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My Birthday Gift

Part 2

My Birthday Gift

By: Charles E. Campbell

Part 2

   I awoke the following morning, Tommy's birthday, in a hazy fog, unaware of very much, accept for the fact that it was daytime, my body was aching and stiff from sleeping on the floor, I was famished, and a mess, Tommy wasn't in our bed, and I was naked and still chained to the bed. Oh, and I forgot to mention, I really needed to pee!

   As I sat there on the floor, stretching, and trying to sort out the events of the previous night, the bedroom door opened and Tommy stood in the doorway, "So, my beautiful birthday present is awake. Hope you're ready for my day." He was wearing pajama bottoms, no shirt, and he was barefoot.

   "Yes, Master," I answered dutifully. "As ready as I can be," I added, half under my breath.

   Tommy came over to where I was sitting, took a key from his pocket and removed the chain from my collar. "I want you to use the bathroom, shower, and prepare your make-up like you did last night. Then you may come downstairs and join me for breakfast. Of course, you have no need for clothing today, you will be spending the day naked."

   He helped me up on to my feet, hugged me tightly and kissed me hard on the mouth, leaving me short of breath. Then he exited the room without another word to me.

   Stiffly I padded to the bathroom and treated myself to a long, luxuriant, hot shower. The steam and scalding water did a lot for relieving the stiffness, and made me perk right up, almost eager for the surprises I knew lay in store for me. It felt so rejuvenating I wanted to linger under the comforting water all day, but that would just forestall the inevitable I thought.

   Stepping from the shower, I wrapped my hair in an oversized towel and patted myself dry in front of the extra large well illuminated mirror Tommy had installed over the sink. Other than some dark circles under my eyes, I actually didn't look too badly, I thought,  especially considering how I had spent my night.

   I took my time and made up my face as Tommy had wanted, then I brushed out my hair. Figuring that I was ready as I would ever be for what lay ahead, I went downstairs to face my fate. Walking into the living room, I immediately saw that we weren't alone. My step sister Rosemary was seated on the sofa right next to my husband, awaiting my naked grand entrance as well.

   (Rosemary, Ro as everyone calls her,  is the daughter of my mother's second husband, Phil. My father died in a car accident when I was five, leaving us alone. Mom met Phil at a church function for single parents. His wife had passed a few years before my Dad, from ovarian cancer. They got married when I was nine. Ro and I were never destined to be close. Where I was a shy bookworm goodie-goodie type, she was wild, confrontational, and rebellious. I was a Brownie and Girl Scout, she hung out with kids at the mall, losing her virginity at fourteen to three high school boys at the same time. I was ever on the honor roll, while she was always headed to detentions, suspensions,  and summer school.

     The teasing started almost the instant we moved into their house. While Phil really tried his best to be the Dad I didn't have, Ro always got away with murder when it came to what she did to me. Phil always denied that his sweet little daughter would do any of the things I accused her of, and my mother always came to Ro's defense, probably out of fear that this wedge could destroy her marriage   The teasing and pranks started off small: stealing my homework, hiding my favorite toy, making the tires on my bicycle flat, short sheeting my bed, that sort of thing. But as Ro got older, and more sexually active, the pranks took a decided turn to the sadistic, sexual, and perverse. Once, when I was in the in 7th grade, I was in the lunch room with some friends at school. I pulled my sandwich out of the brown paper bag it was packed in, and found a used tampon stuffed in the baggie with the sandwich. Another time, as I was brushing my teeth in the bathroom mirror, Ro appeared out of no where, and stood in the doorway with a sneaky smile. She lifted her short skirt, revealing her naked pussy, and began to masturbate with a toothbrush, that looked exactly like mine. One time when Phil and my Mom were out, they left Ro to baby sit me. I was about thirteen, a late bloomer, just starting to grow tiny buds of breasts, my pussy still bald as a baby. I was taking a shower, and Ro must have snuck in and removed my bathrobe and the towel. I got out of the shower and after drying myself with toilet paper and facial tissues as best as I could, I had to make my way down the hallway, past Ro's bedroom, to get to mine. To my utter embarrassment, she was in her room with three of her slutty girlfriends, who were all waiting for me to walk past them naked. 

    Ro moved out  of the house and into an apartment with her twenty-seven year old boyfriend when she was seventeen. But just before she did, she made up a tale of how she caught me under the bleachers at school letting three boys feel me up. I was so afraid of the possible consequences if Mom heard the tale, that she was able to use it to blackmail me into watching her get fucked by her boyfriend one night when my Mom and Phil were out.  Before they fucked, she made me do a slow strip tease for them to get him hot. Then, when I was naked, mortified, and crying freely, I was made to watch Ro suck his cock and then lie down on her back, spread her legs far apart, and fuck him, on my bed. To finish it off, she had him cum on my pillow, and she forbade me from changing the pillow case for a week until she was out of the house.

To my knowledge, she's been through three husbands. The first two marriages ended in divorce. The third guy was to a member of an outlaw biker gang. He was killed when a meth lab he worked in exploded. In between, there have been countless "significant others" in her life, both male and female. We rarely saw each other for many years, but Ro moved back to town after Phil died, as he left the old house to her.)

"So," she said with a sinister evil grin as she drank in my nakedness, "My goodie-goodie little sister's all grown up now, and what a surprise, she's turned into a whore to boot! And to think I was always the one with the bad reputation. Look at you, slut. I'll bet your prissy and proper church going Mommy would be really proud of you now, huh, you dumb bitch!"

   I looked over at Tommy for some show of support, help, or guidance. I could feel my face flushed, completely embarrassed by my nakedness in Ro's presence, but he didn't say anything. Drinking in my embarrassment and humiliation at his hand.

   Ro stood up and came nearer to me for a closer inspection. She still looked pretty good, herself, I thought, especially if you took into consideration her years living a wild lifestyle. Full breasts barely contained by a tight fitting, two size too small tank top, narrow flat waist, round butt, and long perfectly sculpted legs encased in tight blue jeans, ending in high heeled mid calf boots. She wore far too much make-up, always did, and she reeked of some cheap perfume. I could see she had freshly manicured and painted fingernails, and that the nails had been filed to sharp points.

   "Put your hands at your sides," she ordered. (I had been vainly trying to cover myself in front of her the entire time).  Reluctantly, I did as she said.

   She went behind me, and I let out a little yelp and I jumped when I felt her sharp nails scrape over both of my buttocks at once. She gradually increased the force, until I knew she was cutting me with her nails. Her nails never left my body as she made her way around to face me, her nails coming across my twitching stomach and up under my breasts.  My eyes met hers as she pinched my pebble hard nipples between her torturous nails.

   "Listen to me carefully, little sister. Pay very close attention now, because I will not repeat myself. I'm going to say this once, and only once. From now on, you will only speak when you are asked a direct question, or if either Tommy or I give you permission to speak. If you break this rule, you will be dealt with severely. You will do whatever we say, there will be no hesitations, or you will suffer hard punishment. You will address me as Goddess Rose. Am I making myself clear enough for you, slut?"

   "Yes, Goddess Rose," I said, defeated, her broad toothy smile revealing how much she was loving all this.

    "That's a good little slave. You always were the smart one, weren't you? Fast learner. Goodie -goodie. Ass kissing little fucking pris!"

   Ro spit right in my face, hitting my nose and upper lip.

   "Lick it off, slave. That was my gift to you. You should show me some fucking gratitude!"

   My tongue located her thick warm spittle, which oddly enough, had no distinct taste I could tell.

   "Look at me, slave," she ordered.

   I looked directly into her eyes, as I felt, rather than saw, her right hand slide seductively down my belly toward my pussy. She toyed with the patch a little, studying my reaction, twirling her fingers in the dense curls before going lower through the furrow, seeking the hidden entrance.

   "Spread your legs apart," she whispered in a sexy half voice. "Make it easy for me to fuck your slut hole."

   I obeyed, as her fingers found what they'd been searching.

   Ro lazily toyed with my clit, before slipping a finger deep inside me, all the while studying my reaction. No one had ever played with me before, excepting of course for Tommy. I learned right then that what I had long heard was true. Only a woman truly knows how to pleasure another woman. She knew exactly what to touch and exactly how hard to touch it.

   I was getting really into it, as she summoned the beginnings of what was promising to be a mind blowing orgasm.

   "You really are fucking easy, cunt," she said, startling me, and bringing me back to the present. She wiped my wetness off her fingers onto my face so I could smell the pungent odor of my arousal. "Go fix us some breakfast. Scrambled eggs, juice, toast and coffee would be nice."

   "Yes, Goddess Rose," I answered, breathless,  my head swooning, as I headed to the kitchen.

  Tommy and Ro ate their breakfast seated at the kitchen table.  I went to sit down with them after serving their food, only to have Tommy say, "Lie down on the floor on your back, slave, with you cunt facing us."

   When I obeyed, Ro added, "Bend your knees and spread them, show us that fucking hideously disgusting slut cum hole."

   Ro got up, went to the refrigerator, rummaged around for a moment, before closing the door and handing me three carrots, with the greens dangling from the ends. "Shove these up that cunt and fuck yourself with them, slave."

   She waited while I obeyed, then she added, "Diddle yourself, bitch, but if you cum, I'll whip that cunt until it bleeds!"

   "Yes, Goddess," I replied humbly.

   They ate their breakfast at an unhurried leisurely pace, chatting about nothing in particular, as if a naked woman wasn't lying on the floor at their feet,  ramming three carrots into her pussy was as natural as can be. Occasionally they would watch me masturbating for them.

   "Put one of those carrots up your ass, slave," Tommy commanded as he stood up from the table to get a better view.

   I slid one carrot out of my pussy with one hand while I was gingerly probing for the tightly puckered rear hole  with the other. Fortunately, the carrot was soaked with my wetness, and it slid in fairly easily.

   "Keep your eyes on mine, cunt," Ro ordered, "While we watch you act like a cheap little whore for our entertainment."

   "Yes, Goddess Rose,"  Tears were building in my eyes as I answered her, humiliated, defeated, broken.

    Ro had a broad smile on her face as she observed my willing self debasement. The carrots were making me horny, and bringing me close to orgasm, which Ro picked up on right away, because she ordered me to stop fucking myself with them.

   "I want you to eat those carrots for your breakfast," Tommy said. "You may also eat all of the scraps Goddess Rose and I didn't consume. When you have done that, clean up the breakfast dishes, and join us in the living room."

   "Yes, Master," I replied, lifting a carrot to my mouth.

   Tommy and Ro stood over me, watching while I ate all three carrots before retiring to the living room.

   I hungrily gobbled up  the meager scraps they had left me as I cleaned up the dishes.

   The kitchen cleaned, I went to face my fate in the living room. As I entered the room, I yelped out, "Oh my God," at what I saw. Tommy and Ro were both naked. He was seated on the couch, his arms stretched out across the back, his legs spread wide. Ro was kneeling between his legs, her head bobbing up and down at a relaxed pace as she was sucking him off.

   They paid me no heed. Ro just kept giving my husband head while I watched, almost catatonic in my disbelief.

  She didn't bring him off.  She just stopped suddenly, sat down on the couch next to Tommy, with his unsatisfied hard-on, and spread her legs apart, licking her wet lips, and displaying her open sex to me.

   "Eat me, slave," she commanded.

    My stomach was in knots, as I had never eaten out a woman before, and the very repugnant idea of it had always repulsed me. Tommy caught my hesitancy, and said sternly, "On your knees, slave. Kneel before your Goddess and satisfy her needs! The next time you hesitate in carrying out an order, you will be whipped"

   I slowly knelt down between Ro's splayed legs, unable to look away from the juncture of her open legs, and stared at her sex. She was bald down there,  and she was pierced as well. Two large thick steel rings adorned both her left and right labia. There was a smaller ring pierced right through her large clit that made it seem all the more prominent atop her pussy. A small pendant in the form of the Roman symbol for Venus dangled from it at the top of her slit. The smell of her arousal was a powerfully strong disgusting musky mixture of wetness and sweat.

   Slowly, I moved my face towards the stinking wet folds, but Ro was impatient and had no desire to wait for me to lower myself even further. Grabbing the hair at the back of my head with both hands, she yanked my face forward into her gaping sex, holding my nose and mouth against her, until I began to panic as the instinct against suffocation set it.

   "Use your tongue, slave. That's what it's there for," she commanded, not letting go.  "Pleasure me!"

   I forced my tongue out of hiding from it's safe refuge, fearing the assault her pussy would have on my taste buds. To my utter surprise, although her odor was vile and totally disgusting to me, I really couldn't discern and noticeable flavor to her pussy, so I was able to bear it all by concentrating on breathing through my mouth.

   I had been ministering to Goddess Rose for a few minutes, when I felt a pair of hands massaging my upper back and down to my buttocks. I knew it had to be Tommy, as Goddess Rose had still not loosened her grip on my hair.

   Tommy's gentle massage felt really good, as I was very uncomfortable in the position I was in, and the soreness from last night had still not completely gone away. Tommy let his hand explore down between my cheeks and probe my soaking pussy. I felt the sofa move as he stood up and came around behind me. He knelt and I felt his coarse pubic hair against my ass cheeks, as he guided his cock into my eagerly waiting pussy. He started off slowly, with each thrust pushing my face in to Ro's sex.

   I was in heaven, and was actually getting into eating Ro's pussy, when Tommy abruptly pulled out, lined his stiff cock up with my rear hole, and shoved it right in. No warning, no warm-up. I yelped in pain and Ro held my face to her crotch, stifling most of my screams.

   I've done anal with Tommy, although it has never been a regular part of our sexual routine, and only because he really enjoys it. He feels that you have possession over a woman only when you enter the forbidden passage. Needless to say, I do not enjoy it. Never have, although I feel quite submissive when we do it, and that helps me get through it.

   This time, however, Tommy was hurting me, pounding me as violently as he could. I felt like I was being ripped apart. The pressure and pain was overwhelming.  I had long given up on pleasuring Ro, but she held my face fast to her pussy anyway as I squirmed and screamed.

   After what seemed an eternity of pain, Tommy came, shooting his load deep inside me, something I had never allowed him to do before. Slowly, he dismounted me, and lay down on the floor, exhausted. Goddess Rose dragged me by my hair and shoved my face onto Tommy's still hard cock, and ordered me to clean it off. I opened my eyes a bit, and saw that there was quite a lot of blood on his shaft, mixed with cum, and brown coloration. I hadn't smelled anything as foul since I was changing diapers.

   Ro kicked me in the side, really hard, knocking me to the floor. "Do as you're told, cunt. Clean up your mess. Don't waste anymore of my time, I'm sick of it. I have a lot planned for you today and we need to get going."

   Gingerly I took Tommy's filthy cock in my hand, and closing my eyes, guided it to my lips. I wanted to vomit from the gross thought of what I was tasting, but Ro had anticipated that and said, "If you puke, bitch, you'll clean that up with your tongue too."

Bile rose in my throat, but thankfully, I didn't throw up.

   Ro grabbed my arm and pulled me to my feet. Tommy lay on his back, his cock flaccid. "You know what I want, Ro," he said.

   "Of course, Tommy. Leave it to me. I'll meet you back here around four or so."

   He nodded at her, then stood up. He hugged me tight and whispered in my ear, "I love you, Ellen. Be strong for me."

   Ro locked my wrist cuffs together behind my back and draped a long overcoat over my shoulders. She held my arms so I wouldn't fall as Tommy strapped a pair of high heels on my bare feet. Clipping a leather leash to my collar, Ro lead me out of the house and over to her large purple 3/4 ton pick-up truck. Opening the passenger door, she helped get me up on the running board and then into the high seat and she buckled me in.

    When she got into the driver's seat, she leaned over and picked a pair of sunglasses out of the glove compartment and placed them on my face. They looked just like high tech sunglasses, but as soon as she had them on me, my eyes couldn't see anything, as the lenses were anodized black metal, and wrapped around the sides of my face, effectively blindfolding me. Before firing up the big diesel engine, she pulled the coat off my shoulders, leaving me naked.

   "Now listen real good to me, little sister," she said as I felt the truck begin to move. "Every part of your life is about to change. Forever! No turning back. So my suggestion to you is to just go with the flow, or it's gonna get real ugly for you real quick. Capeesh?"

   "Y....yes, Goddess Rose. I.....I'll try."

   "You're gonna have to do more than try, cunt. Today is gonna be anything but easy for you. Believe me, your imagination isn't up to the challenge of foreseeing what you'll endure today. That's fer sure, I can tell you!"

   We both fell silent. All I knew was when her truck stopped for traffic lights and stop signs, and when it would again continue on our journey to who knew where. I did hear my side window open, and felt the cool air against my naked skin. I did hear some car horns, and catcalls, so I knew my nakedness wasn't exactly a secret.

   The entire trip, my crotch got wetter and stickier as Tommy's enormous cum load leaked from my sore rear hole. It felt uncomfortable as hell.

    Finally, Ro broke the silence, saying, "Ready for our first stop, cunt?"

   "Yes, Goddess Rose," I answered, stoically.

   Ro raised the window on my side before shutting off the motor. She got out and came around to my side, opened the door, and as she undid my seta belt said, "We'll leave the coat here. You've no need of it where we're going."

   She helped me down, and took my arm, leading me as I slid down from the cum covered seat.

   "You'll be cleaning my truck with your tongue, slave," she admonished me when  she saw the mess I had made.

   The sun felt warm, almost hot, against my naked flesh. As we walked a short distance I felt more cum slowly run down the insides of my thighs, and I heard a door open in front of us.

   "You're right on time, Ro," a female voice said.

   "You know me, Crystal," Ro replied, taking the sunglasses off my face that had effectively kept me blind. "How much time to do all need?"

   "Figure an hour and a half to two, I'd say," the woman answered as she eyeballed my nakedness.

   "Okay, then. I'll be back."

   Ro pinched my right nipple between her pointed nails and hissed, "Be a good little slave, and obey Crystal as you would me."

   "Yes, Goddess Rose," my head bowed, I answered her as she unlocked my wrist cuffs.

   Taking in the sights around me after Ro made her exit, I could see I was in a beauty salon somewhere, although I didn't recognize it at all.  There were four other women in the shop, besides Crystal, me, a receptionist, and four female beauticians. Two of the customers were getting dye jobs, one a pedicure, and the other one a hair cut.  They were all looking at me in total shock as I stood there stark naked before their collective gazes.

   "Follow me, Sweetie," Crystal said to me.

   She brought me up to the front of the salon, by the big window that faced the sidewalk and street.

   "Sit right here," she told me, patting an old fashioned barber's chair.

   I got up in the chair, feeling the cold leather against my naked back and butt. The sun was streaming in through the huge front window. It warmed my chest and legs, as it illuminated my body to passersby. The beautician who had been doing the pedi, had just finished up with her client. "Start the pedi first, Joann," Crystal said. "But before you do, I'll need your help getting her prepped."

   "Okay," Joann answered.

   From behind me somewhere, Crystal got a spreader bar and passed it to Joann, saying, "Put this on her ankle cuffs. Not too wide though."

   Joann nodded as she set about putting the bars on me. I thought she must have used them before, as she had no problem adjusting them and affixing them to my cuffs. Once she was done, Crystal handed her a pair of Velcro straps. Joann needed no instructions. She put my feet up on the foot rest, and looped the straps around my bent legs at my knees, securing them tightly to the cold porcelain arms of the antique chair.  I felt so helplessly open, with my feet close together, but my knees pulled far apart, facing the window and front door. It was at that moment that a woman entered the shop, her young daughter, I'd guestimate at 10 or so, at her side. She blanched when she saw me, and quickly placed herself between me and her daughter. I don't know if the young girl saw me, but the women fled the premises without so much as a second look at me.

   "Guess the waiting line was too long," Joann mused.

   Mortified, I rested my head back on the chair as Joann began working on my feet. I've always found pedi's soothing. I closed my eyes to enjoy it even more. So I felt, rather than saw Crystal apply the hot wax to a section of my pubic hair. It didn't burn my skin, but it was awfully close to it. I lifted my head and saw her dabbing the wax with a flat wooden stick. She took a strip of cloth and pressed it into the wax. Then, with one swift motion, she yanked the cloth off, ripping out the hair.

   I yelped more at the sudden shock, as the pain wasn't really all that hard to take.

   "That wasn't so bad, was it," Crystal asked,  as she began dabbing more warm wax on me again.

   "No, it actually wasn't," I agreed.

   "That's good, because when I get in there on your pussy lips it'll be a lot more intense than that was, I can assure you. Would you prefer if I tell you before I do it, or would you rather not know?"

   "I think telling me would be best," I said, "Thank you."

   "Okay then, I'll do it on three. One.. two....three." And she tore out more hair. It still hurt, but I didn't yell.

   While Joann was doing my toes, another beautician came over and stood behind crystal, watching the depilatory. After a few minutes of observation, she asked, "Want me to start her manicure, Crys?"

   "Yes, please, Barb. That would be a help. Are you sure you're free?"

   "My eleven o'clock cancelled, so I'm good."

   "Great. Thanks."

   Crystal was correct about how much more the waxing hurt on my labia than it had on my mound. It almost seemed like she was tearing the delicate lips right off!

   With three people working on me, it went quite fast. The only interruption on my fingernails and toenails was when Crystal needed me to change positions.

   "Okay, sweetie," she said. "You're all done in the front, so now it's time for the back. I need for you to get up and kneel on the seat facing away from me. Barb, you and Joann can go on break, come back in fifteen and you can finish the mani and pedi undisturbed."

   I knelt on the old barber chair facing away from Crystal.

   "Lean over against the seat back, Sweetie. That's it, now I need to have you reach back with both hands and pull your cute little cheeks apart for me so I can see your hairy little back door."

   I did as I was told, but my face flushed crimson red at the thought of  my puckered little ring exposed like that.

   Just as Crustal was applying the first coat of wax back there, the front door of the salon swung opened, and I heard a male voice say, "Morning, Crystal, I know I don't have an appointment, but could someone squeeze me in?"

    "Of course, Blake, you know we always can fit you in" she replied, still coating me with wax. "I'll be done with this one in fifteen minutes if you'd like to wait for me."

   "That would be great, thanks." I heard the man whisper to Crystal, "This is certainly a lovely view to greet your clients when they come in. I really love it!"

    I felt a finger slide into my pussy, and Crystal added, "And this one's really into it too. She's flowing like a river, see! You can stay and watch if you'd like. She's such a slut I'm sure she wouldn't mind, now would you," she jokingly asked me.

   "If it would please you," I blushed, mortified. Obedient.

   When Crystal was finished waxing me in the rear, she made me stand up, right in the middle of the salon,  all the other patrons watching, facing a wall of mirrors in front of me and behind me. I hadn't seen my pussy hairless since before I went through puberty. I was astounded at how totally naked I now appeared.

   "Barb and Joann will finish you up slut, sit back in you chair and they'll be with you in a few minutes."

   "Yes, Ma'am," I answered and got back in the chair.

    "Keep your legs apart, slave. I'd like to have my clients see how nice a job I do with a Brazilian waxing."

    I stayed in the chair, open for all to see, and waited for my manicure and pedicure.

       Just as they were finishing up with me, Ro returned and saw me sitting with my legs splayed. "You look like you did when we first met," she exclaimed, eying my baldness. "What a hot looking slut you are. You're gonna turn some heads today, slave. Believe me."

    Then to Crystal, Ro said, "Thanks Crys, I owe you one. See you tonight?"

   "You bet, Ro. Wouldn't miss this for the world!"

   Then to me, she said, "Let's go, cunt. We have a lot more to do before heading home."

   I got up from the chair, and Ro placed the blackout sunglasses on my face again, once again effectively blinding my sight. She grabbed me by my upper arm and walked me to the back of the salon, and out the door to her waiting truck.

   "Keep your feet up on the dash, cunt, legs apart, lets let that bald pussy air out a bit, it smells like rotten fish already," she said as she attached my seatbelt.

   "Yes, Goddess," I replied, as I  put my feet up on the dashboard, spread apart. I could feel the cool breeze blow across my open sex as Ro had put all the truck windows down.

   "Give yourself a wank, slave, like a nice little dirty whore."

   I put my fingers to my pussy, which was once again soaking wet, and played with myself. I was torn between the utter humiliation of doing this where I could be seen by even a casual observer, and the extreme rush I was feeling from that same chance of being found out.

   "Need I remind you, cunt, that you are not to cum, ever, unless Tommy or I give you express permission?"

   "No, Goddess, I won't. I remember."

    We rode in silence for a while, every once in a while Ro would make me lick my juices from my hand and then continue with my wank.

   When she stopped the truck, Ro undid my seat belt and grabbing a fistful of my hair, she rubbed my face into the seat, and told me to clean up my mess. The seat was wet with my juice.

   She pulled me from the truck and walked me a short distance, the sunglasses still on, so I knew not where I was or what my circumstances were. I heard a door open, and Ro pushed me in ahead of her.

   "Hey, Little John," Ro called out.

   "Hey Rosie," a deep male voice returned. "Howya doin'?"

   "I'm good, Little John, great in fact. Havin' a shitload of fun today, as you can see."

    "Oh yeah, Rosie. She's pretty hot. Wouldn't mind knockin' off a piece o' that shit."

   "You'll getcher chance, Little John, don't worry, but not 'til she's all done, remember our agreement?"

   "Yeah, yeah. No sweat, Rosie. I'll take good care of her. You stickin' around to watch it?"

   "Nah, I'm headin' over to Janie's. We're gonna light up a few doobies and play for a while. I'll be back around 3:00, okay?"

   "Yeah, that'd be good."

   Ro took the glasses off my face, and in the dim light I saw I was face to face with a mountain of a man. Little John had to be 6 foot 6 and three hundred pounds at least! He was completely covered in tattoos, from his bald head to his fingers. A seemingly infinite number of rings pierced his eyebrows, ears, nose, and lips. His salt and pepper beard was worn in braids and hung down to his barrel like chest with colored beads woven through the thick mat.

   Ro spun me around to face her and said, "Need I once again have remind you to obey Little John  as you would me, slave?"

   "No, Goddess Rose," I said, looking back at the silent hulk who was ogling me hungrily.

   Ro left me there alone with him. As soon as I could force myself to stop staring at him, and looked away, I saw I was standing in a tattoo parlor.

   "I'm getting a," I stammered, shocked by the prospect and the total permanence of it.

   "Yer gonna be lookin' a whole lot diff' rent by the time I'm done with you, girlie, I kin promise ya that!"

    It suddenly sunk in that I was going to be permanently marked with ink for Tommy. Modified, forever. Fear gripped me as I had never envisioned this act as being included  as part of my gift to him.

   "If you wanna have one last look attcher self the way ya are now, I'd say now's the time ta be doin' it. There's a mirror over on that wall ta yer left."

   I didn't actually know what he meant, but I did want to be obedient, so I stepped over and looked at my naked reflection in the floor to ceiling mirror. My eyes instantly fixed on my now hairless pussy, the upper part of the slit exposed, and I was just as quickly embarrassed by the realization that I was now naked, and alone with this mountain of a man.

   "Okay, little filly, I'm gonna start with the tats Ro wants on those little titties of  yours, so be a good little cunt and hop up in this chair," he said, patting a vinyl chair, similar to the one at the salon.


    "I'm gonna start with inking your titties, cunt, then I'll do the one over that sweet lookin' bald pussy. That one will take a bit of time, maybe an hour an a half or so. Last'll be the one I ink on yer ass. That one's gonna go a good two hours fer sure."

   I slowly got in the chair, torn by what Tommy was having done to me. and watched as  Little John pulled on a pair of latex gloves before examining my nipples. He rolled them between his huge thumbs and forefingers, both of them at the same time.  He didn't do it to hurt me, but rather, it seemed he wanted to get them up at attention. Satisfied with how hard they were, he wiped them fastidiously with alcohol.

   "This is gonna hurt cha some, girlie," he chided me. "Specially as seein' as ta how ya ain't got any ink yet, so ya don't know what it's like. It's sorta like hundreds o' bee stings and a taste of fire at the same time."

   With his mammoth left hand, he took a firm hold of my left breast, and squeezed it pretty tightly. I heard the buzz from the tattoo gun and watched him dip it into a thimble sized vial of a reddish brown ink.

   The buzzing needle touched my areola, raining fire on the tender skin and I yelped in pain, my body jerking reflexively, but Little John's grip was firm, and he just kept on. I wasn't screaming, but I was crying out. Even through it all, I couldn't not watch as he gradually and painstakingly transformed my previously light tan nipple and areola, into a very dark reddish brown color.

   I couldn't stop squirming, the white hot fire was so intense on the tender bud. but Little John held fast, not letting go his grip until my entire nipple and areola was completely colored in.

   "Take a little breather, girlie," Little John admonished me. "We're jus' gittin started here."

   He gave me a few minutes to calm down before coloring in my right nipple and areola to match. When  he was done, he said, "that color'll sure stick out through any top ya might wear!"

   I didn't recognize myself as Little John held a mirror in front of my chest so I could see his handiwork first hand. My tits looked like they belonged to someone else, all dark now. Against my pale white skin the stark contrast  really made  the tips stick out.

   "Time fer your cunny now, bitch. I'm gonna  need to have ya slide down a bit and git cher legs up in these stirrups for me."

   I slid forward in the chair and lifted my legs. Dread filled my stomach at what would be permanently inked into me next. (Odd I thought, at the time, that I was obsessing more with the tattoo I was about to get, than with the fact that a total stranger was face to face with my open sex). Little John lifted my legs gently into the stirrups, which were mounted on the outside of the chair arms.

   He wiped some sort of cold clear gel on my mound before placing a stencil of some kind over the gel. I was lying with my head back on the chair, so I couldn't  see what he was doing.

   "That's about right," he said, more to himself than to me. "This one's gonna hurt a bit more than usual, I'd think, just cuz a you havin' just gotcher pussy waxed."

   I heard the now all too familiar buzz of the needle and tried to brace myself for it's inevitable sting. (There is no fucking way in hell to prep for that sensation, in case you're thinking of getting a tat on your pussy!)

   By the time Little John had finished inking my twat, I was bathed in sweat, my hands sore from gripping the arms of the chair so tightly. He rubbed a salve of some kind over the area.

   "I'll give you a tube o' this stuff when you leave, an' a sheet that'll tell ya how to take care of your tats while they heal up.

   "I'm gonna get a smoke an' take a leak," he said, as he stood up, stretching to his enormous full height. "You need a drink o' water or sumptin', there's a fridge in the office back there. Toilet's there as well if ya need it. I'll be back in ten minutes or so and we'll finish up with that tat on yer ass."

He went outside and I got up from the chair, and couldn't help looking into the wall mirror at my reflection. "Oh my God!" I yelped when I saw what was inked into my mound.



   And there it was, forever placed on my skin to remind me of what I now was to Tommy. Written in big, thick, black, stark, block letters, highlighted with blood red and gold accents. I slipped to the floor, crying freely, and threw up.

   When Little John came back in he found me still crying on the floor, in a pool of my own vomit.

   "What happened to you," he yelled? "You okay?"

   I didn't answer him right away.

   I stood up, gathered myself as best I could, took a deep breath, and said softly, " Yes, I'm fine. I'll, I'll cl.... clean this up. Do you have a mop and pail?"

   He pointed to the office, where I found a bucket and mop.

   Something in me changed dramatically as I mopped up my vomit, naked, demeaned, while Little John watched intently. I can't say it was a conscious revelation, or something even nearly as epic as that. But I felt a real change in me. I looked in the mirror again and again as I mopped the floor, looking at my tattooed lower belly, and a strange, eerie, almost calming sense of pride began to rise deep within me. I could feel it beginning to build in me, and take over. By the time I had finished cleaning up my mess, I actually felt proud of my new tattoo, and more importantly, what it meant for me, and much more importantly, what it meant for Tommy.

   "I love this, Little John," I said to him, as I squared myself to the mirror, legs apart. "You did a really great job. I'm going to put away the bucket and mop and pee real quick, then you can do my last tattoo."

    John had me lie on a table on my stomach facing the wall mirror for the last tattoo. He had selected my right cheek for his artwork. It took quite some time for him to complete it, but it didn't hurt nearly as much as the tattoos on my nipples and mound had, and I was very thankful for that. Ro returned about halfway through the last tattoo, arm and arm with an bald, anorexic, waifish looking albino woman. I could see them both in the wall mirror when they arrived. Ro was quite obviously stoned and her friend was equally out of it as well.

   When he was finally satisfied with his artwork, Little John held up a hand mirror on an angle so I could see my newest ink reflected in the wall mirror. It was truly amazing work. Actually more a work of art. In total it was about six inches square, and was a scene that depicted a naked female slave. She was on her knees, chained to a stone dungeon wall. Her arms were outstretched in heavy iron shackles. Her large breasts, belly, and upper thighs were covered in a horrifying  series of crisscrossing red whip marks. Her long dark hair a filthy tangled sweaty mess, hanging forward, covering her face over her drooped head.

   "Really a sweet job, L.J.," Ro's friend offered, as she ran her fingers lightly over the tattoo, and inspected my butt. "One of  your best!"

   "Thanks Janie. It did come out good."

   Ro stood in front of me and lifted my chin so I could see her as she spoke. "I think Little John deserves a proper thank you, slave, don't you?"

   "Yes, Goddess Rose," I said politely. "Thank you, Little John for doing such fantastic tattoos."

   Ro slapped my face very hard, snapping my head to the side violently. "A proper thank you from a slave requires you to be on your knees, you fucking dumb cunt!"

   I pushed myself up from the table, and knelt facing the behemoth. "Thank you, Little John," I repeated, "For doing such a fan....," Ro slapped me again, even harder this time, knocking from my knees to the floor.

   "You really are a dumb cunt, aren't you? Must I teach you everything? Kneel in front of Little John again, slave!"

   Ro grabbed a fistful of my hair and yanked me back onto my knees, placing hy head a few inches from his groin.

   "Now I'm gonna teach you the proper way for a slut to give thanks slave.

   "Unzip his jeans, and suck his cock, you stupid whore. That's the only fitting way a slave can thank someone! It's all your fucking good for!"

   I looked quickly from Ro to Janie, to Little John, but there was no look of compassion on anyone's face. There was no way out of this.

   Without even making a conscious thought, my hands rose to the zipper on Little John's jeans and pulled it down.

   He wasn't wearing any underwear, so I was instantly greeted by a dense bush of coarse black hair. Little John unbuckled his belt and pulled it off through the belt loops before letting his pants drop down exposing his heavily tattooed legs, and settling around his ankles.

    His thick cock was already standing proudly at attention, he must have been anticipating this for a while, I thought, as I looked at his member. It wasn't long, maybe five inches, being generous, but it was easily the thickest cock I had ever seen, better than 2 1/2 inches in diameter. The deep purple "helmet" was engorged with blood. Thick veins roped along the shaft, and a large drop of pre-cum glistened from the hole.

  I licked at the drop of pre-cum first, tasting his salty seed, savoring it's acrid bite. Then, ever so slowly, I began licking the head, letting my tongue tease him. It was at that precise moment that I came to the realization that I not only wasn't at all embarrassed by what I was doing, I was instead, very proud of it. I was determined to show Little John my deepest thanks for marking me as Tommy wanted me marked, as His slave cunt.

   Letting my tongue leisurely explore his cock from the tip to the base that was hidden in the dense thicket of pubic hair, I finally took him deep in my mouth, burying my face in the hair. I had to open my mouth as wide as it could get in a gaping yawn to accommodate his girth, while my tongue was forced way to the back. He moaned and said, "Now Ro?"

   "She's yours L. J. I already told you. Do whatever the fuck makes you happy, man"

   I didn't know what either of them meant, but it didn't take long for me to find out. An explosion of pain lit up my brain as he began whipping the un-tattooed left side of my ass with his belt while I struggled to suck him off.

   The strapping I received from him was vicious, brutal, a quite savage. The belt fell hard and fast and completely devoid of accuracy. I'm not sure if it was his inability to concentrate while I blew him, or if he was just so heady with the freedom he'd been granted  to beat me, but the belt would hit my ass with one stroke, my back with the next, my thigh with the next, even sometimes catching me on my side across my ribs and slashing into my breast. No intentional patterns here.

   Once the flogging began, I was no longer even trying to suck him off as a thank you. He put his formidable bulk into each and every lash. I started sucking  as hard as I could and fucking him with my mouth at the same time, in a pitiful attempt to shorten the agony. My painful screams effectively gagged by his thick meat, everyone present seemed oblivious to my sufferings. As his orgasm approached, the belt fell even harder and faster, until his stringy salty cum filled my mouth, and he staggered back away from my face, weak in the knees.

   "Up on your feet, whore," Ro said, as Little John regained some composure and pulled his pants back up. My skin felt like it had been set aflame as I obeyed her, and stood up, stiffly. "Now that you're properly prepared, it's time for us to head back home and allow you to present your birthday gift to your owner!"









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