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2nd Story Challenge

Winner Announcement
(May 22, 2004)

Prize winners please contact webmaster. Thank you!
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First Prize Winners ($65 USD each):

Second Prize: not awarded because of the tie

Third Prize Winner ($25 USD each):

Fourth Prize Winners (one month free membership):

honorable mentions:


Other contestants:

Judges Comments: Judging has been done independently, which resulted in a tie for first prize. Scores were then based on ordinals, and again there was a tie. Judges then conferred, discussed, dissembled (LOL) and agreed. Both stories are too damned good to pick one over the other.

Our thanks to everyone who participated. You have raised the bar (and Dana set it pretty darn high to begin!)

Contest Details


April 30, 2004 (winners will be announced on May 22, 2004)

What to write

Please write a story following the "Black Horse" opening paragraph below (courtesy of Fox).

Last night, I dreamed of a black horse. Upon waking, I looked in the dictionary of dreams I keep in my bedside table, to see if there is any significance to this particular night time vision. It seems a dream of a black horse is a dream of passion. Considering all that has happened in the past weeks, I am not surprised.

The Rules

  1. The story MUST use the supplied paragraph as its introduction, and use a first person narrator or at some point, return to the original first person point of view. It may be set in any time period of the author's choosing. Entries will be judged in part according to the relationship between the story and the opening paragraph.
  2. The story MUST be written by you.
  3. The story MUST be less than 6000 words.
  4. You may choose not to use the title "Black Horse" for your story. The entries MUST be complete in themselves. No "chapters" or other parts of a longer tale will be accepted as an entry.
  5. We (this site and the judges) reserve the right to disqualify any story without prior notice or explanation and the right to change the rules or refuse any submission.


Send your story to this email address: contest@bdsmlibrary.com.

  1. In the subject of the email, please include "[2nd Story Challenge]".
  2. In the email, please include:
    • The title
    • Your author name and email address
    • If you are a current author of this site, please indicate that in the email
    • Provide a short synopsis and several story codes for permanent listing of your story on this site
  3. Don't forget to attach your story file. The easiest file formats for me and the judges are plain text (txt) and rtf. You may also simply put your story text in the email message.
  4. Don't include your author info in your story file. Provide it in your email. All submissions will be send to judges anonymously.

The Judges

Fox, RedEva, Aurelius, BDSM Bill, Dana Williams (previous contest winner)

The judges will evaluate all stories according to their writing style, creativity and eroticism.

The Winners and Prizes

First Prize: One (1) $75 USD Prize Winner
Second Prize: One (1) $50 USD Prize Winner
Third Prizes: Three (3) $25 USD Prize Winners
Fourth Prizes: Ten (10) One-Month Free Membership Prize Winners
(Money will be sent through PayPal.com)

The winners/prizes scheme may change according to the number and quality of the submissions. If there are many submissions, more free memberships will be added to the prizes.

All winners will be contacted and must respond within 30 days to claim the prizes.