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European Nightmare

Part 4

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons or events is entirely coincidental. Contains adult themes. The author does not condone any of the actions depicted in this work. The actions depicted here are to be read only by those who recognise the moral and legal implications of these actions, and understand that this tale is purely fantasy. Please do not read if you are easily offended, or find it difficult to distinguish between fantasy and reality.

Authors Note: I would like to ask for any feedback whatsoever, it would be much appreciated. Whatever it is, be it criticisms, praises, suggestions for the characters or plot, queries or requests I would be delighted to hear them. Enjoy.

Editing Credits: D.M

Quickly dragging Lucy up the stairs to a large oak door, Hasan held the rope in one hand and pressed his thumb to a brick in the archway.  With a click, the huge wooden door slowly opened and Hasan moved through, tugging the rope sharply and making a fear-filled Lucy half-run to keep up.  As they moved through a long corridor, dim orange lights in medieval style sconces flicked on, until they came to a large door flanked by two smaller ones.  Hasan again placed his thumb against a seemingly innocuous stone in the wall and, with a click, the small left door opened.

Inside a solitary light bulb swung from the ceiling, barely illuminating the dank room.  In one corner was a solitary blanket on the cold stone floor, in the other a metal bucket.  One wall had a large mirror and an alarm clock.  Lucy looked into the room and then at Hasan who placed his hand in the small of her back and pushed her sprawling onto the floor.  He then moved to the other room across the hallway, and came back with a long thick dildo.    “You are lucky, girl” Hasan hissed, leaning through the door, “you will sleep here free while your friends are tied up.  But you have job to do.  Every hour you must fuck yourself.  In front of the mirror.  You use this.”  tossing the dildo in front of Lucy.  “But very important, you cannot cum.  You must get right to edge but stop before you cum.  We will watch you.  Every hour, remember.  I show you how.  Pick it up.”

He came through the door and stood, waiting, while the still prone Lucy was wondering how she could pick it up with her hands tied behind her back.  She stared up at him, his horse-like cock at half mast in her eye line, and shuffled onto her knees.  Her eyes moved to the giant phallus on the floor.  Suddenly she realised what she had to do and was disgusted by how low they wanted her to sink.  Slowly she bent and, with some difficulty, grasped the thick shaft of the black rubber cock in her teeth.  Once secure, she offered it up to Hasan.

“Good girl,” Hasan said, pairing the patronising compliment with a pat on the head, just as he would a dog.  Then, kneeling behind her, he grabbed a chunk of her hair and twisted her face to the mirror.  Lucy now saw herself for the first time.  The hand pulling her hair moved to delicately brush her hair behind her ears so she could see clearly.  Her hair was a mess, she noted absently, her face was the same but her eyes lacked life.  She brooded over the totally different person looking back at her.  Then her assailants handsome face loomed over her right shoulder while his left hand reached round and put the massive dildo up to her pussy lips, still open from her recent orgasm, guiding the monster into Lucys hole.  She moaned slightly as the cold tip of the phallus passed through her lips and into her vagina, part in pleasure and part in helpless shame that she couldnt stop being abused yet again.  Using one hand to slowly inch the shaft into her cunt, Hasan ran the other up her torso to grip a pert tit and whispered in her ear.

“Fuck yourself, bitch.”

The contradiction between his gentle touch and harsh order momentarily shocked Lucy, but she quickly recovered, remembering how cruelly he had raped her arse and mouth.  With his right hand securing the dildo in place, she spread her legs and slowly slid down the veined rubber till her pussy was so full that even Hasan knew it couldnt go any further.  Then, as his hand continued to softly maul her breast, she used her strong thighs to push herself up the shaft  before sliding down again. 

Hasan smiled as he watched Lucy in the mirror strain herself to get up and down the shaft, his fingers toying with her nipple to make it hard.  The grimace of pain on her face from her exertions was softening with pleasure, the friction of the black cock irresistible despite her humiliation at how she was forced to use it.  As the heat built inside her, she felt Hasans other hand massaging her tit, her nipple still sore from being clamped in that terrible chair.  Though the strain of pushing herself up and down burnt her thighs, she continued, her pace even slightly increasing as Hasans hot breath on the back of her neck and the throbbing cock she felt pressing into her arse cheeks, drove her toward another orgasm.  She was close and began moaning louder with each penetration until her juices coated the dildos shaft, praying he would let her finish before he left.

Hasan could see she was on the verge of climax but waited a little, watching her face when she was so close to cumming.  She really was incredibly beautiful and before he met Greta, he would have tried to fuck her legally and with her consent.  But he knew his job and he wasnt going to let any passing fancy for this whore get in the way.  Abruptly the hand massaging her left breast squeezed and twisted her nipple hard as his right hand whipped the cock from her aching pussy.  Lucy desperately stretched forward to finish herself off but Hasan kept it well out of reach.  The unfulfilled look on her whorish face proved he had perfectly timed his exit, her hips still bucking as she searched for that climax.  He waited until she had calmed down before untying her hands and stood up, leaving her crumpled in a heap on the floor.

“Remember,” he said, watching her hands move towards her pussy, “you cannot cum.  If you cum, we kill one of your friends.  See you tomorrow, whore.”

With that, he shut the door, leaving Lucy lying in the bulbs dim light.  Her eyes had opened wide when he said he would kill her friends.  As terrible as it had been, the magnitude of her situation kept getting ratcheted up, this just the latest of a steady stream of shocks in this terrible ordeal.  She looked around and realised that all she had was a blanket to sleep under and a bucket.  Crawling to the corner, she wrapped herself in the blanket, the first time she had been covered in hours.  Finally alone with her thoughts, Lucy thought about what she had done with Holly so many long minutes before.  She knew she had had no choice but to obey, but it had still broken her heart as she pounded in and out of her friend, each time crashing the paddle onto Hollys chest.  A crushing hopelessness filled her.  The long corridor, the sophisticated gadgetry and practiced moves of these people indicated a serious intent.  Both she and her friends were in deep trouble.  She looked at the dildo in front of her and then to the alarm clock.  It had no hour hand but the minute hand showed another half hour until she had to humiliate herself for their pleasure.  She felt at a complete and utter loss, her pride now reduced to nothing.  But, having realised that, with characteristic strength, she just curled up in the blanket and closed her eyes.


He almost cried as the woman in the sharp black suit told him, sternly and with little compassion, that he no longer had a job at the bank.  Shed tried to be compassionate, although she suspected she hadnt convinced him.  After detailing his severance package, she apologised, shook his hand and invited him to leave.  After he left, she sank into her chair and looked over the monthly accounts, checking for any glaring discrepancies.  Though nominally the banks chairperson, she really only came in when it suited her.  Today was just such a day, for she felt having her face seen would be useful even if she was sure she was under no suspicion.  In truth, her mind was elsewhere.

Gretas thoughts were focused on the three young women she had in her basement.  Flicking her mouse, she brought up the news article she had been reading where those same girls stared at her, their beautiful faces accompanying the latest news of the investigation to find them.  As she read what their family and friends in England said of them, she smiled and her hand drifted to her crotch.   Continuing to browse, she not only relished the pain she had and would cause but sought to track the investigation whose last information was that they were in a bar.  But neither Mehmet or Hasan were mentioned.  She would send Hasan to his bar job that evening to give a statement to any police sniffing around.  Avoiding suspicion required keeping up normal appearances.  In time, she could muddy the investigation, updating social networking sites, sending text messages and the like.  But it was too risky just now and she was too preoccupied with the best part of her job, breaking in the fresh talent.  In truth they were desperately needed.  Her stock was becoming stale and she knew her clients would soon think the same.  Her employees hadnt been pulling their weight either, having not procured anything decent since those Czech bitches three months ago.  It had all been a bit depressing and these new additions had breathed fresh life into her.  So, since she wouldnt be picked up for another hour, Greta looked at the computer screen and settled down to enjoy herself.


Olivia woke from what could barely be described as sleep, her face still buried in Hollys pussy.  She had no idea how long they had been bound like this because she had been constantly slipping in and out of consciousness but it had surely been hours.  Theyd tried to talk as soon as they were alone but it had not worked.  Her face had been forced so deep into Hollys sex that all she could do was move her tongue against her lips.  A similar response from Holly had created muffled sounds not resembling speech at all.  So they remained silent, their bodies stretched tight along the table.  Olivia tried to sleep but it was impossible not to remember the scenes of the previous hours.  Her nipples were still sore from the clamps that had bitten down on them, her pussy was still sore from her chilli torture, and her whole body ached from every blow inflicted during her ordeal.  Since they had lined her up on Holly despite her shorter frame, her body, arms and legs were stretched tight.  And with each passing hour, the pain grew greater and greater.

But whatever Olivias pain, Hollys was worse.  She too was stretched on the table, her arms and legs pulled to their limit.  She too was sore all over from her captors tormenting handling.  But the main source of pain were her breasts which felt sore enough to fall off.  Her nipples throbbed with pain, the silver rings pressed into Olivias body causing her exquisite agony.  With every subtle movement of either of their bodies, an explosion of pain coursed through Hollys globes.  It wasnt just her nipples either, for the entire surface of her breasts had been beaten so hard that just the pressure of Olivias body caused terrible pain.  Moving further down, her pussy ached as well.  After Mehmet and Lucy had fucked her previously virgin cunt, a dull throbbing pain emanated from her sex which even Olivias soft lips resting on her pussy couldnt solve.  If Holly had any tears left she would have shed them.  Instead she stared blankly into the dark and tried desperately to sleep.


The ringing alarm echoing loudly around the small cell woke Lucy instantly.  For the third time since she had been in here, she stood up and walked over to the large wall mirror.  Sitting down before it, she spread her legs, exposing herself entirely, and stared into her pussy as she picked up the dildo in her right hand while her left slowly rubbed her clit.  Slowly she lifted the heavy toy and put it at the entrance of her pussy.  Despite being well on the way after two rounds of this, she still rubbed her clit to lubricate herself and then steadily pushed the dildo into her vagina.  As she inched the shaft up her hole, she continued to rub her clit and soon felt her sex tingling, hardly surprising given how warmed up she was.  But she kept her eyes fixed on what her hands were doing, not wanting to look herself in the eye while she humiliated herself for their pleasure.

The heat in her loins grew stronger as one hand pumped the toy in and out while the other rubbed her sensitive clit with greater intensity.  Despite her situation, she hadnt changed much and still enjoyed the pleasure washing over her.  As the speed of her hands increased, her body remembered  playing with herself, so much so that she almost forgot where she was or what she had to do, closing her eyes and making increasingly passionate moans and groans, imagining herself home as if nothing had happened.  But she knew it couldnt last and as she reached for her climax she slowed down, the fingers on her left hand moving reluctantly away from her clit while her right slowly withdrew the dildo from her hole.  She had made sure she sounded convincing, as if she had brought herself right to the very edge of orgasm.  Lucys hand shook as she took the dildo from her body and placed it on the floor beside her.  Taking a moment to compose herself, she looked down between her legs at the large puddle on the floor, evidence that she was doing what was ordered.  Her eyes slowly moved from the floor to the mirror, looking first at her open pussy lips before checking her body and her face.  Her face was still beautiful, her features sharp, even if the puffiness of her eyes and cheeks showed she had been crying.  One thing had changed; her eyes now stared back with a certain hardness.  She knew her captors thought they had broken her by turning her on her friend but the opposite was true.  She was as determined to get out or to mentally resist as she was at the beginning.  But as the most intelligent of the trio, she had realised very early on that she could only do so by appearing cooperative.  She was convinced that she would not break no matter what they did, biding her time until an opportunity came.  So she kept up her humiliated persona as she crawled over to the blanket, part acting frustrated at her lack of climax.  As she tried to get comfortable beneath the inadequate cover, she gave a little hidden defiant smile.


Greta stared blankly through the window as her car drove through the first of the castle gates.  She had been thinking about her toys all day and the ride home was no different.  Although she seemed  to be in total control of her actions and of planning out the entire scenario beforehand, in truth she  made up much as she went along.  She knew the basic steps and psychology of how to break girls but it was more fun to improvise on the process.  This was especially true given how different the girls were.  It was almost beyond belief that she had found three such beautiful girls who were so different, physically, emotionally and mentally.  She knew how she would break each one for she knew each ones personality and limits, but what she didnt know was how far along each of them was.  She had been doing this too long to be fooled into second guessing these things.

Waiting patiently for her driver to open the door, she smiled politely as she stepped out, briefcase in one hand, like any other businesswoman in the world.  She thanked him and walked deliberately toward the entrance.  It really was a magnificent residence, and Greta had an army of people keeping it in tip top condition, although most had finished for the night.  She walked to the door and the porter opened it immediately, Greta thanking him with a small smile as she continued into the house.  She wasted no time going upstairs, to shower and prepare for her girls.


Olivia woke quickly when the blinding light pierced the dark, burning her eyes through her lids.  Though she had only half slept during the night, the sudden burst of light made her feel woken from a deep sleep.  When Olivia heard the dreaded clack of high heels on the stone steps, Holly began squirming beneath her, the poor girl obviously terrified by what would be done to her next.  The blonde was tied so tight that all she could do was roll her eyes up to look straight ahead.  Greta was coming down the last few steps to the stone floor, walking deliberately toward the table, each menacing step chilling Olivia to her soul.  Behind her was Mehmet, dressed in the same shirt and pants of their first meeting.  That felt so long ago, as if she had been here for weeks rather than hours.  Moving to Olivias front, Greta ran her hand down her face, stroking her cheeks with her long fingers.  But Olivia was reminded that the tender touch on her face was only temporary since she was level with Gretas crotch and could see the womans pussy under her corset.  Greta gestured  Mehmet to undo the strap around Olivias head, releasing her mouth from Hollys pussy.  Cupping Olivias chin, she stretched her head painfully until the girl looked up into her tormentors eyes.

“Wakey, wakey,” Greta said in a thoroughly unconvincing cheerful voice, “we have a busy time ahead, so lets get you fed and watered.”  With that, Mehmet undid the buckles holding Olivia on top of Holly and unceremoniously dragged her to the floor.  With her arms still tied behind her back,  she was forced to simply kneel on the cold stones.

“Feed the bitch, Mehmet,” Greta snapped and walked toward Holly who shuddered when she saw her.  Greta trailed her long fingers up Hollys body from her pussy to her stomach and then between her battered tits, softly over her neck and then her face, stroking her cheeks and hair like a loving mother with a child.  After a few moments, Greta moved back to her toys, enjoying Hollys winces at each touch of her sensitive flesh.  The cruel hands then moved to her extremely sensitive pierced nipples and, after a moment,  tugged hard on her silver rings.  Holly wailed.  Without a gag she could scream although her sore throat could make no really loud sound.  Greta wiggled the rings and revelled in the hoarse shouts of pain erupting from the girls pretty little mouth.  Tears once more fell from those beautiful big eyes, refreshing the dried pool of tears from her previous tortures.

“Those rings look very pretty, Tits,” Greta said, “but were going to replace them with something smaller, just for the next few games.”  With that, Greta retrieved the same kit she had used to pierce Hollys tits, placed it near her face and effortlessly leapt onto the table to straddle the girls midriff.  Once again her hands went to Hollys tits, slapping them with moderate force a few times just to hear her howls of pain.  Greta closed her eyes to better listen to the sounds, now dying down to a mewling whimper, as she alternated between slapping the soft flesh of her breasts and pulling or twisting her nipples tender nubs.  After a good few minutes, Greta stopped and looked down at her playthings face, her eyes shut as if that would make the pain go away.  The German then opened the leather kit, taking out two small rods of metal with tiny balls on each end and small bottle of antibacterial gel.  She thought about getting Holly to open her eyes but decided it was pointless so she grasped Hollys right tit and rubbed the nipple a few times before unclipping the silver ring.  Holly felt the removal of her piercing and immediately sprang to life, obviously terrified of what would happen next.  Greta squirted some gel onto the nipple and rubbed it in, preventing infection not for Hollys sake but because she didnt want to look at an infected nipple.  Next she pulled Hollys nipple up to see the hole which made the girl enjoyably cry.  Taking the small rod in the other hand, she pushed one end through the hole, the ball marginally too big to go through. 

Holly squealed as the rod pushed through her abused nipple, the ball not fitting in the hole without a lot of force.  Both Gretas fingernails pulling up her nipple and the new piercing being forced through created a new pain, doubled by the psychological torment of seeing her torturer smile at her hurt.  After what felt like minutes of pain but was only 15 seconds, Greta released her nipple with its new piercing and the sharp pain subsided into a dull ache.  But Holly now knew what was coming as Gretas hand moved to her other nipple and pulled it up sharply.  As the pain ripped through her tortured tit, she again whimpered as the small metal rod was pressed against the hole, this time squirming as it was agonisingly pushed through her raw nub.  Greta was irked.

“Keep still, you little bitch,” she snapped.  She could have pushed the new piercing through much quicker but she just couldnt resist the little sounds Holly made or her look of anguish.  The thought of what she would be like later made Greta so wet that her juices dripped onto Hollys stomach.  Finally she popped the little round ball at the end of the rod into the nipple and  leaned back to admire her handiwork.  The piercings were barely visible in Hollys swollen nipples, allowing a mouth to get fully around each aureole without too much metal in the way.  Greta tested it out, grasping the right tit firmly before putting her mouth down and sucking in as much nipple and tit flesh as she could.  Holly squealed as the powerful suction again made her breasts to throb with pain, and squealed again as Greta repeated it on the other tit.  Giving each globe a few quick slaps and a kiss to show she was satisfied, Greta jumped off the table.

As Greta worked on Hollys tits, Mehmet fed Olivia.  Going into the back room, he returned with two bowls which he put before her, one filled with a porridge-like sludge, the other water.

“Eat,” Mehmet snapped, “drink.”

Olivia was hungry and so, abandoning all dignity, immediately began eating the porridge the only way she could with her hands tied, bending forward and scooping the cold sludge with her tongue.  Initially she tried to keep her face away from it but soon realised she had no choice but to eat like a dog and plunge in.  She ate noisily, the contents of the bowl disappearing quickly, and was soon licking the bottom to get every last morsel, finally running her tongue round her mouth.  She paused, warily waiting for any new commands, before doing the same with the water.  She was so thirstily  engrossed in drinking that she didnt notice Hasan saunter in until he stood beside Mehmet.  She was humiliated at having to eat and drink like an animal in front of these rapists.  When Greta whistled, Hasan went over to receive instructions.  While Olivia knelt waiting for what would happen  next, she looked down, seeing how red her swollen nipples were, still aching from being clamped.  Further down, the redness round her pussy witnessed both her rape and the burning chilli oil.  Then she heard heels click on the stone floor.  Her next commands and tortures were upon her.

“All better after that, girl?” Greta said in gleeful non-question, “Now for you to do some work.  You may be all clean but Mehmet isnt, so you need to clean him up.  You better be thorough as well.”

As Greta walked away, her clicking heels fading, Mehmet stepped in front of Olivia and when she didnt look up immediately, grabbed her tightly by the hair and forced her to look at him.  Staring down into her eyes, a smirk etched on his face, he used his free hand to undo his belt buckle and then his trousers before letting them to fall to the floor, exposing his flaccid cock, and waited.  When Olivia didnt move, he pulled her head toward his swinging dick, giving her hair a quick and painful twist.  She didnt need telling twice.  Tentatively she poked out her tongue until it touched the head of his cock, the salty taste immediately apparent.  With Mehmet pulling her into his crotch, she could run her tongue over the whole head, feeling it jump each time.  His cock steadily hardened as her soft warm tongue flicked his sensitive glans, and he watched as she strained to catch up with it.  Olivia was sure she knew what he wanted next and so she opened her mouth and wrapped it around his cock, preparing to suck him off.  But although Mehmet enjoyed feeling her cute little mouth wrapped around his dick, as well as appreciating her willingness to obey, he knew that wasnt her role for now.  So, tugging her head off the end of his dick, he forced the shaft along her mouth.   Olivia obediently stuck her tongue out as Mehmet passed first one side of his cock along it and then the other.  When he pointed his cock down, Olivia ran her tongue up the top of his dick and then back down again.  She did the same as he angled himself up.  Then Mehmet pushed his cock against his stomach and thrust his crotch into her face.  Confused, the girl looked up at him, meeting a stern scowl, before realising what she had to do.  With his grip on her hair not loosening at all, her face was forced against his swinging ball sack and so, with no choice, she began to bathe his scrotum with her salvia, her tongue almost toying with his balls.  Mehmet threw his head back, savouring her darting tongue over his sensitive sack, and let her do her work, the girl obviously trying to do well and avoid further punishment.  Desperate to please her master and be treated more leniently, Olivia attempted to suck a testicle, a move she had seen in some porn.  She knew she was pleasing him when his fingers twisted in her hair, and so continued to toy with his balls.  Unfortunately for Olivia, this was not all she had to do and Mehmet knew it.  Despite his enjoyment, he pulled on her hair to move her head away and, letting go, turned round and bent over slightly.  Olivia was puzzled for a moment then almost screamed in horror as she slowly realised.

“No please … dont make … please,” Olivia begged.

She stared at Mehmets arse cheeks, his arsehole just visible in the dark of his crack, sobbing as she desperately begged, willing to take a beating or rape to avoid this ignominy.  But he was having none of it.  Reaching round, he gripped Olivias hair, pulling her hard towards him.  Olivias nose was buried deep in the cleft between his cheeks, the smell overpowering.  She retched as she tried to breathe through her mouth as Mehmet bent over further and forced her face further into his crack.

“Clean, bitch,” he snapped impatiently, “get that tongue out and lick.”

Olivia sobbed as she tentatively stuck her tongue out, the foul taste immediately enveloping her being.  She closed her eyes and traced the tip of her tongue along his crack until she found his hole and then, with every fibre of her being screaming for her to stop, she began to lick.  Thankfully he hadnt just relieved himself so there was nothing to swallow, only taste.  But that was small comfort as she tongued away, her head always being forced forward by the powerful hands gripping her blond hair.  It seemed like hours of licking until, just as she was about to faint, Mehmet released her and she collapsed.  Going into the back, he returned with a bottle of pink liquid, picked Olivia up by her hair and pressed the liquid against her lips, forcing her to drink.  It tasted foul at first, then Olivia recognised the mint coolness as mouthwash, no doubt to wash the taste of shit out of her mouth.

“Good,” Mehmet said coldly.

Greta had watched Olivias efforts from over by the table while feeding and watering Holly.  With her lying tied down, it was an even more undignified force feeding.  Greta had forced a tube down Hollys throat, enjoying her nascent retching, and was now pumping both food and water through the tube via a funnel.  This mechanical task was quite boring and so Greta had amused herself watching Mehmet force Olivias face into his arse crack, enjoying the girls continuous muffled gags and retches.  Shed had it easy so far, Greta thought.  Well, that was about to change.  Greta brought her hand down hard on Hollys stomach, eliciting a little yelp and signalling that it was time for the next act.  Hasan moved swiftly, undoing the straps holding Holly in place and the ropes binding her ankles.  Keeping her wrists tied together, he carried the limp girl over to where she had first woken in the basement, using all his considerable strength to lift her up and hook her wrists onto the hook hanging from the ceiling.  Leaving her hanging, he moved back to assist Greta.

“Mehmet, bring her here,” she snapped.  Mehmet picked up the shivering Olivia and almost threw  her onto the table, both men securing her hands and feet.  Hasan then tied a strap over her forehead and secured it, ramping up Olivias fears.  Which increased when Greta clambered onto the table and straddled her, much as she had Holly but this time sitting down on Olivias tits.

“Ok, Blondie,” she began, almost cheerful in her voice, “Mehmet was very pleased with your cleaning; you will certainly be doing it a lot more.  But there are a few changes we need to make first, I think, just to make you better at it.  Mehmet, go tend to Tits over there.  Hasan, forceps.”

Olivia was almost frothing at the mouth at the mention of forceps, the poor girl terrified of what was in store for her.  She saw Mehmet leave the table out the corner of her eye with something large in his hand.  Meanwhile Hasan had reached into the kit and pulled out some forceps with a flat edge at the end of each arm.  As he held them menacingly over Olivia, she tried shaking her head violently from side to side, her loud screams echoing around the room.  Greta shook her head above her.

“You might want to hold off on the screaming or itll be so much worse for you.”

Olivia was panicking too much to hear what Greta said and continued her desperate but ultimately futile struggle.  Annoyed by the girls pathetic attempts to avoid her fate, Greta bent round, grabbed Olivias pussy lips and gave them a sharp and extremely painful twist.  Olivias struggles ceased as the pain in her sex overpowered her immediate panic and she stared up at Greta, pleading with her beautiful blue eyes for some compassion.  But there was none.

“Thats better, bitch.  The better you are the quicker this will end.  And if you dont do as youre told, I will slit your throat.  Now stick your tongue out, cunt.”

Tears streamed down Olivias face as she tried to balance the pain in her pussy, the threat on her life and impending torture.  She slowly opened her mouth and timidly began to stick her tongue out.  Hasan didnt wait for her to comply.  When she opened her mouth, he reached in with the forceps, gripped her tongue and pulled it out to full stretch.  Olivia tried squealing again but without her tongue could only desperately gurgle.  Now Greta was ready.  Reaching into her kit, she took out a long thin needle and a small decorated stud, relishing how Olivias eyes widened and her nostrils flared when she showed them to the girl.  Wasting no time, Greta positioned the needle a third of the way along her tongue and pushed straight through, the needle easily emerging on the other side.  Pushing the needle all the way through, she immediately followed it with the stud which she secured in place.  The whole thing seemed to take a second and Olivia barely had time to register the pain until it was all done and even then, such was the precision of the operation, it wasnt nearly as bad as she had feared.  Greta took a small piece of cotton wool from her kit and dabbed at the trickle of blood caused by the new piercing, before relaxing.  But Olivias ordeal was far from over.

Once again, Greta reached into the kit and showed Olivia what she took out.  This time the girl went absolutely wild, frantically trying to escape from her bonds as she saw what her torturer held.  But her struggles were useless, only serving to hurt her wrists and ankles where they were strapped in.  The scalpel glinted in the basements bright light as Greta held it aloft.  She could feel each movement of the girls body as she straddled her chest and watched the girls face as she panicked more than she ever had in her life.  Olivia was convinced she was about to die, the threat Greta had made earlier about to be realised.  Greta let the girl stew for a while, twisting the scalpel around in front of her eyes before making it disappear quickly behind Hasans hand.  Suddenly Olivia felt an explosion of pain followed by the copper taste of her own blood filling her mouth and she felt certain she was going to die.  Greta reached over and grabbed more cotton wool to stem the blood flow from Olivias cut frenulum.  Motioning Hasan to pull the tongue up so she could stop the blood flow at source, the German worked with a hospitals surgeon-like efficiency, not a torture chamber dominatrix.  Once Olivias mouth was stuffed with cotton wool, Greta relaxed and looked down at her handiwork.  She had just nicked the frenulum beneath Olivias tongue so that the girl could now  extend her tongue much further than she had before.  While she had enjoyed Olivia licking her pussy, she couldnt wait to give her a test drive with the stud and the new modification.  But, since it would take at least a few hours to heal, that wouldnt be for some time.  In the meantime, she enjoyed watching Olivias wide open eyes, tears yet again streaming down her face.  With that, Greta gave her a little slap on the cheek and climbed off the table, over to her other toy.

While all this was going on, Mehmet had been focused on Holly.  The busty girl was hanging from the ceiling, her head resting limply just above her battered and bruised tits which still stood proud even with her arms extended.  Mehmet looked her up and down, admiring how beautiful she was, even with her tear stained face and puffy eyes, not to mention the welts from the beatings that covered her body.  He stared at her magnificent breasts which despite being battered, bruised, whipped, clamped and pierced, still stood up on her chest and were still every mans dream.  Her whole body had not an inch of unnecessary fat.  If he could fuck her normally he would have done so in a heartbeat, even letting her go afterward.  Doing this to her was almost a shame but, once he got going, he knew he enjoyed it too much to stop.  He opened his bag and took out the contents.  Taking a few of the smaller items, he walked behind Holly and, setting other items down, took a small hair tie and grabbed her hair, pulling it back hard and making her squeal, before tying such a tight ponytail that it hurt, giving her forehead a permanently surprised look.  He gave a quick hard tug to make sure it was secure, before moving to Hollys front.

He still had a couple of strange items in his hand which fixed Hollys attention.  Effortlessly lifting one leg high into the air, he hooked it over his shoulder, exposing her cunt.  Holding what looked like a sanitary pad with adhesive round the edges, Mehmet carefully placed it over her pussy lips, ensuring it stuck firmly to her skin.  He continued to press the pad into her crotch all the way through, pulling her arse cheeks apart so it would cover her arsehole and making sure each hole was well covered before letting her leg drop.  Holly had no idea what was about to happen but she feared the worst.  Emotionlessly continuing to work, Mehmet took the next item, a pair of goggles used in sunbeds, and fitted them to completely cover her eyes, again fixing them with adhesive.  Plunged into total darkness, Holly now couldnt see what was coming and was even more terrified by what was in store for her.  Finally he placed a piece of duct tape just large enough to cover Hollys mouth over her lips.  He looked the girl up and down, once again admiring her beauty before beginning the next task.

Delving into his bag, he took out a paint brush and a can, and went back to the hanging girl.  Opening the can, he dipped the brush into a viscous black substance and then, dripping paint brush in one hand and can in the other, he stood and with one steady stroke painted a long line of liquid latex down Hollys side.  The jet black latex contrasted beautifully with Hollys white skin as yet another stroke was applied from her armpit to her hip.  The down strokes continued, turning her toned stomach from white to black, his methodical approach ensuring no skin was left unmarked.  He moved further down, covering the tops of her thighs and down to her knees  while just covering the outside of her legs for now.  Kneeling, he continued to paint her legs, moving to her dainty feet and covering them completely like little black shoes.  He moved round, painting the backs of her shapely legs, leaving only those parts that touched each other unpainted.  The brush snaked its way up her legs until he reached her toned arse, still largely unmarked by whips, belts or hands.  That wouldnt last long, thought Mehmet, smiling a bit as he licked Hollys peachy cheeks with the brush, making sure to hug the curves and dig the end of the brush into the cleft of her arse.  With great skill and dexterity, he worked the brush to accentuate Hollys curves, ensuring the finished article would have the same curves as she did now.  Finishing her arse, Mehmet brushed up and down her back, and went on to paint her arms and armpits on both sides up to her bound wrists.  Then, standing in front of her once again, he prepared to paint her magnificent chest.  He began by crouching down slightly, lifting one of her spectacular tits and painting around the bottom, allowing it to dry slightly for a minute before doing the same with the other.  Drawing an outline around each of her luscious mounds, he then covered the rest of her torso in paint, going across the top of her chest and up her neck.  Then he gave his captive her mask.

Holly shivered as the cool paint was applied to her body, all the more concerning given that her eyes were covered.  She felt the bristles brushing her soft skin over and over, feeling it covering her entire body, the cool feel of the paint as it touched her skin disappearing as it covered more and more.  She flinched as Mehmet probed her sensitive arse crack with the brush and could barely control herself as he brushed her sensitive armpits and the soles of her feet.  Holly was convinced that whatever he was applying would soon cause her untold pain but even as he brushed up her neck there was still none.  Then Mehmet brushed up onto Hollys cheek, coating her face with the same substance so quickly that within a minute her entire face was covered.  Holly suddenly realised she couldnt breathe and immediately began to panic, but it didnt last long as he whipped off the bandage covering her mouth, giving her precious air.  Mehmet took his little finger and just touched the coating at each nostril, giving her two tiny holes with which to breathe.  The next thing she felt was him brushing her head, covering her ears and hair completely in the thick paint, save for the pony tail which was allowed to hang free.  Even through the latex she could hear a commotion going on in front of her and was glad she couldnt see what was happening to Olivia.  Now the only skin that could feel any cold air was the inside of her legs but Mehmet soon saw to that, the brush running first up one leg to the top of her thigh and then the other.  Holly now knew she was completely encased in whatever was on her body.  Not knowing what it was made it all the worse. 

Walking over from the table toward Mehmet and Holly, Greta was pleased with Mehmets work.  The girl was completely encased in liquid latex and needed just a few final touches before she was ready.  Greta bent down to Mehmets bag, took two items and walked up to Holly.  Reaching out, she ripped off the pad protecting Hollys cunt and arsehole from the latex, enjoying her startled squeak.  Next she removed the goggles hiding Hollys beautiful brown eyes, which flickered at the sudden exposure to the bright light.  Not wasting any time, Greta took a sponge and shaped the holes around her eyes to give a more professional finish, doing the same for the mouth as well.  Next she took the second item and sprayed it over Hollys new bodysuit.  Immediately the latex dried, shrinking just slightly onto her body as well as taking on a shine that accentuated the few exposed parts of her body beautifully.  Her tits in particular looked magnificent, spectacular white bruised cliffs jutting out from her now shiny black body.  Looking at her, Greta was pleased at how the once innocent young woman had been turned into a slutty fucktoy and couldnt hide her smile, even as Holly looked with pleading eyes at her.

“Take it down, Mehmet,” Greta said, unable to control her glee despite her best efforts to maintain her stern demeanour, “and then we can get started.”

Holly had heard Greta referring to her as it which, in the context of the ordeal, didnt  concern her greatly.  What preoccupied her, as Mehmet unhooked her hands from the hook, was what the German had planned for her next and exactly what role this new suit had in it.  She could already feel and hear the effects of the latex, the rubber squeaking slightly as her arms rubbed briefly against her sides, her body already feeling hot.  She could feel the suit had contracted slightly as it now felt tight all over her sore body.  Her tits still throbbed painfully, their base now constricted slightly by the edges of the suit.  When Mehmet cut the rope binding her wrists and walked back over to the bag, she weakly fell to her knees and had to support herself on her unbound hands.  When she saw him return with a pair of gloves the same material as her suit, she almost offered her hands to him, knowing what he planned and not wanting to risk disobeying him.  The gloves didnt exactly slide on but her cooperation, enforced by a menacing look from Greta, they were soon firmly in place, the cuffs so tight against her wrists she could barely see where the suit ended and the gloves began.  Now that she was completely encased in the latex, Mehmet stood up and walked behind her, pulling hard on her ponytail to force her to look up at Greta.

“My, my,” began the German in her typically callous manner, “what a sight we have here.  Do you remember that innocent girl we brought in here, Mehmet?  Now look what kneels before us.  A cheap little fuckslut.”  That last phrase sounded faintly ridiculous in her European accent but Holly was in no position to laugh even if she had wanted to.  “Only its useful parts are on display; its three holes of cunt, ass and mouth; its big udders to be played with and tortured; and those big brown eyes so we can see its pain and suffering.  See, Tits, there is no you anymore, only it.  Whatever it was before, now it is just a whore, good only for taking pain and giving pleasure to its masters.  It is a slave that will do nothing without the permission of its superiors.  It is a worthless toy that will obey without question, that lives only to give pleasure.  It is a slave that will do nothing without the permission of its superiors.  Does it understand?”

A tear fell from Hollys eye, speeding up as it rolled over her latex covered cheek, as she listened to the horrible lecture on her new role.  Even after what she had so far experienced, even as she was raped and beaten for no other reason than for the pleasure of these sadists, this was a step further.  She had been treated, albeit with incredibly cruelty, at least like a human being.   Now Greta spoke  as if she were an animal with no free will whatsoever, a dog that was only alive to please its masters.  She thought of herself clad in this ridiculous latex suit like a cheap porn actress in a low budget European film, so far removed from the girl she had been on that fateful night.  She looked into the womans eyes and was astonished by the anger and rage she saw there.  She had done nothing to these people, why had they treated her and her friends so horribly?  Why did they take so much pleasure in pain?  Regardless, she had no option now but to submit.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Good.  Now show it understands its purpose.”

Holly was confused as to exactly how she was to do this when she felt Mehmet release the grip on her pony tail and walk in front of her, unbuckling his trousers as he went.  Standing before her, he dropped his pants to the floor, revealing his cock swinging almost completely flaccid in front of her face.  Now she understood what was expected and, fearing the repercussions if she did not comply immediately would be worse than what faced, she reached out to touch the dick in front of her.


Hollys ears rang as the right side of her face exploded in pain.  Mehmets flat hand thudded into her cheek with ferocious force, the sound ringing round the basement, and she sprawled onto the floor.  As Holly composed herself, hauling herself to her knees, she could barely hear her mistress anger.

“Stupid fucking slut!” came the cry, Gretas rage almost breaking through her practised façade, “What did we tell it!? It must ask permission! Quickly!”

Hollys cheek throbbed from the impact as she prepared to do as she was told.  She had accepted her position of vulnerability and was prepared to be subservient to save herself further punishment, but she still had a lump in her throat as she prepared to degrade herself further, begging to service a man she wished dead with all her heart.

“Please, master, may I suc…”


Once again Holly was sent to the floor with her ears ringing loudly.  She had not recovered from the earlier blow when this one was delivered with the same ferocity to her other cheek.  The pain was intense and Hollys head was spinning as she took a moment to regain some kind of composure.  Once again the bark from Greta was only just audible.

“It must not use that word! It is not an I a you or a me! It is a worthless toy! Again!”

As Holly battled to her knees with her head pounding and tears rolling down her latex clad cheeks, she wasnt sure which was worse, the physical pain or her mental torment.  This new degradation had reduced her self esteem to virtually nothing.  Perhaps soon, she thought, she would actually accept that she was indeed an it.  The thought terrified her even as she spoke the degrading word.

“Please, master, may … it suck your cock.”

“Better, “ Greta said, dropping her menacing tone, “not perfect but better.  From now on it is to refer to itself as this whore, this slut, this cunt or anything similar.  Now it may please its master.”

“Do it, cunt.”  Mehmet chimed in harshly.

Holly paused to collect herself and then circled the base of his limp dick with her gloved right hand.  At least shed had some experience of this, for she had given some handjobs growing up, as well as two blowjobs.  Although she had been a virgin, she was not as frigid as her captors thought and she tried to imagine that this was just like the other times.  That of course was impossible, for as she moved her hand along his shaft the shine of the latex told her how far from home she really was.  Wanting to avoid further punishment by pleasing Mehmet, Holly shuffled forward and then sat on her heels, freeing up her left hand to play with his scrotum.  She moved both her hands softly and almost skilfully until she felt his dick swell in her grasp.  At that, she leaned forward slightly and gently licked the head.  The lack of chastisement told Holly she was doing the right thing and so she continued.  Keeping her hands moving, Holly took the head of his stiffening cock into her mouth and ran her tongue along the sensitive underside as she felt Mehmets hand move to the back of her head.  His cock was still only semi erect but when Holly began slightly bobbing her head up and down, and increased fondling his scrotum, it was only  seconds before he was fully erect, his huge dick stretching away from Holly as she rubbed her hand up and down its shaft.  Mehmet pulled down firmly on her ponytail and Holly understood the message, looking up as she bobbed her head on his cock, her innocent eyes seeing a face oozing lust. 

Mehmet stared down into Hollys eyes with a mixture of lust and no small amount of surprise.  Given how innocent she had been, not to mention a virgin, he had expected her to be completely hopeless at sucking his cock.  She wasnt great, of course, but she had clearly done this before and most likely had practised or had read some guide to it.  The feel of her latex covered fingers on his shaft and balls had been fantastic for Mehmet, who had always had something of a thing for it.  It hadnt taken long for the blood to rush to his cock, something he had been fighting for the last half hour.  He savoured her hot wet mouth around the head of his cock for a moment, the feel of her tongue running slowly up and down.  Now, with the girl bobbing up and down nicely on his cock seemingly carefree, he decided to remind her where she was.  He wrapped her ponytail around his hand and before she had a chance to react, he thrust forward whilst pulling her head into his crotch.  Her hands suddenly stopped moving and he used his free hand to force her left hand back onto his balls and move it around as he pumped out then back into her open mouth.  He only buried half of his shaft in her mouth but it was enough for him to hear her gagging and to see the strands of saliva  escaping from her mouth and stretching down onto her tits.  She moved her head down slightly to accommodate the intrusion but Mehmet was having none of it, pulling both down and forward on her head so she was forced to look up at him as he thrust even deeper.  He sensed almost a betrayal in her eyes, as she felt she was being punished for only doing what was asked of her.  But it didnt matter to Mehmet.  He pulled fully out, giving her a moment to catch her breath, before plunging back in with great force.  It didnt matter what Holly did with her hands and tongue now.  He was fucking her face as he would a pussy.  After a few brutal thrusts, he plunged his cock all the way in, forcing her to gag loudly as he pushed her nose right up to his crotch.  She obviously couldnt take it and so, just as he felt she was about to vomit, he pulled all the way out to give her time to breath. 

Holly was partly shocked when the almost tranquil blowjob she had been giving gave way to a brutal porn style face fuck but deep down she had suspected it was coming.  Even so, she struggled to cope with the sudden intrusion and gagged hard as his cock head slammed the back of her mouth.  She tried desperately to breath as his shaft pumped in and out liked a piston but her air supply was severely limited with only two small holes by her nostrils.  She felt saliva escaping in long strands from her mouth and then drip onto her tits.  Her hands had stopped moving when his assault started and she quickly felt his anger when he painfully gripped her left hand, forcing it to cup and massage his balls again.  But Hollys mind was now focused on managing her mouth rape.  She inhaled desperately and tried her best not to gag, but she had never experienced anything like this.  As more of his shaft entered her mouth each time, she felt as though she was going to throw up as his cock repeatedly struck the back of her throat.  Holly held the base of his cock tightly with her right hand  to stop herself being thrown backward with the force of his thrusts, although the hands now tightly gripping the back of her head were not going to let that happen.  Then, just as she felt she had developed a technique to deal with his cock, Mehmet forced her head forward and buried himself in her mouth.  Hollys eyes widened as he forced his dick deep down her throat, tears again streaming down her face and joining the puddles of saliva pooling on her breasts.  Her face was forced hard into his crotch as she gagged on his dick, her nose pressed so hard against him she was sure it would break.  She couldnt control her gag reflex anymore and felt her stomach lurch.  Just as she was about to vomit, Mehmet released his grip on her head and slowly slid his still very erect cock out of her.  Panting hard from the lack of air, Holly felt relieved as he released his grip on her head and moved his cock from her mouth, ending that particular ordeal.

Mehmet savoured the feeling of having his cock buried in the girls throat then reluctantly pulled out.  He could have fucked that cute little mouth of hers until he came but that was not his job now.  He looked down at her kneeling beneath him, looking so fuckable in that tight latex suit.  What his eyes focused on, though, were her magnificent tits, jutting out proudly from her chest.  The contrast of the black latex of the suit with her white albeit slightly bruised tits was sublime and Mehmet knew just what he wanted to do next.  He reached round and grabbed her ponytail, angling her head to look up at him with those big doe eyes, like dinner plates piled high with pain.  Gripping her hair hard, he pulled up so she was up on her knees, her mouth level with his navel and, crucially, her tits with his crotch.  Although not part of the plan, Mehmet simply couldnt resist.  He was sure Greta wouldnt mind anyway for he would not take long and it would ensure the girl would still be humiliated.  But it would be remiss of him not tit fuck the bitch now, while her globes looked so luscious, glistening with a mixture of saliva and tears.  Keeping his left hand firmly in her hair, Mehmet took his cock, still dripping with her saliva, in his right hand and moved it across the top of her perfect mounds.  He could see in Hollys eyes that she knew what as coming, so he saw no reason to keep her waiting.  He pressed his cock into her soft flesh a couple of times then ran it in between her tits a few times.  Enough playing, he thought, time to get down to business.

“Push those tits together, cunt,” he spat, looking right into her eyes.  He could see her flinch as he said it and took his hand away from his cock as if he were about to strike her.  Immediately obeying, she brought her little black hands up to squeeze her big jugs together.  Mehmet bent over a little and buried his cock deep in her cleavage.  His eyes kept moving from her eyes to her tits and back again, enjoying the “deer in the headlight” look in her eyes almost as much as he enjoyed seeing his dick between her globes.  He moved his cock in and out a little with small thrusts, just watching the head poke out briefly before disappearing back into her flesh.  Now to make her take the reins.

“Titfuck me.”

The command was succinct but Holly momentarily had no idea what she was supposed to do.  She may never have done it but she knew what a titfuck was.  Only, wasnt he supposed to fuck her breasts whilst she held them?  Or was she supposed to do something?  One thing she did know was that if she just knelt there, he would beat her.  So she tentatively began to move her breasts up and down his shaft, while looking up to check she was doing it correctly.  Apparently she was and so she  began to speed up, squeezing her tits together tightly as they threatened to pop out of her grasp.  Using her whole upper body, she attempted to please him by moving all the way up and down his shaft by moving her hips, moving her tits from where his bell end poked out between her mounds until only his head was between them and back up.  This way, she reasoned, he would be pleasured and hopefully would cum soon and this would be over.  If she could just placate these monsters long enough for help to arrive, perhaps they could all get out of here in one piece.

Mehmet couldnt believe it; the little slut was really going for it!  He watched as she put her whole body into titfucking him, moving those giant udders up and down his shaft as if all she wanted to do was please him.  He reminded himself that this was a girl who had fucked just once, by him no less.  Now she was putting every muscle in her body into jerking him off with her melons.  Mehmet pulled down hard on her ponytail to see if she would stop but though he could see the hurt in her eyes, she carried on, stimulating him both physically and mentally.  Mehmet released her and instead began to unbutton his shirt, ready for the next stage in this little game.  Still she kept going, ignoring him as he tossed his shirt to the side and grabbed her hair once again with one hand.  Then suddenly he felt it, the tingle in his balls signalling he was not far away from his climax.  It was way ahead of schedule and he had to forestall it.  So he suddenly pulled away from Holly, enjoying how she initially reached out with her chest.  He moved over to the bag and took something out, holding it tightly in his hand,  then lay down on the floor not far in front of Holly, putting whatever had been in his hand under his body.  He put his hands behind his head and relaxed, his cock poking up into the air like a sundial.

Greta walked toward Mehmet, having stood to the side and quite far back through the first part of this scene.  She had been very pleased with the performance of the toy, though she had been surprised with Mehmet.  Usually he stayed very much on message, but the titfuck had not been part of the script.  While she would have to reprimand him later, she had in fact enjoyed it.  Watching Holly desperately move her fat tits up and down to please him had been quite amusing, and in no small part arousing.  Now, though, the script had been restored and as Mehmet lay on the floor with his cock pointing skyward, Greta approached Holly, the riding crop she had used earlier now back in her hands.  She tapped it in her hand lightly and watched Hollys eyes follow its every movement before she brought it crashing down on Hollys latex clad rump with a giant smack.

“Good, cunt,” Greta said, ignoring the yelp of pain from her slave, “it is learning its place well.  Now it must beg for its masters cock deep inside its worthless cunt.”

Hollys arse stung from the blow but there was no time to nurse it now.  Having decided obedience was her best chance of staying alive and avoiding pain, she threw herself into it.  Not wanting  another crack of the crop on her rump, she didnt stand but crawled on her hands and knees like a dog toward Mehmet, stopping just in front of his feet.  Just hours ago, that would have caused her to cry with embarrassment but she was hardened now, willing to do what it took.  She steadied herself, then spoke.

“Please can you fuck this…this slut?” she asked, only belatedly aware of the heels rapping on the floor.  Another loud and painful smack on the arse followed.

“Is it deaf!?” screamed Greta, “It was told to ask for its masters cock deep inside its worthless cunt!  Again!”

Holly ignored the constant degrading message and instead mentally prepared herself to be penetrated for only the second time in her life, so the next words were just a formality.

“Please, master,” she began, “this slut would like your cock inside its worthless … cunt.”

“Ride it, whore,” came the reply.

Holly knew immediately what she had to do and wasted no time.  She crawled further, spreading her legs farther apart so as to straddle Mehmet, inadvertently giving Greta a great view of her puckered arsehole.  Once level with his cock, Holly moved onto her knees and positioned her hole directly above Mehmets erect dick.  With one hand she held Mehmets cock upright and slowly lowered herself down until he just brushed her pussy lips.  The contact with her previously virgin cunt brought back immediate flashbacks of her first brutal rape not far from where she was now.  She desperately tried to forget those horrible memories, but as she positioned the cock head at her entrance, all her feelings of worthlessness came flooding back with a vengeance.  Trussed up like a  cheap porno actress and being forced to ride the dick of a man who had raped her, made her feel like shit.  But she slowly eased herself down the shaft.  Though still dry, this time his cock was not, coated as it was with her saliva, and the much slower speed compared to their previous encounter meant it was now much less painful.  It didnt take long to slide as far down his shaft as she felt able, well over half of his thick cock buried in her tight snatch.  Slowly she began to move up and down his shaft, moving so tentatively it was as if she were scared she would detonate a bomb if she moved faster.  Meanwhile Mehmet removed his hands from her arse and up toward her prized assets.

Mehmet didnt mind Holly bouncing on his cock like a decrepit old woman.  She would speed up soon enough; Greta would see to that.  All he could see were those stupendous breasts swinging before him.  He brought his hands up from her arse, admiring how the latex tightly hugged the curves of her shapely hips, and rested his hands just underneath her magnificent breasts.  His eyes glared at her menacingly as he gently bounced her tits up and down in his hands.  He looked deep into her eyes as she continued to move up and down his dick at a funereal pace, and his hands continued to gently bounce her funbags up and down.  Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Greta move toward her and he knew the time for her to fuck him properly had come.  He only half watched as she raised the riding crop high and brought it down with a loud crack on Hollys arse.

“Does it not want to please its master!?” Greta yelled, the anger in her voice even scaring Mehmet, “Well, cunt!?”  Another vicious blow landed on Hollys cheek, red beneath the black latex skin.

“Yes … mistress,” Holly replied, the last syllable an afterthought delivered just in time.

“Then it must fuck its master properly!” Greta shouted, giving one final blow from her crop.  She noted Mehmet give her tits a vicious slap to coincide with hers and the bitch immediately reacted,  finally beginning to make some effort.  Greta stepped back and allowed the scene to unfold.

Mehmet had felt electrified when his hand slapped the side of her tit, especially since it was immediately followed by a significant improvement in the whores performance.  Now that she was fucking him properly, he could play with those tits.  He waited for a moment, watching her melons bobbing lightly up and down as she rode him with renewed intensity.  They were mesmerising but he needed them closer.  He needed to taste them.  Roughly he tightly grabbed both her tits and pulled them toward him.  Surprised, Holly lurched forward but she knew better than to stop and her hips continued to move her pussy up and down his long shaft.  Mehmet was in heaven, his cock gripped by one of the tightest cunts he had ever been in and his face buried in an equally magnificent pair of tits.  He took a long deep breath through his nose.  Even after a few days down here, she still retained her most feminine smell, perfectly preserved between her breasts.  Next Mehmet took one nipple into his mouth and sucked it violently whilst both his hands squeezed her soft bruised flesh over and over.  Mehmet could hear the groans of pain from the girl but they merely spurred him on as he sucked hard at first one nipple then the other, all the time kneading her tits as if he were making bread.  As he immersed himself entirely in her tit flesh, her pussy continued to stimulate him as she moved it up and down at speed, her hips tiring from the effort but her mind too scared to allow her to stop.  For the first time, Mehmet began thrusting back, plunging his cock deeper into her tight cunt as he grew more and more aroused.  A particularly deep thrust created a wave of pleasure and he bit down hard on her sensitive and swollen nub, his teeth grinding until he felt the small piercing in her tit, all to the musical accompaniment of a loud wail from the latex slut.

Holly shrieked as the mans teeth sank into her much abused nipple.  It was a jagged contrast to the rough and uncomfortable yet relatively gentle treatment of her breasts she had felt over the last few minutes.  But she continued to move her pussy up and down his shaft, but with her bent forward, it was less up and down and thus harder for her to do.  Her thighs burned from the strain, her arse still throbbed from the crop and the pain in her bruised tits came flooding back, as Mehmet squeezed them roughly between his fingers.  Yet she darent stop.  Instead she resolved to continue, however much it hurt, until shed made him cum.  Hopefully, she would then be allowed to rest without pain for just a little while.  That wasnt all that was going through her head though.  Her body was starting to betray her as she felt a wetness seep over her pussy lips.  Despite being forced to bounce up and down on his dick and his rough treatment of her breasts, she was still a woman and her body was beginning to respond.  She felt slightly ashamed but at the same closed her eyes and tried to enjoy the feeling.  It was then she felt another set of hands.  At first she thought they were Mehmets but  immediately dismissed the idea as she could feel those clawing at her tits.  She looked up alarmed, to see Greta standing in front of her smiling, leaving only one option.  As she realised whose hands had gripped her hips, she felt something slide down the cleft of her arse.  She stopped bouncing on Mehmets cock and turned around to see Hasan grinning at her, his cock resting at the entrance to her arsehole.  She tried to fight him but the grip on her hips was too strong and even as she tried to buck her hips away, he pushed the head of his cock hard against her tightly shut hole.  Mehmet had obviously seen Hasan and, reluctantly moving his hands away from Hollys tits, was spreading her arse cheeks apart.  Holly fought hard to keep her arsehole shut but as Hasan pushed harder and harder forward, eventually she couldnt hold it any longer.  With a satisfying pop, Hasans glans slipped past the tight ring of her sphincter and nestled in the warmth of her arse chute.  Holly was filled with shame even as she tried to expel the invader.  She had never thought to be taken like this, even by a man she wanted to give herself to.  Now she was being sodomised against her will.  Worse, she had two cocks in her, one deep in her pussy and one slowly but surely creeping into her resisting arsehole.  Its progress was inexorable despite the tightness and as Mehmet once again began to thrust in and out of her pussy, she felt as low as she possibly could.

After cleaning as much of Olivias blood as he could and covering her wound with more gauze in case it bled again, Hasan went over to the two.  While he enjoyed causing pain to the girls trapped here, he didnt enjoy procedures like Olivias.  What he liked was what would happen to Holly very soon.  He could already see her bouncing up and down on Mehmets cock, the crop whipping her arse ringing round the room.  Watching Mehmet bury his face in her fantastic tits, he stepped back and stripped, ready to play his part.  He spat on his hand and jacked his cock off to bring it fully to attention then walked over to stand directly behind her.  His dick rose to attention as he looked down at her cute little arsehole moving up and down with her pussy.  Creeping as quietly as he could, Hasan crouched lower so he was only centimetres away, already feeling the heat radiating off her smooth black body.  Kneeling, he positioned his cock level with her hole.  With the head of his cock bobbing in the air in anticipation, he grabbed the girls shapely hips with both hands and thrust forward slightly, allowing his dick to run down the cleft of her cheeks and rest against her opening.  He could feel her try to buck away but held her firm, keeping her steady as he pressed forward.  Mehmets hands came up to her arse and pried her cheeks apart, making Holly strain even harder to shut his cock out.  He could feel her muscles quivering as she tried desperately to keep him out but when she couldnt hold it any longer, Hasan slipped his cock past her sphincter into her hot chute.  He kept pressing forward, slowly sinking further and further into her arse, the walls gripping his shaft like a glove.  Still holding her hips tightly, Hasan pushed forward with renewed vigour and watched half his cock slide into her virgin arse.  As the girl whimpered, he pulled back slightly before pushing forward again, only moving an inch but giving the girl a taste of what was to come.

Tears streamed down Hollys cheeks as Hasan forced himself further and further into her arsehole, stretching the walls of her virgin arse painfully.  As his cock moved deeper and deeper inside her, she whimpered with each small movement.  She couldnt believe how full she felt, her two holes both stuffed fuller than she could ever have imagined.  She felt certain the cock sliding inexorably further into her arse chute would surely tear her in two on its own, but coupled with the cock once again pounding in and out of her pussy, Holly was certain she would never be the same again.  She could now feel Hasans crotch against the curves of her arse, indicating he had buried his entire length inside her virgin hole.  And when she felt him pulling back, the pain of her stretched hole wasnt lessened at all as he readied himself to fuck her.  She felt him withdraw until just the head of his cock was inside then he gripped her hips tightly and slammed forward with tremendous force.  The impact of his body into her behind shook her whole body, her tits swinging forward till they almost hit her in the face.  As suddenly as he had thrust forward he pulled back, rested for a moment with just the tip of his cock inside her before driving into her again.  As her whole body again rocked forward, Holly was hit by a wave of pain from her arse, his barely lubricated cock scraping the sensitive walls of her stretched chute.  She was being fucked hard by two cocks at the same time like some cheap crack whore, all her previous innocence now completely gone. 

With Hasan now almost fully inside her, Mehmet moved his hands back to her tits, squeezing her soft melons roughly as he fucked her tight cunt faster and faster.  He could feel Hasans cock through Hollys cunt walls, the size of his dick making the girls hole grip his cock even tighter.  He was in seventh heaven as he buried his face in her succulent chest, biting and squeezing her soft flesh, all to the luscious accompaniment of her whimpering and mewling, her wet tears cascading onto his face.  It wasnt long before he could feel his balls tingle and he knew he was almost ready to cum.  Pounding in and out of the girl as fast as possible, he took the nipple of one tit into his mouth and ground down hard.  The girls scream spurred him on and pushed him over the edge.  Squeezing one tit so hard she thought he might tear it off, and grinding his teeth into her swollen nipple, he plunged his cock as deep into her hole as hard as he could.  His whole body shook as he shot jet after jet of his hot cum deep into her womb, coating her insides with a thick layer of jizz.  His hand kept squeezing her soft tit as the girls tight cunt milked his last drops of cum as Hasans fucking kept her rocking back and forth.  As the ecstasy of his powerful orgasm subsided, he released her tits from his grasp, watching the nipple he had ground his teeth into throb a violent red, his teeth marks still visible on her pink flesh, a small trickle of blood where he had broken the skin.  He watched her now as Hasan fucked her, her tits swinging just above his head each time Hasan slammed into her.  Mehmet watched mesmerised as her breasts danced in front of him, his cock softening inside her, the cries of anguish from the girl like music to his ears.  After what felt like an eternity staring at her, his cock, slick with cum, slipped out of her pussy.  It was time for the next stage.

With her breasts still swinging pendulously above him, Mehmet reached beneath his back and took out the objects he had taken from the bag; two thick black rubber bands.  Stretching one with both hands, he reached up to catch one of her swinging mounds within it, shimmying it to the base of the breast before releasing it with a snap.  Immediately Hollys bruised flesh turned crimson as the blood was trapped in her tits, the rubber band constricting the flesh at the base.  He looked up at Holly to see her reaction to this new torture, watching the girl still being sodomised, her eyes wide with fear.  Smiling a little, he repeated the procedure with her other breast until both bulged obscenely from her chest.  The violent swinging with each fuck was now replaced by each solid bulging tit bobbing slightly with the force of Hasans thrusts.  Although not squeezed enough to turn purple, they were sufficiently constricted that each magnificent tit throbbed red, bulging beautifully from her latex suit.  Mehmet ran his hands over her taut skin, relishing how she flinched at his touch, the constriction making her much abused melons even more sensitive.  His eyes fixed on hers as he slowly shimmied out from beneath her and walked back into the shadows.

Holly screamed as Mehmet bit into her nipple like a piece of meat on a dinner plate.  Her entire chest throbbed with pain as he ground his teeth into her soft flesh while mauling her other breast so roughly she thought he might tear it off.  All the while, both her holes were stuffed full of dick,  making her feel as though torn in two.  Her wails of anguish filled the room as Mehmet plunged deep into her pussy.  Then, for only the second time in her life, Holly felt the spurt of hot cum inside her.  There was no relief though, for even as Mehmets dick softened, Hasans relentless pounding of her arse continued, throwing her forward with each thrust.  Such was the intensity of his fucking that Holly didnt notice what Mehmet was doing until the first band closed around the base of her breast.  Still being fucked hard in the arse, she looked down and saw her breast bulge outwards and turn red, the constriction causing her bruises to ache once more.  There was nothing Holly could do as Mehmet moved onto her other tit, drinking in her worried look as he repeated the process.  There was nothing she could do as he once again shimmied the band up her tit before stretching it and letting it slap painfully onto her flesh.  And when Mehmet raised his hands to only lightly stroke her crimson skin, Holly whined as pain ripped through her chest.  As he kept just brushing his hands over her taut skin and the pain continued through her breasts, she realised they had done this just to further abuse her now even more sensitive tits.  Through the pounding of her arse she could just about feel Mehmets limp cock as it slipped out of her pussy and she watched as he wriggled out from under her.  No sooner had Mehmet gone than Hasan pulled back on her ponytail, forcing her to look straight ahead.  In front of her, Greta stood, weapon in hand.

Greta had watched the whole scene unfold with glee.  Watching her new toy as she bounced up and down on Mehmets dick made her pussy tingle.  The girls clear distress turned her on almost as much as watching those luscious tits bouncing around.  Greta moved quietly closer as she saw Hasan approaching her whore from behind, hoping for a good look at her despair as she realised what was about to happen.  As her assistant lined his massive dick up to her virgin arsehole, it was as sweet as she had hoped, the girls eyes going wide and her body thrashing around as best she could.  She kept moving around them, seeking a good view of the scene.  Without thinking, her hand moved to her crotch and as the tears fall down the sluts face, she began to gently rub her sex.  She looked on, still rubbing her pussy slowly, as Mehmet  reached his climax, relishing the wails coming from Holly as he mauled her abused tits.  It was time to prepare the next stage and so, while Mehmet finished inside Holly, she moved to the wall and picked up her chosen implement, a black electric charge box and in the other a long black cable, frays of copper wire fanning out from the end.  Greta swung it through the air a few times just to get a feel of it.  It was time.

As Greta turned, she could see Mehmet had done his job well.  Hollys huge tits bulged obscenely from her chest, just waiting to be abused further.  Although she preferred those udders swinging  freely from the whore, she knew that bound like this, they would hurt so much more.  As she switched the machine on, a sadistic smile crossed her face as she anticipated the screams from her toy when the current coursed through her tits.  The machine whirred slightly and as she turned to face her victim, Hasan pulled hard on her ponytail.  The girls eyes looked up and her eyes went wide as she saw Greta standing before her.  Greta thought about taunting her, telling the little bitch why she deserved everything she was going to get but decided against it.  The cunt had probably thought she was pleasing her masters enough to be spared further punishment but she was wrong.  Greta didnt care what the bitch did, she just wanted to hurt her, to pile all her smouldering rage on this innocent girl.  As Hasan pulled harder on her ponytail, forcing Holly virtually straight up and all the while still pounding in and out of her arse, Greta snarled and swung the cable hard into Hollys tit.  The girls scream echoed loudly around the room as the thin wires of the cable bit into her bulging tit and the electric current ripped through her chest.  Greta savoured the sound of her torment, listening and smiling as her screams rebounded off the walls.  Looking  down at her toy, Greta readied herself for another swing, Hasan still pounding relentlessly into her arse.  The girl was forced to look straight at Greta, her wonderful big brown innocent eyes pleading for this ordeal to be over.  But seeing the girl so desperate and helpless only spurred Greta on, her entire being overcome with a desire to hurt her as much as possible.  Gleefully she swung the cable into Hollys breast again,  smiling broadly as the poor girls anguish resonated round the basement.

The pain ripped through Hollys entire being as the cable touched her skin.  First she felt the pain of the frayed wires smacking her swollen tit but though painful, it was nothing to the moment later, the electric shock hitting like a freight train and coursing agonisingly through her breasts.  It was the worst pain she had ever experienced and her scream reflected this.  She had not recovered from the first blow when a second slammed into her sensitive flesh, the pain even greater than the first.  The tears fell down her face and her head was filled with pain and screams.  The sting from Gretas weapon bit into her again, a pain so intense she almost forgot about the constant pain of Hasan buggering her arsehole.  Each time Greta swung the electrified cable into her tits, an explosion of agony ripping through her and her entire body filled with pain.  She screamed again as the current red flashed through her and tried closing her eyes to pretend to be somewhere else.  But it was no use.  Hasan slapped her arse as he plunged his cock into her, then the sting of the wires and the agony of the charge jolted her back into the real world.  Holly wished with all her heart to die.

Hollys tight arsehole gripped Hasans dick even tighter each time Greta swung the cable into the bitchs bound tits.  He pulled hard on her hair, knowing the more pain he caused the tighter shed become.  With his dick pounding in and out of her so quickly, he noticed he wasnt far away from his climax, the bitchs screams pushing him closer and closer to the edge.  His free hand rained down on her arse as he pounded in and out of her tight hole, his balls beginning to tighten as he neared the end.  He tried to hurt her as much as possible so she would milk his big dick, tugging her hair and spanking her arse as Greta continued flogging her tits with the cable.  It was imminent and he forced his dick as far into her as possible.  Pulling her onto him hard one last time, he buried his dick in her tight arsehole, his whole body trembling as he pumped her bowels full of hot sticky cum.  Hasan threw his head back as the pleasure of his orgasm washed over him, his hand still gripping her hair as hard as he could.  He opened his eyes and watched Greta swinging the cable again and again into the bitchs chest, the rage etched on her face surprising even him.  He slowly released the grip on her hair and she slumped to the floor, his slick cock slipping out of her.  He looked at Greta and she smiled back, knowing she had gone a long way to breaking the cows spirit.

Switching off the machine, Greta put the cable on the floor, her arm aching from swinging it, and  looked at the crumpled black sobbing mess on the floor, smiling.  The big titted bitch looked totally broken, her arse in the air and her face pressed against the cold stone floor.  Walking over, her high heels echoing around the basement, she stood over the girl, feeling so powerful, knowing she could kill her if she wished.  Bending down, she rubbed Hollys arse, the girl barely registering this new contact then thrust her right index finger into Hollys stretched black gaping arsehole.  She could just reach some of Hasans cum with a long nail before withdrawing and spanking Holly hard with her left hand.  Enough of her moping.  Greta yanked her hair up, forcing Holly to alleviate the pain in her scalp by weakly coming to her knees and using her hands to support herself.  She looked down at her toy and those big brown eyes looked up at her.

“Not finished yet,” Greta snarled, her eyes flitting between Hollys eyes and her battered bulging tits, “open wide.”

Pulling Hollys hair to tilt her head up, Greta placed the cum dripping finger over her mouth.  Her angry stare convinced the girl to open it, and Greta pushed in, forcefully fingered Hollys mouth, enjoying the metaphorical rape of her toy.  Hollys tear-stained black-masked face looked up at her tormentor with no emotion.  When Greta took her finger out, she motioned Hasan to stand in front of Holly, his cock hanging level with her face and stained with all manner of fluids.

“Clean him.”

Although she felt sick at the thought of putting that stained dick in her mouth, Holly knew she had no choice.  Greta pushed her head into Hasans crotch and the acrid smell hit her like an avalanche.  She knew she had to end this and stuck out her tongue.  The taste was foul.  Moving her tongue around the tip of his cock, she tried not to think about what she was licking but worked quickly and  thoroughly to clean his dick, running her tongue rapidly up and down, only just managing not to gag on the awful taste.  After what felt like hours with the foul taste of his stained dick in her mouth, Greta pulled sharply on her hair, yanking her away from Hasan so quickly her tongue still stuck out.

“Does it know its place now?” Greta asked.

Holly still had the taste in her mouth but she worked to answer as quickly as possible

“Yes, mistress,” Holly managed, the words now coming so alarmingly easily.

“Worthless cunt.”

Greta clicked her fingers and Mehmet emerged from the shadows with a knife and a dog collar.  He gave the knife to Greta before attaching the dog collar to Hollys neck, tightening it uncomfortably.  Once he had finished, he pulled hard on the leash, forcing Holly to once again kneel upright.  Greta brought the knife up so Holly was forced to look at it, her eyes widening frantically as she saw its sharpness.  Gleefully Greta traced the tip of the knife down Hollys body to her bulging tits.  As she brought it across the girls battered globes, she savoured Hollys groans at even the slightest pressure on her tits.  After enjoying it for a while, Greta slipped the knife under the rubber band constricting the girls left tit and cut.  The fleshy mound quickly returned to its original shape, the colour slowly turning normal and Holly shrieked as feeling returned to her breast, all the pain inflicted over the last hours returning with a vengeance.  When her shrieks died to a soft whimper, Greta cut the other band and stepped back, admiring those luscious tits as they bounced freely on her chest once again and enjoying Hollys renewed cries of pain.  Greta gave one tit a quick squeeze, drawing another whimper, before grabbing the lead.  As the two Turks again disappeared, Greta didnt say another word before marching forward, forcing the poor girl to crawl quickly to keep up.

The men had rolled out two large wooden items and placed them down just as Greta arrived with Holly.  Hasan opened the first item, a very heavy set of stocks, and before Holly appreciated what was happening, she was forced into it, her head and hands locked in place.  Mehmet then lifted up her hips and the second item, a large wooden block with attached straps, was slid under her stomach.  Quickly he tied a strap over her back then used others to tie her thighs.  Holly was now unable to move and could only look forward while listening to the activity behind her.  Then something pressed against the entrance to her pussy.  Although she tried to evade it, the unknown invader was forced up her hole, its width slightly painful as it was forced deeply in then whatever it was slowly slid out before slamming back in.  Initially Holly thought one of the men was fucking her but the monotonous nature of the phallus indicated something else.

Greta looked on as the two men manoeuvred a wooden frame holding a simple piston with a large black dildo mounted on the end into position behind Holly. A thin duct ran along the top of the rubber cock out of which a lubricating fluid slowly seeped out. Working the dildo into Hollys pussy, the men stepped back and watched it move inexorably in and out.  Greta smiled slightly as Holly was fucked by the large black cock, its rectangular base slamming hard into her arsecheeks each time.  Greta moved round to a side and watched Hollys bobbing tits, swinging each time the dick forced its way in.  Moving to Hollys head, she bent down, her lips just inches from the girls ears.

“As it is a filthy slut, I have rewarded it,” Greta whispered menacingly, “it will be fucked constantly until I decide to play with it again.  This is its life from now on; it is a worthless sex toy, a cunt that serves only to please its masters.  It should try to enjoy it, for this is all it is good for.”

With that Greta stood up and walked over to Olivia, tightly stretched on the table, the gauze still stuffed into her mouth.  Greta tapped the side of her head until she looked up.

“As for you, I have been very merciful,” Greta said with faked warmth, “When that pretty little tongue heals, Ill be playing with you just as much.  Something for you to look forward to.”

After pinching Olivias nipple and wiggling her tit, Greta then turned and walked up the stairs, followed by Mehmet and Hasan.  As the sound of her heels slowly faded away, darkness plunged into the room.


Waking with a start from her half sleep, Lucy felt something change in the room.  She looked up to see a large screen had emerged from the wall in front of her, split into different individual cameras showing the basement.  One view showed her two friends tied together on the table.  She already knew what she was going to see but knew she had to watch.  And so she watched as Greta and the two men came in, wincing as everything occurred.  As she watched Greta and the two men torture the girls, Lucy was disgusted but she also found her own boredom lessened by a fascinated horror at the sight and sound of their acts.  She yelped as the procedure was done on Olivia, the pain of her friend obvious even through the screen.  But just as Holly began to suck Mehmets cock, the alarm went off again, jolting Lucy out of her semi-catatonic state.  For a moment she was not sure what to do but quickly remembered what it meant and reached for the dildo.  Continuing  to look at the screen, she inserted the now familiar phallus into her pussy.  As she moved it in and out, Lucy found the rape of her friend strangely arousing.  As Holly lowered herself onto Mehmets dick and her tits were roughly played with, Lucy discovered the images created an impending orgasm much quicker than previously.  She continued till she was right on the edge and then, extremely reluctantly, pulled the dildo out of her pussy.  Still watching the screen, Lucy thought about what had happened.  Although filled with sympathy and desperately sorry for what her friends were enduring, a small part of her somewhat enjoyed it as Hasan sidled behind Holly.  She was filled with shame as she found herself aroused by the suffering of her best friends.  It was as if they had broken her already, everything Lucy had thought true of herself being steadily eroded away.  With her eyes still fixed on the screen, Lucy brought her legs up to her chest and started to weep.

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