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Alarm Clocks

Part 1

I'm a 23 year old guy who likes writing slow stories that include actual characters and not just good looking bodies. I enjoy slow build-up and dramatic sequences. I'd say my work is more "erotic" than "sexual".

I in no way condone sexual or any other slavery. Any form of play should always be consensual. My stories are a work of fiction and fantasy - and it should stay that way. My stories might include characters below the age of 21, but never in a sexual situation. I am strongly against child abuse and rape.

Please be reasonable.

Andrea was tired that day. Five clients came and left and she felt like she didnt really help either of them. Her job was difficult and tedious, but sometimes it paid off. She changed one young girls mind about suicide and helped one old trucker to hold his family together. Those were the highpoints of her career as a psychologist. Then there were countless drug addicts, abusers, couples therapies and divorce sessions with children. Now with the ongoing recession, she also had to talk to people who lost their jobs or had their houses foreclosed. When her workday was nearing its end, she often removed her shoes and placed her feet on a high glass table in front of her chair to relax a little bit. Chances of someone coming just fifteen minutes before the end of her working hours were very slim. In those last few minutes of her shift, she was considering the options. “Should I quit this job and do something else?” Andrea was 32, divorced. Her life was under control just a couple of years ago but now it seemed like everything got derailed. She wasnt really happy and she was rather grateful that her first marriage was childless. She couldnt imagine caring for an infant.

Andrea was a young woman. Her face was still very smooth, her lips thick, her eyes blue and her nose small. She looked younger than 32 and most people complimented her on that, despite the fact that it was clearly not a result of any effort on her side. Her long legs and beautifully shaped hips were another feature that grabbed a mans attention. When she waived her dark blonde hair, men were assembling. Unfortunately, as is the case of most pretty women, they really only wanted one thing and not the other. “I wonder if there was ever a man who saw more in me,” she thought as she adjusted her business skirt around her hips and crossed her nyloned legs on the table.

Instead of worrying about her relationships, she was unhappy about her location. She was considering leaving for a different country. She was bored of American men and their corny pick-up lines. She thought men in different parts of the world were different. Her dream cities were Milan, Paris or Rome or elsewhere in Europe. Just when she was daydreaming her life in Rome, someone knocked on the door of her office. She put her shoes back on, stood up and opened the door.

In the door was a middle aged man, clean shaved and with short brown hair. His eyes were dark and on his face was not even the slightest hint of a smile. “Youre Miss Peterson. Can I talk to you for a few seconds? Ill pay, obviously.” The man was wearing a black jacket and black jeans. One thing Andrea always had to do before starting a conversation with a client was to try to assess him. He didnt look emotionally unstable or stressed. In fact, he seemed absolutely calm. It seemed unlikely that this man would request any psychological help. Appearances can be deceiving though. That was another rule in Andreas profession. Andrea shook his hand and invited him in.

The man sat himself comfortably in the sofa and looked at Andrea, waiting for her to start the session. “So, what is your name and age?” Andrea asked. Age wasnt particularly important, but many people with a midlife crisis which was what she assumed was this case wanted to talk about it, so why not get it out of the way first.

“Patrick. Im 42,” the man said calmly.

“How can I help you?” Andrea replied with a bit of confusion in her voice. Patrick seemed confident and totally content with his age and looks. He was very comfortable. She was stunned and also a bit curious. This guy was not her typical client. He looked way cooler and less miserable than that. In fact, she liked him. His face was dark and mystical and the energy he was emitting was negative but exciting.

“Listen to me.”

Andrea sighed internally. Its one of those… those who like to talk for hours and need someone to listen. They are the worst clients. It seems like an easy job to just sit and listen, but it really rather isnt. Andrea took a deep breath. “What do you want to talk about?

The mans face darkened as he tilted his head forward. “You.”

Immediately, Andrea scanned her memory for anyone looking at least a bit like the man in front of her. Did she meet him before and perhaps made him come to ask her out? What was this?

“I just want to inform you that you will not be free anymore.”

Andrea gasped. What? “What do you mean?”

“What I said.”

Patrick certainly wasnt the most talkative man in the world.

“What you mean I wont be free anymore?” Andrea asked the man. She was used to various weird people. She was a bit stunned that such unreasonable words came out of the mouth of a relatively reasonable looking man, but oh well. Men who were okay didnt come to her office.

“You have two options. Turn yourself in willingly or well take you. Call this number if you want to know more.” Patrick extended his arm to place a business card on the glass table before him.

Andrea immediately recognized the danger. For a second she thought that someone was offering her S/M services. However, Patricks gaze was very serious and his eyes were burning right through her. “What… is this some kind of a joke?” Andrea said with a shaking voice.

“No. I dont tell jokes. If you want to know more, call the number on the business card. Otherwise you can start preparing yourself for some serious discipline,” Patrick said and then he got up from the sofa and aimed for the door.

“Wait…” Andrea uttered when he was almost at the door. “Who are you?”

“You dont need to know.”

Patrick left Andreas office without a “goodbye” and Andreas phone started ringing. It was her alarm clock to remind her that her shift was over. It was time to go home. Andreas life was basically one ring after another. It started with the alarm clock in the morning. Then it was the kettle which was signalizing boiling water with a beep. Then it was her car, reminding her that she should fasten hear seatbelt.  Beeps were present throughout Andreas life, so she thought she might as well set an alarm clock for the end of her shift to have a clear signal her days work is done.

Andrea was sitting in her office chair completely stunned. She didnt know what to do. Was this a threat? Was it just a sick joke? Eventually, she dismissed all these thoughts by convincing herself that this guy was just a crazy lunatic, who is aroused by telling women theyre objects. There must be some kind of a disorder like that.

On her way home, Andrea was thinking about a party shes throwing in her house in a couple of days. She invited all her friends from university plus a few fellow psychologists. Her ex-husband left her a nice house in the suburbs which was very spacious and cozy. It also had a bathtub and a swimming pool. Andrea didnt utilize these luxuries very often though. She was mostly to be found in the living room. It was undergoing a reconstruction, but since there was no man in her household and she couldnt do it herself, she had to pay for a professional to do it. Andrea wanted to change the colors of that room to forget her past.

At home, Andrea started her routine undress, shower and TV. Sometime close to midnight, she would always crawl under the blanket of her bed and if she was in the mood usually about twice a week, she would touch herself. In her dreams were usually intelligent high class men. She spent her whole life surrounded by businessmen or athletes. Unfortunately they were usually her clients and they revealed their weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Andrea considered this the end of any chances for a relationship. It would not just be unprofessional to have an affair with one of her clients it would also mean she could make use of her knowledge of that mans secrets and weaknesses. It would be most unfair. In a world full of people with one or more problems, she was looking for a man with none or at least a man whos not so vocal about them. Her fingers would slowly circle her clit at the thought of a very confident and cool guy, who has clear goals in life and is doing all he can to achieve them. She was looking for someone crazy enough to have no issues in his life whatsoever. Some days she would explode around the thought of such a man being right in front of her and gently rubbing her clit, other days she would fall asleep unsatisfied.

Tonight, it was different. In her vision was a dark stranger. She couldnt see his face. He was standing on a bridge with fog on both sides of it. He was coming closer to her as she was naked and helpless in front of him. There was no space for her to move she was completely immobile. She couldnt see his face but she could imagine his touch and was waiting for it like a flower waits the whole night for the sun. Her heart was beating like hell and her throat was getting dry. Just as she could feel his chest hair tingle her nipples, she heard a beep and she woke up.

“Ugh… what was that?” Andrea was in her bed and sweating. As she gently pushed her hand against her crotch, an alarming truth was revealed to her she was soaking wet. “What was that beep?” she thought and looked at her phone. It was 3AM and the alarm was set to the typical time of 8AM. “Im getting crazy,” she thought. She got out of the bed and went into her walk in closet. She grabbed a clean blanket and threw away the wet one. Then, she went for a shower.

As the warm water was pouring down her beautifully shaped back, her brain finally came to life and she realized that the dream was her reaction to that strange encounter yesterday. “That asshole ruined my sleep,” she thought. “Well, ruined…” She looked at her still red crotch. She didnt want to admit that this whole encounter would be in any way arousing. Yes, he seemed to fit the description of her dream man, but he was too old and also not very well spoken. And thats a turn off. “What a weirdo,” Andrea thought before she dried her body with a towel and went back to her bedroom. As she covered her body with a blanket, she started thinking about this encounter. “What was that guy trying to do? Is he trying to abduct me? Shouldnt I contact the police?” Then she realized that its probably for the best to cut him some slack and let this whole thing rest. As a professional psychologist she shouldnt be running around pressing charges. She needs to maintain a certain level of confidentiality. As long as no one grossly breaches her rights, theres no need to act all offended and go talk to the police. “Was this a breach of my rights? A threat? It was… but I dont think it was meant seriously.” Someone else would probably be scared to death by such a threat, but as a psychologist, Andrea knew better than to take everything people say seriously.

Andrea couldnt sleep. Her brain was full of what just happened. She knew there was something inside of her but she didnt want to let it control her. She knew that it could completely devour her. Clearly, the whole situation was arousing her. It was not her typical form of arousal. It was a taste of the forbidden and inappropriate. After a few seconds, it became clear. She wont fall asleep unless she releases this energy. Andrea touched her clit gently again and started rubbing it. She was imagining the man from her dream, his dark mysterious face and confident stare, his strong muscles and the effortlessness that surrounded him. He was right next to her, breathing warm air onto her neck, slowly whispering into her ear. She could feel the energy building up inside of her until she felt her final little jolt that preceded the big flood of energy. After a very short time she brought herself to an orgasm. Her mouth was forced open by the inescapable joy of the moment and her mind became clear again. She didnt even see the face of that man, she didnt know who he was. That alone was surprising, because her sexual fantasies usually revolved around very detailed characters she made up. This was different. Something else made her aroused. As a psychologist, she fought the urge to try to diagnose herself and instead she let all her thoughts go. Several minutes later, Andrea fell asleep.

The rest of the week was relatively uneventful. Andrea gained a new client a man whos filing for divorce and is afraid his daughters will hate him. Andrea spent the whole week preparing for this man and trying to help, but it seemed impossible to get him to open up and release the anger he feels for his wife. On Friday, Andrea went to a bar with other girls and discussed the party on Saturday.

“Im definitely coming,” Jessica confirmed her appearance and patted Andrea on the back.

“Im happy to hear that, J” Andrea smiled. “I hope Im not going crazy, but I was considering cooking something. Should I?”

The girls laughed. “If you dare…”

“Is Matt coming?” Pauline asked out of nowhere. There was a connection to cooking, though not an immediately obvious one.

The whole table got silent. “I… hope not,” Andrea replied nervously. “I mean… I havent seen him for a while.”

Matt was a good friend of Andreas ex-husband Jeff. They used to drink together and hunt together. The only problem was that one day, he started hitting on Andrea and her ex got mad at him. They had a fist fight which pretty much ended their friendship. Andrea liked Matt, but didnt like the way he behaved. He was very confrontational if things werent under his control, he was furious and easy to irritate. His somewhat commanding tone was another feature that made Andrea a bit mad. Considering the fact that she wasnt even his wife, she didnt have to put up with this, but she did, because she loved her husband and knew the two were friends. After their fight and end of friendship, she felt relief. Matt was good looking and certainly smart and educated, but he was simply too much for Andrea to handle. The word “overwhelming” seems to be fitting.

“You think he still likes you?” Pauline asked.

“Probably. And the answer to your next question is no.” Andrea replied, now in a visibly worse mood than before the question was asked.

Pauline chose to move on and the discussion continued.

The next day, the weather was great. Sun was warming the air and summer was in full swing. Andrea chose to wear something nice for the party, so she but on a blue short dress and a pair of heels. Generally the party was supposed to be more of a house party than a serious high class event, but theres never enough glamour. Andrea wanted to look happy to prevent people from asking her questions about her ex or her non-existent relationship with a man. She wanted to avoid these topics altogether. Instead, she was ready to talk about her trip to Canada last week.

Around 8PM, Andrea heard someone talk in front of her house, so she went out to greet him. In a few seconds, she froze. In front of the house was Matt. He was leaning against his sports car and smiling at her. Andrea didnt want to talk to him. She turned around mid-way and started walking back to the house, hoping hed get the message and leave. He didnt. Instead, he ran to her and grabbed her shoulder.

“Stop,” he said while holding Andreas bare shoulder. “I want to talk to you for a second.”

Andrea was really mad. “I dont want to talk to you. You are a part of a life Im not living anymore and you dont belong here.” Andrea was surprised by how straight she was with him. This was the most honest thing she ever told him.

“Whoa, thats cold. I was just trying to be nice,” Matt said in a clearly sarcastic voice. His confidence was unshaken. “You are such a nice woman and yet you are unable to accept the fact that Im not on your exs side in this dispute.”

“I know youre not, but that doesnt change anything. Look, it was nice that you helped me after my divorce, but I really dont think wed work. Ive given it a serious thought and I think you are way too… controlling.”

Matt cleared his throat. “Yes… but its all for a good cause. I have good intentions.”

This line resonated with Andrea. She remembered the man in her office earlier this week, who told her that she was an object. Now thats controlling. This wasnt that bad. “Uh, you know Matt… Im sorry if this is hard for you, but its hard for me as well. Jeff… he left me and… I know hes given me a lot…” Andrea was pointing at the house and slowly losing her voice.

Matt stepped closer to her and held her arms. “I know.”

“He… he… I thought we had something and now its all destroyed and youre a constant reminder. Thats why… we… I mean I wish… but thats why we cant work…”

Matt took a deep breath and whispered into her ear: “Dont worry about it. No matter much you want to forget me and your previous life… youre mine. Head to toe. Mine. Ill always be here. Dont forget that and stay strong.”

Andrea started crying. Matts words were perhaps another expression of his control and he didnt sound particularly compassionate, trying to make use of the situation, but he was here. If he considered her “his”, it was a completely different type of “ownership” than the one this weird guy was informing her about earlier this week. “I need to… talk to you about something,” Andrea whispered.

“Sure, what is it?”

“On Monday… some weird guy went into my office and was talking about me being property and…I dont just weird stuff. He said I could turn myself in or theyll take me.”

Matts face darkened with concern. “Oh… Hmm. What did he look like?”

“He was 42… brown hair, brown eyes... I think… I dont know.”

“Did he give you contact information or something? I could visit him.”

“No. He only gave me his number.”

“Have you dialed it?”


“Why not? Maybe its a joke or something. Guy wants to hook up and wants to be unique. Hell, maybe it was just a prank and you didnt call the number so it failed.”

“Well… he seemed serious.”

“Yeah, but… its probably not very likely that someone would tell you something like this.”

“You did a couple of seconds ago.”

“Yeah… when I say it, its different.”

“How is it different?” Andrea asked, knowing the answer.

“I care. He doesnt. Just call the number and youll see. If its still a problem, just call me and we can try to get some information on him and confront him…or them…or whatever.”

“Thank you Matt.”

“No problem. So, Ill be gone then. See you later and please…just…try to think about me and … us.”

Andrea nodded and felt relief that Matt was leaving. She really didnt want him on the party. Having said that she also felt like he was a little more mature and serious this time. No joking around.  For the first time in ages, Andrea thought that maybe there was something about him. Maybe there could be some future for them. All Andrea was certain about was that the time wasnt right.

“Okay… handle this professionally,” Andrea thought as she picked up the business card that the weird man left in her office. The only information on it was a phone number. 

Andrea took a seat in her comfy couch and dialed the number. Her heart was pounding and her mouth was dry. This was a crazy moment. She was going to call someone who was threatening her. After a few seconds, someone picked up the phone.

“Miss Anderson. Took you a while to call,” a male voice said on the other side. It was almost certainly the voice of Patrick.

Andreas voice was shaking. She was scared and nervous, but also curious. She wanted to know what was going to happen to her. Clearly this wasnt just a joke. “So… what were you talking about … in my office?” Andrea could barely string a sentence together.

“I thought you understood. You have two options. Either youll turn yourself in willingly, or well take you. When and how Im obviously not going to tell you. If you wish to turn yourself in willingly, then heres how you do it. Im going to send you a message with instructions. Follow the instructions. Thank you for this lovely conversation Miss Peterson, but Im a busy man. I hope youll understand. One more thing. Dont worry about police or FBI. They cant get to us. Not even if you let them read the SMS Im going to send you. You might try to ask for police protection, but I certainly wouldnt. It would make our job easier, not harder. Bye Miss Peterson.”

That was it, the end of the phone call. Andrea didnt even get to ask another question. She placed her phone on the table in front of her, stunned. This whole thing was real. Was the man lying about his connection to the police or was he serious? Who knows? It was impossible to tell. What was she going to do? There was really only one solution. Andrea picked up the phone.

“Matt… I… I just called the number and … he… or they… are serious.”

“Fuck… thats really bad. Have you called the police?”

“No. Not really. They say it doesnt matter whether I do or not.”

“They could be bluffing.”

“Yes, but… I dont know. Could you maybe… come over for the night? Im scared to be alone in this house. I see that man everywhere.”

“Yes. Sure.”

“I can cook you something…”

“You dont have to. Ill come for you, not your cooking. Ill be there in a minute.”

Andrea had to cancel the party. She wrote a message to all the invited guests, telling them that shes tired and would like to postpone the party. In a few minutes, she received messages from the invited guests, stating that theyre okay with it and that she should get some rest.

Among the messages was one which was from an unknown number. In it was a link to a website and a message: “YOULL NEED TOR BROWSER.”

Andrea went to her computer and installed “Tor” browser. It apparently could access the so called “deep web” a set of websites that are unavailable for normal browsers. Then, she carefully copied the web address she received in the SMS.

The website was basically just a black screen with a white window in the middle. In the window was the following text:

  1. Our pickup point for your area is on the corner of Carson Street and Cherry Avenue in Long Beach. Full address is below.
  2. Go to the pickup location, ring the bell and wait for the door to open. Once its open, enter the building and follow the arrows.
  3. The arrows will lead you to a white room. Drink the prepared liquid and lay down on the bed.

That was all the information Andrea was getting out of this. Naturally she was mad. This whole thing was not just a serious shady operation, but it happened on a global scale. The line “our pickup point for your area” meant there were more pickup points for various places around at least the US, maybe even the world. This was a global crime and somebody had to do something. It was time to start thinking.

“There must be a way to figure this out,” Andrea thought. “They told me that I cant call the police. No, they said I can, but it will make it easier for them. Are they with the police? Do they abduct people while faking injuries or crimes? How could something possibly be easier to do with the assistance of the police?” All these thoughts were gathering in Andreas head when she heard yet a ring. “Ah, Matt is here.”

Andrea opened the door and saw a familiar face. For probably the first time in her life, she was happy to see him. She immediately hugged him. “Thank you so much for staying. I… I know that things are complicated between the two of us, but…”

“Not on my side. For me its really simple.”

“I know. Its just… ah, lets have a nice evening and talk about it tomorrow.”

Andrea turned on the TV and popped in a DVD with Love Actually. After a few moments, she fell asleep. It was a long and exhausting day and especially the drama of the last few hours made her really tired.

“Youre listening to your mind, but not your body, Andrea. Arent you sick and tired of asking people questions? Dont you want to be asked? Dont you want to be desired?” a man with a darkened face said in a deep voice, looking at Andrea from across the alley. Andrea was unable to move, trying to run away from him, but her limbs were not moving, despite not being attached or tied to anything. “You dont really want to run away, do you?” the voice said. “The only way for you to run away is to suppress your own sexuality. We both know what Freud said about that, dont we? Dont we?”

Then Andrea woke up about. She slept for about 2 hours, leaning on Matts shoulder. Matt was watching some documentary about fisherman on the open sea.



“Do you know what to do with this whole situation? I really need your help.”

“My friend works at a security firm. I could ask him to protect you over the course of a few weeks.”

“Thats not going to help. They could wait for me for years. I need to deal with this or I wont be able to sleep at night.”

“You were sleeping just fine a couple of minutes ago. Let me say this. I honestly believe its all just a sick joke of one of your former clients. Maybe you made someone upset and he asked someone to come to your office and tell you about the abduction or whatever. I dont think its anything…”

“Brett… Yes, there was a man named Brett Poltsky. He was an IT specialist. Maybe hes behind this website.”

“Website? Do you already know how to turn yourself in?”

“Yes, he sent me a message.”

“So why dont we go to that place tomorrow. Ill come with you. Im sure nothing bad will happen to you.”


Andrea knew this was dangerous, but the presence of a man next to her did give her a degree of security. She wanted to know who was behind this and if it was a real thing. Brett Poltsky was a very mentally ill and weak person. She knew how to confront him, should he be there.

The two spent the rest of the evening watching shows on TV. When Andrea fell asleep, Matt brought her to her bedroom and covered her with a blanket. Andrea woke up midway, but pretended to be asleep and enjoyed Matts care. Matt spent a few seconds sitting right next to Andreas bed and stroking her blanket covered body. It felt as though he was apologizing for something. “Maybe its he feels guilty for ruining my marriage,” Andrea thought before she fell asleep.

The next day, Matt was making breakfast and Andrea was preparing for her confrontation with the captor. She put on her best clothes for some confidence boots a tight hugging knee high dress, stiletto shoes and a necklace. When she appeared in the kitchen, Matt was beside himself.

“Wow. Are you sure youre not overdressed? I almost want to drive you to my house rather than that pickup point you mentioned.” Then his face lightened up with a smile. “You look gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. Thats all Im saying.”

Andreas face was still full of concern. After a week of stress and uncertainty, she was now going to learn about that weirdo who went into her office without an appointment and had all the wrong things to say. “Thank you Matt. Do you think well make it?”

“What do you mean?”

“Matt, someone threatened me with kidnapping. Im obviously stressed!”

“I know. Its just so unlikely to happen, especially this way. I know you think Im not taking this seriously and thats not the way it is. I just think that you should calm down a bit and enjoy the ride with me. In a few hours well both be laughing about this. Itll just be a story to share with other people over a beer or martini or whatever you drink.”

“I dont drink… not much anyway.”

“Whatever. Heres your breakfast.”

“Im not hungry. My stomach is knotted.”

“Come on. You need to eat something. Ill force it in you if I have to.”

“Okay, since youre so insistent.” Andrea took the knife and fork and started eating the omelet.  “Is this enough?” she asked about midway through.

“Well, I probably wont be able to convince you to eat more, so yeah. You can stop if you want.”

“Thanks for the permission,” Andrea replied with obvious sarcasm in her voice. “Can we go?”


Matt helped Andrea crawl into his Porsche and the two began their relatively short trip to Long Beach. On the way, Matt chose to play some nice music through the speakers to calm Andrea down. “If you should fall upon hard times, if you should lose your way, there is a place here in this house, that you can stay,” a male singer was singing on the radio.

“Okay, maybe a little bit too depressing,” Matt thought but as he reached for the radio station knob, Andrea stopped grabbed his hand.

“Leave it on. I like it.”


“Its so soothing, isnt it… to have someone to live for,” Andrea asked.
“I never had someone to live for. For me it was always just a necessity to feel socially accepted. Im close to 40. I cant run around chasing women. I need a relationship, but its only because the society wants me to. I wish there were a way to escape it.”

“With the right woman you can,” Andrea said. Immediately she regretted it, hoping Matt didnt take this the wrong way as a sign of her affection.

After about an hour drive from central L.A., Matt parked his car near the pickup location.

“Okay, this is it. Should I go to that building with you or should I observe here?”

“I dont know. I suppose its for the best if you come with me.”

The two walked to the building that was supposed to be the pickup point but almost immediately recognized a problem.

“Theres a camera over there. They wont open the door while Im here,” Matt said in a calm voice. “I think that I should step back and observe. I can hold the door for you if you want, so that youre not locked in.”

“Yes, do so please,” Andrea said, her face white as a wall.

Once Matt stepped back, the door opened and Andrea could walk in. Matt then jumped in to hold the door. Andrea was walking up the set of stairs to the first floor. On the wall there was a red arrow pointing to the left. When Andrea turned left, she saw a long walkway with walls on both sides. There were CCTV cameras everywhere. “I hope this is some kind of a prank,” she thought. The one thing she was hoping for was to see Brett. If he was behind this, she was prepared to teach him a lesson.

At the end of the walkway was a room with no door. On the ground was a red arrow pointing in the rooms direction. “Okay, stay strong,” Andrea thought and looked into the room. In the middle of the room was a table with a glass full of some liquid. The floor in the room was very soft almost foamy. “Okay, lets figure out whos behind this,” Andrea thought and walked into the room. Once she cleared the door area, the door closed itself and she could hear the lock. Apparently it was a sliding door hidden in the wall. Her fate was sealed. “Oh no, what have I done!” Andrea shouted and her legs started to tremble.

“Matt, can you hear me?” she shouted, hoping her friend could come to her rescue. He couldnt. The room was very well isolated. “Matt,” she shouted desperately, knowing that she just lost her freedom. The man who entered her office was right. Still, despite her fear and sadness, she could also feel a brand new emotion building up inside of her excitement. She was going to find out who this man was and what he wanted. It seemed somewhat crazy, but there was a certain relief to be felt when she realized that she now at least has a purpose in life. She will learn what this whole thing is about and maybe even escape and prevent this from happening in the future.

There was only one thing to be done. Andrea grabbed the glass on the table and drank the liquid. “Its just water…” she thought, but she was clearly wrong. In a few minutes, she started feeling really tired and so she lay on the floor. Within a few seconds, she was asleep.

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