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Training of Master\'s Girl

Part 1


: Master Jonathan decides that it is time for His slave girl to become a pain slut.  Her journey into the world of pain begins with unique training sessions conducted by multiple sadistic Masters, each man using her body to inflict His perversions and predilections for pain. 

The pain administered to her body is beyond anything she has experienced or could imagine.  But in the end and after several days of excruciating training sessions, she learns that pain can be an extraordinary catalyst to unimaginable pleasure.  Each Master systematically conditions her body to accept more pain and more abuse, and now she craves it, needs it, desires it almost as much as food and water.

The Training of Master's BitchGirl

The "Naughty Girl" Series,


Bette Jene Adams (


Present day

Soft, haunting music filters into the cavernous stone dungeon.  Each musical note bounces from wall to wall, floor to ceiling, creating a disturbing lingering reverberation that rocks my core.  The melody echoing in the background is Astraea's Requiem, a dark brooding composition of orchestral chords, continuously swelling and receding as an ocean tide yet resembling a constant, mournful wail of despair.

The Chairman reaches into the fire pit and withdraws the branding iron with lettering glowing brilliant white.  The Vice Chairman flogs my backside, slamming the long heavy tendrils into my flesh.  Fast, hard blows delivered with no discernible pattern, no way to anticipate when or where the next strike will occur.  The Director's voice filters into my subconscious as he whispers instructions.

"Breathe deeply and fill your lungs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.  Hold it 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.  Exhale slowly 1, 2, 3, 4, 5." 

The blows of the flogger intensify in strength, force, and speed.  Each strand wraps around my body, pausing to press the sting deeper into my fragile flesh.

"Breathe deeply and fill your lungs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Hold it 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.  Exhale slowly 1, 2, 3, 4, 5." 

The pain exceeds anything I have experienced before, blistering hot pain from the individual leathery vines and lasting well into the next several strikes.

"Take pleasure from the cool breeze of the whip as it approaches your body.  Breathe as the leather collides with your flesh and savor the relief when it retreats."

His voice becomes louder but still too soft for me to discern what he is communicating.  I am in agony, screaming through my gag for my Masters to relieve me of this rite of passage.

"Channel the pain to your center allowing it to flame the fires deep within you."

The whipping ceases.  The Vice Chairman lightly snakes heavy branches over my pain-saturated flesh, erotically zigzagging from my shoulders to my ankles, while pressing the sting further into each pore under the weight of the leather strands.

"Feel the kiss of each length of leather as it melds with your flesh.  Enjoy the heat as it presses into your body and fuels your hunger."

A blazing heat radiates from the branding iron as it approaches my flesh.

"Breathe deeply and fill your lungs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.  Hold it 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.  Exhale slowly 1, 2, 3, 4, 5." 

The odor of sulfur burns my eyes as the iron hovers less than a quarter inch from my left buttock, singeing my tiny reddish-blonde body hairs.

"Breathe deeply and fill your lungs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.  Hold it 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.  Exhale slowly 1, 2, 3, 4, 5." 

The sizzling sound of my tissue giving way to the scorching red tool is amazingly loud as the branding iron connects with my flesh; a charcoal-like odor coats my nostrils. 

"Take pride in the pain we give you, beg for more as you transform painful into pleasurable.  Visualize erotic red hues of pleasure in your minds-eye."

A bitter taste of fatty pork smoking on a flaming gas grill gags me as the branding iron penetrates my fatty layers of skin.  I only see red, feel red, scream red, as my skin turns blood red beneath the branding iron.

"Breathe deeply and fill your lungs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.  Hold it 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.  Exhale slowly 1, 2, 3, 4, 5." 

Iron penetrates my muscle tissue and pauses briefly. The stench of beef blackening in a frying pan clogs my throat.  Screams spout from within me, almost as lava spouts from a volcano, piercing the room, first drowning the haunting chords of Astraea's Requiem that echoes in the background.  Then each scream blends harmoniously as the mournful composition unfolds and bounces within the stone walls.

"Feel the passion growing stronger and juices flooding your cunt as your body searches for more.  You are now property of Pitcairn Island Board of Directors and you will serve your Masters anytime and in any way we desire."

Droplets of sweat dribble onto the floor.  Tears stream onto the barrel, dripping into large puddles beneath me.  I yank, jerking, pulling at my restraints.  Suddenly, my eyes lock onto the dance of flames in the fire pit. 

"You are nearly ready for a very long magical ride.  You are moving, flowing, following the verse and song of ecstasy."

Visual images of the flames lovingly licking my body bring about a profound transition within me.  The red of pain blossoms into passionate red hues of pleasure that I urgently crave.

I bask in the dazzling sensations the dancing fire light evokes within me.  My eyes radiate unrequited passion.  My body reeks of desperation.  My nipples are large and pencil hard and oozing beads of breast milk.  My sex is fully engorged and throbbing, releasing long strands of pussy juices now coating my thighs. 

"Breathe deeply and fill your lungs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.  Hold it 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.  Exhale slowly 1, 2, 3, 4, 5." 

The Chairman's fFingers slip into my cunt and press firmly into my g-spot.  More fingers are added, then less.  My The Vice Chairman lifts my breasts and suckles each; his strong breasts are lifted and each suckled; strong hands deeply kneading and massaging them.

"Feel the passion within you, rotating like a Ferris wheel moving in large slow circular motions as your body searches for pleasure.  You are forever marked as the property of Pitcairn Island Board of Directors.  We own you."

The Chairman tugs, pulls, and tweaks my clit, rolling it between his thumb and forefinger. 

The Vice Chairman invades my ass, pressing my tissue inward, pulling tugging it outward, periodically adding or removing a finger or two or three. 

My passion matches the orchestra as the harps outline the chords and the violins enter with a warm, welcoming melody.  A magnificent array of brilliant colors, each with an associated fragrance surrounds me.

I inhale deeply.  I am unsure if the universe is moving or if my body is moving, but I am moving nonetheless.

"Feel the explosions as the universe carries you through a long slow journey through indescribable ecstasy.  You will never want for anything as you serve your many Masters in every way each chooses to use you."

My orgasms explode in rapid succession, emerging from every pore and opening.  Convulsions wrack my body, causing me to shake violently. I drench the leather padding and barrel beneath me, my juices pool on the floor.

My twelve Masters smile as I slowly regain my senses. 


(One year earlier)

Master Jonathan bathes me in the claw-footed tub, surgically scrubbing every inch of my body with a wide course brush, a "slave's bath" is what he calls it.  Dipping my head under water to wet my hair, He he lathers a lightly fragranced shampoo into my long thick coppery-red strands, gently working the suds throughout and rinsing.

After my bath, he pulls me to his groin, slapping my mouth and cheeks with his swollen cock. 

I eagerly lick the stem like a lollypop, wetting him with my saliva and then blowing the wet trails dry with my warm breath.  Drawing him to the back of my throat, I circle his tip with my tongue, slipping into his slit to lap the pre-cum bubbling to the surface. 

I pumpPumping my head up and down his cock as though bobbing for apples while, he pinches my nose closed, blocking my ability to breathe.  Heand wedges his cock firmly in the opening of my throat, pulling forcing my face into his groin., blocking my ability to breathe. 

Expelling what little air remains in my lungs around His cock, a lightheaded sensation begins I .  With Mmy face is buried in his groinbelly, his cock fully entrenched in my throat, and his fingers holding my nose closed.  D, dots dance before my eyes.  A tingling just under the surface of my skin spreads throughout while my body struggles for air.  My head involuntarily jerks away from Master's body, desperately seeking oxygen, but he holds me securely in place. 

After a couple of tense minutes, he releases my nose and withdraws his cock, allowing my lungs to fill before plunging into my mouth again.  His cock moves my tonsils aside, pressing deeper with each stroke, and pausing for longer periods. 

Coughing, sputtering, gagging, I gasp for air when he allows it.

"I enjoy the way your throat muscles squeeze my cock when you choke.  Take a deep breath; you are going to hold it a little longer this time."

Filling my lungs quickly, I need to make him to cum soon; my jaw hurts and my throat feels raw.  I purse my lips, forming a seal around the hardened shaft, and slowly press forward. 

"Hold your breath.  Open your throat.  I am going deeper.  That's it; relax your muscles as My my cock slides past your tonsils."

My total focus is oxygen.  I need air.  My lungs ache, my throat hurts, and my jaw is sore.  I cannot comprehend how He he can go any deeper or last any longer. 

Thankfully, he thrusts faster, his cock rammingming the hard mushroom-shaped head into my tonsils repeatedly. 

Choking as he batters my throat, thrust after thrust, I gulp, trying to urge his cockhim beyond my gag reflex, but cannot do so without breathing. 

Taking another huge gasp of oxygen, I hum "Sweet Dreams " by the Eurythmics, making my vocal chords vibrate dancing against his cock.  The melodious blend of high and low notes is too much and he explodes, filling my belly with his salty sperm.

Clutching my nipples between his fingers, he leads me to the bedroom, bending me face-forward on the bed.  Spreading my butt cheeks, he lubes my slit and slowly inserts a dildo in my behind, inflating it several times for good measure.  Sliding two large metal balls in my cunt, he swats my butt and gives me thirty minutes to apply my makeup, dress in the clothing laid out on the bed, and be in position at the front door. 

My mind races.  I have no idea where we are going or what to expect.  Master has been unusually quiet, lost deep in thought and indifferent to my presence the past several daysweek.  He has not used me nor allowed me an orgasm.  Worse, my 21st birthday came and went without a card or a "Happy Birthday" greeting.

Quickly dressing, first the tight black mid-section corset laced tightly, black thigh highs with a sculpted pattern, four inch black heels, and finishing with my wide leather dog collar.  Kneeling at the front door, hands clasped behind my back, eyes cast downward, I wait for Master Jonathan. 

He is not a tall man, stocky built with thick salt and pepper hair and large intense brown eyes.  His body is magnificently sculpted, not an ounce of fat, but covered with thick curly black hair.

Leading me to his van, I kneel on the cushion in the back cargo section facing the driver's seat.  He has never taken me anywhere in the van, always the car.  This is very disconcerting.

"Drink this bottle of water quickly, andP push your nipples through the partition screen." 

Hesitating for a moment to consider the near-frozen metal screen in the 17-degree Fahrenheit outside temperature, his frustration builds at my non-compliance.  

"Drink the water and pPush your chest into the partition.  NOW."

Quickly gulping the water, I lean forward and press I , pressing my breasts into the bone-chilling divider, m.  My nipples protrude protruding through the holes.  Shivering against the frozen metal, thin strands of arousal leak from my cunt and coat my inner thighs.

"Oh yes, those nipples are hard.  Let's see if I can get them larger." 

From the front seat, Master pinches and tugs and twists my nipples extending them farther through the partition.

I silently grimace in pain. 

Satisfied when they are large and thick as pencil erasers, he picks up wide clover clamps from the seat.  "Oh yes, little one.  These are going to hurt."  He hovers the opened clamp above and below my nipple, the claws are just a hair's breath away from biting into my hard bud.

"Take a deep breath and exhale slowly."  He releases the clamp sandwiching my protruding nipple.

My flesh immediately collapses between the teeth.  Jerking my body away from the screen with the sudden burst of pain, I nearly tear my nipple yanking it through the screenpartition.

"Another deep breath.  This one will hurt exactly the same.  You can handle it baby.  Okay, now breathe." He released the clawed teeth on the fleshy tissue under my remaining nipple, crushing it flat between the clamps.

The heavy clamps pull my nipples down and the metal divider holes supporting my nipples cut into my flesh.  Numbness slowly replaces burning pain.

"Push your cunt against the screen.  I want your clit poking through the partition."

Lifting and pressing my cunt into the cold metal, Master pulls my tiny clit through the opening in the screen, twisting and pulling the nub until it resembles threads on a screw. 

"This is really going to hurt baby girl.  Oh yes, much more than your nipples.  But you can take the pain."  He continued pinching, pulling, and twisting my clit until I neared orgasm.

He released releases the clamp tightly around the base of my clit.  Gritting my teeth, screams are trapped in the back of my throat.  I am, focusing on remaining still to avoid re-igniting the pain in my nipples, I and take several deep breaths until my clit begins to numb.

"I am going to make this trip a bit more interesting for me."  He admires my nipples and clit protruding through the partition, the clamps hanging beneath each swollen tip.

"These lead fishing weights will bother me more than you.  I have to listen to them bang and clang against the metal screen while I drive."  I don't completely understand what he intends to do, then my eyes widen in horror.

He adds two heavy weights to my left nipple clamp.

Holding the weights high, lifting my nipple upwards, "Go ahead and scream.  I love it when you scream.  But no tears.  I don't want your makeup smeared."  He drops the weight.

The lead falls to the end of the chain and bounces several times, jerking my nipple up and down then swinging it back and forth, the teeth digging deeper into my tissue. 

Pain paralyzes me, rendering me speechless.  Tying another two weights to my right nipple and lifting upwards, he releases the lead.

Pain signals reach my brain and tears water fall as if held back by a leaky earthen dam that finally bursts.  I scream.

"That hurt you didn't it baby girl?  These next few days are all about hurting.  Yes, the twin of pleasure is pain and I am going to teach you how to be a good little pain slut.  Yes, indeed.  You will feel pain beyond anything you have imagined, and you will learn to love it, crave it, and seek it out."  He coos and attaches two weights to the clit clamp and releases it, sending it clanging and swinging against the divider.

My nipples and clit are stretched into pointy little cones that sway with any movement in the van.

"Put the cock gag on.  I don't want to listen to you whimper while I drive."

Hesitating, wanting to assure him that I will be quiet, I realize there are no negotiations with Master. 

" Do it now.  And inflate it five times."

Inserting the cock gag in my mouth, securing it tightly behind my head, I pump it five times, my cheeks balloon outwards and the cock tip expands almost to my tonsils.

"Good girl.  Now your leather wrist restraints."

Forgetting about my secured nipples and clit held hostage on the other side of the partition, I reach for the restraints and nearly rip my bound flesh from my body.  Muffled noises escape around the gag.

Master smiles. 

Gingerly, I attach each restraint to my wrists.

"Stretch your arms up and wide apart.  Grab the top of the partition."

Master hooks my restraints to the top of the panel, and our drive to a mysterious destination begins.  Every so often, Master pulls over to add additional weights to the clamps, causing near continuous tiny points of pain.

The landscape passes in a blur and I think back to when Master first took ownership of me nearly five years ago.

* * * *

Having just graduated from an all girl's Catholic Boarding Schoolschool, I couldn't cannot imagine a life beyond the safety of the walls and gates surrounding the church, conventorphanage, and school properties. 

At 17, I am pPainfully shy and ill-equipped for life outside the school.  I have no family, no money, and no job skills other than two years of typing and a lifetime of scrubbing and cleaning the church and buildings.   without the protection of the nuns, I agonizedam tormented over my sketchy beginnings and agonize about my uncertain future.  I have no family that I am aware of, having been left on the steps of the church as an infant.  Several of the sisters who raised me were alarmed about releasing me into the world, but rules were rules.   I had to either leave or begin my studies to become a nun. 

Sister Mary Margaret, my primary caregiver, made the decision to send me to Master Jonathan, a kind man and generous benefactor of the church and school.

The next day, Master Jonathan arrives to take brought me to his home.  I am excited and scared, leaving the familiar for the unknown.  Carrying my meager belongings in a small cardboard box, I open the front passenger door of his car.  He stops me and orders me to sit in the back middle seat with my hands clasped in my lap and my head bowed demurely.

He chats with me on the two plus hour drive to his ranch, telling me of his business, his expectations, and outlining my duties.  "Cleaning, cooking, typing, filing, and serving him."  An odd choice of words, the "serving him" that is.  But I am grateful for this opportunity and feel safe and protected in his presence.

His property is surrounded by the heavily wooded Mark Twain National Forest.  Several natural springs, rivers, and streams create a protective barrier around his two hundred acre ranch.

"It is so quiet out here that you can hear a cow pissing on a flat rock a mile away and tell whose cow it is!" He laughingly chides as we pull up to the main house.

Stepping up on the , stopping me on the wrap-around front porch, he explained explains the his rules.  Rule Number One ... I am forbidden to wear clothing.  He commanded commands me to strip naked right there in front of him.  Painfully modest, still a virgin (never having even dated a boy), I stood stand first perfectly still,in unsure if I heard him correctly.  "Strip.  Now."  disbelief, then I remain mutemute, and then I begain to shake and cry. 

Master patiently explainsed that that I am of legal age and must learn how to become a woman and serve him.  He made it very clear that iit was is his responsibility as my owner to teach me those the skills necessary to serve him, and he took takes that responsibility seriously. 

Ordering me once again to strip naked before him, his voice changes to a gruff no-nonsense tone. 

My owner?  Those words send icy fingers of fear through my body.  Sobbing loudly and unashamedly, I back away from him.

Losing patience, Master Jonathan grabbed grabs my arms and, forced bends me over the railing.  He lifts my skirt and spanks me, his knees and spanked me, first with his hands then switches to progressed to a wooden paddle.  Wailing and begging for him to stop, he refuses until I agree to , refusing to stop until I begged him to allow me to obey him and remove my clothing for him.

Ranch hands gather to watch the spectacle and my humiliation mounts.  "Remove your clothing now or my men will strip you and tie you to the fence post and whip you without mercy." 

Frightened, I slowly remove my blouse, then shoes and socks.  "Everything.  Now."  Master demands again as the men watch in fascination. 

I unbutton my skirt and it falls to my feet.  Even though it is hot and sticky weather, my nearly naked body shudders with fear.

The ranch hands move closer to the porch, hoping that I continue to refuse Master Jonathan's orders.  I unfasten my bra and let it fall away from my body, followed by my white cotton panties. 

Miserable, I cannot stop sobbing.  I ed nearly 24/7 for days, hiding my nakedness as best I couldcross, my arms crossed protectively across my breasts and squeeze squeezed my thighs tightly together to hide my nakedness.  Am I going to be raped by these men?  What have I gotten myself into?  I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I have entered into another dimension, a hell on earth with no means of escape in sight.

Gathering my clothing, Master throws them to one of the men and orders him to burn everything.

A loud crack interrupts my despair and a loud scream escapes from my throat.  My body cringes as the pain from the unexpected blow reverberates through my body.  Another crack as Master's whip slices through the air and collides with my butt, the unmistakable sound of leather striking flesh breaking the silence of the surrounding forest.

"When you do not obey my commands immediately, you will be punished severely.  I am going to give you two more kisses from my flicker whip, then we will get you settled in your new life."

As the days wore on,

Master's frustration at my non-compliance increased as did the severity of my punishments. 

Three or four times a day, he administered some type of punishmentdiscipline. Using a wide leather paddle with bumps under the surface, he whipped whips my butt, forcing me to count each strike, thank him, and beg for another.  That was only partially successful, my modesty deeply ingrained.

His punishments escalated, humiliating me further by inserting one or two or three fingers in my behind, twisting and turning and spreading my opening wider while paddling beating my sore backside.  His fingers hurt my sphincter almost as much as the whipping, but I could just cannot walk around naked with my breasts and womanly areas exposed.  

Angry, Master intensified intensifies my punishments by administering horribly painful deep cleansing enemas, whipping my behind while the solution slowly filled fills my canal and seeped seeps into my colon. 

He whipped whips my butt until my flesh was is bright red and I was am squirming and yelping in pain.  When I releaseexpel the mixtured, Master stood stands in front of me, tugging and pulling and twisting my nipples, ignoring my pleas for him to stop.  The more I begged and cryied, the more he hurts me, so I struggled to remain silent.

I do not know what I did to deserve this treatment, but I do know that nothing will dissuade this menacing madman from inflicting pain until I comply with his wishes.

After eight or nine days and a very sore behind (both inside and out), I compliedcomply, always naked, standing or kneeling with my legs wide apart, hands clasped behind my back, breasts thrust forward, and head and eyes lowered when in his presence.

* * * *

An hour later, we exit onto an unpaved road.  Master stops the van and adds more weights, now six on each clamp.  My nipples and clit are , grotesquely disfigured,ing my nipples and clit held hostage on the other side of the metal screenbarrier.  He navigates the deeply uneven terrain, the gravel roads filled with treacherous holes that send the weights swinging and swaying with the movement of the van.  The clamps puncture my flesh deeper with each bump in the road, the weights constantly generating renewed waves of intense, blinding pain.

Every bump, each sway of the road sends wave after wave of pain ping-ponging through my body.  Oddly and at the same time, it feels delicious; the sensations coursing through me seem to be fueling a bizarre pain-induced trance.

We continue down the unpaved roads, jostling and jarring my body attached securely to the metal panel, eventually pulling onto a tree-lined lane.  After another few miles of deeply rutted terrain, we arrive at an antebellum house with several outbuildings nearby.

Upon parking, Master releases my clamps one by one, massaging each nub as blood rushes back until my whimpers quiet down.  Releasing my wrists, he hands me an envelope, and leaves me alone in the van to read his instructions.

At precisely 1 pm, enter the front door.  On the table just inside the foyer:

Remove your cock gag

Quickly drink the shot glass of whiskey

Fasten the leather ankle bindings

Secure the blindfold tightly

Get on your knees, legs spread wide, hands clasped behind your neck, breasts thrust outward, and wait

DO NOT speak or refuse anything or you will be punished immediately

For the next several days, you are going to experience pain.  Pure, raw, unimaginable pain.  You have no choices.  You do not have a safe word. 

I own you and have decided that it is time for you to become my pain slave.  This weekend you will learn be trained to ignore the voices in your head telling you what is right or wrong or pleasurable or painful.  You will learn to listen only to me as I hurt your body.  You will learn the true meaning of total servitude and how painful and torturous that can be; yet you will submit willingly and without hesitation while I use your body without mercy.

Nothing is off limits.  And when you leave here, you will forever be my pain slave.  You will beg me to hurt you, plead for pain, and I will gladly make you suffer.  Oh yes, you are going to be hurting.  Hearing you cry makes my cock hard.  Out here, you can cry and scream all you want. 

Remember, precisely at 1 pm, your journey training into the world of pain begins.


Shuddering as I absorb his words, and then looking at the clock, I have a couple of minutes to get inside the house.  Exiting the van, I clumsily walk towards the door; my pussy slick with juices making it difficult to hold the metal balls clanging inside my cunt.  The butt plug hurts with each step and I absolutely must pee; it has been a few hours. 

Inside the house, I quickly guzzle the whiskey, sputtering and coughing from the bitter taste.  I fasten the ankle restraints, put the blindfold on, and kneel in the position Master ordered.

The whiskey doesn't help me; I am agitated and uncomfortable, squeezing my legs together to hold my bladder and the toys inside me.  It is very quiet in the house, my heartbeat, breathing, and a grandfather clock ticking are the only sounds.

A tremendous heat floods my body, a great smoldering fire just below the surface of my skin, my mouth, nipples, belly, between my thighs, down to my toes.  Licking my lips, I realize they are puffy.  I have an overwhelming desire to squeeze my nipples, rub my clit, anything to ease the fire simmering just beneath my flesh.  Something was added to the drink because I have never felt like this before. 

Master approaches and yanks my leash propelling me forward, forcing me onto my hands for support.  He drags me crawling behind him. 

I am led to a low coffee table and my face is thrust forward into a bowl.  Oh my god, a dog's bowl?  It smells like a fruity juice.

"Lick it up.  All of it." commanded Master.  Stunned because he is treating me like a dog, I do not respond immediately. 

Whack!  He slaps my butt with that lumpy wooden paddle he loves so much.  Whack.  He holds the paddle firmly against my skin, pressing the heat and sting into my flesh.  Whack.  Inserting fingers inside my ass, he probes my anal ring, twisting and turning and stretching my opening, pushing his fingers deeper.  I sway away from the blows to offer a less tender part of my butt cheeks but am held in place by Master's fingers in my ass.  Incredible pain radiates from my buttocks with Master increasing the intensity and frequency of his blows. 

Slurping frantically and loudly, I nearly lose my bladder with his next whack; my face is thrust to the bottom of the bowl. 

I sputter, rapidly breathing, slurping liquid, and whimpering in pain. 

Master lays the paddle down and massages a cool gel on my butt cheeks. 

I jump from his unexpected touch; and he presses the soothing gel deep into my battered flesh.  Relaxing and moving with his hands and fingers, my cunt seeps liquid strands of juices, soaking him. 

His fingers between my thighs blend the cool gel with my hot juices in light sensuous circles. 

A searing heat begins to bubble up on my butt cheeks, my anal ring spasms, my crushed clit convulses from the deep heating properties of the Ben Gay absorbing into my flaming tissue.

The bowl of liquid is removed and Master positions my torso flat on the low coffee table, face up on the smooth wood surface.  Squirming, shaking, shuddering, I am unable to escape or ease the burning sensation penetrating my pores.  He spreads my legs wide, positioning my ass near the end of the table top, and fastens my ankles to the wooden legs.  He repeats the process for my wrists lifting each above my shoulders, spread wide and fastened to the table legs.

He did not secure the restraints taunt; even so, I have very little room to move. 

Exposed, I feel awkward yet exhilarated.  I grind my burning butt cheeks into the cool wood beneath me.  The darkness opens my senses. 

There are others in the room; threads of uneven and varied breath sounds along with a mixture of pipe tobacco, pot, cigarettes, and a variety of colognes permeates the air. 

Master kisses me deeply. 

"Be a very good bitch.  Make me proud.  Remember, your training this weekend is to teach you how to cope with pain.  You are going to be hurt.  Just breathe deeply and exhale slowly and accept it.  You must learn how to cope with pain."  He whispers in a low voice near my ear and then kisses me again, a long, hard, passionate touch my soul kiss.

Leaving me breathless, I vow to do anything to please him.  Anything.  Desperate for release whether it be an orgasm or my bladder, I need something to happen quickly.

The other men laugh at me. 

How many voices are there?  This is humiliating.  Did they watch me drink from the dog's bowl, or Master paddling me with his fingers in my butt?  Is this Master's intent for the weekend ... for me to submit to his Dom friends? 

Master did mention that a time would arrive when he would share me with another Master for additional training.  Singular.  How many are there?  Serving another Dom is an exciting fantasy; being used by several men at the same is both alluring and terrifying.

I have a deep seated fear of the unknown, the unfamiliar.  What will these Doms demand?  Will I submit to each one individually or be used by more than one at the same time?  What are their predilections?  What will I experience while under their control?

Hot moist lips latch onto my right nipple, gently sucking, licking, and teasing it.  Fingers pinch my left nipple, twisting, and cruelly pulling it.  Two men, torment my nipples, each mauling a breast; pulling, squeezing, slapping, sucking, biting. 

Each man follows his unique rhythm using my breasts as an instrument of choice.

My clit twitches, throbs, and my pussy oozes fluid.  I cannot think clearly.  A man sucks my clit.  Ouch.  Way too hard, pulling it away from my body with his teeth, and then abruptly releasing it before biting again. 

So many points of pain occur at the same time.  My body responds to each individual torment, but collectively, the pain happens at a rapid fire pace, far too quickly for me to adjust to or process. 

The Master sucks my left nipple hard enough to leave a black and blue hickey, making my nipple burn.

.  MyMasterAnother Master stretches it my clit, pulling it away from my cunt, and twisting it into a tightly threaded screw shape. 

My clit burns, my right nipple is numb as another the Master clenches it in a death grip pinch between his fingers, cutting blood flow while slapping my breast.

Saliva oozes down my chin and rolls off my face.  Beads of sexual excitement stream down my inner thighs.  Tears leak from my eyes leaving trails of smeared black mascara behind. 

His rRough hands spread my cunt lips wide and smack my cunt clit repeatedly. 

My clit swells, welcoming more attention yet withdrawing inside my folds to minimize the subsequent sting of each strike. 

The pain is not entirely unpleasant.  It hurts, but oh my, delightful little tremors are growing in my belly.  I am so close to orgasm. 

Master Jonathan's voice breaks my focus. "Oh yes, that hurts so good, doesn't it little one?  Let's make you hurt a little bit more.  Think you can take it?  Yes, you can take it.  More pain, you need more pain don't you?"

Without warning, astonishing pain cuts through my left nipple as the Master's fingers close tighter around it, the very tip turning white.  The pain travels like lightening into my breast, down my spine, and explodes in my clit.  Buckets of juices drizzle from my cunt.

Severe pain radiates from my right nipple as that Master bites it hard, scraping his teeth the length of the swollen tip.  Latching on again, he sucks my bud into his mouth, drawing it inside his mouth and biting down on it again. 

My nipples are highly sensitive, swollen, inflamed, and they hurt ... a deep down through and through hurt.  My breasts are sore, red from the hand slaps and spattered with finger bruises from large strong hands compressing my tender flesh.

Yet I need more.  I am close but cannot seem to let go and welcome my orgasm.

My clit pulses and throbs as that Master's warm breath teases it and his fingers stretch it taunt, then releases it to snap back to my body.  Slapping my clit and cunt lips several times, my juices are making a smacking sound with the impact of his hand and my liquids.

The dichotomy of sensations is lifting me into that breathtaking space where pain and pleasure mesh to a crescendo ... that zone where only "more" and "harder" will suffice to satisfy the culmination of my needs.

Someone clapped twice. 

All touching of my body abruptly stops.  I gasp and sputter.  I need to cum.  My body writhes and my aching clit thrusts frantically in the air searching for relief.  I desperately need to pee.  Each need, every feeling competes with the intensity of the others as I struggle to gain some semblance of control over my body.

I hear drinks poured, sense everyone moving away yet still watching me whimper in despair, fucking air with my cunt, drenched in sweat and my sex juices. 

Master Jonathan lifts my head, feeding me more hormone-enhanced juice.  I drink it, no, I lap every single drop.

Whoosh of air.  Master Jonathan slaps my cunt then pokes his fingers inside my pussy, two, three, ouch, four.  Pulling completely out, spreading my cunt lips wider, and moving inside again, slowly, he forces my canal to part. 

He begins to ram his coned fist deep inside my womb. 

My juices foam around his wrist as he pushes harder and twists and turns his fist with each plunge. 

His fist forces the walls of my vagina to expand and adjust to the invasion, and accommodate more of his hand. 

Opening his coned hand, he flicks my cervix with his fingers, pressing his thumb knuckle into my g-spot; the fullness and pressure is intense, and as much as it hurts, I want more.

Like a wild woman on a mission, I grind into Master Jonathan's hand, pumping it and pushing it until my cervical stem bends under the pressure of his knuckles. 

Another Master maneuvers his cock to my mouth, smearing pre-cum on my lips and urging my lips to part.

Master Jonathan pounds my cunt with his fist, twisting and turning inside my canal, his knuckles thrusting against the thin walls, his fingers dance around the entrance to my womb, increasing the pressure on my bladder. 

The man's cock lodged far down my throat restricts my breathing, and his lunges propelling me back and forth.  The cock shoves farther down my esophagus, the fist slipping deeper into my womb. 

I feel like a wooden horse on carousal forced to move up and down a pole to the rhythm of the music, except I am moving back and forth, a fist in one end and a cock in the other, moving back and forth with the uneven thrusts of the two men.

I want more.  I want to breathe and scream but with my throat full of cock, it's impossible.  I need to cum.  Someone clapped twice.  Everything stops. 

I am breathless, my body lurching in all directions struggling against the restraints, searching for something, anything to fill me, touch me, let me cum.  I grunt, groaning as, frustration ekes from every pore.

The Doms laugh at my reaction, further humiliating me with their comments.  Finally, desperate to pee, I manage to ask Master Jonathan for permission. 

Thankfully, he releases me from the low table and leads me crawling to the bathroom to empty my bladder.  Removing all my restraints, he instructs me on what he wants me to do next.  "Refresh your body.  Do not wash your hair.  You have five minutes."


I turn the shower off and reach for a towel to dry, but it is yanked from my hands.  Dripping, Master Jonathan attaches my leash and pulls me forward, my knees pressing into the hard tile floor. 

He drags me through a carpeted hallway and into the living room. 

Leaving me kneeling in the center of the room, Master Jonathan disappears in the large house. 

My head and eyes are downcast, hands behind my back, legs spread wide, feet together.  D, and droplets of water cascade down my body. 

Finally the Doms return, forming two lines.  Master Jonathan issues a commandmy instructions. 


"Yyou must practice sucking cock until you are the best cock-sucker this side of the Mississippi.  You will suck all our cocks and swallow every drop of cum as quickly as possible.  You are being timed.  You can only use your mouth, so keep your hands clasped behind your back at all times.  You are being timed.  Start NOW." 

I quickly move to the first Dom, on my knees, my hands clasped behind my back.  Master Starr is a very short and heavy set man with a "Santa Claus" belly that wobbles like a bowl full of jelly when he laughs. 

Using my teeth, I quickly unzip his pants to free his bulge.  Spitting on his cock so it slides easily into my mouth, I thrust it fully to the back of my throat, sucking, gulping, and swallowing it with my muscles.  I taste beads of pre-cum and increase my suction, humming to vibrate his stem with my vocal cords. 

He pulls my hair as leverage and feverously pumps into my mouth like a dog fucks his bitch, in and out with amazing speed, until I accidentally scrape him with my teeth. 

Master Starr slaps my face as a reprimand, and shoves his cock back into my mouth, moving side-to-side, caressing my cheeks.  Slamming down my throat, I gag, sputtering until his cock erupts like a volcano, spewing cum into my mouth.  Taking it deep once again, I suck his cock clean.

Waddling on my knees to the next Dom, I am stunned as I study his body.  Master Anthony is a very tall and extremely emaciated man, with rail-thin limbs and bone joints protruding through tightly stretched skin.  Using my teeth to pull his sweats down enough to free his cock, I am once again shocked.  His cock is pencil thin and is about 14 10 or 15 12 inches long when fully erect. 

Pursing my lips around his cock is like drinking from a straw.  I soak it with a mixture of saliva and other juices before devouring it, turning my head side-to-side to rub the tip against my soft tissue.  I then flick my tongue against it, plunging my mouth onto his long thin pole. 

I force it down my throat; his tip is beyond my gag reflex, yet at least half his cock still remains outside my lips.  Frustrated, I decide to focus on the mushroom head again, latching on to it with the suction you would use to drink a thick Vanilla milk shake through a narrow straw. 

Wrapping his long thin hands around my head, he thrusts deeper and faster until he spouts hot cum directly into my stomach, and I lick his cock clean.

Walking on my knees to the next man, I search for his concealed zipper.  Master Thomas is a large, heavily bearded man with rolls of fat hanging from his belly.  Using my teeth, I have difficulty grasping the zipper hidden within rolls of fat-encased fabric.  Turning my head, I finally get a grip on it with my teeth, pulling it down until his cock falls out, slapping against my face. 

Spitting on the fatty cock and then gulping until it is fully embedded in my mouth, I increase my swallowing and gulping motions to pull it deeper.  Increasing my suction, I taste drops of pre-cum seeping from the tip resting against my tonsils.  Pounding his cock like a horny man fucks a cunt, frantic and without rhythm; I ram my face into his groin repeatedly.  Finally, Master Thomas ejects his load, and I briskly lick him clean.

Sliding my knees against the carpet, I admire the next man's body.  Master Michael is as wide as he is tall, like the Sponge Bob cartoon character.  His body builder shape is amazing, sporting biceps as large around as barbells, a very broad well-sculpted chest, and thick muscular legs.  His face is very hairy, thick unruly eyebrows partially conceal his bright blue eyes, and a full grown beard hangs several inches below his chin.

Using my teeth to unzip his pants, I discover that his cock is as wide as it is tall, about five inches, but is positioned sideways in his slacks.  Pressing my nose and chin in the fabric, I nudge it to the zipper opening.  Switching to my tongue, I reach into the zipper hole and finally free it.  Vigorously spitting on his cock then sliding the tip into my mouth, I realize that I cannot accommodate the width.  My jaw is stretched as far as possible, but the cock is almost as wide around as a beer-can and my lips cannot expand any further. 

Sealing my lips around the tip of his wide stump as best I can while sucking hard, I am unable to create a seal. 

Grabbing my head between his massive hands, Master Michael jerks my face back and forth, fucking my lips with unprecedented ruthlessness.  He constantly attempts to force his manhood into my mouth without success.  When he finally cums, he holds his cock like a boy holds a water cannon, spraying thick salty goo all over my face.  He uses his cock to smear the sticky cum around my skin.

I semi-clean his cock.

Crawling to the next man with cum oozes down my chin, my visions is clouded with drying cum, and tears, black eye makeup and cum streak my face.

Master Samuel is a short, fat, ugly, and foul smelling man.  His flesh is constantly slick with a grimy sheen of brown sweat.  He is known as a cruel Master with a mean streak a mile long. 

I free his cock with relative ease. 

It is dark, crusty, and bitter-tasting.  Starting at the tip, washing it with my cum-drenched saliva, I suck a full breath of air and plunge fully until my nose is buried in his belly hair.  Withdrawing, gasping for another batch of clean air, I latch on without enthusiasm.  I haphazardly suck it, lick it, circle it with my tongue. 

Grabbing my head between his massive hands, Master Samuel yanks me back and forth; face-fucking me with tremendous viciousness.  He continues slamming my face onto his cock, smashing my nose into his rolls of belly fat, until he sprays short thick bursts of cum, and I clumsily gum him clean.

Sobbing, I collapse on the floor in a heap, unable to approach the next man.  "Please, may I be excused from this task?"  My voice is weak with exhaustion.

Master Samuel lifts me, smacks me hard across the face, and places me in front of Master Jonathan's cock.

I love Master Jonathan's cock; it is so normal, and at this point, I need normal.  It is several inches thick, and about nine inches long with a well-defined mushroom head.  Thick veins protrude slightly and line the stem when fully erect.  Pouncing on him, I pull the his lounging pants down from the waist with my teeth until my favorite cock is freed.  I devour it, leaping at his cock with my mouth, and sucking it hard and with great enthusiasm.  Actually with too much enthusiasm. 

He pulls my face away to rescue his cock from my mouth.  When he releases my head, I continue to pursue his cock like a hunter pursues his prey, pummeling and battering his stem with my lips and tongue, and using large gulping and swallowing vibrations to thoroughly milk every drop of pre-cum. 

Taking charge, Master Jonathan force-feeds his cock to me, jamming it down my throat, and laughing when I cough and gag.  Holding my nose tightly I struggle for air, unable to suck in even a tiny bit until he withdraws his cock and releases his grip on my nose. 

Suddenly, I am wracked with waves of nausea; my nose clogged from crying. 

He pushes me away in frustration, calls an end to the session, and sends me to bed.

Curled into a ball under the covers, the Doms refill their drinks and discuss my performance in the next room.  Threads of conversations from the other room filter in and out of my semi-conscious dreams.

Comments such as "The ...slut wasn't a total failure for her first time." 

"S ... she sucked five cocks in about 40 minutes; albeit, she had to be face-fucked a few times to meet expectations."

"Next time we should ..."


I am startled awake by an alarm clock blaring next to my the bed.  Turning the alarm off, I read the note propped next to the clock.

"Shower, wash and style your hair, apply heavy slutty makeup, and be in the front room in the WAIT position in ONE hour.  Master"

The shower felt feels wonderful and after styling my hair and applying my makeup, I crawl to the living room to wait for Master and my next training session.

I don't understand why I have to be trained to be a pain slut.  I am not sure what a pain slut is or why this is important to him.  I have submitted to Master Jonathan in every way he has asked.  And he has hurt me many times, often the pain and bruises lasting for days.  Is this some rite of passage that all slaves must go through?

Master Jonathan approaches from behind me, picking up my leash and pulling me forward.  He leads me to the dungeon in the basement of the antebellum house, and over to a wooden beam near the center of the cold stone room.  The beam is raised near waist high.  Mounted on the beam are two vicious-looking silver dildos with wires attached.  One is penis-shaped, nearly 10 eight inches high, about six four inches around.  The second dildo has three bulbs, each a graduated bump, huge, thick, and frightening looking.  T; the top ball is about three inches around, with the bottom ball spanning six inches around, then tapering to a slender base.

He bends me over the beam, forcing my face onto the hard wood surface, and gently kicking my legs wide apart.  Donning surgical gloves, he generously spreads a thick solution between my thighs, liberally lubing my holes.  A warm sensation quickly spreads; a radiating white heat building builds that begs for relief.

"We are going to train your holes to easily accommodate large objects, starting with these two dildos.  You must teach your body to open wide and allow each one to enter smoothly."

He lifts and positions my body so I straddle the beam, ensuring each dildo is placed at the entrance of my pussy and ass.  The cold hard metal tips make contact with my openings, sending a chill up my spine.  I am unable to maneuver away from the beam nor the dildos.

Pressing my hands into the wood for support, I gradually lower my body, using my legs as leverage until the dildos break through both openings.  It feels wonderful, the coolness of the metal meeting the heat in my canals. 

Pushing down lightly, they slip inside a little deeper, the first bulb of the butt plug passes through.  Both holes pleasantly stretch to accommodate the width so far.  Lifting my body, and then lowering it, I begin to fuck myself, rising, falling, and embracing the now hot metal as each penetrate and partially fill me. 

I heard the sound long before I felt it; the hum of electricity as it is released inside my cunt and ass, my body lurching upwards to eject the dildos from my canals.  Another blast sends my body into a series of seizures, involuntarily twitching and jerking, my innards under attack with the long intense surge of current.  Losing my hold on the beam, the dildos plunge farther inside and the current strengthens.  I am frantically struggling to catch my breath as Master Jonathan pauses the electricity.  More bolts of lightning and are released sending every nerve ending in my body is convulsinginto spasms.

"Impale your holes to the base of both dildos.  DO.   IT.   NOW."  he commands. 

I wait, begging, pleading, knowing that the dildos are too wide for my small holes.  Plus, I am sore, really sore and cannot take any more.  I am stretched as far as I can possibly stretch. 

More violent electrical impulses flood my body, spanning several long minutes, and gradually increasing in potency.  My body violently convulses, sputtering, and drooling while the charge slices through me until it abruptly ceases.

"Bear down while you push your body down.  NOW." 

Taking a deep breath, I bear down hard and push my body downwards, both dildos slip a little farther with the butt plug embedded up to the second bulb. 

"Do it again." 

Perspiration coats my skin and I bear push down, desperately trying to force my body to accommodate the dildos, slipping a little deeper, with still several inches still to go before they are completely entrenched.  MyEach hole burns as it's expanded. 

Sharp surges of electricity penetrate my body again with the concentration of power on both dildos.  Screaming, I jerk upright, attempting to eject them, but cannot.

"I gave you the chance to do it on your own." He nods toward the door.  Two large men approach, one on either side of me, positioning my arms underneath their broad shoulders, their hands clutching just above the back of my knees.  Lifting and spreading my legs wide, they press my shoulders downward, pushing with great strength while another round of lightning courses through my cunt and ass.  The dildos slip inside another inch or so.  My, wedging my sphincter open wide on the middle of the final bulb of the butt plug, but I am unable to fully embed it.

Tortured pressure, the stretching of my ass is sending threads of pain in protest of the opening being extended beyond capability. 

"Bear down when the men push you down.  The dildos are almost inside you and then you can have your reward of unlimited orgasms.  One.  Two.  Three.  Push.  Bear down.  Now.  Harder."

Screaming, ear piercing, blood curdling screams, spittle flying, tears pouring onto my swollen breasts, grunting, my skin slick with sweat, I bear down as though pushing a baby out of my body, allowing my cunt and asshole to widen and the dildos to finally pass through and lodge within.

Powerful bolts of electricity strike inside my cunt and ass.  My body heaves, lurching, jerking, with spasms erupting as the current burns through my filled holes.  Forgetting to breathe, desperate for oxygen, I fall forward and sob, gasping even while my body struggles with the devastating fullness of both canals. 

"Lift up and pull your body completely off the dildos.  NOW." Master Jonathan yells in my ear. 

Holding onto the beam, pushing upwards with my legs and leaning forward, I desperately try to pull my body away from the dildos.  I cannot extricate the huge bottom bulb from my ass, it hurts so much and is way too wide, way too large.  I need to leave it in my body.

Master motions for the two men to once again force me to comply.  They lift my legs and shoulders and literally yank me upwards forcing both dildos to be pulled from inside my body. 

Screaming, I am reeling from the shock of the pain followed by an odd vacant, empty feeling.

"Now, do it again.  Force your body back onto the dildos." 

Bearing down, pushing harder, leaning backwards, the dildos slip back inside, but the final bulb of the butt plug will not pass through. 

"Take a deep breath, bear down, push your body onto the plug, like having a bowel movement."

After another deep breath, I bear down, grunting, rocking backwards until all air leaves my lungs and my sphincter is once again wedged open on the widest portion of the final bulb.  A violent surge of lightening attacks my holes leaving me screaming, sobbing with slobber drooling down my chest.  Lube mixed with my juices is accumulating at the base of the beam and dildos. 

I lose my balance, almost falling sideways from the beam.  T, the two men catch me, and push downward even as the current continues to stun and shock my internal organs.  The final bulb of the plug seats inside my rectum.

Falling forward, nearly losing consciousness, and I mentally leaveing my body.  I am, I trytrying to focus on the fullness of my holes and search for pleasure somewhere in the paralyzing pain.  Impaled on the steel dildos, I visualize a warmth spreading within my belly.  Gingerly, I move side-to-side, back and forth, and then in a circular motion, cringing with the painful movements. 

Adjusting to the pain, pPowerful sensations begin to course through my body and as I fuck the hard steel buried deep within me.

Increasing my speed and fucking the dildos in a disjointed frenzy, I grind my pelvis into the metal surfaces.  Lifting my body to withdraw each plug slightly, I plunge to re-seat them completely inside my body.  I twist on the hard steel, bearing down in pursuit of more, my body wants it, craves it, searches for it urgently, and deserves it. 

Frantically fucking myself, I am completely focused on this exclusive mission ... pulverizing my holes with the enormous plugs, wailing in frustration, moving side-to-side, and forward and backward.  I am rocking my body and fucking my sore cavities raw.  My frustration is rising, moving more deliberately, using my legs to lift upwards, and my hands to push downwards. 

Sensations mount, and threads of pleasure loom just out of reach.  The heat in my belly is now a boiling mass of wanton sexual desire.  Moving in circular motions on the hot metal stuffed within me, I am stimulating my over-sensitized and bruised tissues, working hard for a release.  Emitting guttural, animalistic sounds and increasing the speed and friction, a quake of unbelievable magnitude erupts from my saturated pussy, spraying the surface of the beam as one orgasm blends into another infinitely more powerful orgasm. 

My body literally sucks the plugs in and pushes them out as each orgasm spasms out of control.  I am powerless to stop cumming, my pussy cunt constricting and my muscles contorting, spraying bursts of hot liquid spraying the beam and pooling on the floor.

Master Jonathan andT the men watching smile but no one moves to assist me.  Witnessing a true pain slut being born is a moving experience

.  Each Master feels a great sense of pride as my training into various forms of pain progresses.

Instead, heMaster Jonathan informs instructs me that toI must practice inserting and withdrawing the huge dildos without assistance for a full hour.  And while doing so, he takes a multi-tendril leather whip and begins to gently strike my back, legs, not causing pain, but keeping me moving on the hard metal embedded within me

He, periodically administering administers small electrical shocks as I fully withdraw and completely impale each plug hundreds of times until the hour mark is reached and I am released from the beam.


A few hours later, Master Jonathan leads me back to the main level of the house and positions me in front of a cushioned chair.  Raising my leash, he pulls my neck upwards and I automatically crawl into the cushioned seat.  Facing backwards, I tuck my knees into the fabric where the seat and arm rest meet.

He lifts and hangs my breasts over the chair's back, drawing my arms forward to fasten my wrist restraints to chains connected to the back chair's back legs.  My knees are spread the full chair's width and, my back slopes downward.

Master lifts a bowl to my face with the magical juice and I lap it willingly, welcoming the familiar heat that soon will be smoldering within my body.  The juice contains a hormone that makes my breasts heavy, engorged, and overly sensitive, almost painful.  It also causes my clit to ache, swell, and throb with foreign but delightful sensations. 

Heat sizzles inside my canals.  T, the magic potion transforming transforms me into a horny bitch as it is absorbed into my bloodstream.  My pussy and anus twitches and spasmcontracts and oozes liquid.  My anus winks like a groundhog surfacing after a long winter's sleep.  attempting to lure a Master to my openings.  My nipples ooze drip streams of breast milk as my lust multiplies.  My body impatiently awaits something, anything to satisfy the my mounting desires.

Master Anthony is a very tallabout 6 foot, 9 inches tall,  and extremely thin and  man, bbalding, maybe early 40-ish.  His limbs are rail-thin, almost almost fragile looking with his bone joints protruding through tightly stretched skin.  His face is long and narrow with sunken cheeks and eye sockets.  His cock is as thin as a drinking straw, but and stretches to about 14 10 or 15 12 inches when erect. 

An O-ring is placed in my mouth and strapped tightly behind my head.  Clamps crush my nipples and the attached chains are crossed in the back of the chair, then around to the front,  and connected to the clamp compressing my clit. 

Master AnthonyHe rubs lube in my crevice, urging it inside my openings.  One, two, and then three long narrow fingers push the slippery gel deeper, fueling the unquenchable desire raging below my waist.

Master Anthony's specialty is the length of his cock, a birth defect or so he says.  With his long straw shaped cock, he can penetrate the anal cavity nearly to the colon, easily making the bend in the intestinal tract.  The cramps and pain when he pierces the intestinal tubing are extreme and has caused a few sluts to vomit.

Bent over the back of the upholstered chair, my backside extends in a downward trajectory, my butt cheeks spread wide, breasts dangling over the chair's back.  I fuck the air with my hips, gyrating, panting, my sex ablaze and in search of satisfaction.  As I move, the chain tugs and pulls at my nipples and clit igniting and ignite small bursts of welcomed pain.

Moving between my thighs, Master Anthony poises his cock at the entrance of my ass, sliding the narrow mushroom head in and out of my sphincter.  His cock feels more like a finger, easily teasing my opening by pumping in and out. 

Withdrawing, Master Anthony shoves his cock into my cunt, slipping inside using long, hard, thrusting motions.  He presses his long thumbs in my ass, pulling it wide and massaging his cock through the thin membrane between my vagina and rectum.

His cock spears my cervix, pushing onward to gain access to my womb.  Crippling cramps spread straight up my belly in a thin line and no amount of movement on my part eases the pain.  Worse yet, he still has another 6 4 or 7 5 inches of his reedy cock that will not fit inside me. 

Slowly, he extracts his cock from my cunt, like a long snake slithering out of a hole in the ground. 

Once again, the hot tip of his cock teases my ass, slipping in and out, opening and closing my tight sphincter muscles. 

I am on fire and ready for a mind-blowing orgasm, my breathing comes in short, rapid bursts and drool pours down my chin. 

Without warning, Master Anthony lunges forward, jamming the full length of his cock into my rectum, pushing harder, tunneling deeper, penetrating my lower intestines, snaking a path into my colon.  

Explosive spasms of cramps rush up my spine and saturate my brain; screams erupt in muffled tones, long and pathetic wails pouring through the O-ring lodged securely in my mouth.

Bright blazing hot streaks of agony fill my belly.  A strong wave of nausea overwhelms me and I cannot seem to breathe correctly.  M, my chest achessore from pushing out long shrilling screams.  I literally cannot move, my nerve and muscle functions are rendered useless, overpowered with unimaginable pain.

His groin and drooping balls make a slapping sound when his full 15 12 inches are finallyis painfully buried inside my body.  Pausing for a few moments, he leisurely and torturously removes his cock, pushing it side-to-side as it retreats until the full stem is freed from my back passage. 

I cannot seem to stop screaming, the cramps and pain are crippling.  It feels like he pulled my colon and intestines out along with his cock.

My head hangs low over the back of the chair.  I cannot seem to stop sobbing, mucus and spittle and salty tears stream onto the floor beneath me.  Master Jonathan lifts my head and slides his cock through the O-ring, plunging down my throat in one long easy stroke while Master Anthony continues his voyage in and out of my colon with long brutal thrusts. 

Grasping the chain, Master Jonathan tugs my nipples and clit held captive hostage by the clamps, the increased tension causing causes the teeth to bite deeper while he callously fucks my throat. 

Unable to scream, unable to breathe, unable to move, I suffer at both ends of my body, each cock ruthlessly burrowing to my center core.

The Masters men are not moving in synch with each other to balance out the pain.  Master Jonathan propels in and out of my mouth using short fast thrusts; Master Anthony sodomizes my ass in long slower plunges; their joint tunneling rocks my body forward and backwards unevenly.  Master Anthony's cock penetrates organs deeply hidden inside my rectal cavity, organs that should never be penetrated breached causing debilitating cramps to painfully constrict and contract within my belly.

Seesawing back and forth with each Master's thrusts, my pain-ridden body seems unable to cope with the hurt being inflicted by the two men.  Each Master fucks hard and prolongs my suffering until Master Jonathan, and then Master Anthony deposits thick wads of cum inside my body and withdraws their limp cocks.

For the next several hours, men fuck my mouth, cunt, and ass, each man filling the orifice of their choosing with cum.  Semen clings to my chin and drips onto the floor. 

I reek with the distinctive odor of semen and man sweat.  When the Doms finish with me, I am exhausted and nearly drift off to sleep drenched in drying cum, still restrained to the chair and too used and spent to care.

I am released from the chair by Master Jonathan and placed face down on the coffee table, my breasts smashed into the hard surface.  He fastens me with my knees on the carpet, ass hanging off the table's edge, and legs spread wide. 

Exhausted, I take a deep breath and give in to sleeppray for unconsciousness, yet butI am semi-aware of commotion in the background of my pain-induced fog. 

Four Two female cum-slaves slowly wake tend to me, their warm wet tongues lapping the man-juices clinging to my flesh, long slow licks removing all traces of sweat and dried cum on my face and between my thighs.  Even my legs are wonderfully licked with long cleansing strokes of a tongue. 

One slave pulls my anal ring wide and uses her tongue to scoop the semen trapped within, lapping as though it is a precious liquid and every drop is a gift to be savored.  Another tongue probes deep within my cunt, licking the walls of my canal, slurping the mixture of juices hidden within my folds.

A Sheslave girl presses her fingers into my anal cavity, massaging the walls and probing deeper, filling me, slowly making love to my rectum with her slender gentle fingers.  More of her hand squeezes past my opening muscle, her arm moves upwards and presses into my intestinal muscle, encouraging it to open and allow entry, and then she completely withdraws only to plunge tenderly inside again.

In my minds-eye, my universe divides into a thousand pieces as multiple orgasms tremble quake within me.  I cannot wrap my brain around the intense pleasure controlling consuming my body.  My orgasm is rRaw; the sounds escaping from my throat are .  Aanimalistic, g.  Guttural.  Waves of convulsions explode with amazing ferocity and seemingly from every cell.  I struggle for breath, my body convulsing and shaken shudderingto my core., and as the hand slowly withdraws. 

The four cum- slaves release my restraints and lead me to the bathroom where they wash my body, apply lightly-scented lotion to my skin, brush my hair dry, and tuck me into bed, my legs and wrist restraints reconnected to the bedposts.


I slept heavily for a few hours, waking in a soft bed, alone and chained in the X-splayed position.  I'm not wasnt cold but could cannot stop shivering.  My body achinges and throbbing, and my anxiety mountsing.  I cannot imagine what is going to happen during my remaining pain training sessions.  I am not looking forward to any of it and desperately want to leave this place.  But for some reason, it is important to Master Jonathan so I have to submit to please him. 

Master Thomas enters the bedroom. 

He Master Thomas is a large man with , heavy bearded with thinning hair pulled into a ponytail at the base of his neck.  His rolls of fat hanging from his belly hide a short but very fat cock.  Removing my restraints, attaching nipple and clit clamps and a blindfold, he leads me outside into the freezing temperature.  The frozen earth bites into my hands and knees as he drags me blindly down a pathway. 

We enter the barn and mMy nose is assaulted by the dank odor and animal smells as we enter the barn.  He leads me to a wide wooden ladder secured at a slightly forward-leaning angle.  He fastens wrist and ankle restraints, positioning me facing into the wood, pulling my arms high above my head, locking each to the outer rungs of the ladder, my breasts resting heavily on a lower rung.  Spreading my legs apart, he attaches my ankles to the outside of the ladder's supporting legs.

Master Thomas is a magician with a bull whip, wielding it with pin-point

accuracy to inflict maximum pain with each strike.

An air of anticipation mingled with the fragrance of lust permeates the barn.  Surrounded by the darkness of the blindfold, the smell of sulfur reaches my nose.  Confusion and uncertainty overwhelm me as I attempt to define the movements behind me. 

Burning.  Coolness.  Sizzling.  Coolness. 

Droplets of candle wax land on my buttocks, trailing down the back of my legs.  More wax.  hot, searing, and then cooling and hardening.  I move closer to the flame for warmth.  Myconfused I am confused at my reactions.  The candle wax burns when first adhered adheres to my skin, but the heat is welcomed against my cold flesh.  Mmy cunt gushes liquid, my nipples drip large beads of milk, and my hips sway against the ladder, and as my arousal escalates. 

A thick layer of wax is now firmly affixed to my butt cheeks creating a protective coating on my skin.

Master Thomas presses his fingers between my lips and I automatically suck them deeper, circling each one with my tongue.  My left nipple clamp is removed and pain rumbles through it like thunder until thankfully, he takes my tortured nipple into his mouth and sucks life back into it, breast milk drizzling into his belly.

He suckles until my breast is completely drained, squeezing it tightly between his large hands to urge hidden milk to the surface.  He moves to my right breast and ingests the life-sustaining fluid until it too is empty.

His fingers erotically fuck my mouth, slipping past my lips and back to my throat as my tongue circles each individual finger.  He bites my nipples scraping each with his teeth while twisting the other bud. 

My pussy and ass are unfilled.  Passion, desire, and lust eke from every pore of my body, a yearning for more escalates within me.


My body lurches in shock as the first strike of a whip connects with my wax-coated behind.  Whack.  Whack.  Whack.  The whip collides with my skin, my flesh yielding to the force of the blow, jiggling and shuddering like waves in the ocean.  Each kiss of the whip permeates the otherwise silent room with the unmistakable sound of leather striking flesh.

Heat increases, the blows from the leather bull whip is creating a pattern of bright red lines across my behind.   Each lash is generating devastating stripes of pain, so intense that it lasts long after the leather slips from my flesh and into the next several blows that follow. 

Confused by the dichotomy of responses my body is experiencesexperiencing, a magnitude of feelings intensifying at an alarming rate.  My butt cheeks radiate a searing heat beneath the candle wax; my sensory receptors are overwrought with pain; yet my cunt is saturated with liquid arousal. 

Whack.  Whack.  Whack.  Three more devastating blows of the whip.

He reattaches the clover clamps, my sore nipples once again become tiny points of pain. 

Whack.  Whack.  Whack.  My ass whipping continues unabated, the pain at an intolerable level of intensity.  He reaches between the rungs in front of me, sliding his fingers in my pussy, scooping my juices, coating my slit from ass to clit, clit to ass, and sliding back inside my pussy. 

Whack.  Whack.  Whack. 

Standing, he slides his fingers between my lips, urging me to lick them clean.  I love the taste of my juices, sweet and creamy.  he He rotates between my pussy, smearing the liquid up and down my slit, and then feeding me his saturated fingers to clean.

Whack.  Whack.  Whack.  The intense heat generated from the blistering paddling whip literally melts the candle wax from my flesh.  Whack.  Consistent.  Whack.  Hard.  Whack.  FastExcruciating pain.  Whack.  Unrelenting.  Whack.  Scorching heat.  Whack.  I am near unconsciousness.

His fingers probe deeper in my drenched pussy, slowly stretching me until his entire fist is able to plunge inside leaving only his wrist exposed.  He pumps in and out, stretching the walls of my vagina, opening and closing his hand; twisting within me, applying pressure to my g-spot, withdrawing, plunging again, and again, and again.

The pain from the candle wax and whipping and fisting slowly converges, tremors running amuck deep in my belly. 

I push to consume more of his fist, twisting and turning my hips to ride his arm.  A profound state of euphoria overtakes my central nervous system and quickly replaces my reality. 

Pulse after pulse of pain-fueled pleasure shutters through me, my body fully immersed in a zone of ecstasy fueled energized by involuntarily contractions and tremors.  I spiral out of control, oblivious of anything other than satisfying my desires.  Even with the fist fully embedded in my pussy, hot liquid spews from my cunt, spraying the ladder, the floor, soaking the Master Thomas. 

My body absorbs hundreds of sensations and I scream eerie sounds while squirting liquid with tremendous velocity.

Unbeknownst to me, the whipping stopped, the fist withdrawn.  Yet I am still coming, releasing fountains of fluids, gyrating my hips and fucking air.   while Master Thomas stands speechless, observing the extraordinary orgasmic event as it unfolds.

Weak from my orgasm, my legs fold beneath me, but I am held fast to the ladder.  Reality slowly returns, my breathing becomes more even; my heart thumps loudly in my chest, and my legs are soaked from my climax. 

Master Thomas leads me back to the main house and tucks me into bed, face down, arms and legs attached to the four corners of the bed post.  He gently massages a cool gel into stripes left behind by the whip until I fall fast asleep.


Master Michael is as wide as he is tall, similar to the SpongeBob cartoon character.  His body builder shape sports biceps as large around as barbells, a very broad sculpted chest, and thick muscular legs.  His face is very hairy, thick unruly eyebrows partially conceal his bright blue eyes, and a full grown beard hangs several inches below his chin.  His cock is thick, about five inches around and five inches long, shaped like a tree stump.

He Michael approaches me sitting on the edge of the bed.  I am laying, face-down, ankles and wrists bound together, ass propped high over several pillows.  His hands and fingers explore my sex, with incredible attention to detail as though never having touched such areas on a woman before and seeking to uncover the mysteries; probing, investigating, and circling just outside each opening before before thrusting inside.  His touches add to discover the secrets hidden within, adding another layers upon layers of arousal to my building desirearousal.

I moan more urgently, and frantically push; my hips push back to greet his enchanting touches, rotating and swiveling on a quest for more, searching to be filled. 

Master Michael is a chemist by trade and develops potions for the BDSM community, some mixtures generate extreme pleasure or cause severe pain.  His other compounds increase sexual appetites, milk production, breast or cock size, pretty much anything a Master wants.

He slowly fills my rectum with a thick gel. 

I want to expel immediately.

He whispers in my ear, "Hold it.  You will soon enjoy it."

The peculiar sensation mixture produces an amazing tingling sensations in my assrectum.  It feels cool and refreshing, a mixture concoction of glycerin and peppermint extract with another additive.  There is absolutely no way I am going to release this substance ... I love it.  Deep inside my anal cavity, little air pockets form, and then each liquid bubble bursts, like a succession of firecrackers igniting and then exploding.

Moving my hips wildly, I savor the vibrations of the superb liquid, until Master Michael rears his arm back and strikes my butt again, again, and again, directly on top of the angry red lines left by Master Thomas.  More hits turn my butt a brilliant shade of red leavingand my flesh is blazing hot and raw. 

I desperately squeeze my ass cheeks tight to hold the liquid treasure inside, relishing the pleasure of this wondrous substance.  I cringe from each strike the whip as it sendsing pain echoing through my body.

Satisfied my butt is well tenderized; he inserts the head of his cock partially into my anal ring and withdraws. 

My skin tears slightly; the head of his cock is nearly the width of a beer can.  Shoving a little more, the heated fluid caresses the tip of his swollen member.  Slowly pushing a little deeper, the his cock finally breaks through the outer muscle ring and enters my rectum.  Now completely entrenched, he holds steady as the solution bubbles and pops like champagne bubbles around his cock.

Thrusting in short, slow strokes, He forces and forcing the heated fluid farther into my canal, the peppermint-spiked oil encases his cock and is far too wonderful for words. 

Similar to a tsunami, the waves are displaced and replaced, ebbing and flowing back and forth while as his plunges gain velocity.  His heavy balls are banging against my clit, his thighs slap against my stinging flesh, and then he withdraws completelyleaving me vacant. 

Stabbing his cock back inside into my ass, his pace changes fluctuates from faster, slower, gentler, and rougher causing the waves of oil to stroke caress both of us with each thrust. 

Heat builds quickly spurred by the friction of our movements and the displacement of the liquid.  He is pounding my rectum like a plumber plunges a blocked drain.  My anal passage opens wider to accommodate his width.

I lift my hips rise to meet his thrusts him, to encourage Master Michael to continue as a powerful energy builds between us.  I am flying above my body in a zone of astonishing pleasure.  Endorphins ignite and sparks flit throughout my brain, setting a chain reaction of explosions in motion.  Cum juices squirt from my gaping pussy and my rectum clenches his cock tightly. 

And my flight of ecstasy continues.  I am in a state of weightlessness with amazing energy rocketing wildly throughout.  My body is seizing of its own accord with my orgasm centered completely in my brain and transmitting a blend of violent and pleasurable electrical impulses at breathtaking speed. 

I flounder, twisting, writhing as pleasure blossoms like a flower opening in the morning dew.  Just as my orgasm takes flight,My orgasm sucks his cock deeper into my cavity and  he groans loudly and fills me with he releases long spurts of searing cum, his cock embedded in my anal cavity until long after the last eruption ceases.

Breathing correctly becomes difficult while my body hums and throbs and throbbing through my anal orgasm. 

Subsequent aAftershocks rock my body, short spasms and contractions gushingrush through me.  He replaces Replacing his cock with a large butt plug, trapping, he traps the magical fluid and his cum inside me.  Releasing my restraints and holding me close, we fall asleep in each other's arms.


Master Starr is a very short and heavy set man with a Santa Claus belly that wobbles when he laughs.  His body is completely hairless with splatters of freckles covering his skin.  Hazel eyes seem out of contrast with his dark farmer's tan, and his short midnight black hair looks greasy even after showering. 

He loves full breasts, real breasts, especially ones with large nipples.  Master Starr channeled his enjoyment of breasts into an amazing enterprise founding the most profitable Hu-Cow farm in the country.  His herd of heifers numbers well over 300 head, producing tremendous volumes of Grade A New, Whole, and Golden breast milk.  His fortune, however, is from his patented design of udder-makers, cups that actually reshape the hu-cow's breasts into actual udders.

New milk is the thin milk produced when a heifer is first coming into production, also referred to as colostrums, and is rich in antibodies and minerals.  Whole milk is produced when the heifer is at normal peak production and accounts for 60% of the dairy farm's profit.  Golden milk is produced when the heifer is pregnant or fed a special hormone to maintain production of golden-milk quality.

His ongoing joke is that "His hu-cows are tax deductible, whereas cow slaves are not!"  Cow slaves have other duties, for example, house servant or sex slave whereas hu-cows are 100% dedicated to milk production.

Every six hours around the clock, he summons me to the barn.  The "milking station" consists of a low leather-covered stockade with retaining grooves for my head and wrists.  When the He brings the heavy board is brought down and locks ited shut, it makes making a loud "thud" and completely immobilizes immobilizing my neck and wrists between the course wood.  I am bent forward, ankles secured to a four-foot wooden spreader beam behind me, leaving my breasts dangling freely from my chest.

He fills each clear udder cup with my breast, squeezing my spongy tissue to fit more flesh into the clear container.  Connecting the tubes from the teat cups to the buckets beneath, he turns the powerful milking machine on.  My breasts are immediately sucked downwards to the floor, then when the suction pauses, lurch upwardsback into my chest when suction pauses.  Each powerful vacuum pump draws out volumes of milk buried deep within my breasts.

The methodical pull and release action of the machine pounds each nipple into the plastic cup, leaving both a dark purple color.  The tempo becomes almost soothing in spite of my sore breasts and nipples. 

He increases the setting to high, sucking the air from my lungs as the robust pumping action jars the front half of my body away from my chest.  My breasts fast dance to the pulse of the machine, pulling, squirting, and then retracting. 

He increases the suction rate to Level 10, jerking my breasts down to the floor, crushing my nipples against the tip of the teat cup, and literally wrenching milk from my body in several long streams.

As the machine mauls my teats, he removes the plug holding Master Starr's cum and slowly fucks my ass, resting the tip of his cock at my opening, pressing inward slightly, coaxing my anal ring wider to allow him entry.  Sinking deeper, his butt cheeks clenching and unclenching, he struggles to prolong his release and shouts at me.

"You are not mooing.  Louder.  I want to hear my cow slave moo."

I moo. 

Apparently my mooing wasn't loud enough,

He backs away from me and returns with a cat o-nine flogger.  Rearing his fat arm, he smacks my upper back, buttocks, down my legs and ankles, leaving bright red streaks in his wake.

I moo more like the heifer he expects me to emulate, my whipping soon ends and he returns to my fucking my ass.  His cock feels amazing, working its way in and out of my canal.  Hypersensitive, my sphincter remains sore after the brutal stretching from Master Michael.  My hips thrust to meet his plunges, driving him deeper until his entire length is completely entrenched. 

Grinding his hips into my ass, moving his rock-hard cock side-to-side, he stimulates the walls within my cavity.  Faster, more reckless in his movements, he explodes and fills me with his thick hot semen.  When his cock softens, he withdraws and inserts a larger butt plug, confining his juices within me.

During my milkings, Master Starr frequently fucks my mouth as well, violently shoving far into my throat and when his release nears, withdraws to spray his semen on my face and hair and opened mouth, sometimes shooting it down my throat. 

Often, he invites another Master or two or three to participate in fucking me while milking.  It is a proven fact that the heifer (or cow slave) produces nearly twice as much milk volume when sexually aroused, so fucking me is a "must" to increase my production from half gallon a day to the goal of a gallon per day.


After my milking, Master Samuel arrives and tightly binds my empty breasts.  They stand out like swollen twin peaks, and are darken changing to a deep purple.  He attaches a clamp and a heavy chain to each nipple.  Oddly, I don't feel any pain from my crushed nipples.  Moving between my thighs, he attaches a clit clamp and another heavy chain, a sharp intake of breath is all that prevents me from screaming. 

Pulling all three chains to my neck one by one, he secures each to a the large ring in my collar.  He pulls each chain taunt, stretching my nipples and clit forcing me to bend forward, until they bend in half, and then he fastens the padlocks.  Only my clit hurts, and I cannot seem to position my body to relieve the stress on that chain. 

He then inserts an ass hook into my opening; the ball is solid iron and four-inches around, the hook end resembles an anchor for a large vessel.  The cold heavy ball slips inside my warm anal canal.  Laying the hook up my backbonespine, he pulls it taunt, lifting my butt high.  He connects the loop at the end of the hook to another heavy chain and pulls it until no slack remains, and then secures the chain to my collar. 

This forcesM my neck is forced back towards the hook; likewise, my ass forced is pulled upwards towards my collar, the unnatural position stretches the chains pulling my nipples and clit. 

The four chains weigh at least 10 5 pounds combined, with each link an eighth of an half inch thick.  The four locks weigh at least a quarter pound each.  The additional weightand throws me off balance.  My ability to crawl is hobbled and clumsy, and  and hobbles my ability to crawl; this both angers and excites Master Samuel.

Master Samuel is a fat, ugly, and foul smelling man.  His flesh is constantly slick with a thick grimy layer of sweat.  His cock is dark, crusty, and bitter-tasting.  He is a cruel Master man with a mean streak a mile long. 

He induces pain just because he can and .  derives great pleasure from my resistance.  The more I scream and beg and cry, the harder his cock gets.

Many BDSM clubs have banned him from entering, most refuse to allow him to participate in any activities.  Owners send their unruly slaves to him for "compliance training", and if the slave survives, they are extremely compliant when returned to their Masters. 

InitiallyI know if , I resist ed Him, or beg for mercy, he will induce more pain.  Yet, if I do not resist or beg, he will induce more pain until I do so.  It is a lose/lose situation for me.  begged and pleaded for mercy from him, but all that brought was more pain and suffering.  I know now he derives great pleasure from my resistance, screaming and begging makes his cock rock-hard. 

My slobbering and crying makes makes him feel strongermore, powerful.  My fear of his reputation is real, and , and more feared.  But compliance and submission, in the long run, is a little bit less painful when under his sadistic control.

He grabs my leash, pulling and pulls me forward.

I obediently follow behind, the frozen terrain biting into my knees and hands as I struggle to maintain his pace.  The additional weight around my neck along with the heavy ass hook shifts my weight vicariously and as  my crawling is unsteadyI crawl unsteadily.  The anchor inside my body sends sends little pulses of pleasure up my backside with each step.

Plopping his fat body in the recliner in the Library, he leisurely sips Gentleman Jack's Sipping Whiskey while I lay at his feet.  The pain in my nipples has returnedreturns and my flattened tissue throbs deeply into my flattened tissue. 

Releasing additional leash cable, he orders me to crawl around his chair.  I start slowly, trying to crawl seductively, but it is not working.  My center of gravity is off.  One hand in front of the other, I gingerly move in a circle around his chair, cringing with pain in my nipples and clit. 

Between sips of whiskey, he shouts commands for to me.  "Faster you worthless slut."  Picking up the pace, I crawl as fast as I can.  My nipples are literally turning black and the pain is severe.

"Crawl backwards.  Now you dumb cunt."  I try to move backwards but end up crawling like a drunkard on all fours holding onto the floor for support. 

"Heel you fucking bitch."  I immediately sit on my haunches with my head and eyes lowered and wait for his next command.  The position pulls my nipples and clit and ass hook and increases the throbbing pain.

"Forward.  Slower.  No faster you stupid bitch."  I adjust my speed but he yanks my leash and I stumble face-forward into the carpet.   to move faster, slower, forward, backward, or Heel like a dog sitting on my haunches and my head held demurely.  

All Each movements of my body constantly renews the hurt in my nipples and clit , each crushed between the jaws of the clamps.  With my back in this Leaving my lower back in an unnatural position, my ass is and grotesquely displayeds my womanhood.  My legs are wobbly, my balance is unstable, even on my hands and knees.

Master Samuel continues to jerked the long leash towards him just to make me stumble or fall on my face while he shouts commands.  SlowlyLittle by little, he takes up the slack in the leash, drawing me closer to him while I continue to , after about half an hour or so, he drew me closer to him, reducing the slack in my leash while I continued to circle his the reclining chair. 

He laughs.  An evil wicked laugh. 

I think to indicate my performance pleases him. 

When my body is within arm's reach, he picks up his favorite steel-beaded whip and strikes my back, snapping the cold frozen steel beads against my warm soft flesh. 

His whip is a 24 inch wand with six strands of steel beads; each bead is about quarter inch around and threaded onto eight-inch long strands.  He stores the whip in the freezer to increase the pain.  When he slams the frozen strands into my flesh, the cold metal beads cut into my body, leaving six rows of deep burning gouges behindin its wake.

I am screaming, my body slumps as the pain registers in my brain.  Screaming out and losingI lose my footing and fall forward hard, I fall forward hard, slamming my face into the thick rough carpet.

His whip is a 24 inch wand with six strands of steel beads; each bead is about quarter inch around and threaded onto eight-inch long strands.  He stores the whip in the freezer to increase the pain.  When he slams the frozen strands into my flesh, the cold metal beads cut into my body, leaving six rows of deep burning gouges behind.

Rearing his arm back again, he wields the whip like a cruel animal trainer; snapping it hard and quick against my flesh.  Air rushes from my lungs with each throaty scream, tears and makeup run down my face, saliva drools down my chin. 

He is developings a rhythm, delivering strike after strike on my back, buttocks, legs, arms, whatever part of my body happens to be within reach of the whip.

I continued to to crawl around his chair, grateful for the brief respite of the whip when I circle behind him, but my my circleleash is getting smaller shorter with each lap around as he shortens my leash, always pullingdrawing me closer to his repulsive cock. 

I am grateful for the brief respite of the whip when I crawl behind the chair, but I have maybe one more lap around the chair left before my leash tether is reduced to a few feetfoot or less. 

Reducing the slack, hCircling in front of him, he e jerks me face-first into the recliner; his tiny cock barely visible beneath his fatty rolls of belly flesh.  He orders me to worship his cock, lick his balls, and I quickly comply. 

I clamp my lips tightly around his cock and try to make a seal around it.  I cannot concentrate on his cock, my skin stings and burns from the beaded lashing. 

He wrenches the leash again, further the impaling the ass hook inside melifts my ass and propels , smashing my face deeper into his hairy groin.  My chin rests on his balls.  His pubic hair sticks to my skin, and his fat fills my nostrils. 

, and restricting my ability to breathe.  Each time hFinally, he releases the tension on the leash again and, I quickly fill my lungs with oxygen before he shoves my face back down onto his cock, all the while, barking orders.

"Suck it to the back of your throat.  I want to feel your tonsils."  I can't do it.  His cock is buried in layers of fat and I cannot find the base of his stem.  Once again, the beaded whip collides with my skin.  I open my mouth to scream and he shoves my face deeper into his disgusting rolls of skin. 

I am repulsed by his cock and he knows it.  In fact, he loves my disgust and deprives me of oxygen until vomit wells in the back of my throat.  I am gagging, choking, and use my hands to pull away from him.

One hand on my leash, one hand wrapped around the whip, he pulls and jerks my body deeper onto his cock while striking me repeatedly.  Red dots of beaded welts line my back, legs, arms.  My tears and snot and saliva puddle in his fatty rolls as my agony escalates.

With his cock filling my mouth again, he holds my head firmly in position, my chin resting on his balls, his pubic hair tickles my nose, his fat filling my nostrils. 

He strikes me repeatedly, the beads at the end of the whip biting into my skin.  He orders me to suck harder or softer, lick here or there, slip my tongue in the head of his cock, or hum a tune to massage it with my vocal chords, all the while, whipping me harder and leaving dots of red-beaded welts on my body. 

His cock fucking my mouth repulses me.  Volleyed between the forward thrusts of his hips and the jerking and pulling the anal hook, my agony escalates.

I try to enjoy this vile man and the training he prives me, but cannot seem to do so.  My entire body acheshurts, radiating pain.  M, my muscles and orifices ass are sore., my My flesh is raw.  , and I am exhausted.

There is nothing I can do to dissuade this menacing madman from inflicting pain on my body.  My only option is to make Master Samuel cum quickly.  ButAnd h he enjoys prolonging my torture.  L, aughing his wicked laugh, pushing pushing my head away from his cock when he is close to release, and then pulling me onto backit to suck start again. 

My jaw aches, my body hurts, my breasts are tendersore, my nipples and clit are are thankfully numb, and my hands and knees are scratched and sore from crawling.

Finally he finishes with me, forcing his sperm down my throat, and sends me to Master Jonathanorders me to get cleaned up.


I crawl to the bathroom, sobbing, filled with utter helplessness.  I curl into the fetal position on the cool tile floor while my bathwater fills.  Master Jonathan arrives and drops me into a the warm soothing bath, washing my hair, my body, and administering a fragrant douche followed by a gentle enema.  He brushes and dries my hair and lays me on the bed.  He gives Handing me a glass of the magical juice to sip and , he gently massaged massages soothing lotion into my skin while lovingly caressing my body. 

"I am proud of you slutslave.  You have exceeded my expectations."  he coos in my ear. 

"Master, why do I need this pain training?  Haven't I served you in every way you have asked?  Don't I please you?  Why pain?  And why these men?"

"You are 21 and it's time for you to experience more than what I can teach you.  Pain has always been the next level in your slave training.  Learning to deal with pain has allowed you to experience spectacular orgasms.  Making the transition from pain to pleasure is a rare skill.  And each Master here has exposed you to new methods and techniques, and yes, most are painful.  Watching you suffer at the hands of others has pleased me considerably.  You want to please me, don't you?"

Smiling, I nod my head and focus on his touch.

His touch, his praise, mMy physical exhaustion and, feeling totally sated, the hormone-enhanced juice, all contribute to my sentiment of overall wellbeing.  Life is good.  My pain training is nearly over and I am pleasing

I passed his training courses.  It is over and I succeeded in pleasing him. 

And aAnd as he predicted, I am a pain slut.  I crave pain, and need the pain to experience the intoxicating levels of orgasms of the past several days.

, owned and protected and exist to serve him and his desires.  My body is raw; no part has been left untouched or unused.  My flesh is lined with , a few bruises, but no  broken skin, no permanent damage.  , although I am very sore, tender, and sensitive ache everywhere, yet, my desire seems unquenchable.  in my private places. 

My mind wanders in an out of reality, succumbing to my Master'shis tendernesstouch.  I roll over to my tummy as and Master he resumes his massage.  My clit is engorged and swollen, and I nearly orgasm when he touches it.  My breasts hurt, they are full and in need of reliefdraining.  I am uncomfortable laying on them and ask Master to suck them, but he does not reply.  My clit is engorged and swollen, so much so that I nearly orgasm when Master touches it.  I plead once again for him to suck my nipples, but again, no reply.

His fingers continue to massage my body, sometimes sliding between my thighs, testing my arousal, slowly journeying down each thigh, calf, foot, and back up to my slit, and down my other leg.  Soft moans escape as I am lulled into a deep and relaxing sleep, yet very much aware of his touches, the swirls of the pads of his fingers as probing, investigating, and relaxing each muscle in my body relaxes.  And with one last sigh of resignation, dreams take full control of my subconscioussleep. 


I am awaken with a deep kiss from my Master. 

Longing builds within me as he embraces me, sliding his tongue into my mouth, probing, and retreating to gently suck my lips.  He gingerly suckles each nipple, providing relief from the pressure caused by the hormones and increased milk production.  His hands and fingers roam my body, pushing in and out of my cunt and ass, cupping my breasts and licking my nipples, softly rubbing my clit, encouraging it to grow larger under his ministrations. 

I respond to his touches, a now familiar hunger stirring deep inside my belly. 

He knows just where to touch, how soft or hard, and how to maneuver my body into frenzy of needsdesires. 

Juices leak from my cunt, tiny beads of milk escape from my nipples. 

Master Jonathan lifts Master enters the bedroom.  Strong, but gentle hands lift my naked body as if I were precious cargo and carries me to the barn.  I am groggy and cannot walk so this is a welcome courtesy. 

He takes me to the barn, bent bends me forward over a the padded saw horse anchored to the barn flooring.  My nipples are once again attached to the teat cups and the milking machine is turned on.  The suction begins to harshlyharshly squeezes life back into my throbbing breasts and it I am relieved is a relief to have the pressure eased.

Master Anthony spreads lube in my slit and inside my ass and slides a ice cold peeled and serrated ginger root into my sore pucker.  He probes my cunt with his fingers, eventually forming a fist, but not painfully. 

Master Thomas flogs my backside, but not harshly.  My

The machine pulls my breasts downward and it feels exquisite as it extracts precious droplets of milk from each teat. 

An O-ring is fastened around my head. 

My throat is raw voice is raspy from screaming, crying, and sucking cock.  My body is weak  from the pain inflicted by the men and from the my powerful pleasure of my orgasms.  My muscles ache from the powerful orgasms  I have been allowed, eachEach orgasm seemed to lengthening and shortening every muscle and nerve ending in my body, working flooding me with them into a frenzy of contractions. 

I crave more, despite my exhaustion.  My body aches, yet my hips rotate of their own accord in search of more pleasure.  I want it harder, deeper, craving pain, needing my holes to be molested and violated.  My body reaches to greet each caress of the flogger while and the suctioning sound of the milking machine defines the pace of my growing escalating desire.  I am so close. 

My ass itches, burning hot, interrupting my excitement.  The sensation feels like drops of extra hot Tabasco sauce on my tongue only it is in my rectum.  The potency of the ginger increases at an astounding rate. 

I reach back to remove it from my ass but Master Thomas pulls my wrists forward and fastens each to the front legs of the saw horse. 

I squeeze totry to push the root from my body, but am unable tocannot eject it. 

Master Thomas attaches clips to my cunt lips, spreading them wide with a cable connected to my ankle restraints.  He placed an alligator-type clamp on my exposed and distended clit, then pushed a large cold metal dildo slathered with a thick gel deeply in my pussy, seating it securely.  A blindfold is fastened around my head while the ginger root continues to burn inside my rectumass.

Along with the cadenced sound of the milking machine, I detect chairs being setup pulled near me.  Drinks are filled or refreshed, beer cans are opened.  The aromas of pipe tobacco, cigarettes, and pot surround me. 

I hear the distinct drum beat of my heart, now far too loud for me to discern other noises; but I strain straining to listen for anything to indicate what may happen next. 

I can feel the tension in the barn.  A soft hum of current becomes slightly audible and m.  My cunt involuntarily clenches and unclenches.  A slow vibration courses through my clit threading tiny impulses upwards towards my brain, then ceases.  Once again, the hum of current, my cunt clenchesing and unclenchesing, vibrations from my clit coursing courses through my bodyme in all directions.  And the feelings cease.  And then re-ignite.

This is very different.  I cannot reconcile what is happening.  No one is touchinges me, but my body reacts as though being used and stimulated.  In reality, no one does anything to me.  RegardlessA, an unprecedented level of excitement builds in me. 

Suddenly, the sharp snap of electricity wrenches through my body.  It continues and the intensity increasesis transmitted into my body, the hard wrench as the current courses through me is paralyzing.  My body is jerksing, spasmsing, lurchesing, then seizesing.  I have absolutely no control and,  I  continue to shake and shudder several minutes after the current ceases to flow into my body.

Sputtering and , drooling, I release releasing an deep animalistic roar for this to stop, but no one responds to my muffled pleas for helproar.  The blending of sounds and involuntary seizures multiply as the current is increased, first in my clit, then in the device seated in my cunt.  I involuntarily shake, shudder, jerk , shake me to my very core, while the milking machine methodically maintains its defined set pace and mission. 

I am distracted and disoriented as the eElectricity is continues to be intermittently released injected intothrough my private sex. 

parts, distracting and disorienting me.  Master Jonathan removes the teat cups and places , placing electrodes on my elongated nipples. 

Master Michael roughly pumps warm oil into my cunt. 

There is sSo much activity occurring to my body at the same time, all seemingly well-choreographed and, plays played out around within me. 

Master Jonathan glides his cock easily through the O-ring.

I suck it eagerly, swallowing it completely in one gulp.  He pushes farther until his balls slap against my chin, my warm saliva drooling onto down his family jewelsstem, and between his thighs with each forward thrust.

His plunges increase in pace and become more powerfulforceful.  He jerks my leash upwards, forcing pulling my head higher and, choking me, cutting my air supply both in my mouth with his cock and around my neck with my collar. 

Master Anthony positions his cock near my assat the entrance to my ass and , gently applying applies pressure at the opening, but does not fully entering.  He dribbles more lube down my slit and pushes , pushing it inside my holes with his cock, darting a little inside each opening and quickly withdrawing.  He, never fully enteringenters, never penetrates past the first barrier of muscles in either canal.  His cockHe slides his cockrubs my hot spots, pushing and sliding up and down my crevice, sometimes using his hands to guide his cock. 

Master Jonathan is nearsing climax in my mouth and I am desperate to cum.  A dazzling fire is ragesing within me.  I need each flame to ignite and send me on my way to an orgasm utopia.  I need Master Anthony to stop teasing my crevice and plunge his snake-like cock into me, anywhere, cunt, ass.  I don't care.  I need it inside my body now. 

But hHe willwill not enter me.  Choking, sputtering on Master Jonathan's cock chokes me and then in my mouth, he withdraws and spills his juices on my face and,  smears it over my skin with using his cock to smear it over my skin.

I am distracted again by the The current of electricity.  My  distracts me once again as my nipples and clit jump to life, twisting each one twisting inward and outward.  The electrical current flows to, transferring the electrical current to every nerve ending between each point of contact.  A flogger lands lightly on my backside.

More current, more flogging, more lube in my pussy.

A "whoosh" sound emits from my ass as Master Anthony removes the ginger root and 's cock finds my ass and plunges timidly inside a few times. 

As if suddenly realizing the slick hot orifice was his for the taking, Hhe plummets deeper, embedded the totality of his pride and joystraw stem inside me.  His He long straw-shaped cock is tunnelsing its way through my ass and into my colon and it feels like i am being split open as cramps converge in my belly., splitting me open. 

His cock is grossly enlarged, pushesing with increased fervor, my tissue seems to moves aside to accommodate his extended length as he rounds the bend into my intestinal tract. 

The electricity intermittently pulses through my nipples and clit and my .  My tremors and shudders clench his cock, milking it until his cum spurts inside me.  , thrust after thrust flooding my intestinal tract with each drive, pushing his cum deeper.  It feels like a garden hose spraying inside me as he continues tobursts of hot sticky cum in my canal release burst after hot sticky burst inside my rectum. 

And just as quickly, another gust of electricity clenches my nipples and my body reacts as though struck by lightning.  I am , hurlinglaunching me into an outer sphere, extending beyond the simplistic "pain/pleasure" threshold, beyond sub space, and far into that "zone" where nothing exists but that this moment of blending climaxes. 

The iIntensity of everything, each movement sensation elicits a unique response from different areas of my body, but and all culminating culminates in an otherworldly experience.  I My body shudders, twistsing, and I am screaming, pleading for more as my orgasmic ride reaches a plateau and slowly subsides.

I am the toy for my Master's sexual proclivities.  My forever is now well defined.  My total focus is to please him and his fellow Masters. 

Once again, twoA cum-slave approaches my backside and women approach me, eachlicks licking the fluidcum as as it seeps  it drools from my assbody.  Her tongue, probing probes deeper inside my folds to locate and swallow every drop.  They She eatlaps it with such an unprecedented eagerness, as if the semen contained "life sustaining" nutrientsdeprived of nourishment for days.

I My body quivers, twisting, fighting against my restraints in response to her erotic tongue licking, but I am too exhausted to enjoy it. 

Master Jonathan releases me and carries me , responding to the women cleaning my body. 

Without preamble, the three of us are attached securely to lower cushioned beams and roughly mounted by the various men surrounding our bodies.  The Masters rotate in and out, fucking the slave and entry of their choice, mouth, cunt, and ass. 

After several hours, they lead us to the yard and hose us off, pushing the hose in our cunts and ass to clean the copious cum dripping from our orifices.

to the main house, tucking me Master Jonathan carries me to the main house and tucks me into bed, reattaching my restraints.  , attaching my restraints. 

CHAPTER eleven

Gentle hands roaming over my body draw me from sleep. 

"Wake up little one.  Shower and dress.  Everything is laid out for you.  You have one hour." Master whispered.

I stretch, grimacing from with sore muscles, and slide from the bed.  The warm shower jets feel erotic as each droplet rolls from my body.  The sShampoo smells heavenly; and stirrings begin deep inside my pussy.  Lather from the soap sends tiny impulses throughout my body, my nipples harden, my clit swells, and my fingers probeing inside me, sensations are traveling faster as my pace increases.

"DO NOT MASTURBATE!  You are not allowed to pleasure yourself." Master's menacing voice cuts into my thoughts.

I finish my shower, rub scented oil into my skin, and dry and style my hair.  I apply my makeup, carefully outlining my lips with bright slutty red lipstick, my eyes with black liner and thick mascara, and finish with a medium rose red blush.  I slip into the corset, thigh high nylons, thong, and high heels, all shaded in deep erotic red tones.

Standing in front of the full length mirror, I am amazed at how sexy and inviting I lookfeel considering how tired I am.  Heat radiates throughout my body, and juices slip past my pussy lips and drool between my thighs.  My nipples are huge and my breasts are heavily laden with milk. 

Master enters and inspects every inch of my body.  He plants a sloppy wet kiss on my lips, slaps my breasts several times, and slides his fingers in my pussy.

"You are very wet my little slut." He coos into my ear.  "Tell me what you have learned so far from this experience."

"My life is serving you no matter how painful or torturous it may be.  I am your property, your object to be used.  And I must always do what it takes to give maximum pleasure to whomever I am serving, but especially you." 

"Good girl.  We are not finished with your pain-slut training.  The next several hours will be far more intense.  We are going to use you to exhaustion and push your pain threshold farther."

With that statement, The he fastens the collar and leash are fastened tightlyaround my neck, and inserts the O-ring inserted in my mouth and widens it until my jaw makes a popping sound, and then .  binds my hands behind my back with thick leather cuffs. 

He takes my left nipple in his mouth and sucks it hard.  It feels like he is giving me a tit-hickey and I love it.  He reaches in his back pocket, pulls out a shiny 10 inch crescent wrench, and positions my swollen nipple between the teeth.  He turns the adjustable screw until my nipple is completely crushed in the mouth of the tool and releases the wrench.  The wrench and my nipple drops heavily to my waist.

It feels very strange.  Not good or bad or not even painful, just strange.  And looks bizarre.  He pulls a second wrench from his back pocket and repeats the process on my right nipple.

Nipple and clit clamps are attached and connected with a chain to my collar.  My hands are bound behind my back.

Master gently pushes me to the floor onto my hands and knees and tleads me to the main roomhe wrenches clang against each other as I crawl behind him. 

He drops my leash near the coffee table where the three-bulb ass plug is prominently placed, and , indicating for me to kneel in front of a chair.  Kneeling facing the chair, Master gently guides my face forward until the , impaling my mouth onto a very large ass plug sitting erect on the chair's seat.  first two bulbs It slislides easily into my mouth through the O-ring. 

"Lick it, suck it, and worship it, make it wet for your ass.  This is your only lube so do a good job."   I cannot believe he is going to insert that vicious plug inside me again, but

The plug is nearly eight inches wide at its base, and eight inches long.  It is made of a hard rubber substance, completely unyielding.  The base is too wide and will not completely fit through the ring in my mouth but I lavish saliva all over it. 

"Put the plug fully inside your ass.  Do it now."

I am unsure if I can get all three bulbs in me.  I know the first two will easily slide inside me, but the bottom bulb will not.  I spread my butt cheeks, position my opening over the dildo, and lower my body onto it.  No pain as the first bulb plops inside.  Pressing my body down, the second bulb passes midway and the tearing sensation begins as my sphincter stretches. 

It feels heavenly.  I lift and lower my body on the plugtwo bulbs, wildly fuckingmaking love to itthe plug wildly.  My cunt throbs, my clit pulses with excitement, and my nipples dribble milk.  This is wonderful.  I drop my body and the first two bulbs fully penetrate.  I lift my body and they exit completely.  I ride the plug; when I descend, my sphincter opens voluntarily as if to welcome it home.

Fucking the first two bulbs creates a level of friction that sends me soaring, as if every nerve in my body is suddenly inspired.  I follow each feeling circulating within me as I plunge and lift my body over the intruder.  Master Jonathan jerks my leash upwards, and forces me to stand, interrupting my rhythm.

"This is not for your pleasure.  Bend over, spread your legs, and put your hands on the coffee table."

I do as he requests but did not prepare myself for what he does next.  He shoves the entire three bulbs into my rectum fast and hard, and I wail in agony.  The pain is paralyzing and my knees buckle.  I am unable to move; but the plug is completed seated within me.

ing, nipples dripping, and ass twitching as excitement gains momentum.My leash is jerked upwards forcing me to stand. 

Turned around, my butt is pushed onto the chair seat, impaling my pussy on the plug, adding additional lube.  It feels heavenly.  I lift and lower my body on the plug, fucking it wildly.  My cunt throbs, clit pulsing, nipples dripping, and ass twitching as excitement gains momentum.

Master jerks my leash again.  Two men lift and position my ass over the tip of the plug.  They push my shoulders down impaling the obscenely large plug into my anal opening.  I am struggling against them, attempting to stand and relieve the pain, but they push me down again.

My anal opening stretches, tears, and burns, to accommodate half of the widest point of the plug.  My legs are pulled upwards, forcing my entire upper body weight to drop another few inches onto the plug. 

Oh god, it hurts.  It is way too wide.  It will not fit! 

Pain radiates between my legs. 

Pressure on my shoulders pushes me downward again, forcing my hole wider, stopping short of completely entrenching the hard rubber inside my ass Debilitating pain signals rush to my brain.  Pressing firmer on my shoulders, keeping my legs suspended, the two men finally and painfully completely seat the plug in my ass, my opening closing around the narrow base of the plug.

I cannot move, the pain cripples me.  Sobbing and begging for it to be removed, I am only able to mutter muffled words through the O-ring.  The Doms laugh at my discomfort, taking pleasure from my pain judging by their hardening cocks. 

My hands are released from the bindings.  Someone propels me forward by the leash, forcing me to the floor on my hands and knees. 

I cannot seem to squeeze the plug out of my body, it will not move.  The leash pulls the chains taunt causing the clamps to bite deeper into my nipples and clit, pain flowing recklessly in all directions within my body. 

Master Jonathan picks pullsup my leash and leads me to each Master Starr.  His cock is standing straight up his belly awaiting attention.  I nibble gently at the head, and then swirl my tongue around it.  I purse my lips to form a seal on his hard stem and press forward, sucking it deeper into my mouth.  Lunging downward, I finally create enough suction to pull his cock to the back of my throat.  He is moaning loudly and locks his huge hands around my head.  He plunges my mouth deeper onto his cock, forcing it down my throat.  He shoots his hot seed directly into my esophagus within minutes, and I lick him clean.

Moving to Master Thomas, his cock is twitching and dripping pre-cum in anticipation.  Slowly, like a nursing baby, I suck the juice leaking from the tip of his stiff cock.  He clamps his paws around my head and pushes me into his groin and down to the base of his cock.  He holds my head firm, my vision is blinded by his belly fat; his balls quiver against my chin.  I clamp my lips tightly around his straining shaft to form a vacuum; his pulsing cock quickens to throbbing waves.  I slurp and suck to draw him farther into my throat and swallow as much of him as I can.  He gasps out loud as his juices burst from the mushroomed head, spewing jets of hot sticky sperm into my throat.

I move to Master Samuel, his cock is a deep purple color and drenched with pre-cum.  I lick the stem like a child licks a lollypop.  I hear a whoosh of air followed by a slapping sound, and pain registers in my brain several seconds later.  The sadist uses his bull whip and strikes between my crack, the tip of the whip wraps under my body and bites into my clit.  My head jerks up from his groin and I back away from him.  But he grabs a large chunk of my hair with his free hand and thrusts his hips upwards, wedging his cock in the back of my throat.  He holds me securely in place and strikes me again with the whip.  Screeching, I increase my hold on his cock, swallowing it as best I can; anything to make him hurry up and cum.

But he just laughs while I choke and gag, sputtering for air but my nose is blocked by his belly fat.  My eyes feel like they are literally bulging from oxygen deprivation.  He continues to wield his whip in a methodical pattern, matching his strikes of the whip to his thrusts into my throat.  I am in pure agony with the pain searing into my soul as deeply as his razor whip burns into my sex.  Savagely, his assault continues and my suffering escalates.  My blocked screams vibrate against his rod and with a final vicious thrust, he releases his seed.  The taste is overpowering and sickening but I swallow all of it. 

Coughing and sputtering, I move to Master Michael's cock.  My clit is sizzling where the split-tip of the bull whip tore into it, and my tears soak his cock.

Taking him inside my cum-saturated mouth, I rotate my head back and forth on his fat tip, poking my tongue inside his slit, tickling and forcing it to widen.  Grabbing my hair, he pumps my head up and down his stump.  His cock contracts and shudders inside my locked jaw, and my tongue blocks the escape of his semen. 

He groans loudly and he gyrates his hips but his cum cannot eject.  He thrashes and yanks my hair to pull me away, but I keep my tongue deeply embedded in his slit.  I can feel the hot volcanic fluid burgeoning inside his trapped opening.  He must be in pain because he slaps my face so hard that my head flies sharply to the left and his cock flies out of my mouth.  Free at last, he spurts long thin strands of fluid for several minutes.  Angrily, he grabs my hair again and pulls me to his belly and I lick every drop of his juices from his skin.

, and one-by-one, thrusting my face into each cock. 

All the while, my fully stuffed ass is flogged.  I am a rag doll, moved and positioned to satisfy each cock, choking and sputtering and fighting to suck air into my lungs.

My tummy is full of cum but yet I am thirsty.  I try to ask for a drink, but cannot put the words together with the O-ring impeding my speech. 

Master Jonathan gratefully removes the butt plug and lays a bowl of juice in front of me.  .

I lick every drop , trying to rinse the taste of cum from my pallet.  Juice, drool, tears, and cum semen drip down from my chin and onto my breasts.

A blindfold is affixed firmly around my head.  Master Jonathan drags me on my hands and knees out the door and to the barn, gravel cutting into my skin as I struggle to keep up the brisk pace. 

I feel people near me.  An air of expectation surrounds me.  I am confused by this turn of events.  I am laid flat on my back on the dirt floor in the center of an arena.  A spreader bar attaches to my legs, lifting them so my wrists can be attached to my ankles. 

An oily liquid is poured over my body.  It smells sweet and feels thick and slimy.  I am stretched wide and on display, my holes open and inviting. 

My Master announces "My bitch is here to perform.  Anyone can use her in any manner he pleases."

My breasts are filled with milk and the pressure builds.  My pussy is wet and contracting.  Sounds seem to echo from within the barn, the buzz from the overhead lights coupled with the hum of the overhead fan.  Nothing happens. 

My body is on high alert, waiting and desperate for anything.

Someone begins to strike my clit with a crop.  Strike after strike, my clit reaches out for each and is poised to orgasm.  Soon, the initial excitement transforms to pain.  But I cannot move my clit away from the blows. 

I try to roll side-to-side, but the blows continue to rain down on my clit and the clamp.

A cock is shoved through the O-ring and begins to violently fuck my mouth.  Judging by the size and shape, it is Master Samuel's cock.  Coughing, gagging, spitting, sputtering, fighting for air, he blocks my passage and penetrates far down my throat.

Master Starr plays with the butt plug, twisting it inside me, partially withdrawing before shoving it deeper inside me, raping my ass brutally with the unyielding plug.

Sadistically, he shoves his cock in my pussy, plunging deeper, faster, and harder with vicious intensity.  With every opening filled and my clit beaten; I cannot find one single bit of pleasure.  Unexpectedly, everything stops with silence replacing the void.

I am gratefully disconnected from the spreader bar and turned face down over a leather-covered beam.  The clamps and butt plug are thankfully removed from my body. 

My skin is slick and greasy from the ointment, my breathing,  ragged.  My clit swells, smarting from the whipping.  I move in a frenzied motion rubbing against the leather, searching for anything to push me to that pleasure zone.  I am frantic. 

A dish is placed under my chin. 

I lap as much fluid as I can, relieved to have the ring removed if only for a few moments.  Breast cups are attached to my nipples again and the machine begins to hum its rhythmic pumping sound as the pressure from my milk production is finally relieved.

A clamp is attached directly onto my distended clit, and I yelp in protest.  I am vulnerable, helpless, desperate, needy, exhausted.  Master Jonathan's gentle hands massage more ointment all over my body, sometimes slipping inside my pussy, scooping the juices that are flowing and urging them into my ass. 

The walls inside my rectum are tenderly and thoroughly kneaded.  I move closer to a much needed release.  Inside, outside, Master's fingers delicately rub the greasy ointment over my ass. 

I rise to meet each stroke.  Heat radiates throughout my lower body and builds to an unimaginable crescendo of feelings, blending the combination of suction on my breasts with the movements of the fingers deep in my ass. 

A pitiful wail fills the barn as the anal orgasm begins my ride to incredible ecstasy.  I feel euphoric, floating above and beyond my body, breathless, riding high, pushing against the fingers planted within me.  The wailing continues, muffled by the O-ring, but piercing the room nonetheless.

Master Anthony's cock replaces his fingers.  Red-hot, it nearly burns my asshole.  It expands, tunneling into my rectum, plunging deeper, snaking upwards into my colon.  It grows, consuming every available space and swelling larger with each frenetic thrust. 

His fingers firmly grip my waist to impale his cock higher inside my ass. 

Unfathomable pain disrupts my orgasmic wave.  I try moving but my orgasm has a mind of its own, edging me closer to the impaling cock, causing it to entrench deeper. 

More violently, Master Anthony pushes until his cock is fully inside my rectal cavity, all fifteen inches.  Moving side-to-side in my narrow intestinal tract, he releases hot, slimy juices, expanding my organs to accommodate the large and forceful flow of fluids from his cock.

As he withdraws, the over-sized butt plug is once again forced into my stretched and raw opening, lubricated by semen oozing between my thighs.  Pushing the plug a little deeper, twisting it like a corkscrew, the pressure mounts as my battered hole is expanded further.  A shove and it slides inside another inch or so.  With a final thrust, the plug is seated, trapping his cum within me.

The machine sucks my breasts dry, sore from the vigorous milking.  Cramps overtake my stomach from the cum enemas and hideous plug locking the fluid inside.  The beam is slick with sweat, drool, cum, and my own juices.

A slave woman moves between my spread legs. 

Her breath warms my skin and her tongue greedily laps the fluids.  She relishes each lick, moving the juices inside her mouth before swallowing. 

Using her tongue, she hungrily wedges it between the butt plug and my sphincter, gently urging the opening wider where the real treasure lies trapped within. 

She pulls my butt cheeks apart, my hole finally yielding to the probing tongue.  The heat of her breath on my skin and the gentle massage of my ass with her wet tongue threatens intoxication pleasure to once again take hold.  My body moves in gentle motions, encouraging the cum slut's tongue to continue its exploration. 

An explosion of epic proportions is just within reach.

I hear a switch click and instantly a powerful jolt of electricity pierces my clit.  Brief, it pulls me back to reality.  Disbelief.  Fear sets in as all movement stops and a tense silence ensues.  The milking cups are replaced by electrodes, biting my tender nipples.

Lost in misery, I try disconnecting from myself, when a long and intense flash of lightening explodes in my nipples and clit. 

My body, although firmly tied down, lurches violently for several seconds in response.  I can't scream in distress because Master Michael's invading cock blocks my mouth.  .

He slowly withdraws his cock from my lips, and removes my blindfold.

I blink to adjust to the light.  I gulp air through my mouth and nose as my face falls forward.  I sob silently, black mascara mixed with my tears, pooling just beneath my eyes.  My thick red lipstick is now a large blurry red circle marking my mouth as a fuckable orifice. 

Master Michael once again penetrates the O-ring.  His cock, although semi-soft, is still way too wide for my mouth.  After sucking it for a while, he moved between my legs and threaded his dick through the slippery lips of my pussy.  Hesitant at first, he gained gusto and pumped harder to break through the opening and fit inside my cunt.  It felt like his cock is penetrating beyond the walls of my vagina, the width is tearing my tissue as it stretches and the pain is far too intense. 

Each stroke of his cock pounds the butt plug deeper, escalating the pressure on my ass as well as my cunt.  My body is being split apart. 

I am very full. 

I need to cum. 

I am in pain. 

I want more. 

I want it to stop.  Even as each thought enters my mind, the realizations of being bound, confined, and serve at the whim of these Masters.  I am entertainment, for the pleasure of the spectators who have filled the barn to watch the scene unfold before them.

My thought process can't orient itself.  Everything hurts.  Everything feels great.  I need to cum, sensations besiege my body, the circuits in my brain ignite with unfathomable emotions and sensations. 

Camera clicks and cheers begin to fade from my awareness. 

I am cognizant of how glorious I feel as the massive cock plunges in and out of my opening with greater force, stroke after magnificent stroke, filling my pussy, increasing the pressure on my bladder and the obscene plug still seated in my ass. 

I move to meet the cock, taking great pleasure as his heavy balls slap against my clit.  I float with my body exuding unimaginable heat and sweat, smelling of raw animal sex.  The mixture of odors is pungent and circulates through the air system in the barn.

Cum begins to fill every available space within my walls as Master Michael releases hot liquid inside me, each thrust emitting a swishy-oozing sound from my saturated pussy.

Animals in the kennels and stalls within the barn grow agitated, inhaling the scent of a bitch in heat, demanding their own sexual release, the red tip of animal cocks visible, some dripping pre-cum. 

Sated, Master Michael withdraws from my body and the plug is harshly pulled from my ass, sending a ripple of pain through my belly. 

He releases me from my restraints, removes the O-ring, and guides me downward to a bolt and chain in the floor.  My collar is attached to the short but heavy chain, fastening my face to the hard surface, smashing my breasts against the cold floor, the electrodes on my nipples biting into the fragile tissue.  My ankles are attached to a very long spreader bar, openly displaying my throbbing cunt and ass, my hips swaying, searching to be filled once again.

Master after Master fucks my ravaged pussy, a few fuck my ass.  I lose awareness of who does what, but my body willingly surrenders to each cock, and is cognizant of the emptiness when each man finishes and the next mounts me.

CHAPTER twelve

I wake in a soft bed, naked, wrists and ankles bound in an X formation.  The room is dark, but I can hear male voices downstairs.  A fierce discussion is going on; raised voices can be overheard.  Seems like the Doms want to extend my visit and then auction me to another Master.  I can hear my Master's voice, but cannot decipher his words.  Surely they will let me leave.  Staying is not an option.  I cannot take any more training.  Auction me to apply my learned skills?  Auction me to another Master forever?  Leave Master Jonathan?  I will run away from these men if they decide to make me stay.

My breasts are heavily laden with milk.  I have to pee but am bound to the bed.  Every inch of my body hurts from the tortures.  I try to speak and ask to go to the bathroom, but realize that a cock gag is force-feeding me an IV bag filled with spiked juice, so my words remain unspoken.

I doze off again and imagine that I am home in my bed.  Master arrives and begins to gently stroke my battered body, showering me with deep, passionate, sloppy kisses.  His fingers sliding between my legs and in my holes, teasing my clit, tenderly stirring desires within me. 

"My little fuck-toy, you performed very well these last five days.  I am proud of you." Master whispers in my ear, bringing me to full alertness 

"There is a poker game scheduled this evening.  I want you to spend the next few hours getting ready for the event.  I want your makeup dark, thickly applied with slutty red lipstick.  I want to show off my fuck-toy so look like the beautiful pain slut that you are.  Finish this bag of fluids quickly.  By the way, we added a heavy dose of the hormone-enhancing drugs."

The bag empties as I suck down the last few drops.  I feel re-energized, alive, my sensitivity level is exponentially increased.  Master releases me from the bed restraints.

"Do not speak.  Do as instructed.  In the shower now."

A quick slap on my ass, and I run to the bathroom, take my shower, administer an enema, rub scented oil into my skin, and dress in the red corset and black thigh high nylons laid out for me.  I carefully style my hair and apply my makeup.  Finally, I step into the high heels and kneel in front of the opened bedroom door to await Master, almost 10 minutes late.

Master Jonathan finally acknowledges me, attaching a blindfold, dog collar and leash, but also pushing my legs apart and fastening leather strips to my each thigh just below my pelvic bone.  Pulling me upwards, I stand but feel knife-like pains between my legs.

"Those leather strips on your thighs have long sharp metal spikes pointing inward and will remind you to keep your legs spread wide apart at all times."

Master carefully leads me down several sets of stairs to a cool dank-smelling room.  I am waddling like a penguin in the high heels with the thigh spikes biting between my legs, moving tentatively, blindly following where I am led.  My breasts are pushed firmly upwards by the underwire in the tightly hooked corset.  The smells of pipe tobacco, cigars, cigarettes, and pot assault my nostrils. 

Master's voice booms out a series of questions.

"Are you ready to submit to everyone slut?" 

Yes, Sir, I am.

"How far are you willing to go slut?" 

As far as anyone wishes, Sir.

"What are you willing to do for us slut?" 

Anything asked of me, Sir.

"Are you going to submit without question or hesitation slut?  However we choose to use you?" 

Yes, Sir, I will.

"We are going to expose you to the lowest levels of depravity and you will actually beg for more.  Are you ready to be used as our fuck toy?" 

Yes, Sir, I am.

I am pushed back against a wooden X in the center of the room, my wrists and ankles spread wide and fastened to each end, breasts jutting outward and dripping milk.  Juices ooze from my pussy and dribble between my thighs.  Electrodes are attached to my nipples and clit and the wires are attached to a hand-held controller panel.

Master Samuel induces pain just because he can and using a vicious-looking whip with long tendrils, he thrashes the front of my body, striking my breasts, tummy, and thighs.  Developing a rhythm as well as increasing the strength of each blow, my body is soon lined with bright red stripes from the knotted ends colliding with my tender flesh.  Burning and stinging sensations overpower my brain as he continues the assault with even greater brutality. 

I hear cards being shuffled in the background, poker chips clinking, and chairs scrapping against the floor.  As though tired or bored, Master Samuel administers a few more blows directly across my breasts before stopping. 

Moving close to my ear, "That's for being 10 minutes late." 

The doctor's voice interrupts from across the room.  "The goal of this session is to significantly increase the slut's pain threshold.  The winner of each hand will have 15 minutes to cause pain or add additional discomfort to this fuck-toy.  If the winning hand is a straight, you will have 30 minutes to use her.  Objects for everyone's pleasure can be found on the wall or the tables over there.  I think you will find an interesting assortment of particularly devious toys and interesting devices to play with."

WhileC conversations ensue, mostly the men betting, and cajoling Master Michael for being held hostage by my tongue.  Moccupied the DOMs, my mind went goes blank, and my body tenses with unfulfilled anticipation need. 

Empty is a lonely feeling, no matter how excruciating "full" can be.  I crave "full", but nothing is happening to help me reach my orgasm. 

CHAPTER twelve

Master Thomas leads me to the basement.  He positions me against the X-rack leaning against the far wall and binds my wrists and ankles to the four corners.and filled with need, bound tightly to the X-rack.  A few drops of milk leak from my nipples and splash onto the floor as he places electrodes with alligator clamps on each nipple.  He binds a blindfold tightly around my head along with the cock dildo in my mouth.

The men fill their drinks and ignore me.  Conversations surround me but are spoken in low, conspiratory tones.  Chips rattle as they are scooped into the winner's pile; suggestions are discussed in low whispers. 

Footsteps approach the wall, pause for several minutes, and then walk towards me.  My pussy warms fills with liquid knowing hoping for something will to happen soon. 

Master Michael approaches and Removingremoves each electrode, sucking  each electrode, he sucks my nipples deep into his throat.  His , his mouth fillsing with sweet, warm milk, giving and provides me a bit of relief from the pressure of full breasts.  When he finishes, , and then he he reattaches the wires.  He removes my corset and rubs a peppermint-scented aloe type gel on my body, starting at in my mouth, down my throat, shoulders, breasts, and ending with my feet.  Not a gentle massage, but a careful methodical covering of my entire body with the gel.  He pushes , even pushing gobs of it inside my mouth around the gag, and inside my pussy and ass.  I grind my sex into his fingers; I am so horny.  My skin is wet slick and shinny and I shiver from the coolness.

Cards are shuffled, chips are tossed to the middle of the table, Conversation is low but upbeat, almost conspiratory in tone.

After being having been blindfolded for much of the past week, my hearing is more defined, my sense of smell sharper, my sense of taste more refined, my skin more vibrant and aware.  Voices fade into the background as my skin flesh begins to itch, slightly at first, but eventually escalatinges to every pore in my body, simultaneously tingling and itching.  A, the  hotnessheat growsing stronger with each passing moment.  Unable to maintain composure any longer, my body begins twitches to twitch, as if overtaken by a seizure.  I , struggleing for relief; from the itching is now turned burning sensations ands my flesh prickles.

Inside my mouth, pussy, and assbody, a deep need is growingbuilds even as the itching and burningheat blazes on my skin, escalating and growing sensations grow more intense.  I lick my lips, run my tongue inside my mouth around the cock gag, gyrate my hips, shake my breasts, moving,twitching, thrashing, and searching for relief within the confines of my the bindings on the wooden X. 

Laughter and snickers fill the room at my dance.  Another hand of cards finished with the winner deep in discussion with the doctor.  Not a good sign for me.  I hear the doctorMaster Michael snapping surgical gloves on and feel him move between my spread legs.  His fingers are heavily coated with another type of a gel and he and slides easily in and out of my cuntass.  After a brief few minutes, my sphincter vaginal muscles expands and to accommodate his opened fingers.  A, creating  tremendous pressure engulfs me as my opening is widened stretches furtherwider.  I try to squeeze my ass tightvaginal muscles tight and push outward to eject  and push hhis fingers out, andbut  realize that that I have absolutely no control over my anal musclesbetween my legs.  My brain is telling me that I am pushing him out, but I am not doing anything to dissuade him.

A He moves a pole is moved between my legs and lengthens it until it extends several inches above my pelvic bone.  A grossly over-sized anal plugdildo in the shape of a fist is screwed into the end and positioned between my thighs; t.  My ankle restraints are removed and I am lifted by my knees and positioned so that The tip of the plug rests is placed at the opening of my anal ringpussy.  Slowly, I am lowered onto the plugit slides into me and, my sphincter vaginal walls expandstretches.  Ting but he knuckle part the isplug is far too wide at the base and will not penetrate will not easily fit.  The flesh around my opening begins to tear.  Master Michael withdraws the rod and applies  and the doctor directs the men to lift me so he can apply more dilation gel pushing it in and outinside my asscanal, and then thickly cakesing the medication on the full length and width of the nasty plughard rubber.

The fist is I am once again positioned at my opening and over the tip of the plug, and this time, it slides easily into my asscunt, though not completely past the thumb knuckle.  My hole is spread to its maximum, my pussy lips are pulled inward; the pressure is paralyzing, and the fullness overbearing.  A switch is clicked and the ass fist plug slowly rotates left and to right, right and to left, and and pumppistonss in and out, coaxing my hole to open even wider as my ankle restraints are refastened.

"It may takes several a few minutes for the medication dilation gel to work.  This special formula increases the pain and burning she will experience.  And w, and when it does, the slut will be screaming as as the eight inch bottom widthfist of that hard rubber tears into in and out of her opening cunt!  She needs to stretch her ass at least that wide so she can be knotted to dogs should you choose to make her a dog whore.  Once the full width below the thumb knuckle passes through the her muscleopening, I will can adjust the pole so the plugit pulls halfway out and plunges in and out of only at the widest section.back inside to its narrow base, keeping her hole stretched in the four to eight inch range.  This will exercise her sphincter to accommodate even the largest man or animal." 

Another round of cards begins.  Sweat pours from my body as the efficacy of the heat-activated itching lotion gel reaches maximum potency.  The pressure is along with the incredibleunbearable pressure fromas the widest part of the plug fist wedge in a place where it clearly does not belongpasses in and out of me.  I am standingraise my body, standing on  on my tip toes, trying to prevent ease the impalement, but I cannot hold that position for any length of time nor keep up with the pace of the machine's systematic pummeling.  do so for long periods and drop down on the plug, entrenching it a little more with each in and out, left to right, right to left cycle of the machine. 

A sharp electrical shock is releasedcuts into my nipples and clit, and I  causing loseme to lose my footing, dropping hard onto the fist., and with an ear-piercing scream and one final hard push downwards from the next jolt of electricity, the plug is completely seated inside me.  The machine pummels the walls of my rectum, twistsing and turnsing and tunnels deeper, rubbing the burn into pumping my the tender tissue and raping my battered ass. 

The doctorMaster Michael turns the machine off and makes another adjustment to the pole, lowering it to calibratechanging the "in and out" length and cycles per minute.  The machine is powered on once again  and the plug jerks to life.  The escalated cycles are violent and generate and the speed is increased, yanking the plug partially out of my hole, almost to its four inch width mark, then forcing it back inside past its eight inch width, finally to the narrow base, and repeats the cycle.  Its violent motion is generating excruciating pain inside my canal.  The pressure on my extended full bladder amplifies and over-stretched rectum.

My ass is on fire as my hole is slowly widened until the eight inch plug passes through and lodges fully inside, my muscles screaming as my flesh is stretched beyond its limit.

After a brief pause, the slow retreating movement begins as the eight inch bulb painfully squeezes partially back out through my opening and pauses, wedging my hole open the full width.

Slowly the plug withdraws halfway, the hard plastic allowing my hole to narrow to the four inch mark, twisting left to right several times.

The plug plows back inside my hole, stretching my muscle, enlarging it to the painful eight inch mark, and pausing for several seconds.

Relief as the plug embeds completely inside me and the narrow base anchors it in place.  Then it is forced out again.

Each complete cycle takes less than 1510 seconds and every stroke is stimulatincites pain ining a every massive amount of nerve endings within me. 

The pushing and/ pulling sensation generatesproduces intense extreme pain but somehow, I must adjust to it.  I hold my breathing steady, taking long slow breaths in and out.

I at first, but adjust to the pain; actually, start to enjoy it; tiny threads of pleasure migrate into my belly.slowly it migrates to indescribable pleasure. 

I am pushing and pulling my body to meet the thrusts and rhythm of the machine, pussy juices heavily flowing heavily, and coating drenching the anal plug as it continues its mission with emitting a methodical methodical hissing sounds. 

When Tthe full eight inch widthfist is completely embeds in my cunt, seated inside my rectum, it protrudesing through against the thin wall barrier to into my pussy rectum, and and pushes presses againstinto my g-spot nub.  It pauses and rotates , rotating directly on that fragile place several times before beginning its journey outward.

My impatience and frustration mounts with at the slow pace of the machine increases asas my climax draws nearer.  My I fforced my body "up and down to meet and greet the fist, and my movements" are straining my ankles and wrists are straining in against thetheir bindings.  I  as I attempt to fuckscrew the plug, faster, harder, shovinging it deeper, then withdraw and plunge again.  Sucking noises grow louder as the liquid inside me puddles and oozes around the dildo.  I twistpulling it out, plunging it back inside my ass, twisting my asshole  my body on the hard plastic, bearing down and hunting for more pain.  My  ... unsure of what "more" is, but my body wants it, craves it, and urgently searches for it urgently. 

I fFrantically fucking myself now with a singular goal in mind ... grindinggrind my ass cunt on the enormous plugfist, wailing in frustration, focusing focused on moving my body in synch with the side-to-sidetwisting movements as of the machine fucks my tender tissue.  My orgasm is on the precipice of release, and sweat pours from my body.  The heat and friction of the fist sends pulses of pleasure up my spine. 

And my flight begins.  L, and finally, finally, cumiquid burstsing from my saturated pussycunt, and spraysing the floor with my juices as one orgasm blends into another infinitely more intense orgasm. 

My ass cunt sucksis sucking the plug in and pushing pushes it out as each orgasmic wavesm takes controlspasm within me over my body.  I am powerless to stop cumming, tears from the sheer strength of the climax are dripleaking down my cheeks onto my breasts, yet my pussy continues to to constrict and squirt small bursts of hot liquid.

Slowly, I become aware of my environment.  The DOMs men are standing near me, around me, and are rendered speechless as they observe the by what they just strength of my climaxwitnessed. 

Silence haungs heavily in the room, interrupted by my ragged breathing and the machine's methodically raping my asshissing. 

But iIt is no longer pleasurable.  I wince in pain.  My tender tissues are is rubbed raw and each stroke brings a new fresh set of tears as I wince in pain.  The pressure of my full bladder also contributes to my overall agony.

The doctorMaster Michael turns the machine off and I am liftedremoves the fist from the plug.  A pulley system kicks in and the X-board is lowered until I am laying flat on my back facing the ceiling, ; my ass cunt now a gappinggaping hole. 

Master Starr approaches and leads me to the wooden A-Frame positioned in the center of the room.  The top is the thickness of a very smooth two-by-four, and stands a little more than waist high.  "Climb on top." he commands.  Tentatively, I raise my leg and straddle the hard inverted V at the top, the point at the center of the beam presses deeply into my crevice, and my legs fall to the outside of the frame.  He fastens my ankle restraints to the bolts near the base structure.

He pulls my cunt lips apart with his fingers and my weight drops fully onto the beam, the hard wood digs deeply into the length of my crevice.  Pulling each arm straight up, he attaches my wrist restraints to chains descending from the ceiling.  Another chain is pulled down with two strange hooks attached to the end of it.  He slides the long curved hooks into each of my nostrils and pulls the chain upwards until my head is nearly bent backwards. 

The overhead lights are dimmed and everyone leaves the room.  I am alone.  My crevice throbs from the pressure of the wood pressing into it.  Shots of moisture seep from my cunt and soak into the wood.  I am drowsy but cannot relax in this position.  Random thoughts float freely in my brain.

I am most comfortable when serving Master Jonathan.  I love being naked and under his complete control.  I want him to use and abuse my body as he wishes.  I crave the pain while he abuses me and cherish the soreness that lingers long after he has finished hurting me.  In the end, I need to be his property, to please and serve him. 

Confronting the fiery demons stewing within me, I have to admit that this training with the various masters has been difficult, but I think I have adjusted to each session.  And as my Master predicted, the pain-induced orgasms are intoxicating and addicting.  Never before have I experienced such pleasure.

The pain increases in my cunt and my arms are aching.  I have very limited range of motion and when I adjust my crevice on the wood, everything hurts worse.  The throbbing in my cunt is becoming unbearable and the coolness of the sub-basement dungeon seeps into my naked body.

I am unsure how much longer I can endure this position as the minutes turn into an hour.  Panic boils within me and I slowly lose my struggle to remain calm. 

The men enter the room and surround the A-frame.  A high-pitched scream rips from my throat and nearly ruptures my ear drums as the cane crashes directly across both breasts.  Master Thomas wields the thin ratty rod with extreme precision as he coaches me.  "Breathe deeply through your nose, then exhale slowly through your mouth."

Another strike directly across my nipples.  The wicked sound of the thin cane as it cuts through the air, the gunshot snap as it collides with my flesh, and the white-hot pain that follows echoes within the dungeon walls.  My body teeters vicariously backwards but the wrist and nostril chains keep me in place.

"Breathe deeply through your nose, then exhale slowly through your mouth."  Another strike.  The cane whistles as it slices through the air with incredible force and lands underneath my breasts.  My voice cracks with high-pitched shrieks.  I gasp for air but can only pant like a dog in a hundred degree heat.

Another strike of the rod across the top of my breasts.  I am lost in a world of all-encompassing pain that consists solely of burning flesh and uninterrupted heart wrenching screams. 

Another strike across my nipples and he coos softly.  "Breathe deeply through your nose, then exhale slowly through your mouth." 

Deafening screams roar within my head.  My vision is fuzzy, and the room glows red as a near constant scream erupts from the sharp, burning pain tearing into my breasts.  I slowly release the air in my lungs and draw another one.

Another strike lands across my nipples and a deep indescribable electrifying shock rockets through my frayed nerve-endings like a thousand tiny sharp needles.  Laughing red devils dance wickedly behind my closed eye lids.

For the first time in my life, my entire focus is my breasts.  I have no other body parts as my breasts become my sexual center.  The pain is immense and sensations ripple deeply within me.  I pass into another dimension, becoming one with every square inch of my pain-saturated chest.

Another strike and the cane lands across the top of my breasts.  The air in my lungs empties completely and gurgling sounds spurt from my mouth from the saliva pooling in the back of my throat.

I grind my cunt into the hard wood to quench the searing hot flames of pain that licks hungrily at my flesh.  The fire within me is raging out of control.  My body is saturated with insurmountable agony.  My mind struggles hopelessly against the sharp pin-pricks of sensations bursting from the deep red gashes that line my breasts.  My world dissolves into white-hot pain as I lapse into unconsciousness.

I am awaken with smelling salts, coughing and sputtering.  Gasping for air, I realize that I have been taken down from the A-Frame and now lay spread-eagle on a hard table surface.

My breasts are a combination of red, purple, and black and blue; two huge swollen mounds that burn with pain.  But I made it through hell. 

Master Jonathan places huge clear cups over my protruding tits and pushed into my breast bone.  I cannot see my breasts to determine the damage from the brutal caning, each completely encased in the cups.  Tubing extends upwards then over a bar, and down into large collection jars on each side of the table.  Strong suction is turned on, pulling my breasts to the end of the cups, my nipples banging against the suction lip, tearing milk from my nipples with each pulse of suction.

The vacuum is more powerful than anything i have experienced.  My pussy begins to moisten, my clit aches for attention, but I cannot move.  The suction force increases and yanks my body upwards from the table, vacuuming juices deep within me and releasing the liquid through my nipples, the pulling/tearing sensation is fierce.

My breasts darken even more in color as the final adjustments are made to the milking machine.  A timer is set and the machine kicks into high gear, sucking like the vortex of a tornado then releasing its grip on my breasts for a split second before repeating the cycle.

A cool gel is thickly rubbed outside and inside my ass; a soothing and relaxing sensation slowly replaces the discomfort.  My breathing becomes more even.  Small bits of hushed conversations can be overheard.  The hand scoops up more gel, makes a fist, and plunges inside filling my stretched rectum, opening his hand wider, releasing the goo, his middle finger spreading it up through my intestines, his wrist now buried completely inside me, pushing harder, moving deeper, seeking the entrance to my colon.

He withdraws his arm and scoops more gel into his palm, easily sliding his entire fist inside again.  "Bear down like you are having a bowel movement.  Harder.   BEAR   DOWN   HARDER   YOU   FUCKING   SLUT." the doctor screams out at me, slapping my clit repeatedly with his free hand.

Grunting, bearing down, pushing hard, my face a deep shade of red from the exertion, then one final deep breath and hard pushing, pushing, pushing, and his finger finally reaches the opening of my colon, but cannot move farther.  His finger expands my intestinal tract stroking my delicate insides, causing waves of horrific pain and unbearable cramping. 

"If we continue to stretch this slut, she will be able to take a horse.  It's all in the training of her muscles.  And with the widening of her intestinal tract, a dog's cock can easily unwind and penetrate her colon, especially a large well-endowed dog." the doctor explains while continuing to abuse my anal tract with his fist and fingers, sliding upwards and pulling out of my intestines, then pushing upwards to my colon again and again, coating my tissue with the dilation ointment.  I wish the medication would deaden the pain.  Finally, his fist is withdrawn.

"To demonstrate this, I have an inflatable, expandable DOG-cock dildo.  It is exceptionally realistic including the knot, and can be adjusted to any size.  I've added enhancements of a video camera and bright back-light in the tip so we can see everything going on inside as though a dog is ass-fucking this bitch." 

The doctor turns the camera and light on, and begins to slowly thread the dildo into my anal tract.  The camera's image projects onto a large video screen, showing the red-tipped portion of the cock entering my ass, then inflating wider and extending longer as it pushes deeper, the walls of my tissue easily expanding.  Pumped several more inches longer it has reached the opening to my intestines.  More air is pumped into all sections of the fake cock, especially the knot area.  My body expands to accommodate the growing size. 

The DOMs are mesmerized by the visual demonstration, watching the dog-dildo in action as it probes deep in my belly; pain visibly etched my face along with my determination to accept my role to serve as my Master's fuck-toy. 

The dog-dildo is widened and lengthens to its maximum and with a forceful shove the doctor pushes it through to my colon.  I am screaming and thrashing violently against the beam, wracked with pain and cramps, and yet the doctor continues to push it deeper and with one brutal thrust, he embeds the knot inside my ass, the tip of the cock bursting into my colon.

"As you can see, this unique dog-dildo expands six inches wide on the stem and extends a foot long.  The knot expands eight inches wide.  Another feature that I added to this magnificent toy is the attachment to my ass-drilling machine we used earlier." 

The doctor attaches the stem of the machine to the dildo, adjusts the settings to a full eight inch "in and out" cycle per half minute, and the drill-spinning vibrations to low. 

"This simulates the bitch getting dog-fucked up the ass.  Just as a dog would, the machine is set to pull the dildo out of her colon and intestinal tract and then shove it fully back inside, including embedding the knot, stretching and preparing the slut's body by repeating the cycle every 30 seconds.  We can simulate strokes as fast as one every 10 seconds and really pound her, but for now, let's stay as is.  After this session, the slut will beg to be ass-fucked by a dog's cock.  Nothing else will satisfy her.  Actually, she can probably take a horse cock!"

Snickers interrupt the pause as the men digest the implications of this training.  Imaginations run amuck and all eyes are glued to the TV monitor as the doctor engages the machine, propelling the cock on its mission of fucking my entire anal track.The machine is powered on, but only a slow spinning motion occurs, turning the flesh of my sphincter like a power drill. 

The knot is embedded just inside my opening and the machine pulls with a powerful force to open my hole wide enough for it to pass through, generating waves of hideous pain and nausea, then relief once it is out.  More pain as the head of the cock is pulled down through my intestinal canal stopping halfway in my rectum before beginning its journey into the bowels of my body, the knot is ripping my flesh as it squeezes in.  The cock travels agonizingly slow, taking 30 lengthy painful seconds to withdraw the 12 inches, then 30 equally lengthy painful seconds to push back in the same 12 inches. 

"Enough for now." and the machine is turned off and removed.  Another hormone-enhanced IV bag is connected to the inflatable cock gag in my mouth and I gratefully suck the life-giving liquid like a starving infant. 

The pole is adjusted so that the obscenely large dog cock is level with my gapping ass connected to the drilling machine.  The plug slides easily at first, then stops and is forced-positioned inside my opening, spreading me the full eight inch width of the hard plastic.  The machine is powered on, but only a slow spinning motion occurs, turning the flesh of my sphincter like a power drill. 

I cannot move with my body impaled on the circulating plug, my bindings are holding tight.  I am opened so wide, spasms are shooting through my rectum. 

I am unable to scream, unable to beg, unable to communicate how horrific this ordeal has become.  I want out.  I want to go home.  But the men have not finished using me.  The evening is still very young.

The electrodes are removed from my nipples and clit.  The large suction cups are placed on each breast, tubing attached, and the milking machine turned high.  The harsh suction wrenches my nipples to the end-cap of the teat cups as each squirt large amounts of milk into the tubes.  The relief as the pressure is decreased for a few short seconds somewhat eases the pain. 

My bodily needs are being taken care of, nourishing hormone-enhanced juice, milking my breasts, my bladder drained.  I must have pleased the Masters to deserve this respite, although my ass is very sore as the plug continues to sodomize me at a steady rate. 

Another round of cards begins, discussion topics varies between players, each periodically glancing at my quietly waiting bound body, each man looking at me as a fuck-toy eager to be used in any way imagined.  And the imagination of each man is stimulated by the sight of my youthful innocence and vulnerability, plainly evident as I greedily suck the cock gag like a child sucking the juice from a popsicle, my arms and legs spread wide and bound to the X-rack, thighs open and invitingMy t, tits bounceing to and fro as the suction cups vacuum milk from eachmy body. 

Wicked thoughts flit back and forth between the men, often stirring loud conversations as new training techniques and scenarios are discussed and suggestions are considered. 

It sounds like tonight will be a very long night for me.  But For the moment, I am satedhappy, relaxed, at .  I am at peace with who I am and my role in life.  I am happy serving as my Master's slave. 

Masters Anthony and Samuel pull my legs upwards and attach the ankle restraints to chains descending above the table.  My legs are bent towards my head, my cunt and ass raised and exposed.

Fire strikes directly on my splayed cunt as the leather crashes into my folds.  Master Samuel raises his arm again and lands another direct hit on my cunt lips.  My eyes widen in horror as the next strike seems to land in slow motion, the stem of the whip whooshing as it cuts through the air and then lands between my legs.  My cunt explodes and convulses in pain as the leather crop burns into my fragile fleshly lips. 

The pain is concentrated in my sex as his crop hits in rapid succession.  My screams are no more than throaty whispers, and my body is covered in sweat.  He runs his fingers along my bruised swollen lips that protect my pussy and clit.  He pulls my lips apart and attaches binder clips to each, ties ropes to the clips, and wraps it around each leg.

"It makes me hard when you scream.  I want to hear you scream again and again until I cum." he coos in softly in my ear.

My clit protrudes obscenely and my vaginal opening twitches from exposure to the cool air.  Fear wells up within me as he picks up a thin wire whip and rubs it against my clit, teasing it to arousal.  He slides the end of it inside my sopping wet pussy and then withdraws.

Rearing his arm like a hunter threads an arrow into the stirrup of his crossbow, the tension in his muscles tight, he sends the wire hurtling onto my clit and dripping pussy.  The pain is unlike anything I have experienced before, and leaves me mute.  Seconds later, he crashes the wire whip again, landing another direct hit on my clit. 

"Scream slut.  Scream louder." he yells.  My blood feels like it is boiling inside me, my eyes shudder in their socket, and my hips violently convulse.  His next three hits are equally as brutal and my screams are deafening as the red-hot wire cuts deeply into my clit.

"Yes, just like that.  Scream."  He cut the backs of my up-turned buttocks with three more blows, the whistling of the wire cutting through the air blends with my high-pitched hoarse screams.  Changing to the crop, he taps my pussy opening repeatedly, each collision makes a "splat" sound as leather slaps at my juices.

I am no longer able to scream.  I am unable to communicate how horrible this ordeal is.  I need this to stop, my sanity is threatened. 

I am unable to move a muscle, my body seizes of its own accord and transmits violent electrical impulses at breathtaking speed to my brain. 

A deep seated burn radiates from my clit.  My entire being bucks and every muscle contracts as if locked in a full-body charley-horse cramp.  Gratefully, I lose consciousness. 

Master Jonathan wakes me.  He I love being his well-trained fuck-toy.  I am his pain slut and enjoy pleasing him even if it means submitting to other Masters.  I will do anything to remain in my Master's good graces and not be auctioned to another Master. 

Thremoves e butt plug, cock gag, and the milking cups, my wrists and ankles bindings, and carries me to the bedroom.  He applies soothing cream to my wounds as I slip into a deep well of darkness.

are removed.  I am released from the X-rack, finding my legs unable to fully support me.  The spikes bite into my thighs as a reminder to keep my legs spread wide.  I am led upstairs by my leash, stumbling in my heels as I am propelled forward.  We are outside now, I can feel the cool fresh air on my skin as I am led to an outbuilding, strapped face down on the low leather-covered beam, ankles secured tightly together, wrists spread wide and bound to hooks in the floor, tits dangling on either side of the beam, ass positioned off the end of the beam. 

My breasts are bound tightly with rope, then each pulled downward and away from my chest bone, connected to floor anchors where my wrists were already secured.  The tension is so tight, it feels like my tits are being separated from my body.  Clover clamps are snapped onto my elongated nipples and swollen clit, a chain connecting each is attached, and weights are added.  My nipples and clit are screaming in pain with each new weight increasing the tension on the clamps.  Yet more weight is hung, intensifying the shooting jolts of pain volleying between my nipples and clit as the life is brutally squeezed from each.  My breasts are quickly turning dark purple from the tightly bound rope cutting off vital blood supply.

"Hey doc.  Give her some of that throat stuff." a voice interjects my stream of pain.  The cock gag is suddenly forced between my teeth, inflated a few times, and the sweet thick liquid seeps into my mouth, filling my throat, forcing me to swallow the gag suppressant. 

"Suck it down bitch." as my ass cheeks are whipped with my Master's favorite wooden paddle.  Whack.  Whack.  "SUCK  IT  SLUT."  Whack.  Whack.  Whack.  "SWALLOW  IT  WHORE."  Whack.  Whack.  Whack.  Whack.  Whack.  Whack.  The bag is emptied and a numbing sensation spreads through my mouth, down my throat, into my tummy.  My ass is glowing a vivid red and burning hotly.

The cock gag is replaced with the Dental gag, widened until my jaw nearly pops, and my chin is supporting my head on the beam.  I feel a Master straddling the beam guiding his cock into my opened mouth.  It is Master Samuel gauging by the size and taste.  Slowly at first, he plunges down my throat, holding for several seconds, and then retreating.  Several more slow, long, deep plunges, and as his speed increases, so does the power of each thrust, forcing farther down my windpipe.  His thrusting motion makes the weights on my nipple and clit clamps pull and swing with his movements, generating intense bouts of pain.

Grabbing the back of my head, forcing my face deeper onto his cock, fucking my throat harder and faster, yanking my head to the rhythm of his growing need to cum, suffocating me with my nose embedded in his belly, I am helpless.

"Swallow My cock slut.  I want to feel your throat swallow My cock."  Pulling completely out, saliva and pre-cum drenching my chin dripping onto his balls, he brutally plunges and I suck and suck and suck.  Savagely, his assault continues, and with one final vicious thrust, he releases his seed, the taste overpowering, sickening.  His cock remains inside, softening, but stroking my tongue, erotically massaging all areas of my mouth.  The painful throbbing of my clit is causing my pussy to moisten with juices. 

This feels really great.  I am enjoying this bit of erotic comfort from this sadist.  Something Master Samuel rarely does.  He is a "use her" and "toss her in a cage" until next time, type of Master.

A warm fluid begins to fill my mouth, the soft cock feeding it down my throat.  Stunned, I realize that this sadist was making me drink his piss.  The group is chanting, cheering the cruel Master to punish me until I swallow every drop. 

Urine is burning my nose as he releases more of the hot stream, clogging my throat, filling my stomach.  Smack.  Smack.  The riding crop is lashing into my bruised clit.  Harder strikes are administered at a faster pace as the cruel Master orders me to swallow every drop. 

Desperate to stop the torment, I greedily ingest the vile piss. 

Master Michael takes his place and face-fucks me, equaling the previous Master's brutality.  Sated, a bit soft, he massages my mouth.  No.  Please don't.  Words cannot escape with the Dental ring and cock wedged in my mouth.  Slowly, moving in a circular motion from the roof to under my tongue, the cock maintains it journey ... recovering from his orgasm and relaxing enough to piss into my mouth.  Without warning, a warm fast stream of urine shoots into my throat and I swallow all of it, willingly, eagerly, hungrily, I am drinking his piss.

And while I am being face-fucked by Master Anthony, Master Starr slides easily in my sopping needy pussy.  Both are thrusting viciously, forcing me forward to meet the cock in my mouth and backward to meet the cock in my pussy, each with their own defined tempo, sadistically pounding my holes until they release cum inside my orifices. 

After satisfying each Master, I am left with a tremendous unfulfilled desire.  I need to cum.  I need to be rewarded.  but I am not.  I am left wanting and empty, covered in sweat, saliva, cum juices, and pee.

My frustration mounts as the men fill their drinks, smoke, conduct private discussions amongst themselves, and completely ignore me.  My body is screaming for release, my hips gyrating, rubbing my clamped clit against the beam, swinging my breasts to increase the pain in my nipple clamps, anything to generate "more" of something to push me over the edge.  I desperately need to release the desires within me.

CHAPTER 13thirteen

I am released from all bindings and led back to the house.  Leaning over my body, Master Jonathan kisses me awake.  "Shower and, rest for a few hours, then get dressed.  We are going out to dinner.  Your clothes are on the beddresser." 

I have no idea how long I slept, nor how long I have been in this place of hell.  His voice is deep and soothing, and finally I love hearing my Master's voice.  Finally, his words register in my brain ... we are going to be alone, a quiet dinner for two and this nightmare is over.  After sleeping for awhile,

I took take great care with my shower and getting readypreparing my body, cleaning and oiling my entire bodymyself inside and out.  I brush my hair until it shines, and apply my makeup carefully. 

My sex hurts and the lotion stings.  Looking in the bathroom mirror, I examine the slashes across my breasts and between my legs.  No broken skin, but deep angry gashes line my flesh.  , brushing my hair until it shines, my makeup carefully applied.  As I walk into the main room, I notice brisk intakes of breath from the men in appreciation of how great I look, sexy, lusty, fuckable.

My floor-length dress is a beautiful deep emerald silk with a low scooping breast line.  The waist line is tight-fitting with a slit that starts at my waist and goes directly down the middle of the front, back, and side panels of the skirt.  My bare pussy and naked butt are completely exposed when I walk. 

Underneath my dress is a black corset, one two sizes too small and, brutally squeezing squeezes my mid-section.  My heavy breasts are pushed , pushing my heavy breasts upwards and jut outwards.  My waist is narrowed , my waist narrowed by several inches, almost like a Barbie doll.  No panties.  Black thigh highs with a spiral design in the nylon and accompanied by black heels complete my outfit.  And the dress, beautiful deep emerald silk dress, breast line scooping very low to show off ample flesh, tight-fitting waist line, floor length with a slit that starts at my waist and goes directly down both the middle of the front and back panels, exposing my bare pussy and naked butt as I walk. 

The feel of the fabric against my skin makes my pussy ooze.  M, my large nipples pokeing through the thin cloth and acheing for attention. 

I walk into the main room and notice brisk intakes of breath from the men in appreciation of how sexy, lusty, and fuckable I look.

"Before we leave, you need to be milked to prevent leaks."  And with that, I am led to a Master Starr.  He easily pulls my right nipple out of from my dress and begins to suck it, gently at first, then with greater enthusiasm.  Another Master Thomas takes my left nipple and bites it down hard, mauls mauling my titty flesh with his strong fingers while sucking, and then sucks my entire breast into his mouth and swallowing nearly swallowing it down his throat.

After several minutes, two more Masters Anthony and Michael take over.  The Master Anthony on my right breast tightly squeezes my right breastit in his hand, and then smacks my jutting nipple and surrounding flesh with his other hand.  He continues to slap , slapping my breast like a savage, then and when satisfied it is red enough, he sucks my nipple and drinks the warm, sweet milk. 

The Master Michael's suckling suckling on my left breast is oh so erotic and , so sexy.  W, watching the him gently men nurseing at my breasts is a tremendous turn on.  The Masters Samuel and Jonathan replace the two men. 

were replaced by two other men, oneMaster Samuel pulled pulls my left breast outward and twisted twists it brutally, winding it tightly, and then holding holds it firmly before he began to suckles the remaining milk.  Master Jonathan licks my nipple and gently pulls it into his mouth and sucks gently.  This continued, Master after MasterI am using my breasts until I was completely empty of milk but my breasts are, raw, and ravaged.

"Bend over the back of the chair and spread your legs, slut."  Master Jonathan fastens wideThe leather strips with sharp spikes are fastened to my inner thighs just under my pelvic bone.  He lubes my My ass is lubed with the dilation gel and inserts the an obscenely large butt plug is inserted and painfullyuntil it is securely seated inside.  He forces tTwo hard metal balls are forced into my pussy, their entrance initially blocked by the base of the butt plug in my ass.  And Finally, my MasterHe attaches my gold studded collar and delicate gold chain leash and .  We are ready to leave this place.  I am ready to leave this place.

leads me outside I am led to the waiting limo.  The cold , the breeze caressing caresses my bare pussy and ass, and the fabric of my dress seductively moving moves against my legs. 

Glancing over my shoulder, I realize Realizing that all several of the men are following.  , I am seated in the middle back seat and, the others fileing in around me.  I am givenMaster Jonathan hands me a drink and I I quickly gulp it down.  I unconsciously put cross my legs together and gasp with pain as the spikes dig into my thigh flesh.  The plug in my ass is painful and; sitting on it puts increases the more pressure inside my rectum. 

Suddenly, the large heavy metal balls in my pussy begin to vibrate, , knocking against each other, turningchurning and, bouncing, against each other deep inside my bodyvagina, a.  And then it stops.  I am gaspshudder with surprise, unable to ing, trying to decipher what just happened.

Laughter.  A Oh my, a remote control for the metal balls.  Not a good sign.  My ass starts vibrating and buzzing and I jump up off from the seat as my ass unexpectedly vibrates and buzzes.  More laughter from the men.  My thoughts of a romantic dinner with my Master are long gone,  and replaced with fear, aan  deep chilling fear of these men and their wickedness.

We arrive at the restaurant, tucked inside a luxury hotel, opulent in its decor.  As Master Jonathan leads me I was led through the lobby but one of the men activate , someone activated the the remote for on the metal balls, causing and Ime to nearly fall over as they bang into each other inside my belly.  They clink loudly as they vibrate , clinking loudly, vibrating as they move within my small canal.  Another Someone else activates Master activated the butt plug and I fall into into my Master Jonathan. 

He props me upsupports me with his arm around my waist as and we continue to a large circular booth with leather covered seats and a beautiful flowing table cloth.  I am seatedsit in the middle with four three men on either side. 

The waitress takes everyone's order. 

As the waitress leaves, When she leaves, Master Jonathan issues a orders command, "Cme rawl under the table and take care of my raging hard on."  I slide down the plush leather seat with great difficulty, the thigh spikes bitinging deeply into my thighs.  , pulling my leash, drawing my face to his crotch. 

I free his cock and suck startit with gentle long wet strokes from the base to the tip, pausing my tongue playing to probewith his opening, and then plunge my mouth the length of his stem. 

sucking him completely inside my warm hot mouth.  I take his left testicle his balls inside my mouth and, one at a time, run my tongue around eachit several times, then draw it deeper inside my lips, coating it with warm spit, then blowing it dry.  His cock dribbles pre-cum on my face as I latch onto his right testicle.

, drawing it farther, deeper, coating it with warm spit and pre-cum before releasing it, and latching on to the remaining one. 

His need becomes Master becomes more insistenturgent, and he grabs shoving mmy head with both hands, forcing deeper onto his cock into my waiting mouth, plunging until it tickles the back of my throat.  My nose is buried in his belly and blocks my access to oxygen. 

He pumps embedding it in my throat, blocking my air passages with his belly flesh.  Pumping my head up and downon his cock from tip to base, and I feel sperm filling his stem.  Turning my head sharply to the right and then left, I slide his mushroom tip along the soft tissue of my cheeks.  Hot streams of semen sprays the inside of my mouth.  Licking him clean, I tuck his cock back into his slacks and climb back into my seat.

The restaurant is filled to capacity this evening, but somehow our privacy is respected by everyone.  Voyeurs watch our activities with fascination, while those uncomfortable with the spectacle, completely ignore our group.

Our delicious meal is served and the men chat between mouthfuls.  I faster and with increased violence, he shoots his cum.  I lap every drop.

"Get ready for your next treat, slut." as his cock moves slowly around the inside of my mouth.  I knew what was coming and I knew I would not disappoint my Master.  The hot stream hits the back of my throat and a little splashes out of my mouth.  Frantically, I swallow and swallow and swallow, adjusting my head to hold more in my mouth until I could swallow all of his urine.

I am allowed back in my seat for a delightful meal, pleasant conversation, and although not allowed todo not participate or contribute in any way, , enjoyingit was fun listening to the men and their tales.  Some of the stories they share ranged from exceptionally extremely erotic or to extremely very perverted, but really turned me on.  I am so aroused that , made me wish that I wish I was the "bitch" or "slut" or "whore" that was used.  By the time dinner is finished, I am dripping wet, sitting directly on the leather to avoid soiling my beautiful emerald-shaded evening gown.

The However, between conversations are punctuated ,by the Masters men with the remote controls.  I am unsure of who has which controller, but  batter my pussy and ass throb and ache as the toys inside me switch , turning the toys onfrom high or low, fast or slow, and orthen completely off.   I am the merest fraction away from an explosive orgasm, dangling on the precipice, but left when I was near an orgasm, taking me to the edge, and leaving me hanging, breathless, distraught, and frustrated. 

The Masters Jonathan and Samuel sitting on either side of me periodically reach over and pinch, and yank, and batter and maul my nipples and breasts.  Masters Thomas and Starr order me under the table to suck them off between the serving of appetizers and the main course.

The restaurant was near capacity seating, but somehow our privacy was respected by everyone; voyeurs and admirers watch the event with fascination, while those put-off or uncomfortable with the spectacle, choose to completely ignore the activity at our table. 

For the most part, And I satremain perfectly still, my posture erect, legs spread wide, hands folded in my lap when not eating, regardless and struggle to ignoreof what the vibrations is being done to inside my body.

A manThe concierge approached approaches our table and spoke speaks quietly to a Master Anthony.  Everyone We slides from the booth and follows the manhim to the lobby where key cards are distributed to the eight meneveryone except me.  I Master Anthony leads our entourage am led by my gold leash to the glass encased elevator, and as as soon as the doors closed, he and someone Master Michael ripped my the gown from my body, and unfasten my corset, both garments fall to the floor. 

I am  completely naked except my thigh high nylons and heelsbreasts and pussy and ass now fully exposed.  People from in the crowded lobbyatrium, from any floor, that happen to be watching watching the elevator ascend have a birds-eye can see view my most intimate parts onnakedness illuminated  full display with under the bright elevator lights brightly illuminating the interior. 

Hands grab my breasts and cruelly maul, pinch, and twist them, bending me forward.  Fingers are roughly shoved inside my dripping pussy, struggling to wedge past the bulb of the ass plug on the other side of the thin wall of tissue, squeezing more fingers until all four are inside, and then viciously finger-fucking my cunt while the metal balls bang against each other and vibrate wildly.  The elevator stops, doors open, and two very large black men enter.  Each silently survey the scene ... eight men, one nearly naked woman being molested.

Breaking the silence, "I think this slut could use a cock in her mouth right about now." a voice announces.  "Would either of you gentlemen be in need of a blow job?"  They both perked up, disbelief and confusion clearly outlined in their expressions.  "Better yet, why don't you Join us in the Penthouse suite."

The elevator opens to the penthouse suite on the 45th floor.  The main area is a large room and roomy with two full walls of floor-to-ceiling glass windows that providing overlook the city.  Tthe darkness blackness of the night is and spattered with the twinkling bright lights of the city surrounding buildings, lofts, and waterfrontas a backdrop.  The penthouse is covered in plush There is thick white carpet with, a dozen or so leather swivel chairs setup positioned theater stylearound ,a small stage  and a stage positioned in the corner where the two glass walls join.

completely exposed by the glass, surrounded by many taller buildings.  The stage had has all types several types of hooks and pulleys connected descending from to a the ceiling beam, along and with other types of equipment scattered on tables nearbythat I was not familiar with.  A floor to ceiling pole is located in the corner of the stage, and a whipping bench is centered on the platform.  AA large TV screen is is mounted on the an interior wall. 


Several men occupy the front row of overstuffed chairs and silently sip their drinks.  None are related to our group and I wonder why they are present.  One is definitely looked to beof Japaneseoriental origin, another possibly of middle-eastern descenta Sheik, anothera couple others seem to be maybe of European ancestry.  I didcannot not get a goodcloser look at the others but know that I have never seen these men before. 

A full wait staff serve dDrinks and hors devours as everyone gets situated and comfortable in their seats.  The  are served, the lights dimmed, and the big screen sparks to life. 

Video snippets of my training sessions with the six Masters fill the screen, complete with Surround Sound.  Each clip lasts 10-15 minutes and clearly illustrates a storyboard of my pain-fueled decline into depravity.  Several clips of my orgasms replay and depict my body contorting and contracting, and my wanton desire seeking both pain and pleasure of greater intensity.  Each clip clearly denotes spectacular segments of my training; each mesmerizing to watch and seriously addicting to experience. 

I kneel in the center of the stage, my legs spread wide, head and eyes downcast, wrists clasped behind my back.  From my limited perspective, every man in the room has a throbbing tent trapped beneath their trousers.

The snippets demonstrate the abuses my body suffered.  Each segment is preceded with a short commentary from the Master trainer responsible.  The videos create the illusion that I have been fucked in every way possible, used in numerous sadistic activities, and portrays my cock-sucking skills.  Some men in the group request replays of several segments.

Seeing and hearing what I experienced over the past several days is shocking, yet revealing.  My legs involuntarily squeeze together during the pain segments, while the portions showing my breathtaking orgasms leave me and the audience speechless. 

Reliving those experiences via the video replay, watching myself from a spectator's perspective, the pain and pleasure I endured, generates massive amounts of cunt juice as evidenced by the droplets streaming to the floor.  I am needy and want to be used. 

It difficult to refrain from touching my body.  I crave release after watching and listening to the video recaps.  One of the guests, referred to as The Chairman, requests a pole dance. 

I have never pole danced but have seen a few videos.  I remove my heels and thigh highs as Florence and the Machine's "Seven Devils" drifts in from the penthouse stereo system.  The music caresses my body like a fresh warm breeze as I stand before the pole. 

My body sways to the electric rhythm, and my clit throbs.  I am unsure of how to begin as I survey the steel beam.  I have zero dance skills but decide to simply "make love" to the unyielding pole. 

Holy water cannot help you now

A thousand armies couldn't keep me out

I don't want your money

I don't want your crown

See I've come to burn

Your kingdom down

Holy water cannot help you now

See I've come to burn your kingdom down

And no rivers and no lakes, can put the fire out

I'm gonna raise the stakes; I'm gonna smoke you out

Grasping the cold steel with both hands above my head, I wrap my legs firmly around it, clutching it tightly against my pussy lips.  I throw my head back allowing my hair to flow freely, and close my eyes.  The music seeps into my soul as I slide my crotch up and down the pole, coating the surface with my juices, and grinding my cunt into the steel. 

Seven devils all around you

Seven devils in my house

See they were there when I woke up this morning

I'll be dead before the day is done

And now all your love will be exorcised

And we will find your sayings to be paradox

And it's an even sum

It's a melody

It's a battle cry

It's a symphony

I slowly circle the pole holding my cunt tightly against the steel.  I move one hand above my head, clasp my other hand at waist level for balance, and continue to dance seductively circling the pole.  I descend slowly to the floor nearly to sitting position, then slowly rise to standing position several times.  My clit swells and tingles with anticipation, and my nipples dribble milk onto the floor.  Holding my cunt and breast bone firmly against the metal, I pump the pole like a horny dog humps its owner's leg.  Rivers of juices escape from my cunt.

Seven devils all around you

Seven devils in my house

See, they were there when I woke up this morning

And I'll be dead before the day is done

Seven devils all around you

Seven devils in your house

My tempo increases as my arousal escalates.  I spin around the pole faster, holding my body rigid while sliding up and then down in long sensuous strokes.  My juices thickly coat the pole and soak the flesh between my thighs.  Rubbing my cunt harder into the surface, my clit quivers like a leaf tossing in a storm, churning in short, fast strokes. 

See I was dead when I woke up this morning,

And I'll be dead before the day is done

Before the day is done

Before the day is done

Before the day is done

Turning my body around, I place my hands above and behind me on the pole and wedge the rod between my butt cheeks.  I ride the steel with my crack, pressing my anal plug into the metal as I slide up and down and whirl around the pole.

Sweat pours from my skin and the pole become slippery.  My body smashes into it, and my clit inflates to the size of a small rock-hard penis.  I turn again to position the pole firmly between my pussy lips.  My cunt puffs up, heavy with unspent fluid, and throbs deep within.  The throbbing sensations are like itches that cannot be scratched without penetration; deep mind-numbing itches that scream to be sated.

They can keep me alive

'Til I tear the walls

'Til I slave your hearts

And they take your souls

And what have we done?

Can it be undone?

In the evil's heart

In the evil's soul

Leaning back, I slap my nipples against the hot metal surface, covering the pole with milk as the droplets become a small stream.  Powerful spasms begin deep inside my belly, aching to be released.  Losing my footing, I drop to the floor in a crumple on my knees, my legs bent behind me.  I slide left to right, grinding my clit harder against the pole, my orgasm rapidly approaching.  I am desperate for it, breathless, thrusting wildly against the pole, arms and legs thrashing in all directions.  Moans and grunts escape from my throat, and my breathing is erratic.  I am completely unaware of my surroundings, solely focused on my looming orgasm, just on the edge of the horizon.

Seven devils all around you

Seven devils in your house

See I was dead when I woke up this morning

I'll be dead before the day is done

Before the day is done

I drop flat on my back against the floor, my thighs straddle the pole, and the steel wedged firmly in my crotch.  My breathing is short and panting.  My eyes are opened but unfocused.  I am delirious with pleasure as my body convulses and shudders with each orgasm that rockets within me.  I am floating above and beyond my physical being.  My body exudes unimaginable heat as volumes of searing hot liquid spews from my cunt.

Seven devils all around you

Seven devils in your house

See I was dead when I woke up this morning

I'll be dead before the day is done

Before the day is done

I slowly become aware of noise and turn towards the applause.  All of the spectators are amazed with my pole dance or perhaps my orgasm.  Witnessing a true pain slut in action is a profound experience, and the six masters who trained me seem pleased with my performance.

CHAPTER fourteen

Master Jonathan leads me to the bedroom and instructs me to freshen my body.  He lays a stunning dark red bustier, and black thigh high stockings and heels on the bed along with my makeup case. 

I shower, style my hair, apply my makeup, and squeeze my body into the bustier.  It is at least two sizes too small and constricts my slim waist, pushes my breasts up, and displays my thick nipples.  After I finish dressing, he attaches the thigh spikes on my legs, and takes my hands in his.

"You have talents that need to be developed and skills that should be exploited.  I have been in discussions with several Masters this evening and decided that The Chairman and his group is the best choice.  They are willing to take you to the Island where they train both Doms and slaves.  They will provide you with additional training and expose you to a wide variety of experiences.  You, as my property, will go willingly with him for the next two weeks.  You will obey him and his group, and in the end, become a very sophisticated slave."

I am dazed and confused, unable to grasp what Master Jonathan just told me.  He leads me to the main penthouse room where nearly everyone has gone.  The Chairman approaches me and wraps a heavy fur coat around my body.  I am led to the stage, leather wrist restraints locked in place and connected to a hook in the ceiling.  My arms are pulled above my head as the pulley system is adjusted, resting on my toes straining to support my weight.

Several men come into the room, not part of our original group.  One looked to be Japanese, another possibly a Sheik, another maybe European.  I did not get a good look at the others.  Drinks are served, the lights dimmed, and the big screen sparks to life. 

Video snippets of my sessions with the various Masters fill the screen, complete with Surround Sound.  Each clip lasts 4-5 minutes and clearly depicts a complete storyboard of my gradual decline into depravity.  Several clips of my orgasms were included, showing my body contorting and contracting, searching for both pain and orgasms of greater intensity, indescribable but mesmerizing to watch and seriously addicting to experience.  From my limited perspective, every man in the room had a tent growing between their legs.

Snippets showing my body being abused, violated, or used, were played with short commentaries in between each.  The videos depicting an overall perception that I have been fucked in every way imagined, and learned to deep throat a cock and drink piss.  The group asked for a replay of several segments.

Seeing and hearing what I had experienced over the past many days is shocking, but also revealing.  Some videos make me want to squeeze my legs together in a protective manner, while others are of breath-taking orgasms, leaving the audience and myself speechless in some cases.  Feeling those feelings again, relieving the hideous pain and intense pleasures generates juices within me, droplets streaming to the floor in long strings.  My nipples dribble milk and are sore.  I am needy.  I want to be used. 

Lights are turned up in the room with bright spot lights focused on my suspended body, erotically illuminating my dripping juices, highlighting my exotic nature; but also conveying my vulnerability, fear, apprehension. 

Drinks are refilled, the men mingle, bits of conversation drifting my way.  The word "Auction" is mentioned several times.  The doctor consults with several men about his medical toys and products, but in particular, the Dog-cock dildo with the enhancements.  Prices are haggled and agreed upon, checks written, drinks filled again and again.

Someone approaches behind me, quickly fastening a thick rubber mask over my head, leaving only my nose and mouth uncovered, and secured at the base of the mask around my throat, not quite constricting my flow of air, but close.  I can no longer hear anything and my eyes only see black.  I am struggling to control my breathing, trying to adjust to the sudden isolation.  The butt plug and metal balls are removed, leaving my body empty, deprived, needy.

The pulley is lowered until I am on my knees, arms still fastened above my head.  My breasts are tightly bound and attached to another pulley hook.  Slowly, my chest is lifted up and away from my body.  I am scrambling to stand up, now on my toes, then ... nothing ... I am completely suspended by my breasts, worse, they are full of milk and streams are spouting from the tremendous pressure. 

The corset is cut away from my body.  Searing pain shoots through me as a whip connects with my skin ... bites into my flesh, leaving bright red welts that burn long after the beating ceases.  My breasts, legs, back, all completely unprotected, the whip moved around to encase and sear my entire body.  Trying to move away from the blows was difficult, the spikes digging into my thighs, my breasts completely numb from supporting my weight, my toes reaching, stretching, but unable to anchor to the floor. 

The doctor fills his gloved hand with the dilation gel and heavily coats my ass, scooping fists full inside, spreading the gel up and into my intestinal tract.  I am screaming in fear, loud, pitiful screams, piercing the room.  I am lowered by both pulleys, on my knees, arms completely numb, breasts absolutely numb. 

A bit-gag is shoved between my teeth, the straps secured behind my head.  The ring on my collar is pulled to the floor and fastened to a hook, my face flat against the carpeted surface.  My legs are pushed apart, attached to a very long spreader bar, causing me to almost pop my hips to stretch that wide.  The metal spikes on my thighs are removed. 

A hard rubber-covered paddle cracks across my ass cheeks and propels my face into the floor with its force.  Strike after strike vicious strike, I am beaten until I glow brilliant red and radiate searing heat.  Oddly, the harder he hits me, the wetter my pussy becomes, my juices streaming onto the floor, tears pooling under my face and soaking the carpet.  Silence and tension spreads through the room.

A large inflatable pussy dildo is inserted and enlarged to stay put.  A rough tongue begins to lap juices between my legs, finding my pussy, probing around the plug, inhaling the fragrance of a bitch desperate to be fucked.  The tongue is long and hot and licks frantically until I am nearly cumming, but he stops just before I can realize my orgasm.

His cock locates my waiting ass, sliding inside easily, pounding into me, hard thrusts determined to embed his entirety inside me.  Pushing faster, like a speeding engine, I can feel the cock threading into my intestinal tract, a little bit farther with each plunge.  Brilliant stripes of pain shoot through my belly, severe cramps take hold, and the urge to bear down becomes overwhelming. 

Inhaling a huge deep breath, filling my lungs to capacity, I bear down as hard as possible, grunting, forcing my muscles downwards, gurgling unintelligible sounds, pushing more urgently, a sweaty sheen covering my skin, until finally, the cock breaks through to my colon rapidly filling with cum, expanding to accommodate the large quantity of liquid.  The large black man withdraws, his cum dripping from my ass.

The second black man takes over and I am gyrating my pussy, searching for his cock, his hands forcing my chest farther to the floor, raising my pussy and ass higher, pulling me deeper onto his massive manhood.  His swollen tip, reaching the end of my tunnel, bends to one side, allowing more of his length to inch deeper, widening and filling my pussy.  His pace becomes frenzied and thrusting with violent force, my opening yields and his cum shoots inside. 

I am held tight by the cock firmly entrenched, but unable to see or hear anything.  Gaining traction, the huge and powerful man pummels my canal. 

I am spinning out of control, struggling frantically to draw the cock deeper inside me.  I am pushing into him, searching for more, nearly knocking the man off balance with my backward thrusts. 

I am thrashing, pushing, grinding into his groin until I am soaring, pleasure consuming me.  Shuddering, writhing, using my hands to push harder, embed him deeper, twisting, encouraging him to go deeper, emitting guttural sounds between the horse-bit, I am fucking him until his cock pops out and he is free of me.  My body twitches and contorts and contracts in search of more fulfillment as cum juices seep from both of my holes.

Laughter.  Applause.  Movement behind me.  The first black men from the elevator recovers, grabs the reins of my bit-gag, and yanks my head upwards, feeding his cock into my mouth sliding on top of the metal bit.  Pulling my face forward and pushing me backwards until his cock expands to a full 10 inches and probably 4 or 5 inches wide.  He is massive fucking the roof of my mouth, pushing deeper with each stroke, pressing down on the bit-gag, forcing my mouth wider. 

He moves between my spread legs and enters my sopping ass again, plunging deep and hard with the first thrust, completely embedding his cock to its base, and then pushing farther, yanking my reins, constricting my throat, choking my air supply, then maliciously pounding my ass, propelling me forward even as he pulls my reins backwards, viciously riding me.

Pulling out, he moves to my mouth, and with a few short thrusts, shoots hot cum into the back of my throat, his balls contracting under my chin as buckets of cum flowed upwards for release.  Cum fills my mouth leaving an awful taste.  I long for a drink of water, but am afraid to ask.

Exuberant discussions on what the men just witnessed follows, drinks refilled, suggestions thrashed about. 

I feel heavy footsteps approaching me.  The plug is removed from my pussy and the horse-bit replaced with the cock gag.  A warm liquid fills my mouth and I swallow it quickly, a numbness radiating in my throat and belly, refreshing my taste buds.  The juice gag is removed, the Dental ring inserted and widen to its maximum. 

A very cold long heavy metal hook with a huge ball on one end is inserted in my ass, reins are tied to the other end of the hook that extends up my back, my legs spread wide by the bar, my wrists aching from supporting my body.

"Okay, slut, let's see how far my big black cock can go down your throat." the second black man recovering from his orgasm and ready for more.  And with that, he pulls the reins, lunging me forward, impaling his cock in my mouth.  It slides easily down my throat, my gag reflex completely suppressed.  Grunts of pleasure escape from the man as he cruelly rapes my mouth, forcing me forward using the anchor buried in my ass as leverage and pushing me backwards with his cock as it thrusts its full length down my throat.  When he yanks the ass hook, the ball moves inside my rectum, lifting my ass higher, propelling his cock farther into my mouth, deeper, until finally, his load is released directly into my stomach. 

"I've been waiting to do this slut.  Always wanted a white bitch to drink my piss."  Moving his cock inside my mouth as it softens, then releasing streams of hot urine down my throat.  Cum, saliva, piss, drool, my chin is drenched in fluids.  He uses his cock to smear it all over my face, cock-slapping me, humiliating me further. 


The spectators once again dispersed into groups, some conversations appear to be a bit heated.  I am released from my bindings, the mask is removed, and I am led to a spacious bathroom.  Blinking to adjust to the light, a non-English speaking maid in a white uniform enters and guides me into the filled tub.  She gently soaps my skin, massaging with her fingertips, moving down between my legs, thighs, feet.  Urging me up and on all fours, she cleans inside my pussy and ass, her tender touch igniting a fire within me.

"NO.  Missy.  No do." and she removes her hands from my body.  Understanding, I mutely get out of the tub.  She dries my body, applies soothing lotion all over my skin, and helps me dress in thigh highs and heels.  I refresh my makeup, actually completely redo it, thickly applying the deep red lipstick and black eyeliner.  My coppery blond hair is radiant after the maid brushes it and drapes it around my shoulders.

I am led back into the main room, my wrists restrained and pulled above my head, the sharp thigh spikes reattached, a large red ball-gag lodged in my mouth.  Conversation dwindles and silence ensures.  An air of expectation fills the room.  Preparations are being made, but it is not clear for what. 

Ten men not part of our group are arranged in the front row of swivel chairs facing my body.  My Master approaches me with a huge smile, covering my mouth with a long sloppy passionate kiss.  "Make me proud.  Do everything that is asked of you.  I will see you in a few days." 

I am stunned, unable to process what Master just communicated to me.  Reality sets in when I hear the words ...

"Bidding starts at $10,000 for a full five days with this slave."

Hands are raised, amounts are shouted out, until eventually, the highest bidder wins paying a whopping $50,000.  Congratulations are expressed, hands are shaken, and my new "temporary" Master leads me away to begin living out his five days of fantasies with a beautiful fuck-toy.

Vivid thoughts now consume him.  Umm, there are some fantasies that are so sadistic ... He never applied them before now. 

And he collected ideas from the video segments of my sessions at the farm.  Yes, he has many activities percolating in the deepest darkest recesses of his mind. 

Perhaps he should prioritize ... these thoughts stimulate his cock, it is growing, expanding, pushing upwards, creating an obvious bulge in his pants. 

"I am looking forward to our time together." He whispers in my ear. 

Fear, absolute raw fear travels through my body, penetrating my very soul. 

Devastated by Master Jonathan's decision, I disguise my fears and maintain a forced smile, my hands clasped submissively in front of me.  My eyes are glued to the floor in front of me as I enter the elevator and follow him through the lobby to a waiting limo.  The thigh spikes intermittently bite into my flesh when my legs touch.

The limo door closes and reality sinks in ... I am on my way to a training facility with this man, The Chairman.  It is difficult to hold back tears, and a few leak down my cheeks.

The Chairman is tall and distinguished looking, and elegantly dressed.  His eyes are clear blue and his face is clean shaven.  He has salt and pepper hair (mostly salt) that parts in the middle, and cut long on top.  His official title is King Alexander, and he was widowed many years ago.

The Chairman removes my coat and positions me facing him, his swollen cock protruding from the opened zipper of his slacks.  He pulls my body to his and I straddle his lap placing my nipples within easy reach of his mouth.  I guide his cock into my slippery and very ready pussy.  He slides slowly inside, his hands lowering me until my cunt builds a tight cocoon around his manhood. 

His squeezes my breasts tightly together, and licks my nipples.  Biting down on each, He then suckles them, gulping the milk as it sprays into his mouth. 

Lifting me off his large cock and pushing my body downwards, he guides my face to his crotch.  I eagerly take him inside my mouth, licking my juices from his stem like a child licks a peppermint stick, and suck it to draw it farther into my throat.

I pull back and nibble gently at the tip of his cock and swirl my tongue around it.  Pursing my lips, I form a seal around the stiff stem and press downward, sucking it to the base.  I wiggle my nose in his pubic hair, then extend my tongue underneath and lick his balls.

Moaning loudly, The Chairman entwines his fingers in my hair and presses my face to the base.  His cock throbs inside my mouth.  I use my throat muscles and swallow it, pulling it deeper. 

Judging by the way his cock is pulsing, he can feel my throat clench him tightly with each swallowing movement.  He pushes and pulls my head the full length, and I wedge my tongue into his slit, holding it tightly inside his opening.

He pushes and pulls my head, fucking my throat until he ejects boiling hot cum in several intense spurts against the back of my throat.

He releases my hair and I gasp for air, then gingerly clean him.  Licking it with long tongue strokes, down and around his balls, then the full length of his cock, I clean him of all our fluids.

We arrive at a teleport several hours later and The Chairman leads me to a waiting air craft.  Hobbling up the steep, narrow staircase is a painful challenge with the thigh spikes biting into my legs with every step.  Inside the cabin, it is oddly arranged for a plane.

A long mahogany table is centered with a dozen or so leather swivel chairs all around, each occupied by a well-dressed and distinguished-looking man.  There are restraints anchored to the corners of the table, with smaller tables laden with devices, toys, and whips, and an examination table angled in another corner.

A man, I presume the butler, leads me to the examination chair and positions me face up, stretching my arms above my head, and binding my legs in the stirrups.

The setting seems almost like an executive board meeting room, except I am nearly naked and bound to the chair as the air craft takes off.  The men, ages varying from 30-70, all look solemn, almost grim. 

A large screen descends and video segments of my previous training sessions play.  Sweat trickles down foreheads and cocks are rock hard under the table.  The men are in utter agony as each struggles to maintain his dignity and composure, maintaining facial reactions of unimpressed, even bored.  The video is above and behind my head so I can only hear the segments of my training from the previous week, but it is enough to make me wet.  The video snippets finish about an hour later. 

The cabin remains silent.  No one touches me.  Actually, no one has spoke since my arrival on the jet. I am acutely aware of my full bladder and breasts, becoming increasingly more uncomfortable.  I am squirming in the chair to hold my fluids, and terrified to utter a word. 

A man in a white medical coat enters the cabin and indicates that he is ready to perform a preliminary evaluation of the slave.  The doctor announces, "I am going to measure the slave's reactions to determine pain tolerances, pleasure thresholds, and identify the intensity of each." 

The doctor has a Machiavellian look about him as he made the pronouncement.  A medical tray is placed across my lap with an obscenely huge dildo fastened in the center and wires dangling underneath.  "This instrument measures her suction and swallowing skills, and displays the activity on the video cam." 

He pushes my head down onto the hard rubber cock.  There is no way I can take it to the base, it is too large.  He pushes my head farther down the dildo.  "Suck it down your throat, gulp it like you are swallowing a large pill.  No, harder, deeper.  You can do it." 

The video cam displays the inside of my mouth, and shows my tonsils as the cock moves them aside.  The opening to my esophagus comes into view as I inch the cock down my throat.  I wish he would give me some gag-numbing medication, my reflex is powerful and I feel as though I am going to puke.  I continue to suck it as deep as possible, holding and sucking and creating a vacuum.  My jaw begins to ache, yet the doctor orders me to continue as he gathers measurements.  He orders me to swallow the cock with my throat for several more minutes, and to repeat large dramatic gulps.  I am really struggling to control my retching reflex. 

Leaving the cock buried in my mouth, drool is pooling on the tray, but the doctor writes his findings in a chart.  "The next measurement is to determine the settings for the Milking Machine.  These settings are critical for rapid and efficient removal of breast milk without damage to the teat or gland.  Our milking machine links to a computer system that regulates the equipment and generates data about the slave and her milking production and efficiency."

Removing the tray, he leaves me in the sitting position.  He encases my breasts in "teat" cups with vacuum tubes and milk hoses connected, and sets the preliminary pulsation rate.  The machine jars my breasts, then pulls them harshly downward as the suction takes hold and draws the milk from my nipples.  My breasts are dancing to the pulse of the machine, pulling, squirting milk, retracting.  The doctor increases the speed to high, yanking my breasts forward, forcing my nipples farther into the suction tube, literally wrenching the milk from my body.

Notes and observations are jotted down, each man displays a somber face but carefully observes me, naked, legs spread wide, milked like a dairy cow.  For thirty long humiliating minutes, my "teats" are ravaged by the computerized milking machine.  The collection cups are filled and refilled as the milk is literally vacuumed from my body, and measurements are collected. 

"By now, the slave's bladder should be full.  We can measure how much liquid she can hold and how long she can hold it beyond the initial urge.  To speed the process along, I am going to insert an IV and flood her body with saline."  Alcohol is wiped on my arm, an IV inserted, and cool liquid released into my vein.  The pressure is enormous on my bladder, and the urge to pee increases.  The IV bag empties quickly and my belly swells.  Releasing me from the chair, he takes me into the executive bathroom and allows me to empty my bladder into a plastic dish.

A speculum is inserted in my pussy, and the doctor measures the length and elasticity of my tunnel with his tools.  A solution is applied to my cervix and a long metal instrument coated with a cool gel is inserted, and held for several minutes before it is withdrawn.  It is replaced by a wider instrument, threaded through my cervix and into my womb, held, and removed. 

A third instrument is inserted, but it is wider around with a tiny video camera secured to the end, the bright light illuminating my tissue.  Images of its journey through my vagina into my cervix and its final destination, my womb, displays on the screen.  Notes are jotted down.

The examination continues, causing discomfort, but not pain.  A dark-colored liquid is injected in a port on the IV tubing, my eye lids flutter, my body relaxes, and I fall into a deep sleep.  The doctor finishes his work while the men continue to make notations.

When I wake, the plane is preparing to land.  I am attached to a floor-to-ceiling pole, naked, my neck, waist, wrists, and feet bound tightly to the cool metal with thick belts.  A heavy leather hood covers my head and is secured tightly around my throat with a thick studded collar, a wide oval-shaped opening frames my mouth and nose. 

The men are still seated around the conference table, seatbelts fastened.  A sinister silence seeps into the cabin, almost as though their collective vile thoughts and fantasies are released into environment. 

I feel soft hair dangling between my thighs as the wheels meet the runway and engines reverse to slow the craft.  Squeezing my cheeks together, it feels like there is a plug in my ass with soft hair extending from the base, a long, soft thick tail. 

Finally, the door opens and the staircase descends.  I can feel and taste the warm salty air as it seeps into the cabin.  A leash is connected to my collar, the belts attaching me to the pole removed.  It feels like the men passed by me and deplaned several minutes before, but I am unsure.  Blind and deaf, I feel a tug propelling me forward.  I am walking gingerly, keeping my legs spread wide, not realizing that the spike strips are no longer attached to my thighs.

Stumbling my way outside the aircraft, I feel the warmth of the sun on my flesh, but shudders of ice cold fear radiate through me.

I am led to a lavishly styled motor coach, arranged much like the cabin in the plane.  A long dark mahogany conference table, executive chairs, and at the very back, a floor-to-ceiling pole where I am attached with thick belts, holding me perfectly upright, legs together, arms at my side, the long tail whooshing between my legs.

As the motor coach carefully navigates the rough roads, discussions take place.  Conversations are low for the most part, a few becoming heated.  I can feel changes in the discussions by the temperature and air movement in the vehicle.  I wish I can see or hear; unable to do either increases my overall sense of dread, my anxiety level rising with each bump in the road ... taking me farther away from civilization and into a world of complete unknowns.

I am led to the elevator door where a long full-length fur coat is opened, my arms automatically slide in, and a belt is lightly fastened around my waist. 

***THE END***

The Naughty Girl Series continues in Book II: A WeekTwo Weeks to to Survive.

Book II: A Week to Survive

CHAPTER 1, Excerpt

I am naked, except for the warm coat, nylons, and heels.  My breasts are full.  My bladder is approaching capacity.  My pussy and ass are empty.  Confused, but trying to disguise my feelings, I hold my face in a forced smile, keeping my hands clasped and resting on my tummy, submissively, demurely.  My eyes glued to the floor in front of me as I waddle onto the elevator and through the lobby to a waiting limo.  The spikes are intermittently biting into my flesh when my legs closed.

My (temporary) Master removes my coat and positions me facing him, straddling his swollen cock, both my nipples within easy reach of his mouth.  I reach down to free his cock, then guide it into my slippery, very ready pussy.  As he slides slowly inside me, his hands are lowering and raising my hips, building a cocoon around his manhood.  His mouth takes hold of a nipple, his hands gathering my breasts tightly together, squeezing both nipples in his mouth now, biting down on them, sucking, licking, twisting and squirting milk in his mouth.  And finally, he gulps down the precious liquid, savoring every drop.

Pushing me downwards, guiding my face to his cock, I take him deep inside my mouth, sucking to pull it farther into my throat, swallowing the swollen member, stimulating him beyond anything he has ever experienced.  He could actually feel my throat clench his cock tightly with each swallowing movement.  He is lost in pleasure, pushing and pulling my head, fucking my throat, and finally, filling my mouth with his cum, holding my face down, pushing my nose into his fleshly belly, blocking my air passages, plunging deeper. 

Gasping for air, I pull back and gingerly clean his softening cock.  Licking it tenderly, long strokes, down and around his balls, licking the full length of his cock, then sliding it in my mouth, urging my "temporary" Master to feed me his piss.  It too slides easily down my throat and into my stomach, filling me with his golden liquid. 

Pulling my coat around me, we are led to a waiting air craft.  Hobbling up the steep, narrow stair case was a painful challenge with the spikes biting into my thighs with each step.  Inside, it was oddly arranged for an airplane.

A long mahogany table is centered with a dozen or so leather swivel chairs all around, each chair occupied by a well-dressed and distinguished-looking man.  There are restraints anchored to each corner of the table, with one wall and table covered with devices, toys, and whips, and an examination table angled in a corner.

The coat is removed from my body and I am forced to crawl onto the table and lay face up, spreading my arms and legs as the restraints are tightly secured, my pale white skin stark against the dark mahogany wood, my shoes removed. 

The setting seems almost like an executive level board meeting, except I am naked and bound to the table and on a plane.  The men, ages varying from 45-60, all look solemn, almost grim. 

A large screen descends and video segments of my training plays for the group.  Sweat trickles down foreheads, and I would be willing to bet that many cocks were hard as rocks under the table as the videos play with my naked body was exposed before them, bound to the table top. 

In reality, it was probably a full 45 minutes of utter agony for those men to maintain their dignity and composure, their reactions mostly unimpressed, even a bit bored.

No one reached out to touch me.  Actually, no one has spoke since my arrival on the plane.  The video is above and behind my head so I can only hear the segments, but it is enough to make me very wet, but also more aware of my full bladder and breasts, becoming increasingly more uncomfortable, squirming to control my muscles, hold my fluids, terrified to utter a word, more terrified of losing my bladder. 

A man in a white medical coat enters the cabin and indicates that he is ready to perform a preliminary evaluation of the slave.  I am removed from the conference table and fastened to the examination chair, my arms bound beside my waist, legs spread wide in the stirrups, my body in a sitting position, in full view of the Board members. 

The doctor announces, "I am here to measure the slave's reaction levels to determine pain tolerances, pleasure thresholds, and identify the intensity of each." 

I am unsure if I should be happy that he will not be repeating the hideous procedures the previous doctor performed, or more worried.  He had a Machiavellian look as he made the pronouncement. 

Yes, indeed, every pore oozes with abject fear.

A medical tray is placed in across my lap with an obscenely huge dildo fastened in the center and wires dangling underneath.  "This instrument measures her suction and swallowing activity, as well as show via video cam how far she can deep throat a cock."

My head is forced forward and down onto the hard rubber cock, no way I can take it to the base, it was way too big.  My hair is pulled and my face forced farther down by the doctor.  "Suck it down your throat, swallow it, suck it.  No, harder, deeper.  Do it now or you will be punished severely." 

The video cam displays the inside of my mouth, my tonsils as the cock moves them aside, and my esophagus as it inches farther down my throat.  I pray for the gag-numbing medication, but none is given.  I dutifully suck the dildo as deep as I can and made to hold and suck it creating a vacuum, and doing so for several long minutes while the doctor gathers his measurements.  He orders me to swallow the cock continuously with my throat for several more minutes, and I do so, but struggle to control my retching reflex. 

Saliva thickly coated the shaft as the men observed my deep throating skills, some made notes on their pads, one man writing that he wanted to use the "rape harness" and fuck the slave's mouth when it was his turn with her. 

Leaving the cock buried in my mouth, drool pooling on the cart, the doctor writes his findings in a chart.  "The next measurement is to determine the settings for the Milking Machine.  These settings are critical for rapid and efficient remove of breast milk without damage to the teat or gland.  Our machine links to a computer system that regulates the machine and generates data about the slave and her milking production and efficiency."

Removing the tray but leaving me in the sitting position, "teat" cups are attached to each nipple, vacuum tubes and milk hoses connected, and the pulsation rate set.  The machine jars my breasts, then pulls them harshly downward as the suction takes hold and draws the milk from my nipples.  My breasts are dancing to the pulse of the machine, pulling, squirting milk, retracting.  The doctor increases the speed to high, yanking my breasts forward, forcing my nipples farther into the suction tube, literally wrenching the milk from my body.

Notes and observations are jotted down, each man displaying a somber face but carefully observing me, naked, legs spread wide, milked like a dairy cow.  For thirty long humiliating minutes, my "teats" are ravaged by the computerized milking machine.  The collection cups are filled and refilled as the milk is literally vacuumed from my body, and measurements are collected.  As notes are written, one man fantasizes about his time with the slave ... milking those teats, dripping candle wax on her ass cheeks, beating her with a split leather whip until the wax melts from the hotness of her bright red flesh, fucking her ass as the last of her milk is pulled from her teats. 

"By now, the slave's bladder should be full.  We can measure how much liquid she can hold and how long she can hold it beyond the initial urge.  To speed the process along, I am going to insert an IV and flood her body with saline." 

Alcohol is wiped on my arm, an IV inserted, and cool liquid released into my vein.  My urethra is cleaned with a Betadine solution, and a catheter with a small camera probe on the tip is slowly threaded inside my tiny opening.  The pressure is enormous on my bladder, and the catheter insertion painful, increasing the urge to pee, but I am not allowed to release even a few drops, the clamp closed tightly.  The IV bag empties quickly, my belly swells, I try to squeeze my legs together but they are fastened securely to the stirrups. 

A speculum is inserted in my pussy, the doctor measuring the length and elasticity of my tunnel with his tools.  A solution is applied to my cervix and a long metal instrument coated with a cool gel inserted, held for several minutes, and then withdrawn.  It is replaced by a wider instrument, threaded through my cervix and into my womb, held, and removed.  A third instrument is inserted, but it is wider around with a tiny video camera secured to the end, the bright light illuminating my tissue.  Images of its journey through my vagina, into my cervix, and its final destination, my womb, are displayed on the screen.  As notes are jotted down, one man visualizes mating the slut with his gorilla.  That cock will go all the way to her uterus.

The examination continued, causing discomfort, but not pain.  A dark-colored liquid is injected in a port on the IV tubing, my eye lids flutter, my body relaxes, and as a deep sleep takes over, the doctor finishes his work, and the men continue to make notations.

When I wake, the plane is preparing to land.  I am attached to a floor-to-ceiling pole, naked, my neck, waist, wrists, and feet bound tightly to the cool metal with thick belts.  A heavy leather mask covers my head and is secured tightly around my throat with a thick studded collar, a wide oval-shaped opening framed my mouth and nose. 

The men are still seated around the conference table, seatbelts fastened.  A sinister silence began to seep into the cabin, almost as though their collective vile thoughts and fantasies are released into the cabin. 

I feel soft hair dangling between my thighs as the wheels meet the runway and engines reverse to slow the craft.  Squeezing my cheeks together, it feels like there is a plug in my ass with soft hair extending from the base, like a long, soft thick tail. 

Finally, the door opens and the staircase descends.  I can feel and taste warm salty air as it seeps into the cabin.  A leash is connected to my collar, the belts attaching me to the pole removed.  It feels like the men pass by me and deplane several minutes before, but I am unsure.  Blind and deaf, I feel a tug propelling me forward.  I am walking gingerly, keeping my legs spread wide, not realizing that the spike strips are no longer attached to my thighs.

As I stumble my way outside the aircraft, I feel the warmth of the sun on my flesh, but shudders of fear radiate through me.

I am led to a lavishly styled motor coach, arranged much like the cabin in the plane.  A long dark mahogany conference table, executive chairs, and at the very back, a floor-to-ceiling pole where I am attached with thick belts, holding me perfectly upright, legs together, arms at my side, the long tail whooshing between my legs.

As the motor coach carefully navigates the rough roads, discussions take place.  Conversations are low for the most part, a few becoming heated.  I can feel changes in the discussions by the temperature and air movement in the vehicle.  I wish I can see or hear; unable to do either increases my overall sense of dread, my anxiety level rising with each bump in the road ... taking me farther away from civilization and into a world of complete unknowns.

Continued in Book II: A Week to Survive.

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