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The Ball Puller

Part 1

                 The Ball Puller!

                   TJ Ryder


        Illustrated Adult FETISH stories!

                An FF/mm story

                 Chapter 1


     The attractive woman in a low cut gown announced

to the live audience when the camera showed its red light.

    "Welcome to this week's Crazy Careers!" She smiled at the

applause and waited for it to die down!

    "Wev'e had all kinds of guests on this show. Crossdressing

Escorts, Secret Agents, Strippers, Assassins, Lapdancers,

Wing Walkers;... but I think you'll all enjoy tonight's Crazy Career

choice!  Welcome to Tammy Redmond!"


    A pretty young woman in a tight, low-cut dress came out smiling

and nodding at the audience. She was buxom and a little nervous

and carried a small attache case, which she put down on the empty seat

as she sat down, crossing her shapely legs, besides the hostess.

   "So Tammy, tell us all what your career is and why you think it's

so crazy!"

   She giggled, and swallowed.  "Well, I guess my job title is a prison


   The hostess smiled, "well that's not that unusual, but I do think

you don't look like most people's image of a prison guard. Tell us more!"

   "Well, the prison is a little unusual.  All the inmates are male

and the entire staff is female!"

   "Well,," the hostess replied, "for some time both sexes in both male and

female prisons could be guards.  What's so special about that?"

   "Um, in this one there are no male guards at all.  Plus the males are all

convicted on some kind of Category 1 sex harassment crime against females!"

   "Ahhh, I see, that is different isn't it?"

   "It's an experimental program, but they are planning to spread around

the country!  At least we hope so!"

   "So what is Category 1 of a sex crime?"

   "It's a first stage violation of the Feminist party's bill of rights.

It isn't a serious crime like rape or anything like that. The average

sentence is 3-6 months!"

   "Well, like what kind of violation are we talking about here? 

I know the Feminist party makes things kind of difficult for males!"

   Tammy giggled.  "Well, I don't know about that.  There's a long list.

Improper touch, attitude, disrespect, making a girl feel uncomfortable,

illegal staring!"

   The hostess laughed, "Illegal Staring!"   "What's that, peeking in

a locker room?"  The audience laughed.

   "(Laugh) No, that would be more serious.  No, it means a man making a

woman feel uncomfortable by staring at her!"

   "Wait a minute, just looking can get you 3-6 months in jail! 

You must get that every day!"

   Tammy giggled and smiled.

   "Well anyway, "  the hostess continued, "I admit that is unusual for a

place of employment but I understand you have an unusual job category as

a prison guard!  Can you tell us what it is exactly!"

   "Um, my job title  is listed as prison transport guard!  Whenever

a prisoner is supposed to go from one place to another within the prison

and back again, someone like me does it.  There are several other girls

in transport!"

   "So you work in pairs?"

   "No, I almost always work alone when I'm transporting an inmate!"

   "Yes, but your'e such a pretty cute thing, and these inmates are all

males, you said.  Some must be big and strong!"

   "Oh yes," she smiled, "some are easily twice my size!"

   "And you never worry about a problem?"

   "No, well I was a little nervous at first!"

   "I believe it!"

   "But then I found out the unofficial job title that  everyone called

us girls working in transport!"

   "What's that?"

   "(Giggle)  Ball pullers!" The audience gasped and laughed

as Tammy looked around and smiled.  The hostess continued

   "So you are a "Ball puller!  I understand you brought some props to show

the audience how that works exactly!"

   "Yes I did," she smiled brightly and opened her valise and withdrew

a rubber model of a pale pink set of male genitals on a stand and

put it on the corner of the hostess' desk. Laugher filled the room!

   "Wow, not much of him but he seems well equipped doesn't he, folks?"

   Tammy laughed along with the audience, even though most of the laughter

was more feminine than male. She also took out some more equipment.

   "So how do you do it?"

   "Well, first, you have to go through training and physical security is

stressed.  All males must wear a thick leather belt around their waist with

rings on it.  We have cuffs that we can attach each wrist separately

to the back.  All males also have ankle hobbles. So he can't take

a long step.  And then before we move him from his cell, we attach the

testicle harness," she held up the leather straps to show.

   "Wow, but, wait.  You said all males wore some belt! Is that worn outside

his clothes?"

   "Oh, (giggle) I forgot.  Inmates don't wear clothes at Gardbrook Prison!"


   "Oh no, it's a combination of reasons, for security and humiliation and

of course, " she held up the genital collar "(smile) easy access!"

   More feminine laughter!  The hostess's eyes widened at that.


   "So your'e going to demonstrate how to attach that now?"

   "If you like!"

   "Yes, go ahead!"

   "Okay, I don't know if the audience can see well or not, but it is

actually two collars!" as she held up the rubber male genitalia, "because

it's important to collar each testicle separately.  That's double the security

then! Then when it's tight, and before we lead them out of the cell,

we check each wrist in back to make sure theyr'e tight too!  If you miss

the slightest thing, a girl will get written up and if she does it again

be demoted!"

   "Mmmmm, so now you just walk in front, pulling them by the balls!"

   "Well, (smile)  I don't really have to pull, for obvious reasons, unless

he becomes hesitant!"

   "Why would any male want you to pull his balls?"

   "Ooooh, well, most of the time I transport an inmate it's to and from

one of the various correction rooms, because under the terms of our charter,

Gardbrook is allowed to perform various kinds of physical and mental


   "Ahhhhh!  I see! And of course the humiliation of a young pretty girl

leading him by his balls must be pretty tough too!"  Tammy shrugged and smiled.

   "So what happens if he does falter a little, as he gets near one of

these special training rooms!"

   "Well, I warn the prisoner up front to keep up, especially true on

stairs, but he begins to hold back, I just give him a little tug and most

of the time that's enough!"

   "And, what about the rest of the time?  I don't suppose you want to rupture


   "Oh no, that's not necessary but I will have to give him a bad mark

and that would lead to even more punishment!  No I just give him a little jolt

on the balls from the battery I have on my own uniform belt. The genital leash

has wires and contacts, and my thumb is always on the button!" She smiled

at the pause from the audience, "I usually don't have to do that more than once!"

   "Wow, " the hostess said,  "you girls play pretty hard with the boys there!

Speaking of which, I'm looking at this replica you have here.  Isn't this one

rather, well, endowed?  Is this your typical inmate?"

   Tammy laughed.  "Well, actually he's smaller than most.  I mean I haven't

transported every single inmate yet, but we have males much bigger!  Oh, your'e

asking why?  Oooh, well, (giggle)  we have a program for that too! Although I

don't think many males on the outside would like it, (giggle)!"

   "Come on, tell us, honey!"

   "Well, all right, but it's off the subject a little!  The program assumes

that since the male was guilty about sexually abusing a female, that he will

learn by treating him the same way.  We have injections that increase the

hormone levels, and by a combination of teasing and denying ejaculations

except for prostate relief and that's a humiliating session by itself...!"

   "Wait, wait, wait!  You give him viagra or something and tease him, well,

how do you prevent, well, you know, masturbation?"

   "Oh we don't allow jacking off at all. If he gets caught it's more punishment!

How do we do it? (giggle)  Well, theyr'e always on camera and they know there is

no privacy.  In fact a precondition to the going to the corrections rooms is that

his genitals must be swollen and easier to fit with the collar, and of course for

certain punishments it makes it more effective!"

   'Oh, I see, wow, so you have this blueballed male in a cell, and after you

make sure his wrists are cuffed, you have to get close enough and touch him

and put this collar on his balls! Well, I bet you get a reaction then?"

   All feminine laughter filled the screening room as the men looked uncomfortable.

   Tammy laughed,  "well yes, they do get erections of course!  In between

the punishments they almost always are somewhat hard!"

   "Do you watch any of these punishments yourself?"

   "Well, if I don't have another job and it's short, I do sit and watch

instead of having to make two trips!"

   "What, mmm, what do these consist of?"

    Tammy bit her lip, "Well, I'm not supposed to talk too much

about that!"

   'MMm, I'm surprised we haven't heard some news stories about this.

Men with marks on their bodies claiming cruelty and suing the government!

This isn't a really new program is it?"

   "No, Gardbrook's been open for 8 years now, some other places

a little shorter!

   "Well, aren't you surprised no inmate hasn't gone to the press

and complained yet?"


   "No, I'd be very surprised if one ever did!  First of all the medical

care and the punishments are chosen very carefully to avoid permanent

marks so there's no lmarks afterwards.  And more important, while the

standard sentence is 3-6 months, parole in this prison is up to the

wardeness and chief of the guards.  So no male ever gets released unless

they they demonstrate their new enlightened attitude to women and they

believe him.  Plus parole doesn't mean total freedom.  He has to join

a local feminist run group and undergo weekly evaluations for six months!"

   "I see, can you tell us of any difficulties you had to surmount in this


   "Oh,  I was a little embarassed at the duty uniform, although I

do understand the need for visual stimuli as part of the training! But

I got over it, and it does allow freedom of movement!"

   "Really, do you have a picture of it?"

   "Well, (smile) I'm actually wearing it, under my dress.  I wasn't told

in advance whether you'd want to see it, so....!"

   "Well I'm sure myself and the audience would love to see it, isn't that

right folks?"

   Applause and cheering and Tammy smiled, blushing a little, as she stood

up, and reaching back arching out her fabulous breast, unzipped the long zipper

and then let it drop to the floor eliciting gasps from the audience, as she

stepped out of it and bent down to pick it up. It was little more than a

black, leather thong bikini!  Then she did a turn around with a smile and male

groans filled the large room.

   "Oh wow, imagine the impact on deprived males folks, and you have to

add viagra to that?  Imagine!"

   Tammy sat back down and crossed her shapely legs, a slight flush to her


   "Yes," the hostess said drily, "it allows freedom of movement all right!"

   Tammy made a gesture with her hands at her body.  "I normally would add

a leather waist band with some other things in it, like cuffs and stuff.

Plus sometimes calf length leather boots!"

   "Whoa, a wet dream for a lot of boys, and girls," the hostess chuckled.

   "So tell me, what other difficulties did you have when you began?"

   "Well, at first, I felt awkward when I had to work with prisoners much

older than myself.  We have inmates in their teens to their sixties,

some I even knew because it's a local prison for the population.  Young teen

boys seemed easier at first. And when I had to stay and watch the punishm,

um, training. I admit I was very curious but found it uncomfortable at first,

especially when it was an older man.  But first I found that no matter how old

the man was, he shortly was no longer a big important man on the outside,

but a sorry little boy!  I remember the shock when I recognized this important

bank manager that I knew since I was a little girl.  He was now in his fifties,

and I watched him change so much in an hour.  Not physically, but in his

mind and attitude!  It was very satisfying to watch, especially as he went

through the program!"

    She smiled, "Now when I draw a particularly macho young man I always

try to watch his first few sessions because it's so satisfying seeing

a boy change so much, and (giggle) all men become sorry little boys at Gardbrook.

It's true it's very painful and humiliating, but I think it's a small price

to pay for learning an important lesson!"

   "Very interesting my dear, you and all your colleagues should be commended

for doing such important work for society!" 

   Tammy beamed at the audience as the women clapped.

   "So you talked about the males changing.  Can you tell us how this Crazy

Career made a change in yourself?"

   "Oh, well, it's kind of personal," she paused, "but my social life changed

a lot.  Besides working my shift, I give seminars to local feminist groups,

give evaluations, advanced male training toward the end of his sentence. 

I was rather surprised to see girls in their civies who weren't even

on shift come back in to witness the punish, um, training sessions. And it

was more like a social occasion.  There are a certain number of comfortable

chairs in the Punishment rooms, and visitors and VIPS sometimes attend,

but mostly we guards instead of going out to a bar with the girls for a drink,

we reserve chairs when a particularly good looking young man is going to

receive a nice long session!  We make a little party of it, wearing just sheer

nighties and sipping some wine while we enjoy the sights and sounds of a good

session.  Some of the guards are friends and let us have the boy after the

official punishment is over so we can do a few things too.  That's how

correctional officers usually begin their long training process.

   It's so much more satisfying than having a few drinks at a bar with

men always hitting on us.  It saves money, is educational, good for my

career and at the same time, (wink) very pleasurable!"

    As she rose and turned back at the audience, the female members of

the audience audience broke into cheering.

End of chapter 1.  Look for complete illustrated version at midnightx


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