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Polishing Daphne

Part 1

Polishing Daphne

a story in the realm of Extreme Toyland

by DolorDelectatio

Synopsis: Lisa, headmistress at Extreme Toyland is on her way back home from a visit to her friend Lady Victoria (see the previous story "The Party at House Victoria"). She's bringing a new girl to work for her. But when she gets back home, she is in for a couple of surprises. Rick, her partner and co-owner of Extreme Toyland, is having some unauthorized fun with Lisa's protege. On top of that, she gets a surprise visit from someone she has admired for a long time. In the midst of all this, she's preparing to perform a sadistic Pay-Per-View session with masochist Daphne for her website.

This story is written in the cold-fact style of Extreme Toyland's previous tales. Expect extreme genital stimulation and torture, nipple torture, whipping and blood play in an inventive setting.

This story was written by author DolorDelectatio. Unfortunately his previous stories are scattered around this website until the webmasters process his request to bring all stories written under the names BruisedNipples and DolorDelectatio together on one page.

Read them all here:


Chapter One: Lisa's Return


It was a rainy Monday morning. Lisa was in a cab on her way home from the airport when her cell phone rang. "Daphne", the display said.  Lisa hesitated a moment, looked out of the cab's foggy window as if she was staring aimlessly while thinking for a few seconds. Then she picked up.

"Hey! Are you ready for tonight? Lynn messaged me that my stuff got delivered?"

"Great! I'll check it out when I get there."

"Yeah I landed about 40 minutes ago.  We're on our way and we should be there in about an hour. Didn't Rick get my message?"

"What the fuck? Again??"

"If you see him, tell him I will deal with them later. This shit is getting out of hand. Is the vacant room ready?"

"Good. Thanks. I was worried for a minute, but I'm glad that's taken care of. I'll talk to you when I get in."


Lisa put her phone down and looked over at her companion, who was sitting next to her in the back of the cab.

"That was Daphne, one of my girls", she said. "They're waiting for us  at the mansion. Your room has already been taken care of. I will introduce you to her and Elisa when we get there. They will meet us when we arrive, Elisa will show you around and help you get settled. I won't be able to do it myself since I will be doing a Pay-per-view session with Daphne for my site."

The girl kept staring out of the window.

"Let's go over this again one last time," Lisa addressed her. "Please be a dear and recite the conditions of our arrangement again to me. I want to be sure we're on the same page. And don't worry about our driver. She knows who I am and what it is we do at the mansion; her company has been driving for me for years."

The girl looked at Lisa, but didn't say a word.

"You know we put an end to this 'permission to speak' stuff that Victoria trained you with, so spill it", Lisa reminded her.

The girl blushed shyly.

"I'm sorry Mistress, I still have to get used to it."

"You'd best try harder, when we get to the mansion I will not have the patience for this. Now, the conditions."

The girl produced a sheet of paper and started reading out loud:

"I am to live with you at your mansion for at least two years unless you send me away at any time. During that time I will receive free housing and food, as well as a monthly allowance of 1.500 Euros. I am allowed to use your resources at the mansion at any time to practice and develop my art and performance. In return for this, I will be available 24/7 for unrestricted and unlimited physical use by you or your associates without prior notice. My BMI will never go over 16.1. If it does, I will be starved until I am of acceptable weight again. I will practice birth control and will not get any silicone implants. I will perform at least two 60-minute sessions per month for commercial use exclusive to Extreme Toyland. House Victoria will receive an initial lease fee of 12,000 Euros per year which will be renegotiated at the end of the contract period."

"Bravo!" Lisa cheered. "Now did you decide on a name? I don't use numbers."

"Yeah, my middle name," the girl said, "Lesley."

"Fine, I like names that start with an 'L'. By the way, you know I am very impressed with your performance. Just know that some of the girls at the mansion might be a little jealous. I don't want you to tone it down. If anything, be an example. I'd love for others to get inspired by a young thing like yourself. How old did you say again you are?"

"Nineteen, Mistress."

Lisa and Lesley spent the remaining part of the car ride talking about the mansion and Extreme Toyland.  A little before noon, they arrived at the mansion. They were greeted by Daphne, who was dressed simply in cutoff jeans and a red bikini top. Her bright blonde hair was in a pony tail and she wore short light brown boots.

A little taller than 5'1", Daphne was considerably shorter than Lisa and Lesley, who were both closer to 5'10".  Her body looked tight and toned, abs showing under her bikini, which struggled to contain her huge natural breasts.

"So did Rick drop by yet, or is he still MIA?" Lisa asked Daphne.

"He hasn't shown yet today," Daphne answered. I saw him briefly on Thursday, but he's been holed up in the barn with Sarah and Jane since Friday.

"Let's get inside," Lisa said as she handed her luggage to Daphne.

Inside, Lisa and Lesley were greeted by Elisa. Elisa was a stunning skinny brunette. She wore a tight black latex catsuit with red accents around an open crotch and holes for her nipples. Lesley eyed her from top to bottom.

"You have another suit like that ready?" Lisa wanted to know. "This here is Lesley, a new girl.  Lesley, this is Elisa. Give her your coat."

Lesley looked at her new Mistress and hesitated.

"Come on," Lisa said, "we haven't got all day!"

"B..but I have nothing underneath," Lesley stammered.

"I know that, now off with that coat!" Lisa commanded.

Slowly Lesley started unbuttoning her long black jacket.  She quickly took it off and handed it to Elisa.

Elisa and Daphne took a good look at the naked new girl. She had a tall but small, girlish frame with an athletic build. Her long, bright red, almost orange hair fell over her shoulders, just above her ample double C breasts with disproportionately large nipples. Her hair framed her gaunt pale face, with a small nose, wide lips and tons of freckles. Her dark brown eyes were framed with thick black eyeliner.  Even though she was clean, washed and well-groomed, her skin was covered with puncture marks, scars, bruises and welts, pretty much everywhere from her neck down.

"She used to be simply '#93' in House Victoria," Lisa said. "And I guess she'll always bear the marks of her year of service there."  She pointed at the girl's scarred pubic area, where the cutting of the number 93 was clearly visible. Then she addressed Elisa.

"See, you gals are virtually the same size, but her rack is bigger. Get her geared up properly and bring her back so we can eat lunch. "

Elisa nodded and gestured to Lesley to follow her. They went upstairs to a room full of cabinets and mannequins displaying various latex and rubber clothes. Lisa went outside to try and find her associate Rick at the Barn.


Chapter two: Unauthorized fun


The Barn honored its name mostly on the outside, which was kept in pristine state according to tradition. Inside, however, a lot had changed since Lisa owned it. She'd turned three quarters of it into a full-fledged bdsm- and torture guesthouse. With a kitchen, living room, bathroom, three fully stocked  playrooms and a ban on recording equipment, it provided a secluded, private alternative to the main mansion and Extreme Toyland production hall.

Lisa tried to enter through the side door, the only working entrance left after the remodel, to find that it was locked. She sighed and rummaged through her keys to find the right one. Only she, Rick and Lynn held keys as the co-owners and producers of Extreme Toyland.

It didn't take her long to find the correct key and she opened the door. Upon opening, she heard a lot of noise going on inside.  Loud music was playing inside, it sounded like The Gardener by Marilyn Manson had just reached its chorus. She quickly went in and  locked the door behind her.

"More! C'mon! More, two more!" That was definitely Rick. He was yelling and grunting.

A female shriek followed, then a long wail. More grunting and groaning.

"I bet the dirty little slut wants even more!" A female voice said.  She continued: "You want more, my little cunt?! More?"

Between the female shrieks and Rick's grunts, the panting female gasped "Yessss, yess Mistress, pleeeaase!"

Lisa walked up to the opened door of the play room she heard the noise coming from and looked inside. She couldn't believe what she saw.

Rick and Sarah were both in bondage, fucking, while Mistress Jane seemed to be busy administering various tortures to their bodies.

Rick was strapped to an X-shaped bondage table, his legs spread and tied down. His torso was also strapped to the table, but his hands and arms were free, one clasping on to the table and the other pulling on a rope that was hanging from the ceiling.

Above him was Sarah, Lisa's young protege who had just turned eighteen a couple of months ago. She was suspended in a hogtied position with a spreader bar between her knees and what looked like an ass hook for added comfort. Around her neck was a noose from a rope that led through an eye bolt in the ceiling down to Rick's hand.

Rick's and Sarah's nipples were somehow connected and were being stretched obscenely away from their blood-stained chests, Sarah's body rocking back and forth with every thrust that Rick made while fucking her.

Jane, dressed only in a stained white latex semi-corset and matching thigh-high boots, was leaning in to the couple and it seemed like she was rubbing something over Sarah's chest while Rick pulled harder on the rope, choking his fucktoy.  Lisa decided to keep quiet and watch for a little. "So this is what's keeping him so busy," she thought to herself. "No wonder he's been distracted."

She took a closer look at the scene in front of her, not even 10 feet away.  Jane  stepped back from Rick and Sarah from time to time. This gave Lisa an unobstructed view. Apparently whatever Jane rubbed over Sarah's needle-covered chest was sharp. While the skinny girl coughed and wailed at the top of her lungs, a stream of blood ran down to her nipples and dripped onto Rick. Jane was using some kind of scalpel to make cuts from the underside of Sarah's tits to the tips of her nipples.

None of them had noticed Lisa so far. Jane alternated her scalpel work with delicately inserted needles into both Rick and Sarah's nipples. Of the two, Sarah made the most noise as she endured an intense workout of her tits and nipples while being asphyxiated from time to time. Rick seemed to be more focused on keeping a steady pace going with his cock sliding in and out of Sarah. After watching for a few minutes, Lisa decided it was time to break up the party.

"Ahem!" She scraped her throat loud enough to break through the music.

Jane was so startled that she dropped the packet of needles she was holding.

"Jesus Christ! FUCK!" Rick yelled out as he let go of the rope, turned his head and saw Lisa standing in the doorway.  He stopped grinding against Sarah, who was still moaning but started crying now.

"Kill that noise. Please." Lisa nodded to Jane, who dashed over to the iPod dock a few yards away from her. The music stopped.

"What the hell?!" Rick wanted to know. "You're here? What time is it?"

"Time to break this shit up," Lisa replied. "What in God's name are you doing with her?  I don't need her all damaged and shit. You know she's in training with me, you're not supposed to touch her without my approval!"

"But she..." Rick tried to reply.

"She what?"  Lisa barked at him. "She what? She's too inexperienced to be playing like this without me present. Don't you remember what happened with Lindsey, you fool?"

Rick kept his mouth shut. "Shit shit shit" he thought to himself. He remembered  Lindsey very well. How could he ever forget. That girl lost a breast because of  an infection as a result of reckless play nearly a decade ago. But he was only 19 then. This was much safer now with Jane present. She had considerable experience as a top.

"Miss,..." Sarah wanted to say something between her sobs.

"Shut it, dear. I will talk to you later!"

"Jane!" Lisa addressed the girl partially dressed in white latex. "Look at you.  Are you bleeding as well? Where's your full attire?"

"I'm sorry, Miss," she replied. Turning to Rick, she said: "Fuck man, you said you OK'd this with her!"  "And you as well, missy!" she said to Sarah. "You also said it was OK with Lisa." Addressing Lisa again, she explained herself. "This is not my blood, it's all theirs. And he likes to eat me out while I play with his nipples, so that's why my skirt is on the floor."

"You better check with me next time he invites you to a three-way," Lisa instructed Jane. "Now get her down so I can get her cleaned up. What have you done to her anyway?"

"I can't get her down immediately," Jane replied. "Their nipples are sewn together with quite a few stitches of fishing line and I also have some wire threaded through there..."

"Plain?" Lisa interrupted her.

"No, the Gigli ones..."

"Damn, those nasty serrated teeth will only make them bleed more. Pull those needles out first, then start cutting the fishing line, will you? And hand me the flat pliers  so I can try and get that wire out. How many threads?"

"Two halve-lengths  in each side."

"Damn, you freaks," Lisa muttered.

Jane pulled the first needles from Sarah's and Rick's nipples. After sewing them together with about a foot of fishing line for each pair, she had threaded them with the serrated Gigli surgical wire and to top it off, she had stuck about five thick needles through the tormented nipples on each side. The needles were the first to go and they slid out easily.

While Jane discarded the needles, Lisa started working on the Gigli wires. This was a delicate process and it was impossible to remove the wires without damaging the nipples more and making them bleed excessively. Sarah and Rick groaned and moaned as Lisa did her best to remove the wires.

Though only about two inches long per half-wire, the serrated teeth ripped the skin and flesh. These wires were designed to be used by cranial surgeons who wanted to cut through skull after drilling small holes on opposite ends of the assigned cut. It took Lisa about as long as it took Jane to cut and pull out all the fishing line on one side. The two mistresses switched sides and repeated the process.  It took a while, but eventually Sarah and Rick were disconnected.

Lisa helped Rick out of his bondage and sent him off to get cleaned up. Jane lowered the still hogtied Sarah down to the table and first removed the noose around the girl's neck.

"So you like to be choked, huh?"

Sarah just looked down and didn't say a word. She was embarrassed by the whole situation.

Once on her belly on the table, she moaned in pain as her shoulders, arms and legs got some freedom of movement again.

"How long has she been hanging like that?" Lisa wanted to know.

"Ummm, must be close to an hour and a half now. I bet she's pretty sore, but she insisted she could take it since she did two hours like this on Saturday already."

"What the fuck?! You guys did the same shit over the weekend as well??!"

"No, no, not like this.  That was throat training and candle play, no sharps."

"What did you do? Lower her over burning candles to extinguish them?"

"Yeah, him as well. Only torso, though. And with her up like this we did some throat training for her while I stretched her a little with some inflatables."

Lisa untied Sarah's bondage. First her ankle cuffs, then her handcuffs. It was then that she got a good look at the girl's back and ass. They were covered in red stripes and purple to black welts. Jane saw what Lisa saw and said "That's from yesterday. Bamboo cane and flogger."

"Damn. What have you two not done with her?"

"To be honest, most of it was her own request. She said that if she was going to dish this shit out on other girls, she wanted the experience of knowing what certain stuff felt like.  So she requested a full body caning as well as the tit play.  We also flogged her chest with the cutter. She said she'd already experienced a session on her cunt from you?"

Lisa didn't say a word.  The cutter was a special flogger with razor sharp pieces of metal braided in. So that's why Sarah's chest was such a bloody mess.

"I assume the scalpel cuttings were your idea?" Lisa asked.

"Yeah. I teased at first, but when they didn't flinch, I decided to just go ahead and slice a little. Not too deep, that will heal pretty quickly without scars. "

"You better hope so, I want to keep her tits pristine. The nipple play I don't give a shit about, that will only make them bigger. I am glad you had the common sense not to skewer her tits, though."

Lisa and Jane teamed up to remove the girl's ass hook and helped turn Sarah over on the bondage table. The girl was unable to properly move her limbs by herself at this point and seemed to be glad to be lying on her back now.

Lisa inspected Sarah's body from the toes up and saw her raw, red and bleeding labia.

"What happened there?!" She said, pointing between the girl's legs.

"Probably Rick's spiked cock ring. Didn't you see it? He used that nasty thing the whole weekend. On her ass too. It's got a ring of sharp spikes all around."

"I know it," Lisa said, "I got it for him to use on Daphne once."

Lisa rubbed her fingers up Sarah's stomach over her protruding ribcage to her breasts, feeling the welts and bruises as well as the layers of dried blood  on the girl's skin. Some of the cuts on her breasts and nipples still had fresh blood trickling out.

Sarah tried to avoid eye contact by looking down and away from Lisa, but her mentrix didn't let her off the hook that easily.

"Look at me, you little freak!"

Sarah slowly looked up.

"I hope you enjoyed this little weekend fun, because it's not going to happen again. What were you thinking? I want you to stay away from Rick for a while and I will tell him the same."

"I,.. I don't know," Sarah stammered. "I just wanted to experience it once, I guess..."

"And you knew I wouldn't have any of it, is that right?"

Sarah looked down again. "Yes," she replied.

"Well, this is something that I will not easily forget. I want you two to get cleaned up, we're having lunch in 20 minutes. Make sure you're there and that you are clean and properly dressed!"


Chapter 3: Preparation for PPV


After lunch, Lisa and Rick met up in one of the offices. Lisa made it clear that she would get back to him about his whole weekend adventure. For now, the PPV session with Daphne was more important, so she wanted to catch up with him about the progress on the production.

"What are you smirking about? I am not really in the mood, dear," Lisa looked at Rick, who was sitting behind one of the computers.

"There's a surprise for you," he replied.

"Are you sure you want to go there? I think I've had enough surprises for now," Lisa said.

"Relax, this one you'll like, I'm sure."

"Come on then, spill it!"

"You know how we always get three session setups for these PPVs and then we pick one for production?"

"Yeah, what about it?"

"Well, on Wednesday we got an e-mail in with a fourth."

"What e-mail, what are you talking about? We do not take requests for the PPV sessions."

"I think you'll agree to make an exception this time."

"I don't like where this is going. We have policies for a reason. Tell me what's going on."

"Well, while you were off to Victoria's, we started prep on today's production. It was Daphne's turn and since she is kind of the extreme masochist queen around here and her sessions get so intense, we tried to pick something fitting. She only does two sessions a year now, you know."

"Yeah, so, what did you decide on?"

"Well, up until Wednesday we had this whole thing where she'd be suspended from her tits, lowered over a humongous metal dildo shaped like a horse-cock, which would slowly slide deep into her because of her body weight and whatever we'd add to ankle cuffs. And get this, the metal horse cock is basically the chimney of the oven it's mounted on, so depending on if you wanted to really light a fire in there, it could get pretty intense."

"And we have this horse cock oven here?" Lisa wanted to know.

"Yeah, Rachel ordered it a while ago, it came in this week. It's custom made in Austria."

"So why aren't we using it?"

"Cause of the e-mail we got on Wednesday morning. Here, read it. Tell me if I made the right call."

Rick got up from his chair and let Lisa take his place behind the computer. She started reading.

"Dear Mistress Lisa,

We have never met in person, but I have admired your work for a long time. Maybe you have seen mine as well, I used to run a web site called Pain Clinic until a few years ago. Now my son runs it under a different name.

You have a wonderful model that I have become quite obsessed about. Her name is Daphne. I have thought up many sessions that I would love to see done with her perfect body. I wrote two of those sessions down, see the attached file.

This weekend I will be in your country for a personal visit. I was wondering if your schedule allows for a visit on Monday. Maybe I can see Daphne in person and we can discuss some business.

I am sorry about the short notice and I sincerely hope that we can make this work. I hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards,


"Istvan?! From Pain Clinic!?" Lisa exclaimed. She was in shock. This man produced some of the most brutal torture porn ever from his small but well-stocked studio in Central Europe. She'd been a member of Pain Clinic when she was just a student, waiting anxiously for each weekly update.

"Please tell me that you got back to him?!"

"Of course, everything's been taken care of. He's here, waiting for you in the Red Room. Petra and Jessica are with him as entertainment, since they aren't scheduled to perform for another couple of weeks."

"Oh my God," Lisa yelled. "I need to get dressed properly."

"Relax, I told him you'd be back here in the afternoon, so you have some time. I'm sure he's enjoying the girls right now."

"So does he want to perform the PPV?!"

"No, he is looking forward to watching you perform one of his scripts on Daphne. We picked the second script from the attachment for the session. The basement is ready for production when you are."

Lisa and Rick went over the second script together to get Lisa up to speed. It sounded like a lot of fun, containing some pretty inventive stuff and painful tortures for Daphne. Lisa couldn't wait to meet Istvan, but wanted to get dressed properly first.


Chapter 4: Meeting Istvan


Lisa walked up the stairs to the second floor where the Red Room was, one of many play spaces in her mansion. When she got to the door, she straightened her tight wine red latex dress before knocking. She made sure she looked extra pretty, wearing white leather thigh-highs and white latex elbow gloves with the see-through dress that left nothing to the imagination. She'd put on elegant makeup that brought out her eyes and lips and she styled her hair in long curls that ran down past her shoulders.

"Yes?!" A heavy voice answered a few moment after she knocked on the door. "Come in!"

Lisa opened the door to the spacious Red Room and found her guest inside with Jessica, Petra and another girl that she didn't recognize. Istvan was seated in the biggest of the red leather couches, watching the three girls perform in front of him.

As soon as he saw Lisa he got up and greeted her. Lisa looked at him and recognized him immediately from his videos. He was a bit older now, with shorter grey hair and a small goatee. He was tall, at least 6'5", and wore black jeans and a black dress shirt.

"Mistress Lisa! How nice to finally meet you! You look stunning. And what a lovely place you have here!"

"Thank you, Istvan, it is very nice to meet you too, I've been a fan since I was a teenage girl," Lisa blushed.

"Please call me Steve, only my ex-wife and my mother call me Istvan," he laughed.

"Okay. I just found out about your visit. I've been away for a week to a friend in Germany who was throwing one of her big parties. Rick just got me up to speed about your script for the PPV session with Daphne tonight."

"Yes, I am very happy that this could be arranged on such short notice. Your man Rick put in a lot of effort to make it happen and make me comfortable, as you can see." He pointed over at the girls in the middle of the room."

"He is not 'my man'," Lisa replied, "We're business partners and play partners. He still submits to me 100% as a masochist, but even though he fucks everything with a tiny waist and a pulse, he mostly wakes up in bed next to Daphne these days."

She looked over at the three girls in the middle of the room. Jessica was on her back with her head stuck between the legs of Petra, who was kneeling. Petra's tits were tied up tightly and Lisa saw chains running between the freshly pierced nipples of both girls. Jessica's legs were hoisted into the air by a suspension system and there were chains running down from a pulley system to her crotch. Then in front of Jessica was an unknown girl, on her knees, fucking Jessica's ass with a giant strapon. Lisa looked at her unusual body decorations and Steve noticed it.

"Marta, gyere ide!" Steve commanded.

The girl pulled her strapon out of Jessica's ass and got up.

"Tavolitsa el azt a dolgot!" Steve added.

She took off her strapon and harness and walked over to where Lisa and Steve were talking.

Lisa couldn't believe her eyes. This girl had her body decorated in a way she'd never seen before. It was like looking at a Japanese anime character.

Her tiny toned body had dozens and dozens of rings pierced through them in pretty patterns, with silk ribbons running through them. From her feet up, she wore white boots that ran just above her knees. A ribbon closed the top of the boots on the front and back, but it didn't stop where the leather ended. The girl had rows of rings pierced on the front and back of her upper thighs, through which she'd laced the silk ribbons from her boots.

She sported the same for the white elbow gloves on her arms: they too were laced to her skin with rows of rings pierced through the skin of her upper arms.  From her throat down to just above her breasts were another four rings on each side with a ribbon laced through them and tied into a pretty bow.

Her tits were small but defined and featured big nipples with multiple piercings through them. Most noticeable were the thick metal rings that ran through her nipples themselves. Then there were two bars pierced through her areoles in a cross-shaped pattern behind her nipples.

But that was not all. Under her breasts sat a big bow, tied from a lace pattern that continued with silk ribbons threaded through rings on both sides of her stomach, all the way up from her pussy lips, essentially closing off her pussy. The only thing visible through the lacing was a thick metal ring, identical to the one in her nipples, presumably pierced through her clit.

"This is Marta," Steve introduced the girl. "She doesn't speak much English. She works for me and I had her on loan to a friend in Rotterdam. Picked her up again this weekend.

With a simple "Hello" the girl greeted Lisa, who looked at her small face, which was also dotted with piercings. Not only did she have at least ten small rings in each ear, she also had a ring through each eyebrow, her left nostril and two rings each in her upper and lower lips. She had very long dark brown hair and piercing green eyes, framed in heavy eyeliner.

Lisa nodded greeted the girl. "I like your style and decorations. That's hot as fuck!"

Marta smiled and said "Koszonom, asszonyom!"

"She thanks you," Steve translated for Lisa. Turning to the girl, he added "kerjuk, folytassa!" And with that, she went off again to put her strapon harness back on to attack Jessica's ass some more.

"Would you believe it if I told you she has a twin sister?" Steve wanted to know.

"No way!" Lisa exclaimed.

"I am not kidding you. She does. Her sister is engaged to my son Attila. The sisters are famous in Buda, they perform as adult dancers together."

"Dressed like that?" Lisa wanted to know.

"Yes, they have a whole routine, many different colors of lace."

"So, about Daphne," Lisa changed the subject. "Did you write those two scenes specifically for her?"

"Yes and no," Steve started to explain. "Parts of it are old ideas, but I updated them thinking of her. She has this tiny body and huge magnificent natural tits. You have seen my work, I like working with skinny girls with big tits, so I have some experience in this department."

"I subscribed to your site as a student," Lisa replied. "I remember getting into arguments with people online about the authenticity of the videos. Some people thought they were fake. Like the one where you pushed 40 skewers through Piana's tied tits after you nailed her pussy to the wooden pony. Or when you used a power drill to pierce them with screws."

"People always complain," Steve replied. "It's not like anyone was forced to sign up for the site. All the girls consented to their sessions. Some did it for the money, but most of them were true masochists. And that's what interests me about Daphne. She seems like a true masochist as well."

"She is," Lisa explained, "She is the biggest pain slut that I've worked with. For the site, she doesn't mind a little show, but when she's off, she explores the most painful stuff without any glamour. She once told me she likes injecting herself with neurotoxins. Not the paralyzing kind, but the kind that causes extreme burning and stinging sensations. If you've worked yourself up to the point where you've taken those venom injections directly into your tits and clit, then I guess a dozen skewers is like child's play. Problem for me is that those injections, while excruciatingly painful, aren't appealing at all for my video productions. I want to see the cuts, the bruises, the blood and the instruments."

"I agree. You are lucky to have her, though. I would give anything to have her in my studio for a couple of sessions."

"She will be out of commission for a while after tonight. She will need a couple of weeks to heal. She's usually recovered in about four to six weeks."

"You mean that you are willing to have me work on her when she is ready again?"

"Yes, I could negotiate with her, but there will be some expenses."

Steve's eyes lit up. "Money is no problem."

"I am certain she will not pass an opportunity like this up. She would love to have you push her limits. Besides, there is a clause in her contract that let's me loan her out to third parties under certain circumstances and within certain limits."

"My limits have changed somewhat since I retired from the site," Steve said. "I have started to explore more areas of the body than simply tits, pussy and ass. I  would like to work 'full body' on her, I hope that's okay as well?"

"Fine with me, as long as you don't leave permanent scars on her face and hands. And don't cut her hair. I will review her contract and negotiate with her if necessary. I like this idea of having her doing a session in your studio, but I have one request."

"Which is?"

"I would like you to do two of these 'full body' sessions with her in your studio. And I would like them filmed like your previous web content, for private use."

"That will be no problem. I still film all my sessions for private use. I can provide you with digital video files in HD format."

"You should speak to Rick about that. He handles the computer stuff."

"Okay, so we have a deal?"

"I think so. When will you be able to welcome her at your place?"

"How about two months from today? I have some family matters to take care of over the next six weeks. Some changes coming up in my household. After that would be perfect."

"Okay, I am sure she doesn't have anything important scheduled. One thing though: I won't be able to escort her myself at that time, so I will have to send Rick along."

"Really? Why him? I mean, he seems like a good guy, but I'm kind of wary of the whole 'boyfriend coming along' thing."

"I understand, but Lynn, my other ET-partner, is in the U.S. for six months. He should be professional enough, though. He has a lot of respect for you."

"But still,..."

"You know the deal with him. Maybe you can keep him distracted with something while you have your playtime with Daphne. I'm sure there's some wasp-waisted girls in Hungary."

"What kind does he prefer? He has you as his mistress and he also has Daphne..."

"Find him a sexy switch and he'll be all set. Or some inexperienced mistress, he has a thing for them, it seems."

"Then I think I might have just the thing for him," Steve replied. "I think I'll be able to make it work. It's a deal!"

The two of them smiled and shook hands on the deal.

"I'll let you enjoy the girls some more," Lisa said. "I will have someone send food up. Around 7 I will start my session with Daphne in my basement production room. I'll make sure to send someone to escort you there when the time comes."

Steve nodded. "Thank you again. I'll see you at 7."


Chapter 5: Daphne prepares


An hour before showtime, Daphne showed up in her dressing room, where Elisa and Lesley were busy readying various items for tonight's production. Over dinner, Lisa had given them very specific instructions on what to get ready and what outfits to wear. They had just finished getting their stuff together when the door swung open and Daphne walked in.

"Hey, you're early," Elisa said. She looked up at the young woman who just came in, carrying a big duffel bag over her shoulder and a smaller purse in her hand. She wore purple oversized yoga pants and a white halter top. Her bright blonde hair was pulled back in a high pony tail and big aviator sunglasses rested on her small, thin nose.

"Yeah, finished my routine at the gym. Thought I'd relax a bit here." Daphne replied. She put down her bags and took off her aviators. "How are things?"

"Getting there," Elisa replied. "We're almost done with our prep. Your instructions are in the folder there." She pointed over at the make-up station. "Looks like it's going to be pretty intense."

"Why do you think I only do two of these PPV sessions a year now?" Daphne replied. "These things leave me bruised and bleeding for weeks." She walked over to the station, but pulled her arm back when she was about to pick up the folder.

"You know what?  I'm not even going to read it. Just tell me what I need to wear, I'll just go with it."

"Are you sure?" Elisa wanted to know.

"Yeah, what does it matter anyway? Working out makes me horny as fuck and it's been a while since I played hard. I hope it's got some penetration, that's all. It's not like Rick's been paying much attention to me lately."

Elisa was silent. She didn't want to get into that argument. Everyone around the mansion knew about Rick's recent adventures with Jane and Sarah.

"All you need to put on are these cuffs and a ball gag," Elisa tried to change the subject, handing the items to her friend. "Oh yeah, and remove your rings," she added quickly. "I also have to tie your breasts with elastic rope."

Daphne looked at Elisa's face as she took the cuffs and gag. She noticed three small wounds on the girl's upper lip.

"Still not fully healed, huh?"

"No, it keeps scabbing," Elisa replied with a sad face.

"That's the only thing with those fishing line games of hers. I mean, I don't mind the pain, but the fricking weights just rip the skin sometimes. How long did she stretch your lips down again?"

"About fifteen minutes. And that machine was pumping the dildo in and out of my throat."

"I hope she leaves my lips alone tonight," Daphne concluded. "I'm going to take a shower. If there's anything else, let me know, okay?"


Chapter 6: Polishing Daphne


A few minutes before 7 o'clock Mistress Lisa finished her own preparations for tonight's Pay-per-view session. She'd picked one of her interns to take care of her guest Steve for the night and the girl was now picking him up from the Red Room where he'd spent the afternoon.

Daphne was already strapped into position. She was completely naked, save for the ball gag in her mouth. Her long blonde hair was up in a high ponytail. With her arms and legs spread wide in and X-shape, she hung from cuffs around her wrists. The ones around her ankles only kept her legs spread, she got no support from them. Her back was against a big wooden wall, which was approximately 12 feet in width and height. Her tits were tied tightly into swollen orbs by elastic rope at the base.

About a minute after Steve and his escort took their seats to the side of the production stage, the cameras started rolling. The opening shot just showed Daphne hanging in her bonds, with a fucking machine in a metal frame partly under her and in front of her. To her right, Lisa's well-stocked supply trolley was clearly in view. In the back, behind everything and next to the wooden wall stood Lesley and Elisa, both naked save for white latex thigh-high boots.

Then Lisa walked in, dressed completely in white for the occasion. From a bright blonde wig to a spotless white latex catsuit to her  matching boots, she was pristine. No frills, no decorations, totally immaculate.

"Slut!" she addressed Daphne, "I hope you're ready for your session. I bet you have no idea what it's called, because I was told you don't care to read production scripts anymore. Now you don't know what's in store for you. "

Daphne just looked at her mistress. She was drooling from her gag.

"Oh girl, are we going to have some fun tonight!! It's called 'Polishing Daphne'."

Lisa walked up to the tied girl and started running her latex gloved hands over Daphne's body.

"Mmm, still so nice and tight," Lisa moaned as she traced Daphne's ribcage to her waist, down her toned abs and to her thighs.

"And just look at those tits!" she exclaimed as she slapped them hard with her flat hand. "I'm going to have plenty of fun with those tonight!"

Lisa walked over to her supplies and picked up a braided flogger.

"First we have to warm you up properly. Then we'll slowly work on getting you all pretty and glossed up!"

The flogger rained down hard on Daphne's body. Lisa didn't hold back and reddened Daphne's skin from chest to thighs, not even stopping when the gagged girl practically choked on her gag and saliva was running out of her nose. When Lisa eventually stopped, Daphne tried her best to compose herself again.

Lisa returned with a long, thin bamboo cane. Without any remarks, she started smacking it down on Daphne's tits as if she wanted to smack it straight through the skin. The cane left very visible stripes after just three hits and Daphne wailed into her gag, unable to instinctively buckle together.  Mistress Lisa moved down to Daphne's stomach when considerable purple and grey welts had formed on her tits. She proceeded to apply the same technique there, before moving on to the pubes and thighs, which she worked over separately, first Daphne's right, then her left.

For most BDSM sessions, this would have been the limit, a bruised and beaten girl hanging limp against a wooden panel. But not for Lisa, Daphne and Extreme Toyland. This was only warmup, foreplay for the main course.

Lisa put her cane away and rubbed Daphne's body once more. It was glowing with welts, stripes and bruises. Moving down to Daphne's hairless pussy, Lisa found that her toy was gushing with wetness.

"My little pain slut," Lisa cooed. "Dripping wet from the cane, eh?"

Daphne had trouble to compose herself. Her nose was full of snot and saliva from her crying and she had trouble breathing through her gagged mouth.

Lisa saw it, but just asked "Are you ready to get started?" And walked over to her supplies.

"I'm sure you've seen the machine in front of you," she said to Daphne when she returned with a small metal tray. "It's going to fuck you brutally deep. But before I mount the magnificent dildo that comes with it, I will prepare your cunt for it. I want it nicely stretched open for the machine.

Lisa squatted down in front of her sub and put the metal tray on the floor. She picked up the first of twenty fish hooks and pierced it through the top of Daphne's outer labia on the left side. Daphne grunted a little, but didn't seem to be in too much pain from the fish hook. As Lisa continued down and to the other side, piercing five hooks on each side through both Daphne's outer and inner labia, the pain got visibly more intense for the girl, who was crying again halfway through the procedure.

When all twenty hooks were in, Lisa needed to secure them to stretch Daphne's cunt wide open for the fucking machine. All hooks had a little elastic cord attached to them, with a little ring at the end.  Lisa stretched the fish hooks out, one by one, creating a circular pattern.

She secured each of the little rings to Daphne's body with a staple gun, shooting the staples into her subs's belly and thighs for the most part.  Daphne shrieked behind her gag every time the 1/2" staples punctured her flesh. Eventually there were four hooks left that needed to be pulled down, so Lisa simply hung some weights from them.

Daphne's labia were now stretched out in a circular pattern, exposing her large clitoris, her urethra and offering a deep look inside her gaping pussy. Some of the puncture wounds from the fish hooks bled a little from the stretch, but it wasn't much.

Daphne seemed to be able take it well and composed herself while Lisa went back to her supplies while keeping Daphne up to date on the progress.

"I'm almost done with your pussy, dear. I just need your clit out for polishing,"  she enlightened her toy while fitting her with a thin leather belt around her waist. She tightened it so that it bit into Daphne's skin. Then Lisa went back to her supplies to grab some more instruments of torture.

She produced four short but thick medical needles and pierced them horizontally behind Daphne's clitoris, two from the left and two from the right. This really seemed to cause a lot of pain for Daphne; she wailed into her gag and cried her eyes out. Lisa didn't flinch, though, and tightened a noose in a thin metal wire around Daphne's clit, right under the four needles. She pulled the other end of the wire up and stretched Daphne's clit upward, securing the wire tightly to the belt around her sub's waist.

"All done!" Lisa said. "Let's check if it's all secure enough to start readying the machine. "

She grabbed a riding crop and walked back over to her sub, rubbing the metal-spiked tip of the crop over Daphne's nipples and bound tits, down to the tight belt around her waist, scraping the purple welts and stripes on her toy's body. Lisa scrubbed the metal wire running down from the belt with the tip of the crop, before starting to pick up the pace and whacking down harder. She started on the wire, but slowly moved down to aim directly onto Daphne's spread and exposed pussy, hitting the needles and fish hooks without holding back.

Daphne wailed and moaned again while the strength of the metal piercings in her pussy were put to the test. Lisa went all around, striking down on all of the fish hooks and corresponding staples. While the staples remained relatively clean, the impact on the fresh piercings with the fish hooks produced quite a bit of blood as each impact made the hooks tear a little into the skin.

All of the hooks and staples passed the little test and Lisa put her riding crop down.

"I think it's about time I played some with her nipples, don't you think?" Lisa asked out loud, not really addressing anyone in particular. "But not before I show this cunt my devilish fucking machine toy for tonight!"

Lisa produced a small, elongated wooden box from her supplies. It was about two feet long and ten inches wide. She put it down next to Daphne and opened it, taking out the tool inside. Daphne followed her mistress' every move with her eyes and saw that Lisa was holding a tube-shaped object, covered in a cloth pouch.

Lisa started removing the pouch like she was pulling off a condom in reverse. Slowly she revealed the giant custom-made dildo that she was going to mount on her fucking machine.  Daphne's eyes widened at the sight of the tool as it was revealed to her.

When the pouch was fully removed, Lisa held the monster up to the camera for a few moments, before enlightening everyone about what exactly she was holding in her hands.

"Behold the 'Polisher', one of a kind and custom made in Hungary," she announced. "This dildo is fifteen inches long, two and a half inches thick at its tip and three-and-half inches wide at its end. It is aptly named: the whole rod is made of industrial grade polishing materials."

Lisa explained that the 2.5" by 3" head of the dildo was basically a sewn cotton polishing mop, followed by a wider shaft of two inches of rough sisal buffing wheels, followers by three inches of plastic brush hairs, running down to a long series of stainless steel wire wheel brushes in increasing diameter, completing the full 15" length of the devilish device.

Daphne's eyes were wide with terror when she saw the wire wheels. She'd been fucked with rough objects before, but a grating machine? This was something new, even for her.

Lisa mounted the giant tool on the fucking machine under Daphne's gaping pussy. The tip of the device was just two inches away from entering her body.

"When I turn that machine on, it will not pound you," she enlightened Daphne. "Instead, it will rotate the dildo like a power drill and it will slowly push upward, entering you at a pace of about an inch per minute. Trust me, it will live up to its name--and then some. The good thing about this dildo is that it will create its own lubrication, if you know what I mean!"

Lisa didn't turn the machine on just yet. She had a promise to fulfill in regards to Daphne's nipples, which were --save for some hits with the flogger and cane-- grotesquely neglected so far.

"How are your tits doing, dear?" Lisa asked as she felt Daphne's tied breasts with her gloved hands. "They are a nice shade of purple, don't you think?"

Daphne didn't say a word. That is, until her mistress produced a pack of thick needles from the supplies and started inserting them into her nipples, one by one, straight from the front.

As Lisa pushed the needles halfway in, Daphne screamed into her gag. The needles were pretty long, about three inches. Lisa managed to get four needles into each nipple this way, then she used her riding crop to hammer the pins home until just the needles' caps were visible, the pins buried deep in Daphne's titmeat.

As if this treatment wasn't enough, Lisa added some more pain by snapping castration bands around Daphne's swollen nipples, right against the areoles. This severely compressed the skin with the needles embedded in it. For good measure, Lisa also added a ring around the needles' caps, compressing those together as well.

While she played around, smacking the fresh piercings with her riding crop and pulling new intense screams from Daphne, she signaled to the production crew.

A tall man in a nondescript grey coverall walked on stage with a tall but narrow metal frame that was about 4 feet in height and a foot wide. Before he could do anything, Lisa told him to start the fucking machine. Daphne's gagged face had panic written all over it as she heard the noise from the machine under her.

"Two inches from your cunt," Lisa enlightened her. "That means that in two minutes, your cunt polishing will commence!"

It barely took the assistant half a minute to fit the narrow metal frame on top of the frame that housed the fucking machine and secured it with some nuts and bolts while Lisa kept smacking her crop on Daphne's nipples. Blood started to seep out of some of  the needles' caps.

Lisa stopped whacking for a moment to give her assistant some space to work. He added a platform-like frame to the top of the standing part and aligned it with the underside of Daphne's bound breasts, pressing the frame against her torso before bolting it in place. On top of it, compressing Daphne's breasts, he installed another frame, securing in with nuts and bolts. Then he left again.

"Well isn't that nice? Another frame to mount something fun on!" Lisa exclaimed. "But we'll have to remove those pins before we can polish your nipples! Looks like the Polisher is almost ready to gloss up your cunt!"

Lisa produced two fish hooks and connected them to the castration bands around the four needle caps on each nipple. The hooks were then connected with a thin wire, which she ran through holes on the frame in front of Daphne's breasts.

The weights that she hung from each wire were just enough to put a pull on the needles, but not enough to start slowly pulling them out.  First she wanted to smack the riding crop some more, making up for the apparent neglect of Daphne's nipples at the beginning of the session.

Daphne cried and wailed into her gag as Lisa targeted her nipples relentlessly and extended some love to her exposed clit, which was easily accessible thanks to a practical design of the metal frame. Lisa watched carefully as the tip of the Polisher started to rub against the opening of Daphne's gaping cunt, relentlessly rotating at power tool speed. The girl started a low moan as the  wide rough cotton tip pushed inside her pussy and Lisa continued the smacks on her toy's nipples.

After a minute or two, Lisa added some more weights to the strings pulling on the needles, enough to get some movement going, albeit with a little help from the riding crop. Concentrating only on hitting the needle caps from the right angle, Lisa aided the pulling weights and slowly but surely the needles started sliding out of Daphne's nipples.

It wasn't a quick process, however. The rotating Polisher dildo slowly pushed up to the point where the slightly wider sisal buffing wheel was about to grate the tender insides of Daphne's gaping pussy. With about two inches of the needles now pulled out, Lisa decided to stop hitting them and instead she watched her moaning slut as the hanging weights pulled the needles out at an agonizingly slow pace while the brutal dildo was slowly raised.

Just before the machine was about to  push in the plastic brush segment of the dildo, the needles plopped out of Daphne's nipples. The set on the left was the first to go, followed by the one on the right after a few seconds. The extraction of the needles produced quite a few drops of blood that were trickling down from Daphne's compressed tits.

This was the cue for Lisa to start the final act of this session, giving her little over three minutes to install the instruments that would torture Daphne's nipples while the most brutal part of the Polisher dildo, the stainless steel wire brushes, would attack Daphne's pussy.

Lisa started by securing Daphne's bound tits to the frame that had been placed in front of her. The two metal plates under and above Daphne's tits were compressing the bound breasts, but not really keeping them securely in place. They did, however, feature a locking system that allowed for such a secure attachment: the bottom and top plates featured a row of aligned holes and a matching system of pins to push through them. Lisa had already picked up these pins, they were connected together with a metal bar at the top; six thick meat skewers, perfectly spaced along the bar's length. At both ends of the rod were two thicker guiding beams for flawless placement on the frame, just to make sure the skewers would align perfectly with their holes.

To smack these skewers through Daphne's compressed and bound titmeat, Lisa needed some force. She found this in the shape of a medical hammer. After placing the longer guiding beams into their respective holes on opposite ends of Daphne's breasts, Lisa paused for a moment to enjoy the sheer terror in her sub's eyes, but then started to smack her hammer down fiercely on the bar with the skewers, with no regard for her drooling sub.

As the plastic bristles of the brutal dildo started ripping at Daphne's pussy, Lisa hammered the six thick skewers neatly through her sub's compressed tits until they poked through the skin on the underside and protruded about an inch under their corresponding holes in the bottom of the frame. It took about  a total of twenty smacks with the hammer, but it was done quickly.

"Ooh, did that hurt?!" Lisa cooed, but Daphne was already lost in subspace. Her eyes were rolled in the back of her head and the only sound she was producing at this point was a long guttural moan.

Quickly, Lisa now prepared her sub's nipples for their final torture. First, Daphne's areoles received three short skewers horizontally right behind the castration bands on her nipples. They slid through with ease.

Then Lisa used two pins to each side of both nipples to pull the nipples forward by the skewers. Basically what she did was place the pins vertically behind the horizontal skewers, pull them forward and push the pins down into holes in the frame, locking Daphne's nipples in a stretched position in front of her skewered tits.

As the final part of preparation for the finale, Lisa's assistant in the grey coverall returned with two devices. It didn't take him long to install them right in front of Daphne's nipples and plug their power cables into an extension outlet.

"Look, look, look, my dear," Lisa addressed Daphne while slapping her sub in the face. Daphne opened her eyes and her glazed eyes stared motionlessly down at her tortured tits.

"Two more polishing devices!" Lisa exclaimed. "And they're already running!"

Daphne didn't care anymore what it all was, she just knew that her pussy was already in agonizing pain from the 'mild' first half of the torture dildo and she was bracing herself for the next half with the steel brush wheels.

She closed her eyes again while Lisa continued to explain that the little machines in front of Daphne's nipples featured little steel wire cup brushes, and that the machines were pressure sensitive and calibrated to first lightly touch the surface that it encountered, pull back, then move in with a little more push, pull back and so on and so forth.

By the time everything was installed and running, the dildo in Daphne's pussy had been pushed in almost halfway. It was still rotating at power tool speed, as were the tiny steel wire cup brushes in front of Daphne's bleeding nipples. Lisa's work was mostly done; the power devices would finish Daphne's torture in the next couple of minutes. What was left for her was to make sure Daphne's exposed clit would be polished as well with a Hitachi, pulling some forced orgasms from her sub's abused body while the steel wire brushes grated away some layers of skin.

Lisa got into position with the Hitachi and started stimulating Daphne's tied clitoris with the masturbation device while watching the machine push the most evil part of its dildo up into her sub's cunt. 

It didn't take long before the dildo had reached its point of true brutal torture. As soon as the first stainless steel hairs from the brushes touched Daphne's already abraded,  bleeding and exposed pussy, spatters of blood started flying around.

Soon after, the devices against Daphne's nipples also started to push their rough steel wire into the bleeding skin, producing even more blood.

It was quite a sight; three machines decorating Lisa's immaculate white latex outfit with a near constant spray of red mist.  Daphne just hung limp from her wrists, her constant low moans with the occasional wail barely audible over the noise from the machines. Gushes of squirted juices gave away her intense orgasms from the painful stimulation. Lisa was drenched in blood: from her wig to her face, gloves and basically whole outfit she was stained.

After three minutes the power tools stopped and the fucking machine retracted its brutal dildo from Daphne's pussy. Lisa continued her assault with the Hitachi. With the machines shut down, Daphne's grunts and moans were audible again and it was clear that she was gearing up for another exploding orgasm, so Lisa kept stimulating her the best she could.

With the blood-covered dildo out of the way, Lisa moved the head of the Hitachi around, from Daphne's clit to the grated and bleeding skin of her pussy and back up until another wave of juices signaled an intense orgasm. It would be Daphne's last of the session. Lisa discarded the Hitachi and stood up to view the full extent of the carnage around her.

Daphne was ruined. Blood was still gushing out of her nipples and streams of blood ran from her grated pussy down her thighs. The rotation of the power tools had spread the splatters of blood around the whole stage area.

Elisa and Lesley, who had been watching silently from the background, were now called forward by Lisa. The two girls walked up to their mistress, wearing nothing but their thigh-high boots. With their high heels, both of them easily towered over 6 feet tall. Both incredibly skinny, the main differences between them were their hair color and breast size, with Elisa's chest being considerably smaller than Lesley's.

"Useless cunts!" Lisa addressed them while her male assistant in the coverall started removing the electrical devices from the frame in front of Daphne. "You filthwhores are going to clean her up. Lesley! You will remove the pins from her tits and nipples and lick her torso squeaky clean. Elisa! You get to do her cunt and everything else below the belt!"

With those instructions the girls went to work as soon as the power tools were removed. Lisa walked offstage to her dressing room while the production room ended the recording of the session with a fade to black during a few shots of Lesley and Elisa starting their task.


To be continued in the upcoming story "A Night in Budapest" featuring Daphne and Rick as guests of Master Istvan in his torture clinic.

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