her while she pissed, then as usual when she got up he began to lick her clean....he became excited every day waiting for this duty. This had become the norm..... every time she pissed he was kneeling waiting, then wiped her beautiful pussy with his tongue.

Back in the bedroom he served breakfast to Mistress. Francesco then licked Her feet while she ate and drank her coffee and read the paper; after breakfast Claudia gave him his orders for the morning :

- I have to go out for a couple of hours. You will clean my room and prepare lunch for two: my daughter will be here for lunch. Now its time to let me enjoy ...make me cum slut!!!

F starts to lick his usual start licking and kissing her ass for several minutes then when her sex was wet Francesco moved up to lick, kiss, and suck the lips and clit until Mistress cums in slave mouth. Claudia cum tightening around Fs head between her legs......Francesco held his tongue deep into her sex then started to lick again, again until her second orgasm covered slaves face with Mistresss wet pleasure.....

She sent slave to prepare her bath. while bathing, she told him what clothes to prepare and.... :

- today you deserve to be rewarded......maybe this afternoon you will be milked....... if you do not make mistakes in the meantime slut

- thanks Mistress

then slave prepared the clothes and went to the bathroom to dry his Mistress.

Francesco was thinking to Mistress words..... you will be milked......

She had not said that she would do it, it was a very impersonal and a neutral expression. And he thought that the afternoon was also the daughters..... that would be an interesting afternoon….

Before leaving the Mistress joined the ankles and wrists of the slave with chains in order to make most "enjoyable" the jobs that he had to do at home.

Francesco cleaned and arranged the chamber of Mistress, cleaned the bathroom and took care of cooking and preparing lunch. Around noon Claudia sent an SMS informing him that she would be home at 12:30.

Francesco was kneeling next to the entrance when the time arrived, and as usual kissed the toe of his master and then her daughter, then helped them take the bags they had.

Claudia went to the bathroom and motioned him to follow her. F knelt beside the mistress waiting for her to finish peeing so he would be able to lick and clean her. By now it was a conditional reflex: to see Mistress pee and waiting to be able to lick her, his cock immediately got excited. The cock ached in the construction of plastic. When Mistress finished pissing, she put one foot up on the toilet to facilitate his task: Francesco began to lick the drops of pee off her sex and continued for several minutes, then the Master turned to get her ass licked. She was slightly sweaty and the slave is even more excited to taste licking the hole, and would have loved to gone on longer, but she left the bathroom. But told him to wait there for her daughter and to clean her too.

It was not the first time Francesco did so, even though it was not common.

When the daughter went to pee and did not even look the slave until the end when her wet sex was meticulously cleaned ..... the slave felt that she was excited, but then she left suddenly. Francesco was convinced that she had got excited before stopping.

Francesco served lunch to the two women: Claudia had removed the chains on his wrists to ease the work, but had put two clothespins to his nipples and his balls were tied with a leather rope that she had hung some metal weights on. The pain was not constant, but light and very exciting. The cock in a chastity belt forced was another factor of pain.

Lunch was finished and when the two women rose from the table as usual Mistress wrote on a piece of paper a number and then hid it from view. Francesco knew that the number indicates the maximum number of minutes that he had clear and clean the kitchen before returning to be in front of her. It usually ranged from 7 to 8 minutes up to 20 and he hardly ever happened to guess the exact minute, and then he waited almost always for a punishment. In addition, however, it was perfectly clear what she would not add punishment to punishment.

He tried to do everything with scrupulous accuracy and speed and then return to kneel before the Mistress after 17 minutes. The Master found the package: 9 minutes. A time that was impossible!

- 9 minutes late! You deserve a punishments slut! Usually every minute of delay corresponds to 10 paddle strokes .... but now there are two of us, and then the punishment is doubled , you will have 90 paddle strokes from each of us

Francesco remained motionless while the Mistress got up and went to get the paddle ...... She came back with three: two wooden paddles of different sizes and one of leather, showed them to her daughter who chose one of wood and stood up.

Claudia sat down again on the couch:

-While my daughter punishes you, you lick me to distract !

The slave did not mind this, as who he kneeled on all fours with his legs open to show his sex. He began to lick her while the girl ordered him to keep the legs open and raise his ass high ...... He raised slowly while licking the lips of his Mistress feeling them swell and then open when he got the first shot on his ass ...... He focused on his tongue in the sex of his Mistress. The girl hit him with force , but without violence and cruelty and passed several seconds between one shot and another. As if she were more interested in the pleasure of the mother than to hurt the slave.......

90 hits come slowly, and as slowly grew the pleasure of Mistress.....90 hits finished, but slave continued to lick until orgasm of Mistress covered his face with her juices. F drove the Mistress to relaxing with kisses caresses and small strokes of tongue.....

When Claudia got up, in the meantime the daughter had taken a strap-on and put it on. The slave looked startled: it was great!

But the girl sit where her mother had been, and indicating the pink big object and said:

- slut! you have to lick and suck this while mum...your Mistress! punishes you.

The slave happy not to have to take the strap-on in his ass, and starts to lick......immediately the first stroke comes......

The Mistress paddled with more power and faster than daughter......but daughter grabs his head and forces him to take the dildo in his mouth and suck and simulate a blow-job. After every 10 shots Claudia stopped a little to caress his red ass and play a little with his caged cock and tied balls.

While Claudia paddled, the daughter watched slave suck the fake cock said

- would be beautiful if this cock could squirt in the mouth of your slut.....

- fake cocks exist that can do this!!!

said the Mistress

-mmmmm............. interesting!!

- yes!! this slut wrote some fantasy story with a similar item.......squirt in mouth his own cum collected on different days of milking , or using strap-on to fuck his ass and in the same time fill bladder with an enema of piss and water.....or fill his throat with piss.....

- mmmmm.......... we have to do mum....

- yes! we will do!!!! this slut deserves this and much more......


Francesco meantime had the dildo going in and out deeply in his mouth and throat and his ass spanked paddled hard.......and......and his cock was excited and in pain!!!

when Mistress Claudia stopped spanking slaves ass, daughter tightened her legs so that head of slave remain blocked with dildo deep in throat......Francesco could feel the hand of Mistress caress his red and hot ass then she grabbed balls and tightened, then she inserted a finger in his anus...deep then a second finger. Francesco stared at daughter who smiled

- can he take two fingers easy?

- yes! this slut can take three

and Mistress insert third finger in slave ass and said

- my slut will be trained to take a huge dildo and my hand too in his ass.....true slut??

Slave cannot move or speak and gave a weak nod....

- perfect!!!

Slave now was free to move and nothing in his ass......Claudia put three fingers in the mouth of the slave to have them cleaned; she hung a leash on the chastity belt of slave and pulled him out of the room like a dog

- we have to do some things in my bedroom, afterwards the slut will be at your disposal if you want to have fun.

Mistress takes slave in bathroom and removed the chastity belt. Then she sits to piss and immediately slaves cock become hard. Mistress stopped pissing, stood up and ordered slut to lie on the floor then lowered her pussy over his face, Francesco opened his mouth realizing what he wanted to do...... This was the first time, but knew this would happen and wanted it to happen..... she was ready to piss directly in the mouth of her slave.

Initially, he felt a few drops on his tongue then the flow increased and he began to swallow as pee filled his mouth and watered his whole face ..... then Mistress began to slide down his body, continuing to pee on his chest and abdomen, then to pee directly on slaves hard cock.

Then she sat on his face to be cleaned .......a long deep cleaning until Mistress come violently with all weight of her body over his face, then She lay on his wet body with her face near his cock....she tightened the balls and start to kiss his cock, meantime slave again has his head between the legs Mistress and the wet sex under his chin. Francesco starts to lick and kiss Mistress ass. After some minutes the tongue of the slave was very deep in Mistress ass..... a long deep French kiss.

Mistress was teasing and playing with his cock while Francesco was again pushing deep tongue in her ass

- slut....I know you are thinking something pervy......tell me how....

- Yes Mistress, smiled the slave

- I am thinking I seem to be in heaven now.......and.......some other things.......first I was remembering a mail sent to you with a fantasy: piss training for a week. A week during which I'll receive your pee...all your pee...over my face and body, directly in my mouth or enema of piss...and not only yours but of all women who will be in your home or elsewhere, directly or taking huge piss enema ...... Second thing.....I considered that maybe it's time to also start cleaning up your ass after you have shit with my be really your toilet slave.......

Claudia was smiling....

- A real slave slut...from tomorrow you will lick and clean my ass after I have shit and for a week of piss training, no problem I will quickly choose a week when I will see and meet many friends and have a weekend with a nice meeting of friends...many friends much piss for my slut.....

- Thanks Mistress

Mistress sat on Francesco and then slid up to have her sex leaning against his teased and hard cock ...... she bathed his cock with her juices then slipped it inside herself until it all inside ......when the slave felt the warmth and the embrace of her sex Mistress, he sit down and grabbing the Mistresses hips and began to slide her up and down his cock.

He knew he could not cum in her unless she ordered him to ...... He had to control his breathing and focused on the pleasure of the Mistress, to control their movements as much as possible and delay the his climax.

They were on the bathroom floor, wet from Mistress's pee, when she got up went in the shower and beckoned him to follow ..... He went back to fucking her from behind while standing under hot water ...... the slave holding Mistress and squeezing her breasts while slamming in and out of her pussy, hearing her pleasure increase and her orgasm approaching ..... Claudia come with a groan and then relaxed in his arms still having his hard cock inside her ...........

.........They went into the bedroom where F still excited licked his mistress lying on the bed and then come back and fuck long and slowly bring her to a second orgasm ..... She ordered him not to cum.

- You will cum only when and how I'll decide

-Yes Mistress

Claudia gets her sex licked clean by slave, she then tied his wrists behind his back and made him kneel beside the bed while she dressed. As usual with the cock leash she leads slave into a metal cage in the dungeon Francesco to wait for Mistress and her daughter to came.

- Time for slut to cum

Said Mistress laughing...daughter too was laughing..... and daughter opened the cage and brings Francesco to a bench. Tied his arms, head and torso...then she put a spreader bar on his ankles and lifted his legs with a chain until his body was bent in two, with his ankles over his head and his sex right over his face.....

Now it was obvious what are the program was...... only few operations like balls tied and stretched.......then a candle in sluts ass....

Claudia lit the candle........

- He is yours

She said to her daughter...... she came close to Francesco tied and put latex gloves...... not satisfied she takes a ring gag and puts it in slaves mouth........ Meanwhile the hot wax began to cover his ass and base of his tied balls.......

The girl start to massage and caress slaves cock.......This was a long action...really long slow and cruel action.....many times when she understood that he was on the edge of tolerance and was close to cumming she stopped .......... the whole process lasted nearly an hour before she allowed him to his own mouth.....his cum covered face and was in his mouth and on his tongue....... the two women was satisfied

Claudia said

- good slut......we will leave you here to relax and then after you are freed.... you will prepare dinner

Mistress comes close to Fs head......he can see as she approached and was over his face....... After only few moments then she pissed over slave face and directly in his open mouth......

Francesco remain alone in the dungeon, tied, balls stretched , face wet of cum and the dark of dungeon only with the feeble and tremulous light of the candle that was burning stuck in his ass .....

He did not know how long he spent tied up in that position but remained there until the candle was totally extinguished and the wax had covered his ass and balls. In the dark....Finally Mistress returned and, without turning on the lights but only in the light coming through the door, comes close to slave , removes the candle from his ass and wax from his balls..... then sits over sluts face: with her ass directly over the ring gag therefore Francesco could do one of the things he loved over all......lick Mistress ass and insert tongue deep ass Mistress......

Claudia slowly untie the slave enjoying slave tongue........then when he got up told him to go wash and then prepare dinner. After showering Francesco waits for her to decide on his clothing. Before dressing him, Mistress takes a leather thong of 2.5 inches wide which tied balls sac, balls were tight and stretched. Then a leather bag for balls tied hard with strings. And finally a leather sleeve with strings for his cock. Afterwards Francesco wore black rubber shorts and a normal white t-shirt and lastly thigh high boots . S\The shorts had a hole that corresponded to sex and ass, so Francesco had exposed cock and balls in leather restraints and ass accessible.....

Francesco so dress went to the kitchen to prepare dinner. He loved to cook, especially for his Mistress.

Now he was able to walk around quite easily with the boots, because he had suffered a long and rigorous training from his Mistress. Hours to walk home, taking the stairs, in the garden always totally naked with only his boots with high heels. Even now she continued to train every week but always adding new difficulties: ankle chains, weights at balls, leather corsets, posture collar, wrists and arms tied behind his back.

Claudia loved the boots: for herself and her slave.

While the preparation of the meal progressed he set the table. Once everything was ready he went to call the two women, he entered the room where they were and knelt in front of the Mistress and after having kissed the tip of the boots announced that dinner was ready.

The two women got up and went into the dining room where the slave began to serve. The daughter was telling her mother she could not stay overnight because she had to see a friend after dinner. Then her mother told her that the next morning would start the slaves week of piss training ..... as she explained what it was, daughter looked at the slave who looked down ..... He will practice for a week, as often as his Mistress has to pee it would be in or on the slave, in the face, mouth, or in the ass or he would do enemas with his pee and the slave would have to accept the pee from any other person Mistress would decide ........

-It sounds very heavy ….hard

said the daughter

- Yes! But it is an idea, a desire of this slut , so.... why disappoint them?!

- Right!

That saying Claudia reached out and squeezed his balls locked in the leather bag

- I hope you will visit us during the week and leave this bitch a little of your pee ...

- Sure! I was thinking I could save a little of my pee for days and when I come we could do a good yellow enema

- Yes! Excellent! Slut will be very happy!

Francesco blushed but felt the excitement grow and harden his sex despite the leather binding.

The slave had finished serving dinner, and shortly the daughter went out, leaving them alone.

He clears the table and went to clean the dishes and kitchen while the Mistress was on the phone and then turned on the television. After he finished his work in the kitchen, he went to kneel beside the mistress who was still talking on the phone, she beckoned him to move in front so she can use him as a footrest. There was a exact and correct position: he showed his butt to the Mistress and stood with his head resting on the floor and raised her ass slightly splayed legs outstretched.

Claudia put her feet on his butt while talking on the phone with a friend then began to give some little kicks with her soles to balls and cock then slowly slipped the stiletto heel into slave's ass entirely. Francesco moaned and she laughed. Then she had to explain to her friend on the phone what she was doing. The friend was apparently not shocked or surprised by such actions and certainly asked to meet her slave. They agreed to see each other in two days.

The call ended, but the heel remained well deep in slave ass...Mistress was watching a movie, some time after she remove heel and said to slave to lick and suck clean the heel. Francesco did slowly and with care while Mistress watched: she loved watching slave suck.....heel dildos strap-on....

- Go prepare for the night slut, this night you will sleep in my bedroom

Ordered Mistress

Francesco went to the bathroom to undress, and wash and pee then go Claudia bedroom and wait. sleeping in the Mistress room mean to be tied to a bench in a leather sac with cock exposed and mouth free. Very exciting for the slut!

When Mistress come into the room, she spread the leather sac on bench then Francesco lay in; Claudia tied it with two belts waist, then two more belts to tie his legs and finally closed the leather sac. Only cock was out: naked and free. Then she did put a leather hood on slave: blindfolded hood with two small holes for nostril and hole for mouth. Then a high collar. A pillow under his head then she starts to immobilize him with a lot of belts: feet, legs, waist, torso, neck, head. The more belts she adds, the harder is cock slave. At end she undresses and sits over slaves face. He immediately starts to lick Mistresses sex, when she was really wet and hot she gets up and goes to sit on his hard cock. The Cock slides easily into her wet pussy.... she rides the cock slave a long time until she cums and Francesco cums too...

She lay on her leather mummy, kisses him, then again goes to sit over slaves face so slut can lick his own cum.......

Review This Story || Author: effeexxx
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