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the surprise potty slave

Part 1

The surprise potty slave

It was a quite normal day at collage. Lectures and tutorials filled the morning and afternoon. It was about 3ish when a pressing matter made me excuse myself from class.

I always took my time when visiting the girls room. I believed that pressing too hard would dis figure my little orifice and that to me was the last thing I would ever want.

I came from a wealthy family and had everything one could wish for, even my striking good looks.

A perfect combination of my, beautiful parents, good genes.

Long reddish blond hair, tall lean body and ample breasts like my mother.

After carefully wiping I made sure my clothes were perfect before I left the stall and washed my hands.

Just as I reached the door it was pushed open from the other side which gave me a little fright but I quickly composed my self and smiled a friendly “Hello” to the girl who came in.

Half way back to the classroom I suddenly frowned and remembered that the same girl had entered the girls room the day before, just as I left.

I thought back to the beginning of the week. I had been to the toilet and could remember that the stall next to me was occupied and that I had seen that, same, girl walking through the hallway shortly after.

I wondered if this was all a coincidence. The thought haunted me the rest of the afternoon. Back in my privet dorm room I lay on bed and pondered the thought some more.

The thoughts spun around my brain and I needed to find out if my assumption was correct. I had an idea and would find out the truth the next day.

The next morning went as slow as a wet week. Silently I smiled to my self in anticipation of what would happen if my thoughts were correct.  The idea of having a secret admirer appealed to me. If this was all true I had planned to take the situation to a new level and new adventure.

Being at an all girls school was my own choice. It saves me from having to deal with the constant onslaught of boys who try to impress me with their hyped up stories, material possessions and constant bragging.  Sure I have had a few boyfriends and “No “ Im certainly not a virgin. But some how I find boys boring.

I have never, ever, thought about women in a sexual way and never believed I would but the idea that popped into my head, yesterday, somehow had my clit yearning for attention.

I must admit that at the end of the evening my fantasy had become so over whelming that, without even purposely doing it, I fingered my soaking wet womanhood to what was one of the most extreme orgasms that I had ever experienced.

I smiled as my daily movement made its self noticed. A wicked thought popped up in my head and I held the pressing matter back till I could wait no more.

After over an hour I quickly made my way to the girls room and quite explosively relieved myself from the waste of the enormous dinner I had the night before.

It was a real stinker I must admit but if my thoughts were right it would be perfect for what was about to happen.

As predicted she was about to enter the girls room when I opened the door. Again I smiled and said “hello” with a friendly voice.

She muttered a reply and quickly disappeared into the room with her eyes cast to the ground.

Holding the door handle down I let it close behind me. Silently I reopened the door!

I stood silently across the stall, which I had just left, resting against the washbasin with my cellphone in hand.

Silently recording every sound that came from the stall before me.

She took a good 5 minutes. Without being able to see anything I knew by the tell tail noises that she masturbated and climaxed immensely.

I heard her use the toilet paper and flush. She pulled her clothes back up and opened the door.

After a brief moment of surprise the blood drained from her face as she stared into the lens of my cell phone.  In the next moment her face exploded into a bright red that soon turned purple in shame. Her knees trembled and she gripped onto the door to stop herself from collapsing.

Silently I filmed every expression that brushed over her face until her eyes glazed up and big tears rolled down her cheeks and she began to sob.

In a fleeting moment I felt sorry for her as she slowly sat down on the toilet and cried like a small child.

I stopped the recording and put the phone back in my purse. Looking at her in the mirror I pulled out the small envelope I had ready for this moment.

She sobbed into her hands loudly and never heard me step in front of her but she must have sensed it as she slowly looked up at me towering above her.

I passed her the envelope and disappeared without word.

The jaws of the trap had snapped shut and there was no way she could escape the mess she had gotten herself into. She knew that she would have to submit to any and everything. Should she wish to avoid any shame and scandal there could be following what had just happened.

I found out that the girl only recently had joined the school. Her name was Kitty and she was a very shy young girl.

It was 2 minutes to seven and if she had followed the instructions in the envelope correctly, she would knock on the door at exactly 7pm.

My room was dead silent except for the ticking of the clock on the wall and the thumping of my heart. The two minutes seemed to take forever. The hand of the clock marched its way to the 7th hour. My heart stopped… Knock knock knock.

Quickly I composed myself. In the roll I was about to play there would be no room for doubt or room for a moments lack of complete control of the situation.

In a clear voice, though not too loudly, I called out “come in”

Slowly the handle rotated and the door opened Kitty slipped inside dressed in a long raincoat as described in the letter and closed the door quietly behind her.

Silently she stood with her back to the wall as I finished the sentence and closed the laptop. I swiveled around from behind my desk and looked at her for the first time since this afternoon.

She looked very frail. Her eyes were still red from crying and the slight quiver in her lip told me she was still on the verge of breaking down again.

Slowly I stood up and crossed the room to her. I took her hand that she had crossed in front of her and lead her, like a child, to the center of the room.

She kept her eyes glued to the ground as I slowly walked around her. She was a head smaller than I and had nice long dark blond hair that she had tied in a ponytail. Standing beside her I ran a finger down her shoulder, across her breast and tapped on the first button that held her coat closed around her frail body.

“Take it off!”

Her face cringed in sadness and a tear rolled down her cheek. Knowing her fate she slowly raised her hands and un-buttoned the raincoat.

As instructed she was completely naked under the coat. After the last button was unbuttoned the coat slightly fell open and I got my first glimpse of her nudity.

Her breasts were not as full as mine but no way under developed.

My heart skipped a beat and suddenly I felt a throbbing in my clit. I could have fingered myself to a screaming orgasm right there and then but I had to control myself and stay in charge of the situation.

Slowly she reached up to the lapels of the raincoat and let it slowly slip off her shoulders.

I gasped inwardly seeing the girl, two years junior to me, standing naked, bar her shoes, in the middle of the room. It took every micron of composure in my body not to ravish her there on the spot. I could feel the moisture of my throbbing pussy running down my inner thighs. 

Still I needed to remain in control and be dominant of the situation if my plan was to be successful.

So far I have succeeded in trapping and embarrassing her beyond her will. Now I needed to break her and make her submit to every wish I had.

Somewhere in my mind I already knew I had her at that point but I needed to push her far over the edge of no return.

Slowly I walked to my desk and picked up the heavy leather belt that lay there, neatly, folded and returned to the shivering young female standing naked in the middle of the room.

Her eyes widened and she gulped when she saw the belt. Once again her lip quivered and I knew she was terrified.

“This afternoon I caught you doing something unacceptable” I began.

“It was not the first time that you have done it. Am I correct?”

Kitty mumbled something barely audible and nodded her head.

“Speak up!” I said loudly.

Clearly shocked Kitty repeated her self. “Yes that is correct.”

A loud smack rang out in the room. I struck her backside with the belt. Not hard but enough to make her yelp and know that I meant business.  “Mistress… finish all your sentences with Mistress!”

Kitty corrected herself. “Yes Mistress, that is correct Mistress!”

“How long has that been going on?”

Since the second day I arrived here at collage Mistress. Nearly 3 weeks ago Mistress. You bumped into me in the hallway when someone, you knew, called out your name, Mistress.”

Suddenly I remembered the incident. A friend of mine called out to me and I turned my head as I walked on. I never saw the girl and smacked right into her chest with mine. It sent her flying. I apologized profoundly and helped her collect her books that had fallen out of her bag.

“I bowled you across the floor! What on earth suddenly made you have the hots for me?”

“Im not sure Mistress but the smell of your body or perfume hung around me and drove me crazy mistress. Back at home I couldnt help myself and I satisfied the yearning that throbbed deep in my loins. Mistress.”

“And since then…” my sentence trailed off in confusion.

“Yes Mistress, I have secretly followed you around the campus. The scent of your body makes me crazy Mistress. I even have a spoon, at home, that you ate soup from in the cafeteria. Mistress.”

My thoughts were in turmoil and I needed to get a grip on the situation again.

I took her chin in my hand and looked her in the eyes. “Youre a stalking little pervert! How dare you intrude into my privacy.”

Avoiding my eyes she apologized. “It will never happen again Mistress! I promise. Mistress.”

I chuckled. You think that a promise and an apology is going to get you off the hook? No! your promise is not even worth the dirt under my nails! You will pay dearly for what you have done.”

Again tears rolled down kittys cheeks.

“Have you ever been severely punished before?”

Kitty burst out crying. “Yes Mistress I burnt down my room playing with matches and my father took a belt to me Mistress. Please Mistress dont punish me like that please, please I beg of you, Mistress.”

“Stop your pathetic groveling and pleading.” I hissed. “You are the one who caused this upon yourself and there is nothing you can do about it. I was the one you used for your little perverted sexual fantasies and you are now going to be the one I use for mine. As to the point you made earlier “It wont happen again, Mistress.” I mocked. It is going to become your daily life. You will submit to anything I wish without question. If not, a loud bang rang through the room as the belt came down hard on the desk, there will be agony!”

More terrified than before Kitty could hardly breath. I could see the veins in her neck pulse as her terrified heart pounded in her chest.

I smiled wickedly. “Yes I am going to punish you with this belt and it is going to hurt you like hell . You will probably scream like a child so I have prepared a little something for you to gag you with.”

Kitty stared at her Mistress like a condemned looks at the judge passing the sentence.

I lifted up my skirt to reveal my nakedness underneath.

“Whats missing, Kitty?”

She stared at my neatly trimmed mound and blubbered “Your panties Mistress.”

“Very good Kitty. But they are not actually missing! They are there but you cant see them.  After my visit to the toilet this afternoon I didnt wipe with paper and used my panties instead. Of coarse I cant just put the soiled pantie back on or in my bag so I decided to keep the filth back there where it came from.

I firmly planted my foot on the desk and obscenely opened my pelvis for the girl to see.

I reached around my back and slowly pulled the tiny corner, of my silk white pantie, that I had left poking out of my rectum.

Slowly I pulled out what I had carefully shoved in only a few hours ago.

Of coarse I had lubricated it first with juices of my soaking wet cunt and it smelt quite ripe as it came out.

Kitty stared in disbelief. I held up the grossly soiled piece of clothing for her to see as I put my foot back down and let my dress fall back into place.

She never took her eyes off the soiled fabric as I neared her. I tapped the leather belt softly on her shoulder and she automatically sank to her knees.

Looking up she opened her mouth at my command and I slowly lowered the filth-covered silk into her mouth. She never gagged.

With a small tap on the mattress I invited her to drape herself over the edge of the bed.

Dazed she followed my command.

“24 strokes, in quick succession, with the leather belt is your punishment. You dont need to count but I would suggest that you try keep that position.” I dont believe she quite understood but she would find out soon enough.

I positioned myself nicely behind her so that I could swing the belt freely either back handed or fore handed.


A muffled Yes Mistress protruded through the soiled gag and I began my onslaught.

As promised the strokes fell in quick succession. One left one right on her naked white ass.

Her muffled screams were like music in my ears as stroke after stroke turned her lily white bum bright red.

Around the 12th stroke the belt slipped across her right cheek and smashed into the soft flesh of her left crack and inner thy. She howled out in agony. Her back shot up from the mattress and she threw her hands around her backside.

The next two strokes landed square across her soft nipples and she threw her chest back down on the mattress.

As the final stroke landed she was hoarse from screaming.

Quietly I lay the belt down on the bed next to here and undressed.

Patiently I waited on the bed with my back propped up against the pillows against the headboard till her screams of agony had died down to crying sobs.

After about 5 minutes she slowly looked up.

I patted the mattress between my spread legs. She knew what I meant and what I wanted.

Gingerly she crept up on the bed and between my legs.

She glared at the juices that ran down my open slit.

“Open your mouth.” I ordered. She complied.

I retrieved the wet silk gag and held it open for inspection. “Well done Kitty you have managed to clean out nearly all of the filthy stains!”

Kitties face turned as red as her ass.

“As for part two of your punishment you are going to pleasure my wet pussy until I tell you to stop. At that moment you will retract your head about 2 inches and open your mouth as wide as you can and look me in the eye.

You will pleasure me to the best of your knowledge. If Im not happy with your efforts I will have you kneel on the floor holding your feet. I will then use the same belt and punish your breasts till Im satisfied. Is that clear?”

Kitty gulped. “Yes Mistress, very clear Mistress.”

With a hand behind her head I pulled her mouth into my pulsing womanhood.

I had been on the verge of climaxing several times before this moment and as her tongue dipped as far as it could into my hole, goose bumps rose over my whole body.

I have never had a woman lick me and I have never wondered what it would feel like. Kitty gave me the most wonderful blowjob anyone, I could remember, had given me. With in minutes I was ready to explode into the pleasure of an orgasm.

“Stop!” I commanded.

Obediently she did. As instructed she moved back a little, opened her mouth and looked me in the eye.

My hand shot to my clit and I began vigorously rubbing my clit. With in seconds the first wave pounded into the depth of my loins and I climaxed like I have never climaxed before.

My girl cum shot out and vanished into the back of, waiting, slaves throat causing to cough.

She quickly composed herself and caught the next six or seven squirts of cum and swallowed as fast as she could.

Im not sure if I blacked out but Kitty was tonguing and slurping my slit when I opened my eyes.

I didnt confess to Kitty that that was the best orgasm I had ever had in my life as I needed to stay in control and merely patted her on the head and said “That was very good Kitty, you have earned you dessert.”

Quizzically she looked at me wondering what I meant.

“I didnt quite finish my visit to the toilet this afternoon and have saved a little for you. I know you want it and Im very happy to give it to you but your going to have to ask for it like a proper toilet slave would!”

At first Kitty stared at me as I smiled. A brief smile brushed over her lips. She gingerly rolled over onto her back and waited for me to position my self over her mouth.

“Please may I have my dessert Mistress. Please poop into this potty slaves willing mouth Mistress!

“Are you really sure you want me to shit into your mouth Kitty? Im very sure it will be a very nasty and a very stinky one?”

I looked down and traced the red welts decorating her breasts with my fingernail and smiled. I now knew that Kitty was what I had always, secretly, wished for and that this would be a wonderful relationship.

“Yes Mistress!”

Again I smiled and for the first time pushed hard. I felt my rectum opening and a surprising long piece protrude through. I felt it slip out and heard it fall into Kittys mouth. She savored, chewed it and swallowed it before politely asking if there was more.

I smiled and pressed again.

                                                            The End.

Enjoy and leave a comment, vote on it too!

Dont go on about the spelling and grammar, as I know I suck at that point.





Review This Story || Author: Fortaleza
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