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Part 1


I waved bye to my friends and headed back into the school building. Just my luck I thought, Half-day and Im stuck with detention. Granted detention with the hot English teacher who just came to the school last year, but still detention was detention, and for what? Being 10 minutes late to class a couple of times in one week? You are supposed to be a responsible student…you are a 6th year, 18 years old, and are supposed to be setting an example to younger students. Its time you learned to get to class on time. 30 minutes of detention for every 5 minutes youve been late I make that to be 2 hours I stopped mimicking under my breath as I reached the classroom door and sighed. At least a couple of the others had stayed for lunch before going home. For a brief second I considered playing hookey and just leaving. But that would just get me in more trouble. And the school would probably phone my parents. I did not want them knowing I had 2 hours of detention.

I opened the door and the teacher was sitting behind the desk marking some papers. 'Your late' Im told 'that's another half hour.'

'But Mr.…'

'I'm not interested. Sit' he pointed to a chair at a single table directly in front of the desk without looking up. As I sat he continued marking the papers in front of him. It felt like a long time passed, but in reality it was probably 5 minutes or so. He began to speak without looking up. 'You will not speak while you are in this room unless I give you permission, if you have something to say you will put your hand up and wait for me to acknowledge you. Otherwise you will be here much longer than two and a half hours.
In addition while we are here you will call me 'Sir'' Finally he looks up 'Is that understood?' I glare sullenly at the table in front of me.

'Yes Sir' I muttered to the desk.

'You will look at me when you address me, and you will speak clearly. What did you say?'

I look up at his face 'Yes Sir' I said loudly.

'Good. I'm glad we have an understanding.  He stood up and came around to the front of the desk. 'Now about your occupation. I think I've made it clear that while youre here I expect complete obedience from you.'  There was a glint in his eye like he was enjoying himself, and I felt a tightening inside me. Despite always being late for his classes I'd been attracted to him since he came to the school the year before. He leaned on the desk with his arms folded and looked at me as if I were some sort of anomaly 'I think that you are a special case, in need of special treatment. I dont think detention will be enough to keep you focused on your punctuality and obedience.' I opened my mouth to reply, but closed it again; I didnt want to be here for any longer than I had to.

'Good you can keep control of yourself when you have sufficient motivation. Now why are you constantly late for class?'

I folded my arms mutinously and refused to answer. He smiled, 'Very well. I intend that you will obey me. When I ask a question you will answer. When I demand silence, you will be silent. And when I expect you to do something you will do it.' He moved around behind me but I refused to let myself follow him and kept my pose staring straight ahead. He asked the question again 'Why are you constantly late for class?' I stayed silent and suddenly he pulled on my hair hard enough to jerk my head back so I had to look up at him. I gasped in shock, and little butterflies moved in my stomach. 'What are you doing?' I managed to say, 'Youre a teacher, you cant do this!'

He kept the pressure on my hair with one hand, my own had automatically moved to my head when he pulled and I had a hold of his wrist with both of them. He lowered his head next to my ear and whispered 'I've seen the way you look at me, ever since I came to this school, I know what you want Rose, I know what you need. And I intend to give it to you.' I felt my eyes widening at his words and the tightening in my stomach grew. Abruptly he let go of my hair and grabbed both of my wrists pulling them behind me. 'I told you not to speak unless I gave permission, and you didnt answer my question Rose.' I hear a metallic noise as he pulled something out of his pocket and the next second felt handcuffs on my wrists. He calmly moved around to stand in front of me and smiled confidently. 'Now Rose, if you dont want to do this we can go back to a normal detention. You will sit and write I will not be late for class as many times as possible in' He glanced at his watch '2 hours and 45 minutes, or I can teach you to obey me using my own...unconventional methods. Which is it to be Rose? You have my permission to speak so long as what you say answers the question. I will give you a few minutes to make your decision' I watched as he moved towards the door, locking it behind him.

I tested the handcuffs pulling at my wrists, thinking about it. It was seriously wrong. He could lose his job over this. Strangely that worried me more than the position I was in. I should have been angry, hurt, afraid of the advantage he had over me. But instead I was totally turned on, I thought about the ache in my scalp where he'd pulled my head back and shivered. I hadnt even needed to think about it, not really. My body had already decided for me.

I sat waiting patiently, the tension slowly rising inside my body did I really want to do this? I sighed and tugged at the handcuffs again. Hed attached one side to the chair support as well somehow, so I couldnt stand without taking the chair with me. After what seemed years the door opened and he came back in, carrying a bag, he turned again locking the door behind him.

Well Rose, what is it to be? He put the bag down on his desk and looked at me.

I looked up and opened my mouth to answer. I…I think I licked my lips nervously, was I really going to do this? Yes. I think Id like to try your unconventional methods.

He smiled his sexiest little boy grin Somehow I knew you would. I think were both going to have a lot of fun this afternoon. He turned his back to me and started taking things out of the bag.

Whats all that? I asked hesitantly. He Paused and turned. The authoritative look on his face Did I give you leave to speak Rose? He asked

No I whispered looking down.

His eyes narrowed No what? his voice was very quiet but there was a firmness to it.

I looked up at him, realizing what I had agreed to No sir. I said quietly.

Oh training you is going to be fun. As you are just beginning your training Rose, certain habits must be broken and basic lessons ingrained. Two of those I have already mentioned, however, I think that I will have to reinforce my commands until it is automatic for you to obey these basic rules. Do you know what those rules are Rose?

I hesitated and then answered Yes Sir. I will not speak without your permission and I will always call you Sir’’

Very good Rose, however you missed a point, when given my permission to speak, you will only speak to give the requested response, if you allow yourself to make an undesirable statement, unconnected with the reason you have been given permission you will be punished as if you have spoken out of turn, is that understood?

Yes Sir. He nodded and went back to unpacking the bag. When he was finished he turned.

I have some presents for you Rose. You will keep them in your locker and tell no one that they came from me. Now, I am going to let your hands free. You will stand up and bend forward at the waist your hands on my desk and look at what is there. Some of these will bring you pleasure, some pain and some a bit of both. How I use them and which I use depends entirely on your behavior. I looked at him, but made no response.

He nodded. Good. You are beginning to learn the first lesson. He went around me and undid the cuffs. I stretched my arms forward and moved around my table towards the desk leaning forward at the waist I put my hands on the table as I had been told. Very good Rose He said, putting the handcuffs on the desk and gently running a finger down my cheek and following the line of my neck until it met my shirt. Well have to do something about this, but not just yet. Do you recognize any of these objects? I looked at the table, there were a few objects I recognized from Anne Summers, a vibrating bullet, a paddle, 3 or four dildos of different shapes and sizes, a small whip, a blindfold, the handcuffs, a bottle of lubricant, a feather, pleasure gel …but there were other things that I hadnt seen before.

I pointed out the ones I knew and he swept the rest back into the bag. We will begin your education with the objects you recognize. The rest can keep until later. He came up and pressed behind me; I could feel a stirring in his trousers as he leaned forward and picked up the paddle from the desk Since you are here primarily for punishment, I think we should begin with this. He whispered in my ear. I shivered, but didnt move and didnt speak, just as hed told me, I could feel the smile as he pressed a kiss against my neck Very good Rose, Oh very good indeed.

His hands went to my trousers and I went completely still as he undid the fastenings, Next time you will wear a skirt. He pulled them down and caressed my ass with his fingers, gently pulling my panties down as well so my backside was completely bare. I noticed that he avoided my front however, being very careful not to touch. The anticipation of that touch made me realize that Id been holding my breath; I let it out and began breathing again. He moved back obviously satisfied. When training a beginner he said I never hit them without being able to see the flesh, if I cant see then I dont know how much bruising may occur, and may cause lasting hurt without meaning to. He spanked me firmly with the paddle 3 times in quick succession. And I let out an involuntary cry. He paused. I think 15 smacks is a good number to punish you for your transgressions to begin with. However, for every sound you make an extra will be added He quickly spanked me again another 3 times and I grit my teeth and managed not to cry out. His hand caressed my ass again and I gasped, the spanking had made the skin more sensitive and I could feel his fingers trailing along my skin, his hand moved to the crack and downwards between my legs, I almost moaned at the unexpected sensation of his hand pushing between my thighs but stopped myself just in time. 

He made an appreciative noise move your legs apart I glanced back at him and then toed off one of my shoes and shook off the trouser leg to hesitantly move my legs apart. Further. He ordered, and without waiting for me to comply, used his own leg to push mine aside until they were roughly 3 foot apart, giving him plenty of space to maneuver the hand between my legs. He gently ran his hand down my inner thigh and I could feel the roughness of his hand against the smoothness of my skin. So soft he murmured, and delivered another 2 spanks surprising a cry out of me. Youre disappointing me Rose. I thought you would do better than that. He spanked me again and again. Such a nice shade of pink your ass is turning, I dont know if Ill be able to stop at 17 Rose, what do you think? Hmm do you deserve more punishment?

I was panting for breath and to keep myself from crying out, my eyes were watering slightly from the pain Please I said Please stop.

Very well Rose he quickly spanked me 5 more times as I grit my teeth, then twice more before putting the paddle down on the table. Now Rose you may not have done as well as I could have hoped, but for a beginner you didnt do too badly. I think such behavior should be rewarded. He picked up the bullet and knelt on one knee behind me, I could feel him breathing on the sensitive skin of my behind. His hand caressed it again and he kissed each cheek gently. His hand slipped up and cupped my groin, he played along the slit trailing the cool bullet along the folds of skin. Gently he used his fingers to push them apart and laid the head of the bullet against my clit surprising another cry out of me. He slapped my ass with his hand at the sound and I moaned at the simultaneous sensations of pain and pleasure, he began to play the bullet against my clit moving it in an irregular pattern and giving me a slap each time I gave in to the mounting pleasure and moaned, steadying myself against the desk I was panting, struggling not to move, if I moved I knew he would stop and that was the last thing I wanted. He moved the little vibrator faster against me and I felt the tension inside my body explode over me, I managed to keep the shout down to a deep groan. But he didnt stop, he placed the bullet on the desk with one hand keeping the other between the folds of my inner lips He pushed one finger into my vagina and massaged my clit with his thumb as the aftershocks still moved through me.

He stood, and undid his trousers pushing my head down onto the desk and forcing me to raise my ass higher towards him My turn I heard him growl with satisfaction deep in his voice. I felt him behind me the hard length of his penis pressing into me as he unrolled a condom over himself, he moved my legs to get a good angle and pushed himself gently towards the opening of my vagina, I gasped as I felt the head of his cock resting against my cunt and then he drove himself into me with one hard sharp thrust. I felt him fill me, and it wasnt until he began to push himself further in, in small but demanding thrusts that I realized he wasnt all the way in yet, I gasped with each thrust pushing back against him, feeling the fullness of his cock enter the small wet passage way, he held my hips and moved me against him, I realized I was muttering under my breath yes oh god yes, dont stop, dont stop he paused when he couldnt go any further, and then abruptly pulled nearly the all the way out making me cry out for the loss, before slamming back in again, one of his hands snaked its way round my waist pulling me back towards him in time with his thrusts, while his other hand moved to my hair and pulled on it as he thrust into me again the sharp pain producing a spasm in my abdomen as the tension wound tighter and tighter,  I was gasping and moaning, my mouth forming words that were unintelligible the pull on my hair echoing the tension inside me as he pushed into me again and again, I could feel my vagina tightening around his cock, until with one last hard push I came, and this time he came with me. He let my head rest against the desk again, and smoothed a hand over my hair as he gave another couple of thrusts I could feel my cunt pulling on him, reluctant to let him go.

Finally he pulled out and moved backwards until he was sitting on my table, with me on his knee, both of us still breathing heavily. Did you enjoy your reward Rose? I turned to look at him, My whole body felt utterly relaxed, the afterglow just setting in. Yes Sir, Thank you. I breathed the words out unsteadily. He kissed me full on the mouth tongue seeking entrance to mine, I let him in and realized that it was the first kiss. The afternoon wasnt over. Not by a long shot.

Review This Story || Author: Burnt Rose
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